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Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over (PT.3: The Finale)

The Blac Chyna- Funds the money for the make-up line you have been wanting to get started so, you can focus on something positive and productive. The two of you settle on the name ‘FuqBoí’ for the brand. For being a form of inspiration she sends your ex a check. The check is made out for ‘$00.01″

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The Vivica A. Fox- Verbally annihilates him using nothing but SAT words at his new girls pool party. Takes a bottle of Patrón and CÎroc from the bar and makes her exit. Comes to your house and gets you turnt with the bottles and gives you a play by play of everything that happened

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The Ciara- Tells you to block his number and block him from all social media. Has her hair stylist make you a wig like hers and has you working out with her in the gym five days a week. A few weeks go by and she photographs you in a boudoir shoot and posts them to social media. Ends up getting you noticed and you get booked for a music video

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The Patti LaBelle- Comes over to your place and bakes you a cake and two pies. Prepares enough food for you that could feed the whole family at the reunion. Has your ex come to your place so you can have closure, plus she has a few words for him. He gives you an apology and explains his actions. When he’s done, she catches him eyeing the food and says to him “I know your behind not thinking about fixing a plate. Ya bettah think about fixing that attitude of yours before you get bust upside the head”

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The Solange- Some random person sees her beating up your ex and starts to record it. It is posted to vine and goes viral

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The Keke Palmer- She never liked your ex in the first place. Lowkey wants to flatten his tires and break his arms but, focuses on you instead. Enrolls the two of you in hip-hop dance lessons

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The Diana Ross- Tells you that you are far too fabulous to concern yourself with an uncultured buffoon like him. Books the two of you a trip to New York City. Has you shopping for eye catching ensembles from thrift/costume shops. Takes you to hit up the underground club scene and everyone there loves your outfits and wants to take pictures with you.Ya’ll end up trending online

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The Gabrielle Union- Infiltrates your ex’s family and ends up dating his brother. Sabotages any potential relationships your ex could have. His brother goes along with it because she got him sprung

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The Missy Elliott- Is a popular youtuber. Makes a dope music video about how weak your ex’s dick game was based off of what you’ve told her. Innuendos are all over the place. Choreography is fire. The song gains mainstream popularity and his mama now has it as her ringtone whenever your ex calls her

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The Trina- Spams all his instagram pics with the comment “fuckboy”

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The Amber Rose- Instafamous. Tells all her instagram followers not to fuck him cause he’s a bitchass. Your ex goes through a sexual drought

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The Lynn Whitfield- Runs his car off the road at 9 and casually drives to her brunch meeting at 10

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The Octavia Spencer- Knocks on his front door. He let’s her in, they walk into the kitchen. She tells him there are no hard feelings and gives him her “special” pie

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The Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes- Will burn his house down

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The Aaliyah- She runs into your ex at the Foot Locker. Tells him how she is so incredibly disappointed in his actions and that he needs to take a look at what kind of path he is taking in life because, he can’t go around hurting people that love him unconditionally. He feels so bad he starts going to church every Sunday to build a relationship with Jesus

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The Lupita Nyong’o- Takes you on a trip to Spain so you can clear your mind. She’s not even worried about your ex

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The Joseline Hernandez- Uses permanent spray paint to write “PENE PEQUEÑO” on the windshield of his car

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The Brandy- Sends you a text telling you to stop “sittin up in your room”. Picks you up and ya’ll have a beach day. She catches the owner of the bar two of you are at on the water eyeing you and encourages him to talk to you. Takes a picture of the two of you talking and sends it to your ex from your phone

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The Zendaya- Your ex contacts her first because he knows she will send him a 3000 word essay in MLA Format with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, with direct quotes and a bibliography page to go with it. She doesn’t care what he has to say and goes with her usual formula anyway

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The Tamar Braxton- Bumps into him in the produce section at the grocery store. Makes the loudest cackle because she has been ready to run into your ex. Goes the hell off and he tries to tell her to calm down cause people are staring. Responds with “Whatchu mean calm down? What you worried about them for? You don’t know them! What you needed to be worried about was your relationship!” Wraps up the whole encounter with “You lucky I am a child of God”

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The Pam Grier- Shoots your ex then, takes you dancing later

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The Jackée Harry- Roasts your ex. I’m talking FATALITY  level roasting. He ends up deleting all his social media accounts and moves out of state. Even at his funeral she’s still dogging him and even the pastor slips out a chuckle

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Veronica: Heathers Cosplay

This weekend is Niagara Falls Comic-Con!! Today I am posting one of my cosplays from a few years ago. 

