thrift shop acoustic cover

what i associate with the signs
  • aries: the color red, headbands, 80's music, high-waisted skirts, laughing with your best friend, thrift shops
  • taurus: baking, open fields, florals, sunshine, maxi skirts, acoustic covers, road trips
  • gemini: neon signs, high ponytails, bright eyes, dark green, leather jackets, sunsets, frogs
  • cancer: star patterns, light blue, cats, homemade cookies, the fourth of july, soft hair
  • leo: button-downs, light colors, summer camp, hugs where they pick you up and spin you around, bad jokes
  • virgo: dark blue, space, classical music, doodles, wide eyes, precision, crystals
  • libra: bubblegum, holographic clothing, microphones, silver, disco balls, crop tops, crushed velvet
  • scorpio: riding the metro at night, emo music, snapbacks, tattoos, ripped jeans, going to a concert with your friends
  • sagittarius: lavender skies, wood floors, converse, the stars, birds, late-summer adventures, socks, evergreens, puns
  • capricorn: iced coffee, old books, sweaters, soft light, the moon, sheer curtains, watercolor, fairy lights
  • aquarius: stripes, mustard yellow, instagram, eggs, mom jeans, collages, aliens, book bags
  • pisces: the color purple, rainbows, positivity, curled hair, glitter, rose gold jewelry, independence