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I could use a little advice, if possible. I very much want to get into cosplay, but I don't even know where to begin. There are characters I love, but I don't understand how to convincingly pull off these characters, so have no idea how to choose one. I can't make anything because my skillset doesn't go farther than the most basic repair work, and the premade stuff I've found is pretty expensive. I see makeup tutorials and end up completely baffled, so I'm kind of lost.

Hello there!

First of all, you don’t have to choose a character because you think you can pull it off, regardless of what you mean by that. Want to do an outfit but don’t have sewing skills? You can always learn and practice (or put off the costume until you’ve built up your skills more). Think you don’t look like a character? You don’t have to look like the character. If you want to wear the outfit but don’t look like them, then ignore that. The only time it matter is your personal comfort – if you don’t feel right doing a character you don’t look like, you should let your comfort take priority, but if you don’t want to do a character because you aren’t as thin, attractive, pale, whatever else as them, don’t worry about those things. this isn’t a lookalike contest, it’s cosplay. It’s for fun. 
(Examples of being personally uncomfortable would be things like how I recently did a fem version of a character because I knew I’d be uncomfortable with the fact that I wouldn’t pass as a teenage boy in spandex – still did the character, but I changed some things so I’d be comfortable with it. But if I did cosplay, let’s say, a beefy man like Joseph Joestar, and was comfortable with it and enjoyed it, despite being scrawny, no one should have a problem with that. Your own feelings about your cosplay are what matters. If I did that and someone said something about my size and apparent gender not matching the character’s? That’s not someone I’d want in my life. their opinion doesn’t matter. As long as you aren’t outright being a jerk and harming others, no one has any right to tell you that you are having fun wrong, and you always have the power of the block button if they do.)

The thing with a hobby like cosplay is that we all have to start somewhere. No one is going to go from not being able to sew to pulling out masters-level costumes overnight. Building up a lot of these skills involves a lot of practice and dedication.

That said, you don’t have to make your costumes. You always start somewhere. Are there any characters where you can modify storebought or thrifted items? That’s a great way to get started with cosplay, and you can still dress in costume, but you don’t have to worry about making some complicated. Do you want to learn to sew? Choosing a simple outfit that you can find a pattern for (things like schoolgirl uniforms are great for this) can really help, since it gives you instructions on how to make the item, and you can build up your skills with easier garments and work your way up. If you have money for premade or commissions, that’s great, but if you don’t, you can do a lot on your own for very cheap if you know how to shop sales or can get items at a thrift store. With luck, a good eye for sales, using items from your closet (shoes are the big expense here), and often a little bit of skill (such as dyeing a piece or cutting and rehemming a piece or adding some decoration), you can make an entire cosplay for $15. I’ve done it. 

For building up your skillset, it’s all about practice. Find a very basic makeup tutorial and try following it, step by step. Do it every day, or twice a day, until you master the techniques. Try another one. A lot of tutorials assume that you have at least some basic skills in the area that the tutorial is for, but you can find tutorials that explain every step. For sewing, start with something very simple, like a pillowcase, if you need to. You don’t /need/ these skills, though, unless you /want/ to make your cosplays. Often, however, due to cost and availability (or costumes, of sizes, etc.), you end up needing to make something yourself if you want it at all, or else pay a commissioner. It sounds like making is the path you want to go down, though, and this can include both making from scratch and altering pre-existing items.

It’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself when it comes to this kind of thing. You just started, you don’t need to be an expert yet. No one was born an expert, which is why things like tutorials exist – people are often more than willing to share their knowledge. If you don’t understand a step in a tutorial, ask. Don’t compare yourself with someone who has been cosplaying for 15 years and works in the costuming industry and has the free time, money, and experience to pull out amazing costume after amazing costume. Do you know what they were doing 15 years ago? Probably starting on their first project, like a simple skirt or a pillowcase or a plush toy. Certainly messing up. Certainly learning from those mistakes as they went. You have the advantage of building on a lot of that knowledge that is now being shared in the community (and so many more materials and resources!), but there’s no substitute for trying something yourself and learning from that. Don’t be afraid to fail. You often learn more from mistakes than from successes. 

As for how to start on costumes, it really helps to take things step by step, a little bit at a time. Look at one item first, rather than the overwhelming whole. Look at one part of that item. Start there. You’ll be far less baffled if you think of it as one small piece, rather than an entire costume. For tutorials, break them down as well. What are they doing in this step, exactly? Can you mimic that? Try it, over and over. 

I also have a Powerpoint on how to choose and plan cosplays here.