Dress Suit: Bought at Goodwill In Welland. I believe is was $10. It was also a size 3X!! I made some adjustments and added some pleating. 

Tights: Probably bought them at Ardenes. They were white, but I dyed them a light blue.

Rose Broach: This was actually part of a headband. I took it off and glued a safety pin to it.

Blue Dress Shirt: This dress shirt was my Grandpas, that my mom had. 

Eye Glass: It was actually kids party favour. I popped out of the holder, and hot glued a ribbon on it.

In total I probably spent under $20 on this costume.


After seeing mydisneydaze’s amazing creations out of old Disney bed sheets, I decided I wanted to try it myself.

I had friends looking at thrift stores and yard sales for good condition sheets. A friend brought me a set of Lion King sheets and I was so excited, as it’s one of my favorite 90s Disney movies.

Since this fabric was originally a twin size fitted sheet, I had to be super conservative with the fabric because there was barely two yards of fabric. To make it worse, the fabric had stripes, which made it even more difficult.

I finally got it cut out after spending some time figuring out how to lay out the pattern pieces. Since I’m so impatient, I laid out the pieces to get a glimpse of what the dress will look like.

I just used a basic white cotton to line the dress.

My cat is a big fan of the dress, mainly because he loves The Lion King, too :)

I’ll just say, I hate zippers. I know they have a purpose but I hate the way they look when they are put in the garment. That’s why I only use invisible zippers.

Tonight my university had the first meeting of the Disney club, so I decided to wear my dress and they had a pretty Christmas tree set up so I took a picture.

I’m back bishes!  And OMFG I missed you!  Work is FINALLY at a place where I’m beginning to breath again and am hoping to go back to making regular posts <3  Anyway KIT! LYLAS!

Costume For The Day:

- BDG cut-off black shorts

- Heather grey v-neck t-shirt

- Thrifted, pale indigo & white striped, sleeveless vest, with lace-up back

- Wooden geo earrings with coral bead

- Vans white Slim Sk8 hi-tops

Here’s Day 9 of 31 DIY’s Til Halloween!
I’ve been looking forward to this one forever. This is Billy the Puppet from the Saw films (not to be mistaken for Jigsaw himself!) and was seriously so simple to put together. The main parts are the white collared shirt, red bow tie, black blazer, and of course the makeup. Having black hair doesn’t hurt ;) Honestly I think any costume doesn’t need to be an exact imitation of the character you’re dressing as, it’s way more fun to put together clothes and accessories that are accessible to you and that work for your style and your body. That’s the spirit of DIY!

I’m wearing sheer black tights, black thigh high stockings, and a basic black tank top from my closet. The thigh highs can be found in any lingerie shop (I’ve had mine forever and don’t remember exactly where I got them.) The garter belt I’m wearing is the Rago Six-Strap Suspender Belt. i found mine on Amazon in black. The pleather skirt is from H&M in NYC last winter but I’ve seen them at several stores lately.

The white shirt is that same thrifted little boys’ button down that I found for $1.99 and have used for so many different costumes already this week! The bow tie was $1.29 at the dollar store and the black blazer I also thrifted for $5.99 at Value Village (obviously my second home).
I’m wearing my platforms that my hubby gave me for my birthday. I’m addicted to these shoes and I need to change it up soon! I promise I will!

The makeup is the fun part of this costume.
I used Graftobian white grease paint base. I have a hookup at a local costume shop because I did makeup and photos for our city’s Zombie Walk last weekend, and I’m working at the city’s biggest and best-rated haunted house for all of this month. This stuff ain’t cheap but it lasts for ages and if necessary if you do a lot of special effects makeup (this is my job, so I have budgeted for it.) Costume shops and Halloween stores sell similar grease paint / face base this time of year for $1-5, and that would work just as well!

