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I went looking for antique silverware today.

I got some, but that’s – shockingly – not the fun part.

At first, I worried I wouldn’t find enough inexplicable thrift store items to warrant a post…

but as soon as I saw Terrifying Foot-Tall Corner Dress Rat, I knew my fate had turned.

After that, I couldn’t stop finding incredible things.

A disturbing coconut head man with “DICK’S LAST RESORT” burned into it.

It’s like if Mr. Potato Head went both tropical and feral!

A glass from a prom titled “Desert Moon” that happened in 1985.

Why’s no one bought this yet? It’s 10 years older than me, it’s an antique!

Everybody’s favorite funtime children’s toy, Demonic Hollow Bear!

This Christmas, let your children live out their veterinary dreams on this organ-free, stretch-mouthed creature of darkness. It yearns for your soul!

The aftermath of a centipede breaking its legs.

Just don’t think about how big it had to be to warrant that size of crutch.

A 2D cutout… semi-colored-in… of a confused-looking cat… sitting on a cushion… with little flowers on it?

I can’t even make a joke, here. There’s no topping the reality of what it is.

And, lastly, my favorite of all…

the extensive art collection.

It’s all extra special, since a very specific chain of events has to occur for the pieces to be there:

#1, whoever owned it had to look at it, and go “yeah, this should get donated, someone will prolly want to buy it”…

…and #2, the store had to look at it, and go “yeah, no, that is totally something we should put a price tag on right this second.”

But they’re wrong. Every single piece is priceless, and if I had the funds I would make a found-in-thrift-stores art gallery for all the world to cherish.

Look cute without spending too much

-drug store makeup is a must! you can find high quality products for low prices!
-thrift stores, thrift stores, thrift stores!!! I have found so many cute items at thrift shops omg. you can find so many pastel things there!!!
-dollar stores have inexpensive beauty products to keep your skin clear and radiant
-if you have older siblings, ask them for clothes they might have outgrown, you could even use their old clothes to piece together an adorable outfit
-make your own beauty products using things in your kitchen, then you know EXACTLY what’s going on your face

very bad quality again but I just wanted to draw another Taaco Twin comparison sheet, this time comparing their individual tastes in fashion:


  • Fav colours: red, orange, gold, b&w
  • Aesthetic: “mean popular girl from a 90′s highschool tv show” meets “detached millennial Instagram model”
  • Signature items: high-waisted jeans, ironic t-shirt, a ton of accessories that range from plastic dollar store schlock to 14 carat diamonds and gold.


  • Fav colours: violet, purple, blue, turquoise
  • Aesthetic: “18th century french dandy” meets “witchy grandma who only shops at thrift stores”
  • Signature items: big ass hat, velvet gloves, frills, silk and pinstripes.

basically, the only thing these two disasters have in common is the ability to take tacky, outdated outfits and make them look somehow frustratingly trendy

weekdaeg-william  asked:

Hello, I know you're probably busy and flooded with asks. But I finally manage to get my hands on a velvet blazer (not the weather for it but I was thrifting so I wasn't going to pass it up) and I was wondering what the proper way to take care of it, like washing and all that. Normally I give all thrifted items a good wash before even thinking of wearing them or hanging them up in my closet, but I vaguely remember reading somewhere that velvet shouldn't go in the washer like regular clothing.

You’ve got a couple of options:

  • A 1:10 mix of cheap vodka (cheap, unflavored, undrinkable vodka) and water in a spray bottle. Spray down the blazer, inside and out, and either toss it in the dryer for 30 minutes on low, or leave it outside in the sun for a few hours. (This is an old costumers’ trick, and is how I used to get club smoke out of my velvet dresses Back In The Day.)
  • Get a Dryel “home drycleaning” kit (you want the “starter” kit). Use the booster spray on any stained places, thoroughly soaking them. Then toss the blazer into the special dryer bag, put one of the Dryel sheets in the bag, and toss the whole thing into the dryer for 30 minutes on high. 

The one benefit the Dryel kit has over the the DIY vodka/water mixture is that the booster cleaning spray is AMAZING. So far, the only things I’ve not been able to remove from white fabric using it are chocolate and blood. (And OxyClean or similar works on those.) (Look, I occasionally have … issues with my gothic heroine nightgowns, okay?)


