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Do you know where the cheapest place to buy jars is?

Amazon has some cheap jars, but check for sales at places like michaels or other craft stores! They often have sales where they are like 50%+ off. You can also check places like marshalls and home goods, which will often have good prices on jars. Thrift stores and grocery stores can be good places to check, as well as dollar stores! If you have a Daiso in your area, thats a good place to check as well. Honestly though, reuse stuff like old alcohol/beer bottles, or spice & sauce jars. I save spaghetti and jam jars, or old perfume bottles… it can all be re-purposed! 

10 Things Every New Witch Should Know (Part 2)
  • “Metaphysical Shops” / “New Age” shops are way over priced. Convenient, But expensive. Check out Etsy, Farmers Markets, Thrift Stores, and your Grocery stores first.
  • Garden Sage works just as good as White Sage.
  • Spells can take a day, A week, Or even months to show results. Be patient, And don’t feel like you need to do the same spell again to get results.
  • Always, Always protect yourself while doing any spell. Draw sigils on yourself, Or have a talisman of sorts on your person. Always.
  • If you’re using a spell book for your rituals, Switch them up and make them personalized to your craft. 
  • White, or Black Candles can take the place of any colored Candle, And Rosemary can substitute many herbs.
  • You can have certain books (Wiccan, Pagan, Occult, New Age, etc) sent to your local Library for free.
  • You can cleanse your tools, Or crystals by Moon Light, And Charge them by Sunlight.
  • Always listen to your intuition.
  • Many “Common Weeds” can be used for magical purpose. (Mugwort, Yarrow, Dandelion, etc)

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How can I find out which witch type is right for me, and what type, if any, should I try out first? Also, what are some inexpensive spells to try out as my first spell? What is a good "beginners checklist" of spells to cast/potions to make/things to buy/whatever to begin my journey as a witch? Sorry for all the questions!!

Hello there ~☽♡☾

Your witch type is not something that is essential when you are just starting out; in fact, it’s more of something that comes to you in time! A witch type (should you choose to use one to identify yourself) simply defines what type of magick you most commonly work with. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to practice all types of magick you are comfortable with, and pick afterwards ~

Meditation and Visualization are always some easy exercises to begin with, and I recommend candle spells when you are just starting out. Not only can you find candles nearly anywhere (thrift shops, dollar stores, grocery stores, etc.) for cheap, but they are a also great “stepping stone”, as candle spells can range from extremely simple to very difficult. 

For new witches, I recommend buying jars/bottles, herbs (even from a grocery store), more candles than you even think you’ll need! and stones/crystals, if you can get them for cheap. 

It’s quite alright, and very common for beginner witches to be curious! The practice of magick can be complicated and so widely-ranged at first, but with time and knowledge, it’ll get easier :) Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions! Have a lovely day 

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