thrifted costumes

My impromptu closet costume for Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight: Rose McGowan as Amy Blue in Gregg Araki’s “Doom Generation.” Boots are thrifted, dress from Goodwill, leather jacket from an antique shop. Turns out a black bob wig (a gift from my gore-geous boy) is a good thing to have on hand for costume needs.  

Costume For The Day:

- Red over-sized knit cardigan that I found at the Thrift Store

- Black opaque tights that are threadbare with many MANY holes.  I specifically save these tights because their holes are the so splendiforus that they are now my “holey” tights

- Black suede ankle boots by mtng originals

- Standard heather grey v-neck t-shirt by American Apparel

- Tiny black & white herringbone print high-waist vintage shorts by Lee

- Faux pearl earrings


Halloween was so fun at work today!  A lot more students dressed up than last year, and I was in a staff meeting with a bunch of minions, the good witch, the bad witch, a cowgirl, a robot, and a fairy.

Coat: thrifted many years ago; Wig: some online wig store; Dalmation purse: gift from King right after we started dating; Dress: Sue Wong Studio, thrifted; Booties: TJ Maxx; Scarf: Casual Corner long ago; Cocktail Ring: F21; Cruelle de Vil portrait earrings: Claire’s.

Photo by Laura at Bechtel Engineering Center, 10/31/14.

Costume For The Day:

- Black BDG high-rise twig jeans

- Brown suede moccasins

- Sleeveless 90s floral dress with princess seams worn under…

- a Navy/white marl slouch-sweater with dolman sleeves

- Pink socks proclaiming “Cats! Cats!! Cats!!!” and little cat faces all over them.  I painted them all in - they are just too tiny to see.  Get out your microscope - I dare ya!

- Hand-made repurposed leather* earrings with turquoise scarab charm (made by yours truly)

* Many of you have been asking “WTF is repurposed leather?” Well, dear tumblr, let me tell you: I used to work (as an intern)(would we call this work?) at a leather goods designer in SF that threw out a BUNCH of leather scraps everyday.  One day I said - Hey, can I have these (pulling a bag out of the trash)?  The designer looked at me with slight disgust at my trash-monstrosity and said: Umm, yeah…

We have plenty of Easter baskets! 

Since 1991, Nick Cave has created dozens of Soundsuits, sculptures produced from cast-off materials that can either stand alone in a gallery or be worn by performers. Cave transforms objects salvaged from flea markets and thrift stores, crafting fantastical costumes from old garments and junk items, such as bottle caps and dryer lint. The Hirshhorn’s Soundsuit (2009) includes beaded Easter baskets, sequined handbags, and a papier-mâché rabbit, cheerfully pointing to the nostalgia and kitsch that are usually purged from so-called high art. When worn, the colorful suit clinks and jangles, amplifying the performer’s movements both visually and aurally.

|| 80s Morty & Morty


“Rick!” Morty cried, desperately. What was it with Ricks and not returning him to the proper universe? Once again, Morty had been dumped, this time on a place the other Rick only described as F-624. But looking around, this world didn’t seem familiar at all. Everything was… Well it looked like a thrift store costume sale threw up on every building in the city. “Rick!” he shouted again, hoping to attract the attention of one. That other Rick hadn’t even had the curtesy of leaving him in front of their house, he’d put him in front of school instead.