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There’s an entire generation walking around that have the deliriously funny Mike Judge to thank for being a tiny bit less intelligent than we could have been thanks to hours of consuming Beavis & Butt-Head in the 1990′s. It’s been a long time since the less-than-dynamic duo muttered and snickered their way into our hearts but thankfully sophomoric morons age well and many of us are ready to revisit Cornholio & Co. Ok, but here’s the bad news. There isn’t a single home video release out there, VHS, DVD or otherwise that contains all the original episodes uncut, AND has the music videos. Largely due to the licensing rights being insurmountably expensive now (and have been for ages) and societal shifts in what makes people nuts, the only way to really see episodes completely as they were is through fan made off-the-air tapes which usually give up quality for content. These early home video releases therefore make a decent alternative, and while they aren’t quite the same experience they are inexpensive and durable, and hey, you can’t have it all. SO, what’s it gonna take to convince your kids you are even lamer then they thought you were? Only $9.99 at our Noblstown Rd. location buys you 9 tapes plus a copy of “Beavis & Butt-Head Do America” just for good measure. We’ll leave it to you to defend your politically incorrect nostalgia to your family, but hey, you’re still ok by us. It’ll be Friday again eventually thrifters, until then, HANG IN THERE!

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i'd love to hear your tips on thrifting!

alrite!!! >:-)

  1. dont make the assumption that every thrift store is equal and know ur stores!! i like to think tht there are four different types of thrift stores? at the top are stores like buffalo’s exchange and plato’s closet. these are about as easy to shop in as ur usual forever 21. 2nd tier are stores like goodwill, unique, and saver’s. goodwill has a flat price for every “type” of item (ex all t-shirts are $2), while the other 2 dont. these are laid out similarly to retail stores, w longer racks generally. 3rd tier is generally stores like value village and family thrift center. these stores r generally huge and messy w a huge range of prices (a quarter to $100). last r outlet stores that sell clothing exclusively, with items sold by the pound or with an extremely low flat price. theyre very hard to shop at and u will have to Dig but the payoff is huge. generally! more difficulty = higher payoff.
  2. this is my general what 2 bring: at least a little bit of cash with u (not all thrift stores take cards), ur own bag (if u can…. this is more optional it’s just greener), hand sanitizer, a CHARGED phone, headphones + music (if youre alone OR….), a friend (good for a. moral support b. finding u shit c. finding them shit d. telling u that a piece looks like shit)
  3. wear comfy clothes tht u can slip things over and shoes tht are easy to take off (like leggings, a tank top, a jacket, + slides) bc if u have a lot of stuff tht u want to try on it’s much easier to just slip a pair of pants over ur leggings or kick off your slides
  4. find out what days ur local thrift stores have sales!! for example at mine they have 20% off everything every monday so on top of the deal ur already getting u get a…… bigger deal
  5. im gonna b honest with u!!! to get the best pieces u do sometimes need to dig (literally dig in some stores)…… i walk thru every thrift store i go to two or three times over to make sure i dont miss any piece. be prepared to spend two or three hours there! (i personally enjoy thrifting so it doesnt bother me)
  6. it’s much easier to have items in mind tht you’re looking for bc unless u really like going thru racks one by one it can get overwhelming really fast…. most of the time for me i’m looking for cheap staple pieces primarily with the Big Lucky Find at the back of my head. dont have One Specific Thing in mind bc u’ll be disappointed, but have an idea
  7. ignore sizing…. tbh it fluctuates so much btwn different brands tht it doesnt matter, esp w vintage items
  8. dont try stuff on unless u must…. i never try on tops or anything, only pants rly if i think theyre not gonna fit me. im generally pretty good at eyeballing
  9. unless ur looking at t-shirts or denim where u should flip thru everything, look thru racks by colors and textures u like bc or else ull be miserable flipping thru everything. i generally glance over a rack as im walking thru and pick what catches my eye, n then walk back thru (bc usually ull b between two racks) and look at the opposite rack and so on
  10. THE LITTLE BOYS’ SECTION is the place 2 b….. u can find so much cool stuff there!!!!!! n nobody ever goes thru it. same w mens’ (provided u can find things tht fit)!!! like one time i found next to new checkered vans that i wear every day in the mens’ shoe section. dont skip these aisles. also sneak a peek at the rack of the dressing room to see if anyone decided not to get smthng tht u might like!
  11. tl;dr of the last point? Look Everywhere. dont limit urself to one section
  12. make sure u check items for stains and small tears!! generally these dont bother me too much bc i can fix them so i get the item anyway, but its good to be sure. if u point these out at the register normally they’ll give u a discount as well bc the item is damaged
  13. i love getting vintage shoes but a lot of the glue on them tends to be dried out which makes the sole detatch but this isnt the end for the shoes @ all!! just invest 5 bucks into some good glue or, if u really want to, go to a shoe repair place to make them good as new
  14. after u get ur things…. wash it all (if its washable) just in case
  15. my last tip!!! is 2 be respectful. pick up after urself, dont make employees’ lives hell n try to put things back where they were, dont leave things in the dressing room (go put them on the rack outside)….. and dont try on clothes just bc u think theyre “funny” or theyre “ugly” n u want to laugh about how stupid u look. thrifting is the only option for some ppl n its just. a dick move and ur basically making a mockery out of it which understandably makes ppl feel like shit so!!!! yeehaw. be mindful….

