threw the looking glass

Peters little nerd

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: Can you do a peter parker imagine where you wear glasses and peter teases you and its cute and fluff

A/n i know you wanted cute but this actually turned out angsty. The reader is kind of bitch towards the end. I’m sorry.

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 ‘Here goes nothing’ you thought to yourself before you knocked on Peters door. Over the weekend you had gotten glasses because your eyesight. You mentally kicked yourself for not taking what your mom said seriously because now you had to wear glasses. “It’s about time you showed-” peter stopped mid sentence when he noticed your glasses. “Aww don’t you look precious” Peter squeezed your cheeks together and made the top of your glasses touch your forehead.

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Baby Bear

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Yongguk was greeting his members as they arrived with gifts in their hands. He was so excited to see them there and among the rest of the important people in your life and his. They were all there for one reason…to find out if he would be the father of a baby girl or boy. Himchan was the only one without a gift but Yongguk already knew why. “Yongguk so can you just tell me already? I don’t like this buying something neutral. If it’s a girl I want to buy her cute bows and dresses.” 

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Good Girl Ch 28: Birthday Pt 3

I can’t help but laugh at the sight of my dear Sehun in a cute pink apron. He pouts cutely at me, “Baby, stop laughing and get over here so I can put yours on.” Doing my best not to laugh I join him on the other side of the counter of a beautiful bakery we took over. On our way in we passed all the delicious looking cakes and other desserts that Sehun scolded me for trying to eat.

Set out on the counter is a premade cake all ready for us to decorate, different colored frosting, candies that look like jewels and many other things. Sehun hands me a knife with a warning look, “Don’t get hurt and don’t tell Kyungsoo hyung that I let you use a knife or I’ll spank you.”

My response is out of nowhere and surprisingly automatic, “Is that a promise?”

“Watch that pretty mouth of yours,” He dips his finger in one of the bowls of frosting and pokes my nose.

“Daddy,” I whine.

He chuckles, leaning in close he licks it off with a satisfied smirk.

“So what have all of you guys been doing today?” I wonder as I try and smooth the frosting out.

“Business stuff.”

I nod, knowing that is the best I’m going to get, “Speaking of business stuff, I heard about what’s going to happen this summer. Are you excited to follow your brothers around?”

He scoffs, “It’s freaking ridiculous. I swear to god the only reason they decided to do it, is because they were jealous that we would get you while they were at work.”

“I wonder what you guys will do with me.” I’ve never been left in the house by myself before, they barely leave me alone in a room. There is always someone right next to me, I frown at the idea of being alone again.

“You will be coming with us without a doubt. We already discussed renovating the empty floor below their offices into a place for you to hang out while we are working.”

“Good to know I have nothing to worry about. I never thought I would say those words,” I chuckle. “I’m liking this situation more than I thought I would.”

“Situation?” I can tell he’s offended. “Is that what you think this is?”

I stop what I’m doing to meet his glare. “This,” I gesture to the both of us, “is a relationship. I love you, all of you. But when I first got here, it was a situation, don’t you try to tell me it wasn’t. We were still trying to figure out how we all felt about each other. And the main situation I’m talking about is the whole daddy thing. I never thought I would do something like this but I love it.”


I nod, “I didn’t really enjoy the possessiveness and all the rules but after awhile I began to see it as love. No one except for Jihyo ever really took care of me so I didn’t really think I could do it but now I’m all for taking a step back and letting someone else drive.”

“So you are really happy here with us?”

I click my tongue at him, “Of course, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

He comes closer and kisses me softly. “I love you too.”

We spend our hour decorating the very ugly cake in too much frosting, candy pearls and multi colored sprinkles. Our laughs are probably heard by passers by and the people who live above the little shop. When Kai comes in I’m sitting on the counter while Sehun is cleaning my face. Like me, he can’t help but laugh at Sehun in an apron and covered in frosting from the food fight we had.

“Don’t make fun of my Sehunnie!” I defend my dongseang by pulling him into a tight hug.

He chuckles in my embrace, returning the hug and kissing my softly, “Noona, you’re so cute when you’re protective.”

“Okay lover boy, she’s mine now,” Kai pouts. Sehun rolls his eyes before pecking my lips and lifting me off the counter. Kai help me with my jacket and leads me out of the shop. “Looks like you had fun,” He teases wiping away some frosting that got on to my neck.

“I did, I’ve been having a lot of fun today. What are we going to be doing?” I ask as we walk aimlessly down a busy street, Kai’s are is around me.

“Well since you weren’t able to find a dress for tonight when you were with Kris, we talked about it and decided to let you window shop instead of us just giving you options.”

“I would accept any dress you guys gave me.”

He cocks his head at me and gives me one of his signature grins, “Really? Even that baby doll one I picked out for you? Kris said you hated it.”

“That was you who picked it out? I was guessing Luhan or Soo.”

“There is a street of shops up here, if you want to go inside any of them just tell me.” I nod. We wander into random stores that seem like they would have what we’re looking for but in every store we come up empty. Yes, we find pretty dresses that we like but nothing that is good enough in Kai’s eyes for me. After walking out of the fifth store we continue along for about ten minutes until I see the perfect dress on a mannequin in on of the windows. I point it out to him and without question he leads me strait into the store and up to the counter. “We want that one in a size 3.”

The woman behind the counter seems to recognize him and bows quickly before rushing off to find the dress in my size. I raise a brow at him, “I didn’t know you guys were so famous.”

“Infamous fits us better. We have some bars and restaurants around here so we are pretty well known.”

The woman comes back in the dress in hand and it’s absolutely amazing. I can tell from the smile on Kai’s face he likes it too. It is a modern, toned down version of the dressed he had picked out for me at the dress store. It’s a nice ivory, with lots of lace and an open back. I thank her, she leads me to the dressing room to try it on.

“Even if you decide you don’t want it for dinner you are getting that dress for me,” Kai teases from the other side of the dressing room door. Since the shop is open to the public he thought it would be better for me to change myself. I love it even more when I have it on, it ends mid thigh, and reveals a small amount of my chest threw the lace. “Baby, give me one second, the shop owner wants to talk to me about something.”

“Okay!” I look at myself for a few more minutes feeling very narcissistic for doing so. I remember seeing a pair of shoes that would go great with it and decide to go find them. The shop isn’t very busy, there is group of boys just coming in but I’m too short to be seen amongst the clothing racks. I find the pair of golden heels I’m looking for and begin searching for either Kai or a worker to help me get my size down from the high shelf.

“Can I help you with something Beautiful?” I turn around to find a strangely attractive man with a jaw that could cut threw glass.

“I’m just looking for my boyfriend,” I answer calmly, my alarms don’t ring so I don’t feel threatened, not to mention Kai is most likely within screaming distance and my other daddies are somewhere near by.

“Boyfriend?” He clicks his tongue, “What a shame.” His eyes rake over me, “You look very familiar, have we met?”

I’m debating if he’s still hitting on me or being serious when a familiar voice calls my name, “Miss. Jooyoung!” Junhoe comes over to me with a group of boys trailing behind him.

“Junhoe!” I give him a small bow, sighing when he returns with a full 90 degree one.

“Miss. Jooyoung?” The sharp jawed man questions a bit breathless.

Junhoe nods, “This is the girl Hyungnim tells us about.”

The man is on his knees bowing in an instant, “I’m so sorry, please don’t tell Hyungnim, he will kill me. No, he’ll do worse than kill me! Please don’t tell him!”

“It’s fine,” I say trying to get the man to stand up.

“Hyung, stop your fucking crying,” Another boy steps up and gets the man from the ground.

“I don’t want to die!”

“You are not going to die, at least not because of Jiyong oppa, my boyfriend on the other hand looks like he is about to rip your head off.” I finally see Kai in a full black suit and he looks really good but he does not look one bit happy.