I offhandedly mentioned to my mom that i’m hunting these grid cubes, like literally just this month- and the first set she found at our local thrift was far too heavy and missing its connectors– but the VERY NEXT DAY she found these???


for 4.99.

all i had to do was give them all a good wipe down bc they were likely used as a dog/pet corral. but i just…. and putting it together was shockingly easy compared to the horror stories i hear about these. maybe it’s because they’ve been ‘broken in’ for who knows how long? maybe it’s the brand? who knows!!!!


i just love it when bargain-finders -fist clench- find some bargains

anonymous asked:

Ugh. I just started a job at WillGood and the bags here are shit. They keep tearing no matter how hard I try. Then there's customers coming in with $100 bills to pay for some thing that was only $1.99. My till doesn't have enough 20s to give you change. Then there's customers who are like "this looks damaged can I get it for less?" Like you're shopping at a thrift store and your item is $3.99. This is literally as cheap as you're gonna get this item.

I found a shirt in a thrift store today that was like. A personal ad circled in red. And it said, word for word:

“COWBOY WANTED: Open-hearted cowgirl seeks some cowboy hunk. Any resemblance to Clint or Garth is a plus. Must look great in tight jeans, dance a mean two-step and know how to cook. Should have a new pick-up, several thousand acres of land, and plenty of cash. Please send copy of land title and photo of buns.”

anonymous asked:

I could use a little advice, if possible. I very much want to get into cosplay, but I don't even know where to begin. There are characters I love, but I don't understand how to convincingly pull off these characters, so have no idea how to choose one. I can't make anything because my skillset doesn't go farther than the most basic repair work, and the premade stuff I've found is pretty expensive. I see makeup tutorials and end up completely baffled, so I'm kind of lost.

Hello there!

First of all, you don’t have to choose a character because you think you can pull it off, regardless of what you mean by that. Want to do an outfit but don’t have sewing skills? You can always learn and practice (or put off the costume until you’ve built up your skills more). Think you don’t look like a character? You don’t have to look like the character. If you want to wear the outfit but don’t look like them, then ignore that. The only time it matter is your personal comfort – if you don’t feel right doing a character you don’t look like, you should let your comfort take priority, but if you don’t want to do a character because you aren’t as thin, attractive, pale, whatever else as them, don’t worry about those things. this isn’t a lookalike contest, it’s cosplay. It’s for fun. 
(Examples of being personally uncomfortable would be things like how I recently did a fem version of a character because I knew I’d be uncomfortable with the fact that I wouldn’t pass as a teenage boy in spandex – still did the character, but I changed some things so I’d be comfortable with it. But if I did cosplay, let’s say, a beefy man like Joseph Joestar, and was comfortable with it and enjoyed it, despite being scrawny, no one should have a problem with that. Your own feelings about your cosplay are what matters. If I did that and someone said something about my size and apparent gender not matching the character’s? That’s not someone I’d want in my life. their opinion doesn’t matter. As long as you aren’t outright being a jerk and harming others, no one has any right to tell you that you are having fun wrong, and you always have the power of the block button if they do.)

The thing with a hobby like cosplay is that we all have to start somewhere. No one is going to go from not being able to sew to pulling out masters-level costumes overnight. Building up a lot of these skills involves a lot of practice and dedication.

That said, you don’t have to make your costumes. You always start somewhere. Are there any characters where you can modify storebought or thrifted items? That’s a great way to get started with cosplay, and you can still dress in costume, but you don’t have to worry about making some complicated. Do you want to learn to sew? Choosing a simple outfit that you can find a pattern for (things like schoolgirl uniforms are great for this) can really help, since it gives you instructions on how to make the item, and you can build up your skills with easier garments and work your way up. If you have money for premade or commissions, that’s great, but if you don’t, you can do a lot on your own for very cheap if you know how to shop sales or can get items at a thrift store. With luck, a good eye for sales, using items from your closet (shoes are the big expense here), and often a little bit of skill (such as dyeing a piece or cutting and rehemming a piece or adding some decoration), you can make an entire cosplay for $15. I’ve done it. 

