Day 25: A Band You Would Recommend To Other Thrice Fans- O'Brother (Lo)

I know they don’t sound like Thrice, but they are incredible. One of my favorite bands! Discovered them when they were opening for Thrice’s last tour. I am pretty sure Thrice themselves would tell you to listen to them.

Day 8- How The Music Has Impacted You:

Thrice was the first of many. The first “rock” band that I liked. My first concert. First album that I fell in love with (Vheissu). The first band that I met. Thrice is the only band that has created music that shakes me to the core. I cannot express how many situations Thrice’s music has helped me through, made things so much better, brought me to tears, and just simply made me rock the fuck out. I can blast any of their albums, any time, any day, and enjoy it to the fullest. There is not a song of theirs that I do not enjoy. There is not an album that I don’t love for its own reasons. I love that they have not been afraid to experiment. There is no other band like Thrice, nor do I think there will ever be. Thrice will always be my favorite band. I don’t know if I could ever express how much I love Thrice. I hope they can someday know how much of an impact their music has made on my life.