“Tell Jiyong hyung that if he wants to see our Jooyoung he can come himself instead of sending his fucking foot soldiers, I would respect him more,” Kai growls as he pulls me away from the group of boys.

Foot soldiers, huh?

They don’t look very intimidating, maybe it’s because Kai is here glaring down at them. A smaller one, he doesn’t look more than a few inches taller than me, and the one who picked up his friend from the floor are the only ones who don’t look like they about to cry. The more I look at them, the more I think of my friends, are they my daddies foot soldiers, at least some of them? These boys don’t look much older than me but looks can be deciving, especially the little one.

The mean one steps forward, “Our boss doesn’t know we are here, we are off the clock,” From the way he talks I’m guess he’s the leader of the band of boys.

“What a coincidence that we run into you and Seunghyun in one day?” Kai’s glare doesn’t falter.

“Oppa,” I say sternly, earning all of their attention. “It was an accident. Junhoe looked genially surprised to see me.”

“You know them?”

“Only Junhoe, he’s a waiter at Jiyong oppa’s restaurant.”

Kai sighs, “I’m sorry, I just feel like Jiyong hyung might be a little bitter that we took you on his day with you.”

“He is bitter but he plans to make up for it this weekend,” The boy explains coldly.

“You should smile more,” I say flatly.

His eyes flicker to me but another boy answers me, “Our boss has been really irritable today because he won’t see you for awhile and he’s been taking it out on our hyung. Once our boss calms down, he’ll relax.”

I nod in understanding, “Sorry if he’s being a pain. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Could I send a picture of you in that dress to him?” The small one asks already pulling out his phone.

“Hell no,” Kai snaps.

“Oppa, it will only take a minute,” I snap back firmly. I eye him up for a minute, wondering if he will pull out the daddy card and say I’m breaking a rule or something but instead he takes a deep breath to calm himself.

“Fine, I’m going to pay for that dress, did you want any shoes?”

I nod and point to the box on the high shelf that he easily reaches, “Anything else?”

“You should get that suit. You look really handsome,” I give him a small smile hoping it will make up for the time we are missing. He tries not to blush but fails, quickly turning away. “Okay, go ahead and take the picture. I have to get back to my oppa.”

The small man comes forward and takes a picture of me smiling, he bows, “Thank you.”

“I hope it helps, I gotta go, will I be seeing you guys this weekend?”

Junhoe nods, “We are the boss’s guards this weekend with his head of security, Youngbae Hyungnim.” I nod as if I understand who he is talking about, thanking him silently for adding another name for me to learn. We say our goodbyes and I go to join Kai by the register.

“I swear that man is stalking you,” He says without looking my way.

“I’m sorry, I seem to attract trouble.”

“It’s not your fault, we are the ones who put you in the situation to meet him. You just need to stop being so amazing and drawing all of these bad guys in.”

“Lucky for me I have a thing for bad boys,” I tease as I give him a back hug.

“And bad boys have a thing for sweet girls like you.”

“It makes me laugh how all the bad boys want to protect me from other bad boys.”

He chuckles, “You are either the luckiest girl in the world or unluckiest.”

“If being unlucky got me where I am, I’m just fine with that, I don’t want to be anywhere else right now.”

He wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me close, kissing the top of my head, “My baby is so sweet.”

“Oh little one,” Xiumin’s sweet voice calls out. I’m taken away from Kai’s embrace and pulled into Xiumin’s. “I’ve been so worried about you,” The older man coos.

“Minnie,” Luhan whines, “I want to see her!”

“You guys fight like children,” Kai scoffs at his hyungs, only earning himself a few smacks to the head. I’m dragged back to the dressing room where the dress is gently pulled off of me and am dressed in work out shorts and a t-shirt. Xiumin pulls out a pair of sweatpants to where over the shorts until we get to where ever we are going. Kai is gone by the time we come back out. They each hold one of my hands in theirs as we walk down the street, I feel as if they are closer than they need to be but I’m enjoying the warmth.

“I hope you are ready to have some fun,” Luhan beams at me.

I laugh at their childish cuteness, “What are we going to be doing that has you guys so excited?” A dirty thought passes threw my head and I stop in my tracks once we enter some tall building. They look back at me concerned. I don’t know if my naughty thoughts are right but can’t help it when my body starts to tingle at the thought. Of course I’ve thought about sleeping with more than one of them at a time but the idea just seemed too deviant for me to suggest myself. I didn’t think it would be them to suggest it though, I’ve always thought it would be Baekhyun and Chanyeol or Kai and Sehun. Definitely situations I would not mind but still the two oldest have always been very selfish when it comes to my time with them, for them to agree to this something must be up.

“What’s wrong little one?” Xiumin questions.

“Are you not feeling well?”

I want to uses the right words to not make it sound so perverted but end up saying, “I don’t think an hour is enough time for us three to have sex.” They look from me to each other before busting out laughing, my face flushes at my own words.

“We were not planning on having sex but it seems to be on your mind,” Luhan manages to say threw his laughing.

“We were going to play a game of soccer but if you really want we can head up to an empty room for a quickie. I’m not a fan of sharing but if you really want,” Xiumin teases.

“No, no, soccer is fine,” I mumble as they continue pulling me along with a pout on my face.

The oldest clicks his tongue at me, “Who would have thought that our baby would have such a dirty mind?”

“It’s good to know Baek and Yeolie can go on with their plan,” Luhan glances back at me with a smirk on his face.

“Their plan?” I whimper.

“They have been wanting to have threesome with you for awhile now. They hardly stop talking about it when you’re not there. But they were afraid it would be too much for you since you are still our innocent baby.”

We walk down a few flights of stairs until they open a door to an indoor soccer field. I let go of their hands to run out on to the field just for the hell of it. It’s been forever since I actually ran and even after ten minutes of me just running I don’t really want to stop. But I’m not given much of an option, Luhan takes it upon himself to tackle me to the ground, rolling us over so he takes the impact.

“Are you having fun baby?” He says rolling over once more so he’s on top of me. My chest is heaving and my heart is racing, he looks about the same as me, already exhausted from such a sort run.

“I haven’t ran in forever, it feels so good to be in the open.”

“You are really fast for being so small,” Xiumin plops down next to us in the same condition as us.

“Were you chasing me?” I hadn’t noticed them at all, I was way too focused on the free feeling in my body.

“You were lost in your own head like usual,” Lulu chuckles kissing me shortly.

“So soccer?” I question once Luhan rolls off me and I sit up.

“Have you ever played?”

I shake my head, “I’m not very coordinated so I stayed away from sports but I really want to try if it’s with you guys.”

“We’ll go easy on you,” Xiumin pats my head.


Iron Lady” - [Jeremy Irons / Tom Hiddleston - Multi-chapter]. 

SummaryWidower Jeremy, falls for and marries his son’s friend despite tripling her age. And just a few years later, his health problems and the return of his best friend, Tom, to London, make him doubt his marriage and wonder if his wife would be better off with a younger man like his friend.

Chapter II: “Books”.

Previous chapter(s): 1.”Horses”.

Written by: A.Wölf.


The next morning when she woke up, she stared at Jeremy who was still fast asleep.

She paid close attention to the way his chest rose with every breath, and gently caressed his eyebrows with her fingertips. Then she reached out and grabbed the book he had been reading the previous night from the bed stand and studied the cover. She knew it like the back of her hand, and it sent her back in time to the very beginning.

Jeremy would always keep his studio door ajar just to stare intently at her.

She and his son, Max, were in the living room working on yet another college project. As much as Jeremy tried to focus on the papers in his hands, every time she spoke or moved, he’d instinctively glance up through his glasses and even find himself smiling when he heard her giggling.

She leaned over the coffee table to write something down and when she looked up, she met Jeremy’s eyes. He was sitting behind his desk, surrounded by envelopes and with a cup of coffee in his right hand which had probably gone cold already. She showed a warm smile as she tucked her hair behind her ear and turned her attention back to Max who started reading a paragraph out loud.

