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quaint → 1/? phil ft. words 

strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting,                                                                             pleasing, or amusing way; or rather known as phil lester's personality.

Thrice Defied: Part 4

Sirius: *stares at the floor, unable to look Remus in the eye* 

Sirius: … Remus… 

Remus: … Knew what?

Sirius: You knew where we’d be meeting tonight.

Sirius: We don’t know where you’ve been. 

Remus: *scoffs* So you think Albus is going to disclose every detail of every “secret” mission with you? There are some things you can’t know Sirius, for your own fucking safety and the good of the mission. 

Sirius: *glares* Might put my mind at rest if you’d tell me.

Sirius: *steps forward* *snarls* And why not?

Remus: *grits teeth* Because I genuinely can’t… and… 

Remus: I have a lot of reasons not to trust you Sirius… I’ve always had my reasons, ever since Severus… 

Sirius: *flinches*

Remus: But put that aside… You’re trying to convince James not to trust his friends… you’re turning him against the only people that can help get him through this. Who is he supposed to rely on if he can’t rely on us Sirius? What the hell are you trying to accomplish by isolating him!?

Sirius: *bristles* I’m trying to keep him safe. 

Remus: Safe? 

Sirius: I never see you… and I’ve been… hearing things.

Remus: … Hearing things? From who?

Sirius: *glowers* An unfortunate meeting. She found me, somehow, by myself… when I was waiting for you. She told me she knew you were a werewolf… told me you were his little pet. 

I thought it was to psych me out… but… 

Remus: *falters, his breath catching* … She… *attempts to compose himself*

Sirius: *flinches* No…. but you can’t expect me to listen to your words when your actions aren’t matching up Remus. You’ve been missing for weeks, you’ve been hiding things from us… *slowly looks up at Remus* Fenrir… we had him… but after you left the room with him, because you wanted to “talk” to the fucker alone… he escaped.

… How?

Sirius: *growls* The only people there were you, me, Peter and James! And it wasn’t until after YOU talked to him that he got away!

Sirius: See? *trembling, his hands balled into fists* You can’t even defend yourself. 

Remus: *desperate* That’s because you won’t believe anything I say!  

Sirius: You’re not giving me any reason to! 

Remus: … I don’t know what to do Sirius. 

Sirius: Tell me where you’ve been. 

Remus: *stares in disbelief* *slowly shakes his head* … No. You’re acting fucking crazy… you’re not in your right mind Sirius.  

Sirius: You’re lying to me Remus! I know when you’re fucking lying, and you’ve done nothing but lie since you got here! 

Remus: *speechless*

Sirius: *steps forward, snarling*

Remus: … Why would I hurt my family?

Remus: You have to trust me. Everything I’m doing is to protect my family.

Remus: *struggles* I’m sorry… I’m sorry I can’t tell you everything… but how the hell can we expect to get through this war if we can’t even trust each other?  

Sirius: No one… no one but James. The people who aren’t turning out of fear or greed are being cursed! We’re dropping like flies!

Sirius: I’m fucking scared Remus! *sobs* Marlene is dead! They took out her whole goddam family! Fabian and Gideon… Benjy… Jesus Christ they only found pieces of him! 

Remus: *gapes* R-Regulus? But… How?

Sirius: *struggles to breathe* I don’t know… the fucking idiot. FUCKING IDIOT! He was only a kid Remus! He was only 18!

Remus: *can’t speak*

Sirius: I just keep thinking that he was probably killed by one of us, just another faceless freak behind a mask! *chokes* Or that fucker he calls his Dark Lord, god! He kills almost as many of his own followers as he does his enemies.

Remus: Sirius… I’m… I’m so sorry-

Sirius: I can’t lose James. I can’t do it. 

Sirius: *trembling* I-I’m sorry… I don’t know that… not anymore.  


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have an andreil prison au (this will be just a ficlet for now, but i might expound on it if i have the time haha dang it school!!)

disclaimer: inspired by the happenings in the latest season of suits so be warned about spoilers (ish?) + i’m completely clueless about anything prison-related, so suspend all disbelief

“You’re only denied visitation if Andrew started the fight, Neil.”

Ah, yes. That made all the sense it needed to. The first time Neil got kicked out of the prison facilities, Wymack had to explain all the rules and technicalities to him. He wanted to punch a hole in the wall for being proud of and mad at Andrew at the same time. It was aggravating.

Being in front of him now, Neil felt like he was close to bursting with frustration. Having been kept from Andrew for the last two weeks had filled him up with an anger he hadn’t been able to let out in practices and games. Too bad he was trying his best not to annoy the warden, who was just outside.

“I had to wait two fucking weeks, Andrew. Do you know how hard that was?”

“He was pretty much asking for the fist in his face, junkie. What was I supposed to do?”

Neil discreetly checked the time on his wristwatch. Marital status granted him a lot more time than the normal visitor, but an hour and a half still wasn’t enough. He had a feeling his time with Andrew was considerably cut back because of his latest inmate transgression.

“You’re in prison, Andrew. Of course you’d think everyone here’s asking to be beaten up by you.”

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