Cosplay is a hobby. It should be fun, not an overwhelming stress. I would say to take it slow, choose something simple at first, build up whatever skills you are trying to build (whether that is sewing, armor, makeup, or even bargain shopping), take your time with your projects, and enjoy wearing them, even if they aren’t something that’s going to be winning a contest any time soon. Be proud that you made that. Be proud that you can show off your fandom in that way. Meet new fans. Build up your skills. And keep having fun with it. There’s no wrong way to be a fan.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

ID #86186

Name: Elliot
Age: Seventeen
Country: USA

I really love how personal letter writing is, and have never really had a pen pal before. I’m currently about to be a senior in highschool (homeschooled) and there’s much still for me to experience. I’m a huge dork for all things art, theater, cartoon, plant, and gem related. I’m currently learning Japanese so I can go teach English there, and I have a really huge appreciation for other languages. I’m an artist and try my best at different mediums (maybe you’ll even get a small sketch from me). I love indie/alternative music the most but I also listen to rap and pop sometimes. I have a fascination with thrift stores and vintage items as I dress with that similar style (I even own a record player). I actually really love learning about cultures that are different from mine and I find it important to learn as much as I can about the world. If you end up my pen pal I’ll most likely send some small gifts. Thank you for your time!

Preferences: LGBT+ Friendly (I am a ftm trans male and it’s important to have someone accepting) Ages 16-20

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So, I was wondering, how did you come by Shinto? Was it something you were raised with or something you sought out? Also kind of curious how, if at all, it interacts with your Witchcraft.

Hey hun,

I was not born into Shinto, but into a born again Christian household that was very religiously aggressive. I had to go to church every week, I had to pay tithes from my pocket money, I had to go to bible study classes during the week, etc etc. And it was an awful experience. Not because Christianity is a bad religion, but because the people within the religion turned it into a weapon that did more harm than good to me. It was a poisonous environment for my growth.
I decided one day that I didn’t want to be a Christian anymore. So I began sacrificing every school recess and lunch reading every book in my school library on world religions, as well as commentary on religious beliefs- like athiestic and scientific texts as well. Any mention of religions or spirituality during my classes- even ancient history was really fascinating. I ended up becoming a Roman pagan, and practising a reconstruction of the ancient Roman religion (lol ancient history lessons really got me into that) and I made a hidden shrine in my room for the Lares.
Anyway, so over time, I continued to read and read, and I ended up reading all the books I could find in my school library. So then, my weekends were spent at a nearby university, reading all of those books I could find in there.
And that was how I gradually moved entirely into Shintoism.
I began secretly visiting Buddhist temples around this time as well, and the Buddhist monks gave me many free books and little statues of Buddhas. So I ended up building a little makeshift Kamidana and buying a lot of devotional items at thrift stores with my pocket money.
It was only when I got to university that my parents found my hidden shrine and I ended up being kicked out of home after months of fighting with them  over religion. They accused me of being a sinner, etc etc and I was basically this awful person because of it. They hated me for refusing to go to church, they made fun of me and humiliated me in front of other Christians, they took me to Christian counsellors to try and talk me out of it, and destroyed all of my devotional items with an actual hammer. Legit. They smashed all my little Buddha statues with a hammer. They even destroyed all my makeshift devotional jewellery I had made for myself.
 And being kicked out of home was the best thing that happened. I had a job at the time, so I was able to support myself in my practice, and I was able to practice without fear of being mistreated for it. I began attending classes at the local temples, and reading and reading as much as I could on both Shintoism and Buddhism, because in Japan they are syncretic.
So that is how I became a Shintoist.
It was really set in stone when I managed to save enough money for a trip to Japan, and I visited every single shrine I saw, even if I had to stop and pray at a 10 different little roadside shrines in a row. I devotedly stopped at every single one of them. It was bliss, like finding something I’d forgotten a long time ago. It brought me so much joy. 
As a Witch, Shintoism does find it’s place in my practice. I work with Ofuda, Sakaki and Shimenawa in my rituals, I also use rice, salt, water and sake (the basic offerings) in my practice. For example, I make a blessing substance from rice, salt, jasmine oil, and water, and put this around the doors to bless people who walk through the door.
Using Japanese plants in magical workings as well- Camelia, Cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, sakaki, susuki, cedar, chrysanthemum, azalea, and so on.
It also means that sometimes if I find a river or a tree that I am particularly drawn to, that I will go and set up a devotional there. So actually making an effort to work with kami in their natural setting as well, and also taking them into account in your practice. So calling on kami in spell work even if you are at home (Oh, that is the beauty of ofuda, they literally are the spiritual essence of a kami).