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Split Heart: Part Three

Part One - Part Two 

Part Four - Part Five

Warning: This might be a slow burn series - not sure how many parts there is going to be.

Description: After a day of shopping with Rebekah, in which the reader confides in her the problems with Klaus and Elijah. The readers evening is ruined when witches attack the house.

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: Mentions of fighting/wounds/blood

Words: 2,011 

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The next morning you woke alone in your bed, unsure whether or not Klaus ever came in. Stretching as you stared out the window you tried not to think of what happened the previous night.

When you finally got out of bed and got dressed you snuck downstairs, hearing three voices coming from the kitchen, Klaus, Elijah and Kol. Kol and Rebekah must have made it back last night. Trying to decide if you would enter the kitchen or leave the house you jumped at the sudden presence behind you.

“Morning” Rebekah said from behind you, laughing when you jumped

Turning you sighed in relief “Rebekah. When did you get back?”

“Last night, around midnight” she said as he linked her arms in yours and dragged you into the kitchen with the others. 

When you entered the kitchen you felt all eyes on you, immediately making you uncomfortable, for multiple reasons. Kol smirked when he saw you.

“Ah there she is, Queen of the castle” he said sarcastically, causing both Klaus and Elijah to smile fondly at you. 

Rolling your eyes at him you went to pour yourself some coffee, your eyes briefly meeting Elijahs “Hello Kol”

Rebekah noticed the way Klaus and Elijah were both staring at you, but decided against bringing it up. Instead she spoke to you “I want to go shopping, y/n, come with me?” she asked hopefully.

Usually you didn’t like going shopping with Rebekah, granted you liked to shop, but it meant spending all day down town. But in this moment, that is exact what you wanted to do.

“Sure” you said simply

She smiled at you “Good, be ready in thirty” she said before leaving.

Deciding you didn’t want to talk to anyone you quickly left the kitchen without looking at any of the boys. 

Kol squinted as you left, turning to Klaus he smirked “Have a fight did you? She seemed pretty keen to get away from you”

Klaus glared at Kol as he left the kitchen, following you up the stairs. Elijah following him with his eyes. 

As you entered your room you were fully aware of who was following you “Love, are you seriously going to avoid me all morning?”

“Not avoiding, I just didn’t feel like arguing in front of them” you said as you walked into your closet

“Who said we were going to argue?” he asked, sitting on the bed

“We always argue Klaus” you said, your voice sad.

Klaus noticed the sadness in your voice. He had noticed you two had been fighting more recently. He noticed you pulling away from him, and heading straight to his brother. He could let you go if he needed, but he couldn’t give you to him. Not Elijah.

“We do don’t we?” we asked standing.

Walking out of the closet, now with a different shirt you stared at him “Do you still love me Klaus?” you asked suddenly, even surprising yourself.

Klaus stared at you wide-eyed “Of course I do” he said quickly, taking a step towards you. Taking your face in his hands he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. Smiling lightly he looked down at you “Now, are you still going to go with Rebekah?”

“Well I can’t back out now, can I?” you said smiling, causing him to chuckle.

“No, Rebekah wouldn’t allow that. Alright, go then. I will see you later” he said leaving the room.

Your smile quickly fell. You wanted to believe that he still loved you. But his voice wasn’t quite sincere. But then again, him not loving you anymore would make it easier for you. Falling out of love was hard when it was only one person doing it.

After getting ready and meeting Rebekah downstairs she quickly drove you down to the shops. You noticed she kept glancing over at you every minute or so, growing tired of it you finally spoke up.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” you asked when she did it again

“What happened between you and Klaus?” she asked curiously

“We fought at dinner last night” you said staring out the window

“And what happened between you and Elijah?”

Glancing at her quickly before shuffling uncomfortably she smirked at you “Nothing happened”

“I don’t believe you” she said while she pulled into a parking spot. Quickly getting out to avoid answering the question, Rebekah only grew more curious.

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“It’s funny,” Y/N said. “If you took off your glasses and threw on a cape, you’d look exactly like Superman!”
Clark laughed. “Too bad I can’t fly.”
“Yeah, but you should definitely come to the office Halloween party as him next year. It would be amazing!”
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shattered → bambam

⤷ 17 “when the broken glass litters the floor”

pairing / kunpimook bhuwakul x reader

fluff / angst / smut

warnings / strong language, tiniest bit of violence

The argument had been going on for a little while, the reason behind it long forgotten. It had turned into one huge fight, every small argument and every insecurity placed into a heated shouting session.

The atmosphere was nearly sickening. BamBam’s frustration was evident, his hair disheveled and hands running over his face as he listened to you yell. As for you, the anger fueled your entire body, your face red and eyes full of unshed angry tears.

Maybe it was because of how stressed both of you have been, you with your studies and him just making a comeback. Maybe it was because of how little you have seen each other the past months. Maybe it was how you two never officially talked through a fight, simply dropping it and having make up sex. Maybe it was the sexual frustration of not doing anything in a while. Maybe it was how he had looked at her, or how you were talking to Yugyeom earlier. But, no matter the reason, there you were.

He was mumbling something under his breath, rolling his eyes as he stood across from you in the kitchen, when you snapped.

“Speak the fuck up if you’re going to talk!” you were pissed.

“Would you stop yelling for five god damn seconds?!” he retorted, just as angry. “I’m getting a drink.”

He walked to the refrigerator, grabbing a bottle of some sort of alcohol you had in there. Honestly, he just needed something cold to calm him down a little bit. He couldn’t stand being screamed at, and you weren’t helping.

You watched him, completely engaged that he would stop the fight to “get a drink”. It’s something he always did: he would stop the fights and drop the subject, pretending everything was fine until both of you forgot. Not this time.

He had to go past you to get a glass from the cupboard behind your head, which he was hesitant on doing. Realizing he wasn’t going to get a glass, he brought his attention back to the bottle. Maybe he would drink straight from the bottle? Even though you hated when he did that.

“Kunpimook!” you yelled, grabbing his attention.

You had never once, in the years of dating nor in the friendship before, ever called him by his real name. He looked up at you, eyes wide. He didn’t know how to reply. His voice wouldn’t come to the surface.

“Can we drop this?” he asked, sighing and walking towards where he was standing before.

You chuckled at him, an irritated and lifeless chuckle. How could he just “drop it”? You shook your head, and turned and grabbed a glass.

“Here’s your fucking glass, I’m done.” you threw the glass at him.

He dodged it, looking down at it. The broken pieces shatter the instant they hit the ground. As soon as you threw it, though, you turned around and put your elbows on the counter. Your head was in your hands, the angry and upset tears all flowing out of you at once. You had never been angry enough to actually throw something at him, let alone something that could have done harm. A pillow would have sufficed.

Your sobs were silent, but he could hear them clearly.

“I’m done,” you whispered again, through the tears. “I can’t continue to let our fights build up, I can’t continue a relationship with no communication, I can’t…”

“I love you.” he said, small and simple, interrupting your rambling.

You turned around in an instant. Your cheeks were streaked with makeup and tears, but that didn’t matter. He was standing behind you still. His arms were at his sides, watching you cry and hearing how you have been feeling… he looked defeated.

You didn’t say anything, just watched as he walked to you. He put his hands on your waist, his eyes on yours.

“We can work out everything else; we can make sure we have heartfelt conversations instead of throwing things at each other to relieve pent up anger. We can do anything we need to help our relationship. All I know is that I love you. I love you, I really do. Even if you did just throw a glass at me.”

He was smiling, glowing, full of hope. You couldn’t help but smile back up at him.

“I love you too, Bammie.”

He smiled brighter, and gripped your hips as he pulled you into a kiss. You smiled, too, and kissed him back. He was about to push you into the door, when you pulled him back.

