thrift store plastics


Recycled Animal Art

Driven by a combination of her passion for fitting odd shapes together and a sympathy toward discarded objects, Japanese artist, Sayaka Ganz creates animals from thrift store plastics. She only select objects that have been used and discarded. She believes the best way for artists to help reduce waste is to show how beautiful the materials can be and what can be done with them.

I feel like this whole “zero waste lifestyle” is just another example of rich, usually white people being praised for something poc have been doing forever. Like, it’s all buying clothes from thrift stores and reusing plastic grocery store bags and using every part of the food you buy. And all of that is great but just like riding bikes it’s only “green” when white people do it. When brown people do it, they aren’t making a conscious decision to save the planet, they just can’t afford to throw anything away.

And as I see more YouTube videos and blogs and books coming out about this “new green craze” I keep thinking about all the brown people who could really tell you how to use every part of everything, but would have a hard time making money from it cus it’s only marketable when white people do it.

historymiss  asked:

If you're still doing hydrocone midnight theatre I'd love to see some more Quinn quire !

I am not super-current on Quentin right now and I don’t know what the eff is going on with Idie and her weird outdoors living room but I had A BRAINSTORM SO

Title: Poor Little Rich Hero Girl Club
Rating: PG
Summary: Quinn is kidnapped by Wasp and Hawkeye. Sort of. 


Quinn Quire is a former terrorist (self-proclaimed), a current punk both self and others-proclaimed (ask Captain America about her attitude — actually don’t, he’d say she’s nice just to spite her), a future vessel of the Phoenix (she will never make the fashion mistakes Jean Grey did), and a billionaire heiress who just turned eighteen (Tony Stark showed up to her birthday costume party dressed as Charles Xavier, which was in such poor taste that she actually likes the guy now).  

She has no idea what she wants to do with her life or what she should do with her life and she broke up with Idie and being Quinn Quire 24/7 is kind of eating her alive.

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