thrice lyrics


I want to pick one and stick to it. Here are the candidates.

1. Coppercloud. Idk a lot of people liked it. I had that about two years ago.
2. Infiniteindigojaws. Lyric from the song The Great Exchange by Thrice.
3. (Playing)pianosfilledwithflames. Lyric from Holland 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel. Also I’m a piano primary.
4. Indecipherablyopaque. Another Thrice lyric, from Blur.
5. Concreteandwater. Possibly with a 0 instead of o. Lyric from Jaws theme swimming by Brand New.

Still thinking of other Brand New related possibilities.

I do have a sad blog that I use quite rarely, which I’m changing to poisonpours, a Brand New lyric from Limousine.

Please do tell me your opinion!