thrift shop score

I made a real-life Andy’s room.

When my friends and I began recreating Toy Story 3 in late 2011, we knew that we would have to create a full scale Andy’s room. I mean, let’s face it. You can’t successfully recreate Toy Story 3 without a realistic looking Andy’s room. It took about 2 years of work, but it was totally worth it. It’s the room that most of us grew up wishing we had. From the hardwood floor to the bright white woodwork, it’s all there.

It may sound a bit obsessive, but we tried incredibly hard to make sure that every little detail was captured. For example, there is a white board next to Andy’s desk that we, for the most part, replicated perfectly. 

His posters were almost perfectly recreated for our room as well. I’ve got to thank my brother for those. The amount of detail he put into those things amazes me. 

One of my favorite aspects of Andy’s room in Toy Story 3 is his door. I just love the dart board, scattered stickers and posters on it. It really gives off the teenager-vibe. With that said, I absolutely loved recreating it for our room. I still can’t believe we managed to find that dart board…and for only $5 at a thrift shop. Score!

A lot of time was spent on Andy’s desk. Before we renovated it, it was an old, broken brown desk. It was really awesome fixing it up for our remake though because it used to belong to my grandmother. 

Some my other favorite details we captured in our real-life Andy’s room can be seen in this still from the film.

The crescent moon bed backboard:

The electric guitar:

And of course, the toy box:

So yeah, a lot of work went into recreating Andy’s room. But you know what? My friends and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The extra work really paid off. We can’t get over how great it looks on film.

My low-key budget altar

So I promised to post some more personal stuff and what better way to start things off with some pics of my altar!

I’m a secular witch so I don’t deal with any deities. My altar is simply composed of things that have significant meaning to me.
Almost all stuff I’ve gathered over the years were either gifts, finds, diy or bargain bin and thrift shop scores.

My altar is set up on the windowsill in my art-room. It’s the one place in the house that actually feels like it’s mine. We live in my parent’s in law’s house (who currently are living elsewhere) so I don’t have any input in the interior design (And let me tell you, MIL’s taste in stuff is absolutely HIDEOUS)
This whole room is pretty much my altar, It’s my witch cave XD

I have a thing for butterflies (dead ones, alive ones are pretty but I still find them rather unnerving. They have too many legs and are too flappy) I don’t know exactly why and how but I’ve been drawn to them my whole life. It started with the two giant Atlas butterflies in the middle, I inherited those from my Indonesian grandparents when they died 15 years ago. The rest of the butterflies were thriftshop and fleamarket finds (Fun fact:A couple of months ago I found out that my Celtic Animal horoscope was the Butterfly)
Two white candles (pilfered from MIL’s candle stash) in thriftshop copper candleholders (€ 0.25) to represent the Sun and the Moon
The crystal bowl things were inherited from my Dutch grandparents 10 years ago, the rocks, fossils and seashells were lucky finds and gifts from friends and family. The sage plants (except for the succulent on the right) were grown from €1,- seed packs, the lemons come from a forgotten lemon I found in the back of my fridge and the same goes for the apple plantlings. The maple comes from a seed I found in my backyard (Fun fact: I found out last week that my Tree horoscope was Maple)
Also some flowers I picked are drying from the curtain cord thingy XD

Everything I do revolves around the Sun, Moon, Earth and the 4 Elements, my altar represents that as well.

Close up time!

The crystal ball is one of the few things I actually bought, 15 years ago I found it in a rather obscure Chinese shop. In the background is a carved box (inherited) that holds my tarot decks (Rider-Waite: gift, Klimt & Mucha: bought).
The fossils, rocks, seashells and coral were gifts from various people close to me.

The shelves over the desk:

Hideous tea set (pilfered from MIL’s collection) for divination, cheap amethyst cluster found in a pet shop, souped-up A5 binder (my Grimoire) and lined notebook (my Book of Shadows. Not pictured is my Book of Chaos which is a smaller notebook where I brainstorm stuff in and make messy notes)
Bottom row: two glass boxes (gifts) I use for charging and cleansing stuff (contains charging and cleansing sigils, amethyst, clear & rose quartz chips and the other has hematite chips). The eggs in the middle were gifts from MIL (she fricking LOVES this stuff and insists I should too) and they both contain things representing the 4 elements: feathers, seashells, fossils and a tealight. No idea why I did that, it just happened I guess. And in front of them is a scented candle in a tin (gift) with a lighter. I ALWAYS keep lighters everywhere, I’m a smoker so naturally I never have a lighter when I need one.
The artworks in the back were gifts from friends (for the skully/squid print go check out she is the artiest who made it)

The cupboard:

Now here is where the magic happens (lol)
A boatload of ingredients (in recycled jars) for spells and such, some witchy books, teablends for divination, some candles in the back, eeniemeenie cauldron thingy (found) and somewhere back there should be a mortar & pestle and some other tools. The treasure box comes from a fleamarket (chatted up the seller and got it for free) and holds my pendulum collection.

I have one more shelf with a box with all my ‘Sacred’ tools, crystals and more spell stuff but I’m leaving that one for another time since this post is hella long as it is XD

So. That was a quick tour of my witch cave.
In conclusion: Use what you have, don’t spend much money, things will come your way when they need to. Tools do not make the witch, YOU are the witch!