I hope that this helps!

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silly question, if i'm in like. a thrift store where every item is unique, and something isn't tagged but i'm lowkey dead set on buying it, what do i do to go about this in a way that doesn't make it a hassle for the employees/volunteers (i dont mean volunteers in a semantics way just a lot of thrift shops in my town are volunteer run)?

Literally just go up to them and say, “Hey this doesn’t have a tag, and I’m just curious about the price?”

Don’t pull the “oh it doesn’t have a tag so that means it’s free” because guaranteed they’ve heard it 100 times already that day.


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Black and Gold Dancer outfit for SD Boy/Men

Pictured on IoS 70cm, IoS 60cm and Resinsoul 61 cm hooved body. (will fit larger dolls, possibly up to 70cm)


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  • I will be doing a part 2, with an outfit for MSD girls. You can enter both, but only win 1.
  • Please have your PMs open by the end, so I can contact you for your address.
  • I have cats, and am an Ex-smoker. Some items were thrifted and/or repurposed, and have unknown allergens.

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so like there's this youtuber named coolirpa and she does this thing called thrifted transformations and i noticed in a few videos she'll thrift a plus sized item of clothing and completely alter it to change its style and fit her thin body, so im not sure if this is straight out fatphobia or is it considered something else? like a micro aggression?

Hey there anon,

So I’m pretty sure @fatphobiabusters has talked about this (I’m on mobile and at camp so I can’t look it up right now.) But I would say it’s fatphobia. I’d say check out their post about it though!

Mod Bethany

stuff you REALLY need in your new apartment!!

I keep seeing that HUGE ASS post about all the ‘essentials’ for your new apartment and I call 100% bullshit on it. You don’t need all that crap. You’re on a budget. Either  a student or just graduated or its your first job and you just moved out from your parents’ house and now you’re on your own with barely any money after paying off the rent.

I’m a student in the UK. I moved into a new place literally 2 weeks ago. I know my shit about essentials right now. So here’s a list of stuff you REALLY need! Also where you can find it cheap b/c lets face it you won’t go buying at Marks&Spencer (UK peeps will get me, not sure about the rest of the world. Its basically a high end grocery shop but it also has like homeware n stuff.

Btw since I’m in the UK, I’ll mention specific cheap UK shops as that’s what I know. Americans you can go to Walmart or other cheap discount stores or thrift stores for some items!! Which you probably already know.

Still, there’s a lot of this you can buy gradually and not all at once so it won’t make you feel like you’re going for broke within seconds.


  • bedsheets. chances are, your mum might have like 30 spares stashed in her cupboard so if your new place has a bed that is the same size as a bed at home, you go ask your momma. if not, Primark and Wilkos has cheap ones AND they have cute designs too if youre into that
  • towels (have spares of each one you need!)
  • blanket of some sort. you can get some cheap nice one or bring your fave from home - it’s perfect for a binge watch session on the sofa or as a superhero cape
  • cutlery set. Wilko’s has a set of 16 for like £2 so get on that shit. Ofc you might only need it for 1 person so feel free to do that
  • dinner set. for one or for 4 depending on if you’re planning to have people over
  • Tupperware. for home made lunches and leftovers
  • mugs and glasses. you dont need a lot, but you might also not want to wash the only one you have every second
  • pots and pans
  • set of sharp knives. i got a nice one off amazon for £10
  • cutting board
  • wooden spoon, spatula, grater, can opener, ladle, whisk, kitchen scissors, strainer - all those little things that are super useful
  • baking tray - those oven bake chips have to go somewhere
  • kettle
  • toaster
  • microwave (chances are, it will come provided with your place if you’re in student accommodation in the UK. or you can use the oven)
  • kitchen foil and cling film
  • resealable food bags - its cheaper to buy e.g. meat in bulk and then freeze it in 1 meal portions. bags are helpful with this
  • kitchen roll
  • oven glove (safety first!!!)
  • tea towels, toilet paper
  • scourers, cloths for cleaning
  • mop and dustpan/brush 
  • clothes hangers - if your places comes with a wardrobe, i can guarantee you there’s like 2 there and that’s it
  • cleaning products: washing up liquid, bin bags, kitchen/oven cleaner, bathroom cleaner, white vinegar (this is optional! good for cleaning glass/mirrors, kettles (yes those need cleaning too) and refrigerators), window/glass cleaner (or white vinegar - its cheaper!), toilet bleach, laundry detergent, furniture polish
  • bathroom stuff: a small bin, tooth brush cup, toilet brush, shower rug
  • small mirror
  • some candles + lighter if the electricity dies on you
  • list of emergency contact numbers in an accessible place: so repairman, your landlord, your parents, close friends, police/ambulance/fire department (when you panic you forget the simplest things sometimes), gas and electric company, same with water. if you’re in the uk, the local council
  • waste bin
  • food: my suggestion for basics is a few  pasta sauces, large bag of pasta (like 5kg) or rice, bread, butter/spread, milk/milk alternative, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, pepper something for your sandwiches and a few ramens for when you really don’t feel like cooking. tea and coffee too, but that’s personal preference. things like chips, chicken nuggets, frozen mixed vegetables can be found cheap and are easy to make so keep those if you like them. fresh fruit and vegetables are a saviours, but they can be pricey. tap water is ‘free’ (you pay for the water so technically not but its cheaper than bottled) and if you don’t like the taste pick up a filter jug when you can.

