threw my headphones across the room


Author’s note: THIS IS NOT THE PART I SENT TO MY PROFESSOR!!! This is actually SFW, the smut is allllll in the next part ;) I’m not done tweaking it yet, so for now here’s this!!

I’m hungry.

A loud clanging noise came from the kitchen, causing you to turn your head. An out-of-breath Jaehee peeked out from the around the corner, completely covered in flour.

“Sorry about that,” she smiled apologetically, “dinner should be ready in-”


Seven’s panicky voice echoed throughout Jumin’s apartment. Jaehee sighed and turned around, mumbling something about ‘who let Luciel in the kitchen,’ and how she was going to ‘make sure they never saw the light of day again.’

After watching her storm out of the room, you turned back to Zen.

“What were you saying?”

Zen leaned back into the couch and kicked his legs up on the coffee table.

“Just how annoying it is that we have to host our monthly RFA dinners at his house,” Zen glared at Jumin.

The businessman stopped poking at his sleeping cat and stood up. “It’s not like I asked for this!” He made his way across the room and plopped down on the other side of you. “I’m merely a victim of being volunteered.”

“Victim? Please, you don’t even understand the word.”

“I’ll have you know-”

“Can you two not do this?”

Zen and Jumin looked at the blonde gamer sitting on the ground in front of you. “I can’t hear my game if you guys constantly bicker!”

“Or,” you threw a pair of headphones at his head, “you could just wear these.”

Yoosung quickly dodged the flying object. He crossed his arms and pouted.“You could’ve hit me, MC!!”

“Sorry, I’m just hangry.”

As if on que, you stomach growled.

“Speaking of angry,” Zen looked around, “where the hell is your boyfriend?”

You held up your phone and waved it around. “He just texted me saying he’ll be late.”

Yoosung mashed down a couple buttons on his controller and turned back around. “He better not flake on us this time!”

No promises…

Your stomach growled again and you sunk farther back in between Jumin and Zen. You heard quiet laughter coming from you right and swung a pillow in that direction.

“Don’t laugh at my misery, Zen.”

He grabbed the pillow from your hand and chunked it across the room. “Careful, you could’ve hit my money maker,” he gestured to his face.

You and Jumin looked at each and rolled your eyes.

“If that’s your money maker you must be one poor man,” Jumin chided.

“I wasn’t talking to-“


“That,” you hopped up and moseyed your way toward the door, “should be Saeran.”

And what good timing.

The door clicked and you swung it open.


Saeran gave you his heart-warming, soul-melting, could-bring-you-back-to-life smile.


He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into a kiss.

A loud cough finally broke the two of you apart.

You pulled away and wiped your mouth, staring at the your now very flushed boyfriend. Saeran muttered an apology before walking over to the couch, taking your spot between Zen and Jumin. You followed him, sitting down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around your waist again and rested his head on your shoulder.

“So,” Yoosung paused his game and set down his controller, “why were you so late?”

Saeran looked down at Yoosung and shrugged. “I didn’t want to come.”

Yoosung formed an “O” with his mouth and looked away. Zen pulled out his phone and opened up his front camera, checking himself out. You looked over at Jumin, who was picking at his nail beds.

This is awkward.

You clapped your hands together, getting everyone’s attention.

“Let’s play charades!”

“For the last time,” you glared at Jumin, “I’m NOT A CAT!”

“Forty-five seconds left!”

“It’s not my fault you’re a terrible actress!”

“Forty seconds.”

“Well, what about you? This is the FIFTH round you’ve guessed a cat!”

“Thirty-five seconds.”

“And? For all I know you could’ve been one!”

“Thirty sec-”


Both you and Jumin yelled at the blonde in sync. Yoosung’s eyes widened and he slowly put down the timer.

“S-Sorry, just trying to help,” he held his hands up in surrender.

Saeran sighed, “You do realize they’re on the other team, right?”

“Yeah, but they’re so… bad.”

“Watch it,” you shot Yoosung a bone-chilling look.

How the hell am I supposed to act out The Titanic?