“Watch out for the shatters.” you warned him.

“Yeah, I think there should be a punishment for that one.” he whispered, and kissed you again. 


okay, but bambam is my bias in got7 so thank you for the request!

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i do wonder what would happen if lavellan had predicted what solas was about to do in the beginning of looking glass, and threw him in to the past and past solas and future solas met each other ? would he pretend to be someone else? or would he try to kill his past self? would his past self try to kill his future self? sorry for so many questions but i really want to know, also really enjoying looking glass so far, not very far in though only on chapter 9, also had not played DA: inquisition

Solas would kill Pride. Depressing, but true.

I mean, he really, really wants to. Dude’s self-hatred levels are pretty impressive. And he would have too many advantages in terms of power and means and unexpectedness to not pull it off. Plus, it ensures that whatever else happens, the same thing is at least not going to happen again. 

Once that was done, he would then proceed to carry on with his plans for fixing things. He would discover that he had accidentally consigned all the souls from the various broken/discarded futures to suffering in the margins of existence, and he would take up what is currently Lavellan’s quest to save them, and he would be a giant mess of survivor’s guilt, PTSD, and unhealthy coping mechanism, will basically zero support or relief.

I’d probably make Haninan find him and start following him around pretty early on, just so that someone was getting him to, like, eat.


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Part Two~


I tried to space it out a little bit so you can read around it if you have to.

My eyes fluttered open to the sounds of someone lightly humming and violent muffled screaming. I shot up from where I had laid and frantically searched around me. I was stretched out in a hospital cot in an empty room with walls of glass. I jumped from the cot unprepared for my bare feet on the cold cement floor.

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Tastes of Heaven (Vampire AU: Suga)

Request: Vampire yoongi au. Where he only likes the taste of the o/cs blood

You were his, his personal source of blood, his love. To those around him in the blood drinking business he was one to go through many different flavors til he got to you, vampires called it playing with his food but by far that was not his intentions. You were one to be part of the trade and a horrible on at that. Your family offering you in return he doesn’t kill them, he’s seen the cruel acts his parents had done to you. He wanted to save you and he did that, now oh now you were his. His tastes have changed since he met you, his pickiness for blood changed as well.

Now amongst his friends he had you sitting in his lap. Stroking your hand lightly as he held it. To many it would be obvious he cared for you, no one else was to have you and you weren’t treated like the others. He treats you like a spouse. 

As he sat around his friends he was offered a drink by one of the other girls it was thick, red, and fresh. He thanked her as he took the ‘beverage’ a statement was made that made them all laugh, as he finished giggling he brought his drink to his lips proceeding to take a sip. As soon as the substance his taste buds he coughed it up and threw the glass to the ground making everyone look at him.

“That is vile” he said in disgust “no it’s straight from the tap” Hoseok joked dorkily before Jin shook his head at his stupid pun. Namjoon brought the glass to his nose swirling it as the aroma wafted to his nostrils, pulling it away he took a sip “this is excellent Yoongi, I have no idea what you’re talking about” he stated before smiling “I believe you’ve grown a certain need for a certain flavoring” he continued tilting his head to look at you. 

“I bet she’s heavenly” Jimin stated looking at you licking his lips lightly. Yoongi gripped your hand tightly “you’ll never be allowed near her for any reason of the sort will you ever be allowed to even taste a drop of her” he growled. Your hand lightly caressed his jawline making him turn to look at you “are you hungry?” you asked him “I was drinking as a social thing, you don’t have to” he smiled. 

“If I wanted you to?” you asked quietly you, you rolled up the sleeve of your black dress showing your wrist. “You’re too good to me” he smiled taking your wrist. You were expecting him to bite down right away but he didn’t. His lips lightly touched placing a small kiss to it before his tongue ran out and wetted the skin, you felt the light scrap of his teeth against your skin was a feeling you craved now.

His teeth sunk in finally, he let out a light moan while you bit your bottom lip. You looked at the other’s who looked hungrily at the scene infront of them. Yoongi pulled away slowly and looking up at you. Lips nicely coated like lipstick of your blood as his tongue peaked out licking it off of his lips before he kissed your wrist again. He then grabbed your sleeve and rolling it down “thank you baby. You’re sweeter than any before” he whispered. “We have hungry eyes watching” you lean down to whisper into his ear, he looked up to you with a smirk “let them” he said pulling you closer to him than before.

Paying the price

Chapter 13

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„Come on, Lexi! Just these two!” Avery whined, shoving two shot glasses into my face. I gave her a stern look, already having declined for three times but she was relentlessly in her tries.

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Enterprise Crowd - Part 3

Summary: These are the adventures of Reader, a Lieutenant Commander assigned the Enterprises IT engineering team. Her biggest flaw? Her temper.

Wordcount: 2000

A/N: This week in “Enterprise Crowd”: Other crew members voice there opinion. Reader and Mr. Scott dance and find a way to release tension. If you don’t like smut (however short), skip the second-to-last paragraph

Warnings: some smut, #drunkenangrysex, #drunkenangrydancing, curse words, f-bombs, this is rated M for mature audiences


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„Spit it, Mr. Scott, what’s on your mind?“ Captain Kirk leant back in a chair, tumbler of scotch in his hand and eyeing his chief engineer with suspicion.
Montgomery Scott muttered something of „Bloody murder“ and took a sip of his own scotch, then turning the tumbler around in his hands.

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Salazar x Reader

Ships were blowing up around us, your captain only watched with a smirk on his face. He was the Butcher… the almighty Captain Armando Salazar! But you are just a deck swab.. he never really noticed you… all he would want from you was to clean or iron his clothes. But today you watched him full at work.. you could hear the screams unfold from the Pirates who were given no mercy… only slaughtered like pigs.. this made you shiver. The Pirates seemed to be gone.. the men aboard the Silent Mary began to celebrate and cheer while You watched the smoke clear up. “Oi!!!” A young voice called out, not only catching your attention… but your captain’s as well. The muscular captain pushes you behind him, a blush spreads across your cheeks. You did have a slight fancy for the man, but you made sure it was never noticed. You stood by your dear friend, Lieutenant Lesaro, while watching the captain pull out his spy glass and look threw the smoke. A boy! It was a boy who spoke up! He could have been a couple years older than you! You looked at this boy in amazement, of course he was a pirate… he had guts to think that he could go against your captain! Capitán Salazar!… oh the boy had guts… braver than most…. he should have turned around and escaped… “Y/N…” Lesaro whispered your name, not trusting the boy’s intentions. “If anything is to happen… I want you to grab a boat and go… understand?” He whispers gently watching the captain who was getting enraged by the boy who was testing his powers. Your eyes stare at your friend, “S-sí…. of course, mi amigo…” you whispered back… the boy was yelling nonsense since you didn’t speak English yet.. but you listened to him anyway, he was challenging your Captain. You could feel the radiation of anger and hatred rise from you captain, making you shiver… Lesaro looks at his captain, he gulps nervously before looking at the wheel. He kisses his hand and pats the wheel for good luck.. but today luck was no where to be found… Capitán Salazar shuts his Spyglass quickly as the boy slid down the rope to go to his own wheel of the ship.

