thrifted ootd


Afternoon tea at The Busena Terrace

Skirt: Fint
Top, hat and gloves: Vintage/thrifted
Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Parasol: Alice and the Pirates
Tea cup and saucer earrings were bought at the Romantic à la Mode fair, but I can’t remember the artist/brand’s name. :(


some #looks from this season, y'all 🔮

Sinjun, 22

“When I was in high school I watched films from the 30s-60s everyday after school to relax. I was really interested in the dialogue, the set design, and the styling. All of that content I digested over the years has definitely made it’s way into my work as well as my personal style. I can’t stop buying jumpsuits lately and I think my ideal wardrobe would only consist of them. They are basically pajamas but cuter!”

May 7, 2017 ∙ Red Hook

This outfit’s similar to the gondolier’s. Loool.

🌸 outfit details 🌸

pink jacket - thrifted
bnw stripes turtle neck sleeveless top - style metro
black denim skater skirt - American Apparel, thrifted
black leatherette bag - sm dept
white leather shoes - Acne studios, thrifted

more photos soon 💕


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