Desperately, looked around the room.

“Zen, come here.”

He looked up from his phone and groaned. “I already told you I didn’t want to waste my talents playing-”

“Get your ass up here before I shove that phone down your throat.”

In a flash Zen was standing next to you. Covering it up so Jumin couldn’t see, you showed him the paper.

“I have an idea, but I need your help.”

You tugged on his shirt, forcing him to lean down. Cupping his ear, you whispered your plan to him.

“Alright, got it.”

Jumin better get this.

As you spread your arms out, Zen wrapped his arms around your waist. He rested his chin on top of your head and you opened your mouth.

“I’m flying!”

Jumin stood up and pointed at you. “The, u-uhh, THE TITANIC!”


Jumin clapped his hands together and smiled. Without thinking, you turned around and gave Zen a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you soooo much!”

He lifted you up and spun you around before setting you back down. “See!! Aren’t I an amazing actor?”

“The best.”

A chill shot down your spine when you heard the venom laced in those words. You felt a hand snake around your waist and pull you away from Zen.

“Thanks, Saeran!”

Zen is such an airhead sometimes.

As Jumin bragged to the others about his superior guessing skills, you focused on your boyfriend.

“What’s with the sudden mood change?”

He gave you his classic ‘are you really that dumb’ look and sighed. He motioned with his eyes to something behind you.

Or someone.

You lowered your voice to a harsh whisper. “Are you jealous?”

“…You kissed him.”

“On the cheek, for like, half a second. It was completely platonic!”

“Does he know that?”


“Hmph,” he looked away from you, letting go of your waist.

“Come on,” you grabbed his chin and forced him to look at you, “don’t be like that. I love you, remember?”

The corners of Saeran’s mouth twitched. You smiled and took a step forward, “Now, kiss me like you don’t want to lose me.”

Something dark gleamed in his eyes, and he gave you a devious grin. “Don’t mind-”


You let go of his face and pushed past him. Finally, I’m starving!!

Little did you know food wasn’t the only thing you were gonna put in your mouth tonight.

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Ahhhhh! Prompt: Beca and Chloe hearing chapter 2 of that hp book and the start of their making out thing

Hello! I have been loving your one shots! I was wondering if you could do a second part of the Harry Potter one shot! I loved that one!

Your wish is my command!
**Watch out gang - it’s ‘M’ rated!!**

Chloe sat at her desk, finalising another plan she had rewritten for the first Bella’s rehearsal of the new school year. She glanced at the clock in the bottom right of her laptop screen and smiled. 21:59. One minute until her friend and co-captain would undoubtedly knock on her bedroom door and sneak into her room. So Chloe quickly got up from her desk chair, and strode to her full-length mirror, checking she looked okay.

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Some Pidge and Lance angst for the prompt?

“Would you just stop pestering me?” It came out as a scream, much louder than Pidge had intended. Lance paused, in the middle of reaching out to poke her shoulder, his eyes wide.

Pidge screamed all the time. Especially at Lance and Hunk, whenever they dared to mess with her or her stuff. But this was different than usual. This one sounded genuine, not just irritated, but enraged. So Lance froze in sudden doubt, his face lengthening in dismay.

Pidge didn’t care. She couldn’t stop. She tore her headphones off and threw them across the room. Her shoulders were heaving, and she knew her face was red as a tomato, the way it always got when she was truly, furiously upset. He’d been keeping up this campaign of “poke the Pidge” all day along, apparently because he was bored and she was the only one available, and Pidge was done with it. Done with him. It was just…too familiar, and she couldn’t stand it for one second more.

“I’ve had enough of you bothering me, Lance! Don’t poke me, don’t touch me, don’t giggle in my ear! I’ve had enough! You aren’t my brother, and I don’t want you to be!” Her voice rose in the end to an infuriated screech.

Lance fell back on his butt and just stared at her. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. His face seemed paler than usual. Sudden regret pierced Pidge’s heart, but before she could say anything, do anything, try to take it back, he jumped to his feet and ran out of the room.

