thrid worlds

Adolf Hitler examines the 1930 Gavrilo Princip plaque removed from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia by German troops and presented to him aboard his special train Führersonderzug Amerika in Mönichkirchen on 20 April 1941. The writings on the plaque reads: “On this historical spot Gavrilo Princip heralded freedom on St. Vitus day 15.(28.) June 1914.”

Open rp, Old World, Old York-China Town.

Away on a small farm lived two siblings.. Christopher, or Chris, and her sister Ahmed. They lived by themselves on the same Grain farm that their parents had grown up on.
Although on the surface the two seemed so lovely and sweet ( besides Chris’s bionic arms and Ahmeds… missing eye, artificial legs, arms, the large chunk of his chest that is also all bionic etc. ) but, deep down they were the biggest criminals in the China town that is placed in whats now known as Old York… ever since the thrid world war that left the planet in ruins fifty years ago.