Summer Neckwear

Though I tend to go tieless most days in the summer, it is fun to break out some seasonal neckwear from time to time. I enjoy wearing a number of madras plaid ties that I own with casual unstructured cotton jackets, and, on occasion, I may even break out these silk seersucker ties I thrifted a few years ago.

They came from a thrift store I used to frequent where ties are all .50 a piece. The day I found these must have been a day when they’d put out the ties of someone’s recently liquidated–and hardly ever worn–ties. I picked these two up (they showed no signs of wear, and were originally from the upscale retailer Bergdorf Goodman), along with about 20 others from, if I remember correctly, makers as diverse as Etro, Brooks Brothers, Borrelli, Robert Talbott, and others. Needless to say, it was a good day at the thrift for me.

Oddly, though I assumed they were probably purchased by the same person at the same time, the two ties are finished a little differently as you can see from the last pic. 

I have been debating what to wear this vintage skirt I score at @americasthrift since I went months ago and I finally picked out an old peplum top I had from years go. You can see the final and full outfit on the blog TOMORROW!!! #ootd #vintage #red #wiw #ontheblog #style #fashion #joejeans #hm #americasthrift #thrifting #thrifter #fblogger #bblogger (at www.inaworldofbees.com 🐝)

Every Mori Girl Should Thrift

Many new individuals will ask the following:
“Are there any mori kei shops”
“Where can I buy mori girl stuff?”
“Can I find mori items at XX shop?”

Any experienced mori girl can tell you some Taobao shops and maybe some local shop that released a collection that caters to mori girl during that season. In my heart, I think beginners should be taught that thrifting is truly the way to enter the mori girl world!

Here are my top five reasons you should thrift your mori girl attire!
1. One stop shop. When it comes to mori girl, you can find an entire outfit solely at thrift stores. It might take you some time and it may take several trips, but a thrift shop will have all your elements.
2. It’s inexpensive. Out of all the Japanese styles I have followed, mori girl is by far the least inexpensive and it’s because of point #1.
3. New and old. I think the key to getting a cute mori girl outfit is mixing, old and new. Mixing vintage with new pieces from stores like FF21, suzy shier or H&M can really make an outfit. Where the best place to find that? At the thrift store.
4. Creative thinking. Picture your own ideas of what a forest girls looks like. Thrift store are the best way to get creative! Why? Because they don’t have collections or trends. They only have unwanted items. Get those pieces and invent a new story for them!
5. It’s the fastest way to enter the mori girl world. No shipping. You can read this post and head to your local thrift store and have some pieces in the next few hours!

Do you thrift? What’s the best thing you have found?

My thrift find today. Navy blue polka dot shorts ($3)/ A Ralph Lauren Scarf ($3)/ a vintage white crochet purse ($2)/ a collection of lace and doillies ($1)/ flower earrings and brooch ($1)