etsyfindoftheday | FOLLOWER SHOUTOUT | 1.29.13

featured seller: thriftedandmade

hey hey followers! i wanted to do a special shoutout for my new follower (and longtime etsy love) thriftedandmade!! i love the look of everything in their etsy shop – check it out for yourselves here! they also have a cool tumblr presence.

dudes: how about getting your ladyfriend a sweet painted planter (even ones with HEARTS on them!!) and a trendy air plant for valentine’s day? i know i’d love to receive one of these pretty plants, because i’m pretty confident i could keep it alive ;) thanks for being so awesome, thriftedandmade!!



etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 4 | 2.1.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: awesome or unusual wood or glass herb planters for his girlfriend’s birthday

FEATURE 1: this large wooden garden planter not only features a cute doggy costar, it’s customizable in size. check out all the options at ropedoncedar here.

FEATURE 2: a smaller option like the individual wooden planters with tray above would fit beautifully in any apartment. thinkeco2 has other gift ideas, many related to wine (<3), that you should also peruse.

FEATURE 3: this minimalistic planter has a more modern feel – check out this grey box and the other earthy gift options at clorofillaplants.

FEATURE 4: a self-watering (!) wine bottle hydro planter in one of four shades from windcatcher

FEATURE 5: mason jar planters are cute and fun – more cool glass planters at bootsngus here

FEATURE 6: a self-watering and customizable window garden from bridgeportmanor

other ideas:

i can totally dig for more for ya, if you need additional ideas. just let me know!