For building up your skillset, it’s all about practice. Find a very basic makeup tutorial and try following it, step by step. Do it every day, or twice a day, until you master the techniques. Try another one. A lot of tutorials assume that you have at least some basic skills in the area that the tutorial is for, but you can find tutorials that explain every step. For sewing, start with something very simple, like a pillowcase, if you need to. You don’t /need/ these skills, though, unless you /want/ to make your cosplays. Often, however, due to cost and availability (or costumes, of sizes, etc.), you end up needing to make something yourself if you want it at all, or else pay a commissioner. It sounds like making is the path you want to go down, though, and this can include both making from scratch and altering pre-existing items.

It’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself when it comes to this kind of thing. You just started, you don’t need to be an expert yet. No one was born an expert, which is why things like tutorials exist – people are often more than willing to share their knowledge. If you don’t understand a step in a tutorial, ask. Don’t compare yourself with someone who has been cosplaying for 15 years and works in the costuming industry and has the free time, money, and experience to pull out amazing costume after amazing costume. Do you know what they were doing 15 years ago? Probably starting on their first project, like a simple skirt or a pillowcase or a plush toy. Certainly messing up. Certainly learning from those mistakes as they went. You have the advantage of building on a lot of that knowledge that is now being shared in the community (and so many more materials and resources!), but there’s no substitute for trying something yourself and learning from that. Don’t be afraid to fail. You often learn more from mistakes than from successes. 

As for how to start on costumes, it really helps to take things step by step, a little bit at a time. Look at one item first, rather than the overwhelming whole. Look at one part of that item. Start there. You’ll be far less baffled if you think of it as one small piece, rather than an entire costume. For tutorials, break them down as well. What are they doing in this step, exactly? Can you mimic that? Try it, over and over. 

I also have a Powerpoint on how to choose and plan cosplays here.

Cosplay is a hobby. It should be fun, not an overwhelming stress. I would say to take it slow, choose something simple at first, build up whatever skills you are trying to build (whether that is sewing, armor, makeup, or even bargain shopping), take your time with your projects, and enjoy wearing them, even if they aren’t something that’s going to be winning a contest any time soon. Be proud that you made that. Be proud that you can show off your fandom in that way. Meet new fans. Build up your skills. And keep having fun with it. There’s no wrong way to be a fan.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

My October Bucket List!

Here is everything I want to complete in October! Feel free to pick things off and join!
• Go apple picking 🍎
• Carve / decorate pumpkins
• Roast pumpkin seeds
• Get a pumpkin spice tea ☕️
• Go to the Rocky Horror show live musical 👄
• Visit a haunted house
• Go in a haunted corn maze 🌽
• Do a haunted hay ride
• Decorate inside the house
• Decorate outside the house ☠️
• Go to Canada’s Halloween Haunt
• Go to Bingeman’s Scream Park
• Have a spooky bonfire with friends 🔥
• Create a 31 day photo challenge for instagram
• Throw a Halloween party 🎈
• Go to my local autumn fair
• Go thrifting for Halloween items
• Buy Halloween candles / bath products
• Bake an apple & pumpkin pie 🎃
• Visit my local Pumpkinfest
• Get a Halloween tattoo 💉
• Do a Haunted Hamilton event
• Go to Spirit Halloween 👻
• Create spooky nails
• Make creepy cute deserts and baked goodies
• Celebrate Samhain 🕷
• Go to a Halloween vendor show
• Go on a nature walk / explore the woods 🍂
• Collect leaves, acorns, sticks ect
• Visit a cemetery at dusk
• Go to a pumpkin patch
• Make caramel apples
• Explore abandon houses
• Do a ghost tour
• Do SFX / body painting horror makeup 💋
• Dress up in a costume for Halloween
• Read Edgar Allan Poe
• Do divination and spells 🔮
• Appreciate the full moon
• Create October’s full moon water 🌕
• Have a dead dinner / dumb supper
• Have a Samhain altar ✨
• Go to a White Flame class
• Set up my Halloween Tree 🌲
• Make candy apples
• Watch season premier of Hellevator (Friday, October 7th)
• See new horror movies in theatres (Ouija: Origins of Evil, Rings)
• Watch at least 10 classic horror / halloween movies 🔪

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