thrift store outlet

It was nice to meet you :)

In the chaos of shopping at the Goodwill Outlet, it’s always a nice surprise when you meet someone who is friendly enough to talk to you and start up a pleasant conversation. Sadly it doesn’t happen that often. I met a woman my age who was open enough to tell me about the hard times she’s going through. I hope she found something special today. I tried to give her some encouragement, and hope her situation gets better. 

Have I talked to you guys about the Dig and Save? Let’s talk about the Dig and Save.

The Dig and save is a thrift store outlet. You heard that right. Thrift. Store. Outlet.

The Dig and save is where broke nonsense goes to die. You need a bunch of mismatched coffee cups, probably chipped? They got you covered. You need a crap ton of cloth and you don’t really care where you get it from? They’ll sell it to you by the pound. You need furniture as a base for something you’re building? I’ll bet you’ll find it for $5.

Basically in that weird limbo between genuine garbage you should throw away and the kind of weird crap that artists and makers would like to pick up off the curb but don’t really want to clean, there exists the Dig and Save. The stock comes from things that are too damaged, stained, or tangled to be sorted out and priced properly for thrift stores, specifically St. Vincent de Paul.

Most things are priced by the pound. If you are doing art or building theater sets on a budget, I cannot recommend that place more highly. Bring boots. Bring gloves. Bring low expectations. And bring about 20 bucks. You’ll probably leave with a car load.

I say this all now because apparently Chicago now has a Dig and Save. Part of me is delighted. Part of me is very very concerned. Mostly for my storage space and budget.