The boy began to sail away, your enraged captain walks to the helm and snarls.. “FOLLOW HIM!!!” He snarls to his lieutenant, who only shivers and follows the Captain’s orders. You look at the ship that you were now chasing, only to notice the boy was heading to something….. this something was like a wall of rocks… t-t-the Devil’s Triangle!!! You look at your captain, “FOLLOW HIM IN!!!!” He screeches the orders. Your eyes widen, “Capitán!” You yell before running up to his side, “Don’t do it! You will kill us all! Let the pirate kill himself in the rocks!” You plead tugging at the captain’s coat. You don’t get “oh you are right.” Or a “Hold the sails! The woman is right!”, you get a stare… the eyes of the devil himself. “Are you not a deck swab… if I want advice, wench, I would ask my lieutenant…..” Salazar snarls in your face. You back up in surprise, “B-but Capit-” you were cut off by harsh smack on the cheek.. sending you Officer Magda’s arms.. The Capitán had backhanded you… Lesaro, Magda, Santos, Moss, Fuego, Oh and so many other officers and crew members look at their captain in shock and horror… the captain would have never hit you, until now…. you were on the brink of tears. You sniffle loudly before walking to one of the dinghies aboard the ship.. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING, WENCH?!” Salazar snarls following after you, “I am leaving! I am not dying aboard this ship!” You state as you began to cut off the ropes connected to one o the dinghies. Salazar only watches you with a growl on his face but something in his eyes said ‘don’t leave me’, he soon ripped your sleeve. “Y-you treacherous wench…” he muttered his voice slowly leaving his throat before walking back to the helm of the ship. Leaving you to watch him leave with your own hurt….

A few men of the ship lower the dinghy into the water with you inside, only thinking about what your captain had said… as soon as you hit the water, you cut off the ropes and began to row away from the Silent Mary…. all you could do was watch the ship chase after the boy’s into the… Triangle. You watched as the pirates took a sharp turn.. but the Silent Mary kept going forward! Into the sharp jagged rocks of the triangle! “NOOO!!” You scream as you watched the Mary go into the dark fog only to see the fog light up with explosions of the ship. Tears began to roll down your face as everyone you cared about on that ship… was now dead… you couldn’t do anything to stop it… you hide your face within your hands as you began to sob… but soon you were in someone’s arms… but you didn’t dare look up as you were brought onto a ship. You were set down on the deck, the sound of a man walking towards you. You take away your hands from your face only to notice the boy who had brought your crew to their demise… you were only watching him in shock as he crouched down to your level… he slowly holds out his hand, and you take it….

“Welcome to the pirates life, love…”

Island Escape: Part 6

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JJ Project Series

Warning: Contains smut and violence in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

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Prompt: “It’s just a cut, really!”

Characters: Stiles x Reader

Triggers: Very brief mention of blood

This was Requested by anon :)

Three Prompt Starters you can Request from:  One - Two - Three

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It had been a rough couple of weeks. The pack was having trouble not taking their problems out on each other. No one knew who to trust. Scott and Stiles had a fight and Stiles was at your house now. He was irritable and angry. You tried to talk him down but he was just getting frustrated at you now. So you left him alone in your kitchen to suffer alone.

Everything that had been happening was replaying in his head. He needed them to understand, they needed him to trust him. He came here because he knew you believed him, you always did, but he chased you away with his anger.

The anger kept building up as he blamed himself, and the others. Not realizing what he was doing he let out a frustrated yell and hit a glass next to him, knocking it off the table causing it to smash all over the floor.

You had been in your room frustrated that Stiles had gotten angry at you, just because you were trying to explain why Scott was acting the way he was. He took this as you being on Scotts side. 

You decided to go downstairs since you had calmed down. When you reached the bottom step you heard Stiles frustrated yell and them glass smashing. You ran into the kitchen “Stiles, whats g- ow!” you had stepped on a piece of glass with your bare foot. Staggering backwards and into the living room Stiles was following closely.

You had run in after he broke the glass, you stepped on a piece. When he heard you cry out and saw you hop to the couch he followed. “y/n! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!” Now he had hurt you, what was wrong with him. “Let me look at it!”

He looked so panicked and guilty, as if he threw the glass at you. “It’s alright Stiles, I just stepped on a small piece” 

He lifted your foot and saw the blood dripping off the cut “Dammit!” he whispered angrily. “I didn’t mean too” 

“Stiles, it’s okay, I’m okay. It’s just a cut, really!” you grabbed his face, making him look at you “I smash things when I get angry too…I just generally don’t smash other people things” you weren’t gonna blame him for your foot, but you weren’t letting him off for smashing one of your favorite glasses.

He couldn’t help the small smile that spread along his face. Even when you were hurt you could make him smile. “I’m still sorry” he said quietly “Let me go get a rag and something to put on that” he left towards the bathroom.

He came back a minute later, he gave you a wet rag to put on the cut. You winced in pain as your touched the rag too it “I think there is still a piece of glass in my foot” you tried to look but Stiles grabbed your foot first.

Seeing the piece, he looked around “Tweezers?” you pointed at a drawer in the room. Getting them he carefully pulled the piece of glass out. He apologized when you winced. He then cleaned your foot carefully and put a large bandage on it. “It’s not big enough to require stitches” he said relieved. 

Thankful of that you look at Stiles, he still looked really guilty “I know what you can do to make it up to me” he looked up at you hopefully “Buy me a pizza” you said with a completely serious look on your face. 

He laughed at this “Yeah, okay. I can do that” he stood and went to grab the phone. Looking back at you seeing you smooth out the bandage he sighed. Even when he hurt you, you still acted as though he was the good guy. He didn’t know what he did to deserve you but he knew he couldn’t loose you too.


 I glanced down at my watch and looked up at the halls of Columbine high school. I saw the various groups of friends all hanging out, getting ready to leave this dreaded place. Except the basketball players who had practice in the gym today. I cleared my throat and waited for Eric, we have been together for 3 months. In those 3 months he had never been late, we would always meet up at 2:50 right before we left at 3:25. We usually left earlier than 3:25 because we both drove here, but today I had to take the fuckin bus because gas prices went up and Blackjack’s doesn’t pay much. I continued standing and getting even more agitated by the minute, then I saw Dylan talking to Robyn. I walked to them and tried to contribute to the conversation of Nate shaving the sides of his head. I finally spoke up to Dylan “Do you know what happened to Eric?” Dylan paused and rose an eyebrow “I thought he told you he headed on home?” I grimaced and mumbled a low “Thanks.” to Dylan before quickly turning around. I now had the full intention of leaving my bag in my locker and making a mad dash for Eric’s house.

When I reached Eric’s house I stood in the yard catching my breath. I jogged up to the front door and turned the handle. He never locked the door, even when he is home alone. He always leaves it unlocked just in case I drop by, this worried me. I walked around back to the big glass door, I looked threw the pristine glass. He wasn’t in the kitchen or the living room, he must be in his room. Which isn’t weird because he stays in the basement and plays doom when he gets home. I try the little curved handle on the back door, and to my surprise it opens. I walked in and took off my slip ons, leaving me in my socks. I didn’t waste time getting something to drink, something was wrong, nothing felt right since I left school. I ventured across the house to the hallway and turned right at the little door that lead to the basement. I opened the door and tiptoed down the stairs as quietly as I could manage. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I stopped and listened, expecting to hear the main doom theme and rapid clicking of the keys and mouse. Instead I heard quiet female moans and Eric’s bed squeaking and rocking.

