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This is my favorite look to date, I don’t know how we found this amazing ally but I am so thankful and obsessed with how this spread came out.

I’m finally featuring these lace up thigh high boots that I got for xmas. I have been wearing them so much, even when I shouldn’t, like when it’s at a rainy and muddy music festival or it’s Wednesday morning and I’m working postmates🙃… sometimes I just like to dress up for no reason at all. The hoodie is instant tomboy paired with the girly tights and boots. + the purse, choker and hoops bring the tomboy glamgirl styles together. I love how it all works in a weird way and lets me feel boyish & badass & girly & sexy all at the same time.

Hoodie : Walmart
Fishnets : thrifted (new in packaging)
Lace-Up Thigh High Boots : Gift (EBay)
Hair Clips : 99 cents store
Purse : Just Fab (Online)
Belt Choker : Thrift DIY


It was warm enough to not wear a coat outside today! Which, by Maine standards was 40° 😂 Since I wasn’t wearing a bulky winter coat, I took the opportunity to wear my @bannedapparel cat purse!
Sweater: #eloquii
Shirt: #hm (straight size)
Skirt & Belt: #thrifted
Leggings: #Walmart (Faded Glory brand, size down if you’re interested!)
Boots: Rebels via #Amazon
Cat Purse: a gift, but available via #eBay .
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Rewearing outfits from the time when my shooting spot was a puppy nursery. This one was for a city festival which got a small medieval faire as a part of it. That part was hosted by a fantasy medieval club I was once in and I’m still good friends with many of the members. Because the event was more fantasy than history styled and I had to work later that day, I didn’t wore my historical garments but took the advantage to get dressed up all witchy 😄

Fairy medallion: some (now closed) esotericshop
Antler rune necklace: medieval faire
Hair clip: selfmade (embroidered)
Turtleneck: StreetOne
V-neck pullover: colors of the world
Crochet top: thrifted
Cardigan: bargainshop
Belt: bargainshop
Beltbag: selfmade (crochet)
Skirts: thrifted
Boots: Mustang Jeans
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Denim Skirt + Rose Gold Heels #whatthelibrarianwore #submission via instagram: bookishbrooklyn_

“Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else.”
― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Who said you have to look drab at work? I had a job interview today, and I wanted to wear something classy, fun and fashionable.

Dress and Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt: Thrift store

Sunglasses: eBay

Denim x Denim x Denim

I’ve always loved the double denim combo. I’m really just a sucker for a good matching set! This early 2000s look just serves up the tomboy glam swag.

I took this denim on denim fit and raised it one more denim with this belt-choker that I actually cut to fit my neck. Belts are chokers now!

The corset crop top balances out the baggy fit of the jeans and oversized distressed denim shirt. + boots and a backpack purse to keep the look relaxed and comfy.

Distressed Denim Shirt: hand me down via my mama
Jeans: $5 (thrifted)
Corset Crop Top: $5 (thrifted)
Denim Belt-Choker: $2 (thrifted)
Boots: $35 (H&M)
Backpack Purse: $4 (thrifted)

Simple, witchy and layered for a weird winter day. Wearing no makeup besides eyebrows.

In my part of Australia, this winter has been incredibly strange. We have had the hottest winter day, the coldest winter day and also one of the quickest temperature drops on record. The weather is really messed up.

Top: Shein
Cardigan: Punk Rave
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Restyle
Belt: Killstar
Shoes: Underground

Rewearing another outfit from the time when my shooting spot was a puppy nursery.

Necklace: medieval market
Knit dress,Top: #thrifted
Belt: #bargainshop
Boots: @mustangjeans_official