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Thrifted Transformations | DIY Cape Blazer by coolirpa



Amazing photo shoot a week ago. I lugged two duffle bags worth of outfits around Brooklyn, changing in the middle of the street, reapplying lip chap, and suffering a broken choker. The price you pay for a proper Instagram modeling career. Yes, the “likes” were worth it. Very fun day, especially pulling together looks–some pieces sitting in my closet for months before finally seeing the light of day.

Top left: Topman Harris Tweed blazers, Tokyo thrift store sweatshirts

Top right: amazing vintage leather coat from an equally amazing friend, Topman mesh tank, Topman trousers, army supply store leather gloves, topshop choker (that tragically broke mere seconds after this photo was taken).

Middle: fucking stunning coat from Vintagewares in Brooklyn, camo jacket from Topman, black hoodie from NVRMND, glasses are Urban for $3 girl

Bottom: Harris Tweed/Tokyo thrift store sweatshirt combo, Topshop boyfriend fit jeans, white dress shoes from Tokyo dept store.

Photos: Valerie (middle shot); Elvir Ali (rest)


Another cummerbund outfit. As I’ve told you guys I’ve really been enjoying the cummerbund here lately. Not only does it give visual interest and adds flare, it can also hide the dreadful over blousing/additional material that can often happen with us plussize guys.

In This Outfit

Shirt 18 ½- Calvin Klein by way of Burlington Coat Factory

Blazer 48- Thrifted for $5

Pant xl- these are actually smart joggers. The have the shape of joggers without the elastic at the ankles.

Cummerbund- thrifted for a $2

Shoes 12- H&M

Nacklace- Rugged Warehouse

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I was vibin. Kente cloth oversized blazer thrifted. Black dress forever 21. Hair is Freetress Equal Wigs Deep L part Sammi in om27 from Gurl, you want the deets, I spare you no detail. I have no problem telling you what kind of wig I’m wearing and where to get it. My style is no secret.