My heart fell into my stomach, thoughts of running up stairs and grabbing the largest kitchen knife swirled around my head. I also considered just running away from it all and ignoring him for the rest of our senior year. Angry tears threatened to spill out of the corners of my eyes. I took a deep breath and tried my best to control my pulsing anger. I walked towards the door quickly, I grabbed the knob without a second thought I jerked it to the left and swung the door open. I stared a hole threw what was happening on the bed in the corner of his basement room. A topless blonde chick was bouncing on him. I looked at Eric, who had his eyes closed and mouth open in an expression of pleasure. I guess her shrieks were too loud for either of them to hear me burst in. So I stood there while my brain swirled with emotion, I will play it cool I thought. I leaned against the door frame and reached into my front jean pocket then took out my pack of cigarettes with my zippo tucked in next to my 3 cigg’s. I put one in my mouth and flicked open my lighter which caused Eric’s eyes to shoot open and his head came off the pillow as his eyes found me and his mouth fell open, not out of pleasure though. I lit my cigarette and cleared my throat earning a head turn from…Brandi. I laughed before I took a long drag, staying calm I said “Sorry to ruin the party kiddos, thought I’d stop by and see my boyfriend. Looks like he is busy fucking the local gutter slut, isn’t he?” I chuckled and exhaled, she jumped off him naked and scurried like a rat picking up her clothes. Eric laid there face red and confused, she scuttled past me. Not before I stuck my foot out and laughed as she fell to the ground busting up her nose pretty bad, then she picked herself up and sobbed as she sprinted up the stairs. I took another long drag and flicked my ashes in the floor ”W-what are you doing here y/n, how did you get in?” I laughed “No “Oh my god it isn’t what it looks like!!” You left the back door unlocked dumbass.” I flicked my cigg over towards his bed, it landed perfectly on the blanket he was using to cover his crotch. I busted out in laughter as he scrambled out of bed and tossed it in the floor and stepped on it. He cried out in pain as I doubled over in laughter “You are one stupid soddy cunt Harris.” He looked up at me in pain, tears flowing down his face. “You are fucking crying, if anyone should be crying it should be me bitch! I trusted your sorry ass, we’re done.” He hiccuped out a sob “P-please y/n don’t leave me, you are all I have” My heart began to ache as he looked at me with his puppy dog eyes. “You brought this on yourself asshole, you buried you problems in that whores cunt. rdquo; I sniffed and looked away, not wanting him to see me weak. “y/n you know I love you, please don’t go.” A tear fell down my cheek as I looked down at him “I trusted you Eric…” With that I turned around and walked upstairs, leaving him in the floor. 

I am sorry if this is too short, I will most likely do another one with the same base. I don’t think this is what shades wanted but this is how I wanted to write it. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to send them in-Erica<3


Word count: 1247

Part 15

You spent days thinking about Kai coming out of prison world and thought about everything you wanted to say to him. But there was one problem. Bonnie was stalling. Everytime you asked her when was she planning to go and bring him back, she just said soon. You understood when two days passed after what you did to make her agree to bring Kai back, but it’s been six days and you couldn’t wait anymore. You agreed to lay low for a while, because all of those people who went missing, more accurately, the ones you killed, weren’t forgotten just like that. You spent most of the time in Salvatore’s house. Somehow it was easier to be there than at your own place, but you had to go and visit Bonnie, to ask her, again, if she had any intentions of bringing the one person you care about, the person who’s on top of the list of people you love. She let you in without saying a word and sat down on the couch and crossed her arms. She just kept staring at you, apparently waiting for you to say something.

‘Ok, we could do this until tomorrow, I’ll just get to the point. When are you-’

'Gonna bring Kai back? Very soon. Sooner than you think, actually.’ She stated as she smiled and looked down at her hands on her lap.

'Really? Because as I can remember, you’ve been saying this for six days and nothing, I don’t want to say I lost faith, but since you obviously have no intentions of getting him out of that hell hole so, I really don’t know what to think, Bonnie.’ You trailed off, you voice a bit shaky, your fingers running through your hair.

'I will do it. I promised and I will.’ Bonnie said as she got up and walked towards you.

'Somehow I doubt that.’ You said, turning around and walking out of the house. You took a deep breath, a light breeze caressing your face. You started walking around Mystic Falls, trying to dodge the path that led to Damon’s and Stefan’s house so you walked to your own house. You wanted to be alone. On the way home, you saw a girl sitting on the grass, looking at her knee. After just one second, the smell of blood hit you in the face. You took a deep breath, trying to overcome the smell, but the feeling was stronger. After not feeding for two days, the desire for blood was stronger than ever before. You quickly ran towards the girl and there you saw blood drippling down her leg, focusing only on her wound. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, trying to control it and just when you thought you succeeded, the fangs and the black veins under your eyes came out.

'I’m sorry.’ You said it, your voice muffled as you sank your fangs into her neck, her blood trickling down your throat. You somehow managed to stop and heal her. You compelled her to forget what happened as you quickly ran home. You slammed the doors behind you, your white shirt and chin stained with blood. A tear streamed down your face ss you wiped your chin. You walked into the living room and poured yourself a glass of water as you took a sip. You looked down at the glass and then threw it across the room, hitting the wall, watching it shatter on the floor.

'So, you have some spare glasses so I can join?’

You heard a male voice, your eyes going wide. You immediately recognized the voice. You wiped your tears as you turned around, locking your eyes with the gorgeous blue eyes you haven’t seen in a while. You froze in place, not knowing what to do. Your hands started shaking and you heart racing.

'Oh my god!’ You whispered as you started running towards Kai, wrapping your arms around his neck. His arms wrapped around your waist, your head pressed against his chest. You started crying into his chest, his hands cupping your face, lifting your head up a little bit so you could look him in the eyes. He kissed every part of your face, leaving your lips for the very end. He sniled at you before he kissed you deeply, his tongue slipping into your mouth. You held tightly onto his biceps like your life depended on it. After a few moments, you pulled away and looked at him again. You couldn’t believe he was actually there, right no front of you, holding you in his arms after so long. It felt surreal, you kept holding him close to you, just to be sure hevwas actually there, to be sure he was in front of you. There were occasions where you imagine Kai beside you on the bed like before and you wanted to be sure he wasn’t a hallucination.

'Are you really here?’ You whispered as you caressed his cheek gently.

'I am and I’m not going anywhere. Ever again. I’ll do everything to make sure no one takes you away from me ever again.’ He trailed off, pulling you into a tight hug, placing his head in the crook of your neck.

'I’ve missed you so freaking much, I can’t even describe how much I’ve missed you and how many times I wanted to be with you.’ You said, looking deeply into his eyes.

'I’ve missed you too. Everything about you. I almost went crazy out there.’

'You never have to go there again, and even though I lost my memories for a short period of time, I fought to get them back.’

'What.. what are you talking about?’ Kai asked, frowning.

'Well.. Bonnie said I-’

'Of course Bonnie had to do something with that. Why would she even-’

Before he could finish his sentence, Bonnie walked in. She didn’t even had the chance to say anything as Kai ran towards her, slamming her against the wall, making her gasp.

'How could you, Bon Bon?’ Kai trailed off, pressing on Bonnie’s neck. 'You wanted to take her away from me? Not cool. You know, I am really grateful for getting me out of there, I really am, but when you mess with my girl, well, you had to know there were going to be some consequences. I could just, you know easily rip your heart out or something, so you can’t screw people over again.’ Kai said, looking at Bonnie, seriousness and anger taking over his face. The blood in his veins must’ve boiled and you knew if you didn’t stop him, Bonnie would’ve ended up dead. You ran towards them, placing your hand on Kai’s face, turning his head to look at you in the eyes.

'Hey, hey. Look at me. It’s not worth it. She did help us after all. Don’t do this.’ You trailed off, watching him pulling away and taking a few steps back, putting his arm around your waist.

'I’m glad you two are happy, but if I see you again in Mystic Falls, I’ll throw both of your asses to prison world, without a possible way of escaping.’ Bonnie stated as she walked out of the house.

'Well… that went well. I think we have a lot to catch up, don’t we?’ Kai said as he kissed you deeply and picked you up, running upstairs to your room, slamming the doors behind.

His little girl (Joker fanfiction)

Request: Are requests still open??💗 If they are then could u maybe do one where you are Batman younger sister but you are also secretly in love with the Joker?? 

A/N: I’m thinking about making this into a series. Comment or message me if you like the plot and want more

‘’Y/N!’’ your big brother Bruce shouted from downstairs. He had invited you to this year’s Wayne party. To be honest, you were never that interested in all of his escapades. Sure, you grew up rich, but you always made sure never to take that for granted. Both Bruce and Alfred were extremely overprotective of you. When your parents died all those years ago, you were just a baby, so you didn’t have any memories of them.

Even though Brucey was just a little boy, he had made a promise that day to make sure you never got in harm’s way. You were only Y/A, so you’d never been invited to these parties before. 

