thrifted belt

It was warm enough to not wear a coat outside today! Which, by Maine standards was 40° 😂 Since I wasn’t wearing a bulky winter coat, I took the opportunity to wear my @bannedapparel cat purse!
Sweater: #eloquii
Shirt: #hm (straight size)
Skirt & Belt: #thrifted
Leggings: #Walmart (Faded Glory brand, size down if you’re interested!)
Boots: Rebels via #Amazon
Cat Purse: a gift, but available via #eBay .
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“I desire the things that will destroy me in the end.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Simple, witchy and layered for a weird winter day. Wearing no makeup besides eyebrows.

In my part of Australia, this winter has been incredibly strange. We have had the hottest winter day, the coldest winter day and also one of the quickest temperature drops on record. The weather is really messed up.

Top: Shein
Cardigan: Punk Rave
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Restyle
Belt: Killstar
Shoes: Underground

Who said you have to look drab at work? I had a job interview today, and I wanted to wear something classy, fun and fashionable.

Dress and Cardigan: Old Navy
Belt: Thrift store

Sunglasses: eBay

Having a Goblin King as a consistent fashion inspiration means lots of flowy sleeved blouses are hidden in my closet, perfect for a New Romantic look. Shirt from Urban Outfitters clearance several years ago, vest and boots thrifted, belt from eBay, leggings were a gift from my mom, jewelry made by me. 


Figured I’d post what I’ve worn this week so far also.. honestly half the reason I take photos anymore is to help me remember how often I wear certain pieces. I have one coworker who is very keen on paying attention and she lets me know when she thinks an outfit is good or bad. She means well, but it bothers me sometimes her attentions.
All shirts and belts are thrift finds.
Dress was also.
Skirts were thrift-gifts from my mum.
Black shoes from kohls
White shoes were thrifted.
Pearl dangle earrings were from my big sisters wedding. The blue bells were from my lil sis. Witch hat pair was a Yule gift.
And the Pooh set my lil sis gave me for Yule this past year.
Big rock necklace-rock from Michaels and the choker is from the random bag of jewelry my coworker gave me last summer.
The tree pendant was a 18th birthday gift from my Papa♡

At least this week is nearly over

This is an outfit for a farm girl turned General of her kingdom’s armies.  She just went to war to protect her family but then there was a prophecy and a magical sword and a missing princess she ended up rescuing and it just kept escalating from there.  Midway through the war, the King and Queen held a ball (for morale or something) and this is what she wore, in case she had to spring into action.  The knee braces are actually enchanted armor, probably.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with dark red hair that is braided back and pinned up.  I am wearing a green-grey shirt with a delicate red floral print on it.  The shirt has a wide neck and wide sleeves.  Over it, I have on a very short sleeveless dress made of layers of fringed black lace.  It’s belted with a dark brown belt with a gold-and-copper buckle that looks like two shells.  Under the dress, I’m wearing black leggings, with black knee braces strapped on over them.  I also have on dark brown boots.  I’m wearing dangly bronze earrings, red lipstick, and a gold necklace made up of small panels of metal joined together.  As always, I have on my round, silver glasses.]