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have an andreil prison au (this will be just a ficlet for now, but i might expound on it if i have the time haha dang it school!!)

disclaimer: inspired by the happenings in the latest season of suits so be warned about spoilers (ish?) + i’m completely clueless about anything prison-related, so suspend all disbelief

“You’re only denied visitation if Andrew started the fight, Neil.”

Ah, yes. That made all the sense it needed to. The first time Neil got kicked out of the prison facilities, Wymack had to explain all the rules and technicalities to him. He wanted to punch a hole in the wall for being proud of and mad at Andrew at the same time. It was aggravating.

Being in front of him now, Neil felt like he was close to bursting with frustration. Having been kept from Andrew for the last two weeks had filled him up with an anger he hadn’t been able to let out in practices and games. Too bad he was trying his best not to annoy the warden, who was just outside.

“I had to wait two fucking weeks, Andrew. Do you know how hard that was?”

“He was pretty much asking for the fist in his face, junkie. What was I supposed to do?”

Neil discreetly checked the time on his wristwatch. Marital status granted him a lot more time than the normal visitor, but an hour and a half still wasn’t enough. He had a feeling his time with Andrew was considerably cut back because of his latest inmate transgression.

“You’re in prison, Andrew. Of course you’d think everyone here’s asking to be beaten up by you.”

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