I’m wearing a NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Ruby and MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. The spirals on my cheeks are done in basic red face paint from the dollar store and I went over it with the same NYX lip liner. I did my normal eyebrow routine and eyeliner. The eyeshadow is a smudged/blended/blown-out mix of browns and pinks, I wanted it to look super bruisy and sunken. It looked way more intense in person but I shot these photos in direct daylight. The “puppet” lines can be done with any black liquid liner.

Now that I’m back on schedule, a new DIY Halloween costume will be posted every day until Halloween! Sometimes more than one if I’m feeling ambitious!

Works in Progress

I was tagged by both @thejourneymaninn and @warriormaggie ! I feel so loved <3

Do This: List 10 things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, arts, gifsets, whatever.

(I have a lot of very depressing real world things I’m working on right now, but I’m just mentioning the fun things, because I come on the internet to escape depressing things.)

-The past 3 days I have been frantically throwing together a thrift store costume for the Renaissance Faire this weekend.  I’m finally done and it’s pretty kick ass.  Even through it’s supposed to rain :(

-Finish Hard Up in Hightown.  There are 2 chapters and an epilogue left!

-Kanders secret oneshot that’s a gift for someone ;)

-Polish up the Modern AU fake date fic that ended up being the precursor for the modern AU setting for HUIH.  I would say it’s a oneshot, but at 14,000 words and counting… XD

-A/B/O fic about courting and bowerbirds?  I would like this to be a one shot, but see above. Knowing me it will be a 27 chapter novel.

-I still haven’t given up on that amnesia fic based on the Buffy episode of Tabula Rasa.  And it’s potential sequel.  

-I have ideas floating around for a possible Shapeless Worlds sequel, a Fenders kinkmeme fill about Anders as an author modern AU, Fenders Cyrano de Bergerac, Fenders hurt/comfort, Fenders retelling of The White Cat and a few other prompt fills and whatnot, all of them Fenders.  It’s almost like I have an OTP or something…

-I will be getting a cat/cats soon!  Just gotta work on getting the house ready and save up a bit for the pet deposit :P

-Working my way through Persona 5 ;) Then I’ll finally start Mass Effect Andromeda.  Then Horizon Zero Dawn, then…

-I’d like to draw a bit more, but I have it be in just the right mood for it or it stresses me out, so we’ll see…

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Time Traveling with Vintage Selfie Star Annelies van Overbeek

To keep up with all of Annelies’ looks, follow @anneliesvanoverbeek on Instagram.

It started with a pixie haircut. “People began telling me I looked like Audrey Hepburn,” Annelies van Overbeek (@anneliesvanoverbeek) says. After recognizing her resemblance to the actress, Annelies started re-creating iconic Hollywood looks. “I fell in love with the elegance and style of vintage silver screen glamour,” the 17-year-old history student from Belgium says. Annelies gathers most costumes from thrift stores and charity shops; it often takes over a month of planning before she’s ready to take a vintage selfie. Lots of looks are in the works, but soon, Annelies will travel to 16th century England to share her interpretation of Queen Anne Boleyn’s selfie style. “I’m really excited about that one!”

What a crazy week it’s been - and it’s ONLY WEDNESDAY!  Mawr details to follow…

It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and this is what I wore:

Costume For The Day:

- “Alice Please Stop Using Drugs” Threadless t-shirt

- Black high-waist denim shorts (thrift-store in Eugene, OR)

- Black socks

- White Keds

- Thick black plastic earrings

My impromptu closet costume for Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight: Rose McGowan as Amy Blue in Gregg Araki’s “Doom Generation.” Boots are thrifted, dress from Goodwill, leather jacket from an antique shop. Turns out a black bob wig (a gift from my gore-geous boy) is a good thing to have on hand for costume needs.  

It has come to my attention that not everybody knows that I am not, in fact, a horrifying creature beyond the scope of human understanding posing as an adult human male.

I am in actuality two small human children and their pet octopus in a thrift-store halloween costume trying to get into an R rated movie.


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