this is just sum stuff i picked up over my time thrifting….. if u have tricks of ur own feel free to use those !


But man, how amazing is it that it did? Circa 1900 “oddity” postcard of The Baroness Sidonia de Barrsy, a Hungarian “bearded woman” who was, as history (and this postcard) tells it, actually a Baroness. This goes down as one of the marquee items i’ve had the pleasure i’ve posting about, and I don’t imagine with Ebay and basic cable working against us we’ll see another one anytime soon. Our Babcock Blvd location has the original postcard available for $39.99, starting today. If you want to have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around weather or television when people visit your house, this is the mantelpiece you want. See you soon thrifters!

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i know you get a lot of asks but since you're from poland can i ask on your point of views the pros and cons of living in poland..i might have to move soon if my mom loses her job

i can obviouslt not give u a good view of this as im literally just one person and my experience is unique everyone will tell u smth different and this is so not in depth or anything just what came into my head immediately

-such beautiful surroundings
-lots of nature
-so many cats
-u can get a big house for cheap
-the climate, in the summer its so beautiful.
-everything is actually so inexpensive
-its seriously so beautiful here
-people expect less from you as a woman
-so much less classism than in west europe. Its such a relief living here now
-youre not expected to beat your face every day and to look fantastic every day
-lots of work available now. Seriously
-its nice shopping here. Like not even talking about shopping centers but thrift stores and the farmers market
-fruit is inexpensive!!!!!! and veggies too

-racism, also literally less than 1% of the population is black
-drunk old men >://
-might be hard to find a job in the countryside if you dont speak polish
-its so hard to get anything done here as far as official stuff goes
-seeing poverty in some places is traumatising
-almost no socialist benefits
-people are soooo pessimistic!!! everyone hates living here also!!!


Not everything mid-century was modernist, all due respect for the Eames inclined. The 60′s and 70′s also saw a continuing decorator interest in styles like Hollywood Regency, and (as we see here) pseudo-rococo and faux art-deco pieces that featured mad blends of both classic touches and contemporary materials and forms. Basically, all that fantastic “shabby-chic” you see designers throwing around gets it’s foundation right here. As shown in the photo, our Noblestown Rd. location has just received this particularly outrageous interpretation of said themes, a cushioned high back chair that is absolutely screaming for some TLC. With some love and attention this could really be something fantastic, and at a price of $44.99 we are hoping someone will do just that. The weather is just not on our side the next few days so why not stop by and check it out? Have a great one thrifters! 


Labor Day Getaway Day 2 - 1 September 2012

  • Thrift Center - 504 Front St. Santa Cruz, CA

This morning I decided to research the best thrift stores in Santa Cruz (using yelp of course) and I narrowed it down to three. I only got to hit this store but as you can see, it was definitely enough to satisfy my craving.

Not only was there a massive selection, but today was a half off everything day, which of course resulted in a huge come up (: Thrifted a lot of great stuff for me and my loved ones (Pictures to come soon). But for now, here’s a preview of what it was like.

It was a two story store and literally right next to the downtown strip. Really good for me since my family got to do their shopping (at Gap, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters & etc.) while I got to do mine. I’m definitely coming back here and I highly recommend.