thrift book


|| 170313 ||

Okay so I ordered books at Thriftbooks and they came in the other day! I got all of these (plus a duel-edition of Flappers and Philosophers + This Side of Paradise) for about $26!! Everyone go check them out for cheap books!!! Free shipping in the U.S on purchases over $10 andddd you can use the promo code “Welcome” to get a 10% discount on your first purchase.

At risk of spoiling a few presents (good luck finding yours in all of this mess, friends), I’m sharing my legendary thrifty gift haul ft. my adorably tiny, dinky Christmas tree!

The original concept was gag gifts that were books… but it quickly spiraled into this. There’s some of my favorite books in here! Note: this isn’t even all of the gifts. Nor does it show the books I got for myself at the same time (because I’m incorrigible).