There was always a lot of alcohol and a lot of adults. Don’t get me wrong, you loved how protective Alfred and Bruce were of you because it made you feel safe and loved but sometimes you were just annoyed with their constant checking up on you.

Alfred still did things like make you breakfast and put your socks out for you, as if you were still a little girl who needed help getting dressed. 

It had been about a year since Bruce told you his big secret. At first, you ran into your room and locked the door, crying. Refusing to believe that your big brother actually was the Batman. Although when you thought about it, it all made sense.

You eventually learned to live with it and now you were proud of your big brother, saving the city and everything. A knock on your bedroom door made you turn your head. ‘’Y/N? I called you, is everything alright?’’ a worried Bruce spoke from outside your bedroom.

 You sighed and shook your head. ‘’Yes, big brother, I’m just getting dressed, relax.’’ Bruce sighed and leaned his head to the door. ‘’You know I don’t want to be clingy, but I worry about you. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you.’’ 

Sighing, you walked over and opened the door. ‘’I know you do. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I will not drink alcohol and you will find me in the retirement section with Alfred.’’ Bruce laughed and messed up my hair. ‘’Eyy!’’ you laughed at him and pushed his shoulder. 

‘’By the way, you are not wearing that.’’ He glared down at your black, opened leg, V-neck dress.

‘’Aah, my bad. I’ll go put on my jumpsuit’’ you mocked him and stuck your tongue out. Bruce stopped and shook his head. ‘’I’m serious Y/N, that is way too revealing, it’s not appropriate.’’ 

You glared at him and dramatically surrendered using your hands. ‘’Got it, officer.’’ ‘’Funny. Party starts in ten minutes, so hurry down.’’

You walked back into your pink room, contemplating on whether or not to change into something less revealing. It wasn’t actually too revealing at all, it just showed of a little leg and a little part of your chest, barely even a glimpse of your cleavage. 

However, your toe showing was apparently enough for it to be branded inappropriate.

When you were going to introduce yourself to people, Alfred and Bruce had told you to say your name was Marie. Only a handful of people knew that you were Bruce’s little sister.

 After the murder, Alfred payed off the mayor to keep your life a secret. According to the newspaper, the little baby died along with the parents and poor little Bruce was left alone.

That was the same moment Alfred had the Batman-idea. You went to school but under the name Smith.

 It was kind of hard for you to make friends because you always froze when people asked about your family or if they could come visit at your place sometime. Eventually, Alfred had you pulled out of school and tutored you from home.

Because of your lack of a social life, you didn’t have much experience with boys or kissing. You had never really kissed a boy. That being said, you didn’t really have the opportunity to either. 

Whenever you left the house, Bruce always sent someone with you, in case something happened. 

He always stayed at a distance, so you wouldn’t feel pushed into a corner, but you could always feel his presence.  

A couple of months ago, you had begged Bruce to just let people know the truth. What was so wrong about the world knowing Bruce Wayne had a little sister? That night, he had sat you down and told you about how some of the villains in Gotham knew his identity. 

A few years ago, he had gotten sloppy and two-face was able to rip his mask of his face. Of course, every citizen in Gotham knew who the infamous boy billionaire Bruce Wayne was.

His identity had been well kept by Two-face and the others, figuring there would be no fun in revealing his true identity. Bruce had a lot of enemies in Gotham and if any of them found out that he had a little baby sister, you would immediately become a target. 

Because that would mean the Batman had a weakness and a weakness can be leveraged.

Understanding his side of the story, you had accepted that it would just have to be like this. To be honest, being kidnapped by a group of notorious Gotham villains didn’t sound that much fun, so you guessed it was for the best.

You walked over to your mirror and looked at the dress, hugging your body. It went down to about your knees, revealing a bit of skin on the right leg. It was short-sleeved and black velvet. 

You felt really glamorous in it and chose a pair of small golden heels to match. Applying some pink lipstick to your full lips, you headed downstairs to Bruce’s big mansion.

 When you walked down the stairs, you could see hundreds of people in suits and dresses, champagne glasses in hand and chattering about business and grad school. Scoffing to yourself, your eyes started searching for Bruce or Alfred. When you made eye contact with your big brother, you raised your eyebrows and hurried over to him.

 He glared at you when he saw what you were wearing, but kept his mouth shut, figuring this wasn’t the time and place. ‘’This is Marie, she’s an intern at Wayne Enterprises.’’ Bruce gestured towards you and you smiled gently and shook people’s hands, introducing yourself. ‘’You look awful young for an intern, dear.’’ An elder lady spoke and looked puzzled at you. ‘’Oh-uh, thank you, I suppose. I took my college degree a few years earlier.’’ 

The lady nodded her head and took a sip of her glass. Just when you thought you were off the questioning-hook, the man next to hear caught your attention. ‘’How old did you say you were again, miss?’’ Everybody’s eyes were on you.

You noticed Bruce starting to look a little nervous. ‘’Oh, I didn’t sir. I’m 21.’’ You lied and smiled at him. ‘’Oh well then, pour the lady a glass of champagne!’’ he exclaimed and the butler came rushing towards you. 

You had to hide the smile that was forming on your face, when you saw Bruce’s eye twitching.

Taking the glass of champagne, you thanked the butler and excused yourself. Bruce followed you and leaned into your ear. ‘’ You couldn’t have said twenty, could you?’’ he said with a stern voice. ‘’Ah, come on, Brucey, One glass.’’ Bruce looked at you and sighed heavily. ‘’Fine, one tiny glass.’’ You giggled and walked away from him.

Everything was so strange. When people thought you were a grown up, they treated you completely differently. The party seemed to be going smoothly, everyone was chattering, laughing and toasting. 

That was until I noticed a strange look on Alfred’s face. He was looking at the elevator, which was going up. Alfred always had everything under control and made sure the numbers were right and he knew there were no more people invited to the Wayne party.

Trying not to draw any attention to himself, he slowly walked towards the moving elevator, placing his hand over the revolver in his holster. Looking back to Bruce, you could see that he wasn’t there anymore. Something felt very, very wrong. 

You walked over to Alfred but kept a safe distance. When the elevator dinged and the doors slid open, Alfred tilted his head and a confused expression spread across his face. ‘’Richard?’’ Then his face turned into shock as the supposed ‘’Richard’’ fell face down to floor and nine men walked into the room.

The scene that was now unraveling, started to draw some attention and people were gradually turning their heads. Alfred backed away but before he could pull out his gun, a gunshot made everyone turn their heads to the middle of the room.

 Some squealed while others backed away. Through the crowd of masked men, you could see a green haired man walk up to the middle of the room. His hand was in the air and there was still smoke coming out out the gun in his hand.

‘’Ladies aaaand gentlemen’’ he exclaimed dramatically and spread his arms. People were now turning to the person next to them, whispering ‘’oh my god, it’s him, it’s the joker.’’ The Joker walked up to one of the butlers and forcefully grabbed a glass of champagne.

 ‘’We are tonight’s entertainment! Now, I have one question for you.’’ He threw the glass at the window and inhaled sharply, looking around the room. ‘’Where is Bruce Wayne?’’ Your heart dropped. Was the Joker one of the people who knew?

When no one replied, the joker walked up to Alfred and grabbed him by the neck. ‘’Mister Pennyworth. Do we really have to do this the hard way?’’ he smiled at him and ran a knife over his cheek. Instinctively, Alfred looked towards you to see if you were all right. 

Unfortunately, this made the joker also turn his head in your direction. First, he scanned the small group of people standing in your section of the room. When his eyes locked with yours, he stopped.

‘’Oh, never mind that’’ he said, eyes still on you as he pushed Alfred away and started walking towards you with a curious look on his face. ‘’And who, might you be?’’ he questioned and tilted his head. 