I hope this helps someone!! I’m sure I forgot /something/ but this is the bare bones of it. 

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9 :)

where do you shop?

I’m assuming this is about clothes and decor, bc I don’t think anyone wants to know where I’m buying like, walnuts. The vast majority of stuff in my wardrobe is thrifted, and the stuff that isn’t comes from h&m or random shops. I browse Etsy often but I only buy something from there like 5% of the time. I do have some prints, paintings, and jewelry I’ve gotten from different sellers there.


200 Follower Giveaway! (Part 2!) 04/18/2017-04/30/2017

Black and White Silk Dancer’s outfit for MSD

Pictured on Resinsoul Yao.

Waist and Ankles have ribbons to tie to suit a variety of sizes.

I tried this on my Resinsoul Ai body, and its a tight fit, and the legs are short, but it did go on, I also tried the pants on a Monster High Tall Clawdeen, and they did tighten down and fit her.


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  • Please have your PMs open by the end, so I can contact you for your address.
  • I have cats, and am an Ex-smoker. Some items were thrifted and/or repurposed, and have unknown allergens.
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My October Bucket List!

Here is everything I want to complete in October! Feel free to pick things off and join!
• Go apple picking 🍎
• Carve / decorate pumpkins
• Roast pumpkin seeds
• Get a pumpkin spice tea ☕️
• Go to the Rocky Horror show live musical 👄
• Visit a haunted house
• Go in a haunted corn maze 🌽
• Do a haunted hay ride
• Decorate inside the house
• Decorate outside the house ☠️
• Go to Canada’s Halloween Haunt
• Go to Bingeman’s Scream Park
• Have a spooky bonfire with friends 🔥
• Create a 31 day photo challenge for instagram
• Throw a Halloween party 🎈
• Go to my local autumn fair
• Go thrifting for Halloween items
• Buy Halloween candles / bath products
• Bake an apple & pumpkin pie 🎃
• Visit my local Pumpkinfest
• Get a Halloween tattoo 💉
• Do a Haunted Hamilton event
• Go to Spirit Halloween 👻
• Create spooky nails
• Make creepy cute deserts and baked goodies
• Celebrate Samhain 🕷
• Go to a Halloween vendor show
• Go on a nature walk / explore the woods 🍂
• Collect leaves, acorns, sticks ect
• Visit a cemetery at dusk
• Go to a pumpkin patch
• Make caramel apples
• Explore abandon houses
• Do a ghost tour
• Do SFX / body painting horror makeup 💋
• Dress up in a costume for Halloween
• Read Edgar Allan Poe
• Do divination and spells 🔮
• Appreciate the full moon
• Create October’s full moon water 🌕
• Have a dead dinner / dumb supper
• Have a Samhain altar ✨
• Go to a White Flame class
• Set up my Halloween Tree 🌲
• Make candy apples
• Watch season premier of Hellevator (Friday, October 7th)
• See new horror movies in theatres (Ouija: Origins of Evil, Rings)
• Watch at least 10 classic horror / halloween movies 🔪

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This is the travel shrine I’ve put together to accompany me on my summer excursion, and I couldn’t be happier with how well this came together. This shrine has everything I need to continue my personal practice, and maintain my flametending duties. The box contains a candle holder, an offering dish for food and one for water, an incense holder, candles for daily prayer, my flametending candle, my prayer journal, the Mother Mary cards I use for divination with Brighid, an altar cloth, and a few other odds and ends necessary for my work. The box, candle holder, altar cloth, and offering dishes were all thrifted when I got back to California a couple of days ago. Special thanks to my mom for spotting the box!

