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My October Bucket List!

Here is everything I want to complete in October! Feel free to pick things off and join!
• Go apple picking 🍎
• Carve / decorate pumpkins
• Roast pumpkin seeds
• Get a pumpkin spice tea ☕️
• Go to the Rocky Horror show live musical 👄
• Visit a haunted house
• Go in a haunted corn maze 🌽
• Do a haunted hay ride
• Decorate inside the house
• Decorate outside the house ☠️
• Go to Canada’s Halloween Haunt
• Go to Bingeman’s Scream Park
• Have a spooky bonfire with friends 🔥
• Create a 31 day photo challenge for instagram
• Throw a Halloween party 🎈
• Go to my local autumn fair
• Go thrifting for Halloween items
• Buy Halloween candles / bath products
• Bake an apple & pumpkin pie 🎃
• Visit my local Pumpkinfest
• Get a Halloween tattoo 💉
• Do a Haunted Hamilton event
• Go to Spirit Halloween 👻
• Create spooky nails
• Make creepy cute deserts and baked goodies
• Celebrate Samhain 🕷
• Go to a Halloween vendor show
• Go on a nature walk / explore the woods 🍂
• Collect leaves, acorns, sticks ect
• Visit a cemetery at dusk
• Go to a pumpkin patch
• Make caramel apples
• Explore abandon houses
• Do a ghost tour
• Do SFX / body painting horror makeup 💋
• Dress up in a costume for Halloween
• Read Edgar Allan Poe
• Do divination and spells 🔮
• Appreciate the full moon
• Create October’s full moon water 🌕
• Have a dead dinner / dumb supper
• Have a Samhain altar ✨
• Go to a White Flame class
• Set up my Halloween Tree 🌲
• Make candy apples
• Watch season premier of Hellevator (Friday, October 7th)
• See new horror movies in theatres (Ouija: Origins of Evil, Rings)
• Watch at least 10 classic horror / halloween movies 🔪

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Something's Got to Give, Something's Got to Give.

The arms have been gifted. The arms have been gifted with 200 tons of burden and cannot hold a camera to capture the tiny secret souls that hide in thrift store items for a set period of time. When is that time? The 200 tons of burden say never, but it feels more like two weeks. Give me two weeks to carry this gifted weight, and the arms shall return at full force. I will now be freezing the timeline for exactly 14 days, so that you will not notice a difference. Possibly. Maybe. I haven’t stopped time in a while. Let’s just say two weeks, I stopped time and everyone turned neon orange, let’s not mess with that right now. Two weeks. I hope you all understand.


I’m calling this outfit of the day ‘Battle Ready’. I liked the warlock outfit but it was a little impractical.The ringmail-looking top of the outfit inspired me to make an alternative outfit that felt somewhat like an armor. 

And when showing of your armor, why no also showing of your blade? That’s a sword I bought for LARPing, but never really got to it.

A lot of the clothes are bought at a thrift-store.

Items used:

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I finally did a group of more spring inspired outfits! Even though in the spring/summer I still basically wear the same amount of layers and I’d never be comfortable in real life wearing some of these more simple or short sleeved ones, it’s okay to just take pictures in them ehehe~ Sorry for the camera quality, I tried to edit and remedy the grainyness as much as possible lol.  It’s actually really hard for me to make more simplified outfits, but I tried! Read the captions for more detail~ Literally every single item is thrifted except for a few tights and shoes which are all from ebay. ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧



Denim tells a fearless story.

These THRIFTED items are my absolute fave in my closet at the moment, I got the jeans as a gift and decided to cut them shorter to make them look modern and comfortable. The Levi’s denim shirt was thrifted by my closest friend and she saw how great it looked on me and I kept it lol.

Don’t be afraid to thrift and try out items that suit your taste.

1. Choose wisely
2. You will find a gem, even if it is one garment.
3.WASH that stuff.
4. Construct or deconstruct
5. Match it up with new items in your closet to avoid looking like you are stuck in a different era.
7.look CLEAN.
8. Have fun!!!!!!!

Shirt: Levi’s
Shorts: Levi’s
Shoes: Rubi shoes

Photo by : @lebolukewarm

Karlie, 20

“I’m wearing my “lazy work commute outfit”. It’s a collection of sale rack and thrifted items I’ve dedicated only for work, all tucked under my favorite wool coat. Some days I’ll wear a thousand different bubbly colors and fun patterns with dark lips; other times I can be very conservative, minimalistic and neutral in color.”

Jan 15, 2015 ∙ The Mission

I made this video quite a while ago about thrifting for fairy kei items, but I’ve only just now gotten it uploaded.
The video quality didn’t turn out very well for some reason, but it was the best I could do, so I hope you enjoy regardless!


Just a reminder: I know I haven’t been as active on here and Etsy, but I do still have a shop and am still selling goodies (jewelry, photos, poetry, thrifted items etc!) – here are some 100% natural brass, nickel and lead-free, eco-friendly wearables! 

I have two coupon codes you could use, 10FORYOU = 10% off ANY purchase or TUMBLRSAVER = 20% off a $20.00 or more purchase. :)

Thanks for looking! 


Brighter Blue.

This coat is an inherited one from Duck, senior salesman at The Shop. When I first started, I had no proper tailored clothing, just a bunch of thrift store items that didn’t fit so great. This jacket is as old as my time at Pockets—6 years.

Now, my wardrobe is slightly more substantial than it once was, but I never miss an opportunity to pay it forward with clothing. I’m all for making a few bucks on eBay, but it never hurts to be charitable.

Find a friend, a kid at your office, or a student going off to college. Give them something nice to wear. This world would be a better place if we cared less about stuff and more about people. After all, it’s just fabric.