You were absolutely terrified. You had never encountered danger in your short little life. Attempting to answer him, your body froze and you found yourself completely dumbfounded and unable to utter a single word.

The joker raised one eyebrow, gesturing for you to answer. From behind him, you could hear one of his henchmen, chitchat to the other; ‘’Hah, she’s just a little kid.’’ You gulped. 

The joker growled annoyed and turned around, shooting the goon right between his eyes, before he turned his attention back to you.

‘I asked you a question, beautiful.’’ Finally finding your breath, you panted heavily in fear and swallowed hard. ‘’I’m just on the guest-list.’’ Your voice was shaky and cracked-mid sentence.

 Staring at your face curiously, the joker leaned in to your shivering face and licked his lips. ‘’You’re lying’’ he growled. Panicking, you looked around to see everybody’s eyes on you. People were giving you looks of pity and shook their heads.

‘’Tell me’’ he started and grabbed your chin forcefully, forcing you to look at him. ‘’Have you every danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?’’ he grinned. You shook your head and nervously exclaimed; ‘’N-no mister joker.’’ He laughed and tapped his finger on your nose, as if you were a five-year-old little girl. ‘’That’s Mister J to you, doll.’’ 

Then he grabbed your lower back, pulled your body towards his, and out to the center of the room.

Mister J waved his hands suggestively towards the quartet who had two guns aimed at them. They looked at each other with fearful eyes and began playing. Terrified of what that freak might do if you ignored his order, you carefully placed your arms around his neck and let him lead you around the dancefloor.

You could hear the beat of your heart pound in your ear and you felt sick to your stomach. Your cheeks were burning and you had a hard time catching your breath.

 Looking around you could see everyone passing your eyes in a blur as you twisted and turned in his grip. His eyes never left your face and you felt tempted to look into his eyes. Whenever you looked up, your heart started hyperventilating and you had to look away after about three seconds.

‘’Tell me, angel. You seem a bit young to be on the guest list for a Wayne party.’’ His grip around your waist tightened and you squealed. ‘’How old are you?’’ he looked down at you with warning eyes, as if he already knew that you were going to lie. ‘’I’m 21.’’ You hiccupped.

The joker inhaled slowly and shut his eyes, as if he was trying to restrain himself from ripping your eyes out of your eye sockets. ‘’Do. Not-lie to me’’ he growled lowly and grabbed your cheek roughly, leaving a little pink mark. With tearful and fearful eyes, you gazed up at the clown maniac and swallowed. ‘’Y/A’’ you whispered so only he could hear. 

His entire face lit up and his eyes grew wide. ‘’Oh-ho-ho-ho-ha ha!’’ he laughed loudly as he turned to look at his goons, his amused and shocked expression making them grow a bit nervous. Apparently this wasn’t a part of the plan. ‘’And what is a widdle girl doing at such a big party?’’ he taunted you with a baby voice. You were panting heavily, your chest rising and falling. The joker’s eyes darted down to your chest and he gazed down at your perky little breasts, growling under his breath.

 Feeling a bit of your confidence growing back, you grabbed his hand and tore it away from your cheek, glaring at him angrily. ‘’Ooh-ho! You’ve got a little fight in you.’’ Then he looked you up and down. ‘’Mm. I like that.’’ Your eyes widened in fear as he raised his hand and grinned down at you. ‘’Then you’re gonna love me.’’ A low growl spoke as the joker flew into the punch bowl. 

You quickly turned your head and saw The Batman coming to your rescue. A wave of relief washed over you as they indulged into a fistfight in front of everybody. You could hear sighs of relief from everywhere around the room- Batman had come to save the day.

For a second, Bruce was down and the Joker was quick to make his way back to you, but before he could reach you, Brucey got in front of you. ‘’Why oh-so protective today, bats?’’ the joker laughed. He noticed a change in Batman’s eyes. Was it fear? Stomachache? Love? Love. 

The joker took a few steps back and squinted his eyes, looking at the two. It didn’t take him long to figure out the picture.

Once Bruce understood what was happening, he placed a protective hand on your shoulder and pushed you behind his back, so that you were out of the joker’s sight. A terrifyingly wide grin spread across the jokers face and he almost looked like he wanted to cry. ‘’THIS, THIS IS TOO GOOD!’’ he shouted and waved his arms around like a maniac.

‘’Back away, clown. It’s over’’ batman said in his signature dark voice. The joker’s grin turned into a smirking grin as he slowly shook his head and rubbed his hands together. ‘’This is gonna be SOO GOOD! OH, just you wait and see.’’ The joker excitedly backed off as his henchman followed behind him.

‘’What do you mean by that!?’’ Batman shouted at him and took a step forward, making you visible to the clown again. The joker’s eyes drifted to you and he grinned. ‘’Bye-bye batsy!’’

 After all the guests had left and the police had arrived and spoken to Bruce, we were all ready to call it a day. Bruce walked up to you once the police officers had gone.

 You were sitting on a couch with a blanket wrapped around you. ‘’Y/N, I don’t know what that maniacal freak has in mind, but I swear to you, I won’t let anything happen to you. These officers will be stationed in front of every door in the mansion until this thing blows off. That includes, two officers outside of your bedroom. I won’t take any chances with that clown.’’

 You simply nodded your head. ‘’Brucey, I’m tired, I need some rest.’’ Bruce looked at you and stroked the top of your head as he asked one of the police officers to escort you to your room.

You were so physically and mentally exhausted that you didn’t have the energy to remove your makeup. Slipping into your pink nightgown, you crawled under the covers and snuggled into the pillow. There was no way you were sleeping tonight. The events of what had happened kept replaying in your mind over and over.

You stayed in that state for about an hour, thinking about the Joker. The way he touched your skin and looked into your eyes. There was something hauntingly beautiful about his deranged eyes and you couldn’t get him out of your head.

A sound from outside your bedroom snapped you out of your train of thought. You could hear a man gargle on his own spit and making choking sounds. Your eyes widened and you hugged your pink pillow tighter. That’s when you heard footsteps walking up to your bedroom door. Breathing heavily, your eyes frozen and glued to the wall, you could hear the doorknob turn. 

This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening. It’s just a dream you kept repeating in your head. The door made a clicking sound and creaked as it slowly opened to reveal a shadow. You felt a rush of blood flow through your entire body in fear and excitement as you heard an oh-too well familiar growl.

Procreation - Ch 12: Vive la Révolution!

Summary: After the Exodus disaster, about 150 people have survived and found a way to repair the Ark. They don’t know if the 100 are still alive, so the council decides to do what it takes to ensure that the human race will survive, and edicts a new law: Each person between the ages of eighteen and fifty are obliged to have a child. Strictly Kabby.   -   AO3

A/N: A few of you were in favor of the “Marcus overthrowing the government” idea that I totally wasn’t jokingly put forward in the last chapter, so here we go… Porn&Politics, my favorite two things to write!

Next chapter will be the last chapter of this story.

“Moving on.”

Nodding, Abby carefully placed the file she had just been busy reviewing, to the back of the stack of files she had in her hand. With a deep sigh, she licked the tip of her middle finger and opened up the new line of their subject.

Looking up, she watched Marcus do the same before adjusting his glasses, and throwing the file a thoughtful look. He had stopped shaving for the past few days, and now his face was embraced by a lovely stubble Abby was yearning to touch.

No. Not here. Not now.

“Now, has everyone looked over the report we have received from the Farm Station?” Jaha’s voice sounded strained. Everyone was aware of their predicament.

“We are running low on rations.” A council member sitting next to Abby spoke up. Marcus looked up and nodded upon hearing the woman’s statement, scratching his stubble.

Abby squinted her eyes and carefully examined the papers before her; various numbers and graphs danced around in front of her eyes. It was all a blur. God, she really needed to get glasses.

“Any comments?” Jaha asked the small group. A man sitting next to him shook his head in desperation.

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