Oh, quiznak. She had really screwed up this time.

(Continued below.)

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preference #23 you get your period while on tour

CALUM: It was hour 5 of our 16 hour flight. I was having immense cramps and I wasn’t able to find a comfortable position in my seat. “Babe whats wrong,” Calum lifted his headphones from his head to hear what I was going to say. 

“I’m in so much pain,” I groaned out. 

“Don’t you have pills for this,” he said. He went back to his Green Day session and I  dove for my bag that was under seat in front of me and went for the pills I normally kept with me. I dug through the sweatshirt I had, headphones, socks, phone charger, and others. However I couldn’t find the ibuprofen I kept. Then it hit me what happened. 

The week prior I had a killer headache and I took it out and I must have left it in the hotel room. “No fucking way,” I cursed which earned me and glare from the mother across me with a newborn baby and a 3 year old. “Sorry,” I said with a weak smile. She went back to the baby in front of her. 

I threw my head back and let out a sigh,“ Do you have them,” Calum asked. 

“I forgot them,” I put my hand tro my face to show how annoyed I was with myself. 

“Oh well………….,” he then put up the armrest and then pulled me into his side. He then wrapped his arms tight around my stomach. Applying pressure to the pain making it subside a little. “Is this better?" 

"Yes by a lot,” I then looked up and he then leaned down to give me a kiss. Calum then took out one of his ear buds and gave it to me. I listened to the steady beat of Green Day and my eyes began to drop. 

When I awoke I was still in Calum’s arms were still around me. “You stayed like that the entire time,” I said sitting up. 

“Yeah I was worried if I let go you would be in pain again,” I was in awe with his gesture. 

“Thank you,” I took his face into my hands and pulled him into a kiss. 

“Okay lovebirds its time to get off the plane,” Michael said with annoyance in his voice. 

MICHAEL: I turned on my side and faced the curtain of the bunk, and groaned. Michael had laced his arms around my waist and nuzzled his face in my neck. I tried to stretch my arms the best we I could in the small space that was a bunk. 

“Good morning,” Michael’s voice was raspy and dry.

“Good morning,” I said and turned around with his arms to still around my waist. His hair was all over the place. I laid there with him and my eyes began to drop. However I wasn’t able fall back asleep due the pressure of my bladder.I gently pulled out of Micheal’s arm off of me and step down from his bunk. My feet hit the cold hard tour bus floor causing a shiver to run down my body. 

“Well hello there,” Ashton said as his eyes scan down me. I was wearing a tank and sport shorts. 

“Good morning,” I said and step passed him on the way to the bathroom. I walked in and what do I see but blood all over. Thank goodness I didn’t go to bed in my underwear. I calmly exited the bathroom ran over to my bag and took out a tampon and walked back. 

“Babeeee come back, I want do something,” Michael stuck his head out of the curtains and shot me a wink. 

“I’m sorry but we can’t,” I said and pouted my lips. 

“What why,” he said with a sad face. 

“I got my period." 

"Oh then sorry,” he went back into his bunk. As I walked away I heard him yell,“ When you come back I’m going to give you cuddles!" 

LUKE: Not only was waking up at 5 am terrible but when you’re also on your period its even worse. I was surrounded by warm comfy sheets and with Luke’s arms wrapped around me. The perfect warmth, and I was content with my dream. However this perfect sleep came crashing by the loud thumping at the door. "WAKE UP! RADIO INTERVIEW IN 2 HOURS!” The yelling followed by more banging against the door. 

“Ughhhhh,” I opened my eyes but soon closed them due to the stingy feeling I got from opening them. Luke let out a groan and got up. He walked like a zombie on the way to bathroom were he closed the door and started the shower. I snaked my hand up the lamp and turned it on causing the room to go from darkness to a dim lighting.  I reached the bedside table and grabbed my glasses and put them on.The blurry room coming into a clear view. I closed my eyes and waited my turn for the shower. After 15 minutes I got up from my spot. I let a groan to Luke telling him good morning as I passed him. 