I cleansed all the thrifted items today, and then performed my Brighid devotional in my mother’s backyard. It was such a strong, powerful devotional. I think it’s safe to say that this set up is going to work.

I may continue to post more about my traveling practice as the summer goes on. It’s a fun way to explore my work as a devotee.

You guys wouldn’t believe some of the items I thrifted today!! Platform sneakers from YRU, a Unif sweater, brand new jeans from top shop (they literally still have all the tags still on it. Like it’s crazy

So..What's There To Do in Boston Anyway?

So this post is for ineedtofindabetterhobby! She messaged me and asked what are some cool places to shop, eat, and hang out in Boston? Sorry it took me a little while to answer, I was trying to compile a list and make it a meaningful post. The places I’m gonna post about are all places that I’ve been to and are by no means the ENTIRE list of places in Boston.


Anna’s Taqueria

So there’s this burrito place in Brookline, which is a short bus ride on the 66 bus. It’s so cheap and SO GOOD. The burritos are huge and they pack them full of awesomeness. Definitely a place to try.


My PERSONAL favorite is Froyoworld in Allston. There’s a lot of build your own frozen yogurt shops in and around Boston, but this is by far the best. I have to go here at least once a month. I would love to go more. They have so many flavors and of course so many toppings. Short ride on that handy 66 bus.

Trident Cafe

So this one is an exception, as I was typing this my roommate came in and INSISTED that I put this down. I have personally never been here, but she has and raves about it. (She’s trying to drag me there now). Its on Newbury Street, so you can people watch (see below), but it is a great cafe for pretty cheap with great food. They have GREAT brunch.


Buffalo Exchange

So there’s Newbury Street, which is EXPENSIVE, but always has some very interesting things, but in Allston, there’s a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. They have some of the higher priced things that you would find on Newbury Street as thrift items. They have a lot of stuff there, and its definitely a cool place to go on a Saturday. Once again, short ride on the 66 bus.

The Garment District

This place is the PLACE for costume attire, cool vintage clothes, and of course the PILE O CLOTHES. Downstairs they literally have a huge pile of clothes where people go in with socks on and sift through to get a bargain. The clothes in the pile are $1.50 PER POUND. If you’re willing to get down and dirty, this pile is for you. They also buy back clothes, so if you have some old clothes that you don’t want, you can make some extra $$$$ (what college student doesn’t need that)?

Newbury Comics

A store that is native to Boston, you can ALWAYS find something cool. They have a few locations: Harvard Square, Newbury Street, and Faneuil Hall. They have fun and quirky stuff that is pretty cheap. Also, you can find any music that you are dreaming of. 


Newbury Street

So I mentioned how Newbury Street was the expensive part of town, well its also where you can people watch! You could probably spot someone semi-famous if you looked hard enough for long enough. I’m not going to put it in the shopping part, but you can window shop. Sometimes my friends and I go in the really expensive stores and look. I mean hey, why not?

Harvard Square

This place is great to hang out because you get to go through all of Boston by taking the T there, but you also are in one of the most historic parts of the area. You can walk on campus and imagine all the super smart people that have went there (I do that, is that weird?). There’s also some cool shops and coffee shops that you can check out. Not to mention, there’s an iHOP hidden around the corner.

Boston Common

Also at the request of my roommate. There’s always something going on over here because this is literally the center of Boston. Once again, there’s a ton of history here and a great spot to people watch. There’s Emerson near here, so always a lot of college students around. And there’s a huge movie theater right there, so something cool to do on a Friday night.

So, I think that’s about it for now. Thanks so much for the idea! Made me really think about places around the city, and also makes me grateful for living in such a COOL place.

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ally....your op shop fashion is super great and eco friendly but GOSH DAMN does it make it hard when people like your fashion FOR rEaL

I’ll probably buy some non thrifted items in America but here at home I rarely do :(

New Content Needed

Hello, I am new and I need to follow some more blogs to have a full dash! If you post or reblog any of these things, reblog this and I will follow!

- dolls


-vintage toys

-old photographs


- original writing such as poetry or just thoughts

- herbs and gardens

-original photography


-crystal and gems


-soft aesthetics

-creepy/cute stuff

-baby animals

-grunge aesthetics

-abandoned places and items

-Thrift store finds

-unique/strange things

-Astrology (looking for more of the in-depth explanations about all of astrology more so than “the signs as” stuff)

-Musicians such as Lana Del Rey, Maria Mena, Pvris, Melanie Martinez, Balance and Composure, Halsey, Third Eye Blind, or anything similar to any of these individually!

Thanks! I look forward to finding new blogs to follow!