“Pop Cou·ture"✨
Creative Director: Bristeves

Personal Styling: Bristeves

Male Model / Styling: Steven Young

Photography by Rob Simmons 

Behind The Styling

I based the concept behind this shoot around Black fashion today. It’s well known that Black fashion / music / culture heavily influences American Popular Culture. And what’s one of the biggest components of our generation’s way of finding new unique pieces of style?…. THRIFTING. For all those in denial, thrifting was ‘the thing’ before Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” made it socially acceptable to go out wearing someone’s granny’s clothes. Thrifting is my primary way of going about a wardrobe change, and this reflects the ‘black renaissance’ youth in its creativity. Thrifting just shows how creative our generation really is, our ability to take pieces and combine them together to make an influential style full of patterns and one-of-a-kind pieces.

I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite male trendsetters Steven Young  collab on this shoot with me. We both wanted to show creativity / style in the power of layering. An added shirt around the waist or a coat on top of another can speak volumes about your style. I’m not afraid of wearing oversize clothes or a weird one piece, as long as you can own it; do it. I’m all about stepping outside of the comfort zone with styles. Oversize fits are in and they’re comfy, please embrace it. Prints on prints is a YES, saying no to that $2 Tommy Hilfiger shirt is a NO. And the best part about being pro thrift is that it’s inexpensive! So if you see vision in a particular piece that isn’t all the way how you want it to be… cut it, sow it with something else and make your own clothes how you see fit. Me being a college kid myself, I can appreciate getting unique pieces in my closet (30+ pieces at a time) rather than going broke (for only 2 name brand). 9 times out of 10 you can find high end name brands in a thrift store or very similar pieces to something you’d pay an arm-and-a-leg for in a high end store.

My message? Be creative, be bold and thrift your heart out. Creativity is what makes you unique. Fashion in a nutshell to me is putting something together that no one has ever seen before. You’re not born with style but it can surely be learned over time. Each outfit is unique, and luckily today it is affordable. Express yourself. 

*Outfit pieces available at Value Village in Silver Springs, MD.

pilferingapples  asked:

Feuilly weeeek :D Him and Bossuet going thrifting?:D

Feuilly nearly jumped out of his seat when Bossuet came up from his left and slammed a hand on the table. Thank goodness his cup of coffee was nearly empty - Feuilly hadn’t heard his friend come in through the hubbub of the coffee shop.

“Grab your stuff,” Bossuet said, rare determination shining in his dark eyes.  “We need to go, now.”

“Uh,” Feuilly glanced at the window. It was pouring, and quite probably freezing. He didn’t really fancy walking around in the rain with the laptop he borrowed from the library and, more importantly, his books.  “Where? I thought I was supposed to help you study for the international law exam.”

Bossuet’s smile was as carefree and cheerful as his current outfit (a glossy yellow raincoat over a green owl-patterned sweater with - sequins?) and told Feuilly everything he needed to know about the international law study - mainly that it wasn’t going to happen today.

“I passed by the thrift shop on my way here - you know, the one with the cute cat drawings in the window? There’s a sweater sale, right. All sweaters are three bucks, and my friend, I promise you, at this time of the year it’s literally wall-to-wall - ”

He didn’t need to continue - Feuilly had already stuffed the laptop in his bag.

“Look at this one!” Bossuet held up a pink and brown knit sweater, possibly handmade by someone’s great aunt.

“It’s lovely,” Feuilly said, tone either earnest or amused - or both.

“I could really, really see Prouvaire with it.”

“Yeah, sure,” Feuilly readjusted his own pile of sweaters in his arms; he’d found at least five more or less sensible ones that fit, though he’d probably end up buy only two or three. He’d also picked a new backpack for his books, which was a nice bonus, and a pair of sneakers that still looked new. 

Bossuet threw the pink sweater on top of Feuilly’s pile.

“Wait - what?”

Bossuet cracked his knuckles.

“Your mission today, Feuilly - if you accept it - is to find sweaters for each of our friends,” he looked around gleefully.  “I’m not wasting this opportunity - the more terrible the better. Can you just imagine Combeferre? Bahorel? Enjolras?”

“Enjolras would make any of them look good,” Feuilly rolled his eyes.

“That is true,” Bossuet shook his head fondly. “And we can’t make him human, but we can make sure he’s warm. What do you say, uh?”

Feuilly hoped Bossuet couldn’t see the blush creeping up his cheeks. He turned towards the full sweater display and quickly started browsing for a sweater for Enjolras.

“There you are!” Feuilly exclaimed when Bossuet walked into the coffee shop exactly week later - half an hour late. “Come on, Boss, the exam is next week.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Bossuet grinned as he gracefully folded himself at Feuilly’s table. “So, what’s up?”

“Nothing much,” Feuilly shrugged, opening the textbook at the beginning of the right unit. “You?”

“Jolllly loved his sweater, for sure,” Bossuet laughed. “R too, and I think Prouvaire hasn’t taken his off all week. Speaking of,” his smiled twisted a little,    - “I don’t remember which one we got for Enjolras, in the end.”

“Oh,” Feuilly looked away. Maybe his complexion wouldn’t betray him, this time. “Uh, I don’t remember either. Something green, maybe?”

“Sure,” Bossuet laughed. “By the way, the one you’re wearing right now is really nice.”

“Thank you,” Feuilly said, looking down at himself -

- and he immediately turned beet red when he noticed the red, white and blue flowers of the one-size-too-large sweater he’d grabbed from the couch that morning.

“It would definitely look good on Enjolras, too,” Bossuet quipped, and Feuilly hid his face in his international law textbook.