“Y/n?” His voice was dry. I turned around and saw the large stain on the white sheets. 

“Shit,” I said throwing my head back. “Well I’m going to shower first and then deal with it okay,” he nodded. However I went over and put a sheet over it. I walked into the bathroom and saw that I had bled through my pajamas pants. “Fuuuuucccckkk,” my voice was more of a groan. 

After I was clean and fresh I notice the bed stripped bare to the mattress and Luke sitting on it with his phone in hand and dressed for the day. “What happen to the sheets,” I asked him. 

“I took them to house keeping for you,” he looked up from his phone. I smiled at his gesture and went to him and pressed a kiss to his lips. 

“Thank you,” I said which followed by ‘you’re welcome.’

ASHTON: Being on tour meant a lack of washing machine. Sometimes we had one sometimes we didn’t. Today was laundry day for me. Luckily I was able to get my jeans in to the wash today, but I was force to wear my only clean pair, my white skinny jean. 

Me and Ashton were coming back from an eventful day of walking around the beautiful city before us that was Amsterdam. As we were about two blocks away  to our hotel I let go of Ashton’s hand to answer a call I was getting on my phone. I walked ahead of him. “Y/n!” he whispered/yelled at me. The person the phone was loud therefore I wasn’t able to hear him. 

“Y/N!” he shouted. I turned around and saw he made a gesture for me to come to him. I ended my call and walked over to him. He looked around and made sure the close was clear. “I know there is fans outside and I’m sure you don’t want them to see this,” I made a confused look at him. He took notice to how I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. “You got your period and well………,” I widen my eyes at him and I could feel my cheeks began to turned red. “Don’t worry, take my flannel,” he untied his flannel and tied it tightly around my waist. 

“Thank you,” soon my embarrassment turned into a feels attack from how sweet hes being. 

“You’re welcome,” he pressed a kiss to the top of my head and laced my hand with his. We walked to the hotel were there was a crowd of girls. As I saw the mass I was thankful that Ashton thought of me and gave his flannel. 

We made it inside and once in the elevator took a hold of his collar and pressed a kiss hard against his lips. “When you’re being sweet it turns me on,” my new mood kicked in. 

He pulled away to speak,“ Hold up I thought you can’t have sex when you’re on your period,” he didn’t seem too appealed at the idea which caused the mood to leave. 

“Never mind, I just want to cuddle with you,” we walked out and towards our room. 

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'we both got kicked out of our rooms because our roommates are having sex so now we're standing in the hallway avoiding each other' STISAAC :D

it’s 1 am and this is completely unbetaed and unedited and I apologise in advance for any mistakes and all the ridiculousness. I hope you enjoy it!

With that said, I give you:

Reverse Sexiling


Stiles scuffled his foot along the carpet and sneaked looks out of the corner of his eye at the tall guy that had just come out of the room across from his. He didn’t seem to be doing anything; coming out of the room, he’d raised an eyebrow at Stiles and proceeded to ignore him ever since.

Stiles would really like to do the same because this was too awkward even for him – but when it was quiet in the hallway he could hear faint sounds coming from his room and there was just no way he ever needed to hear what Scott sounded like getting some. And Allison would probably kill him if she caught him eavesdropping – even if it was entirely against his will!

“Sooooo, come here often?” he asked, throwing in an exaggerated wink for the hell of it.

Angelic curls just threw him a totally unangelic glare and kept staring at his phone.

Stiles slid down the wall and hugged his knees, decidedly not pouting. What was the guy’s deal, really? Couldn’t they just be two guys, making awkward conversation sitting awkwardly in a hallway? Though…

“What are you doing here by the way? I know why I’m sitting here and cursing that I didn’t bring my headphones, but what about you?”

Scott – bless his heart – had perfect timing and underlined his question with a drawn out moan. Before cherub could say anything though, there was an answering moan – coming from the room across the hall! Suddenly Stiles felt so much better.

“You were sexiled as well!” He shouted excitedly and pointed at the guy sitting across from him.

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