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I almost was hyungwon biased, cuz i remember in the hero mv (aka. the first mx video i watched) i pointed to him and said i want him as my bias, but when i found their profile i almost forgot how he looked like and all i could remember was blond hair. So long story short i mistook him for minhyuk and when i noticed my mistake i was already too attached to minhyuk and this is the story of my number 1 biaswrecker in mx aka. hyungwon.

once you hyungwin you cant hyungwout

I love that the Majima Everywhere gimmick in Kiwami isn’t exactly this wacky, random thing that Majima is doing because he’s hungry for some Kiryu attention. It has an actual in-game explanation; the entire Shimano Family is out trolling the streets of Kamurocho looking for Kiryu. Majima just apparently decided to interpret his orders as an excuse to dress in a series of elaborate costumes and get bounced all up and down the pavement by his good, good pal Kiryu. His reports back to the family office must have been wild.

“I dressed up like a taxi driver and took Kazzy to the pier and then he beat the shit out of me because he is so cool and strong. I’m going to try again with an even better disguise, you don’t even know how good this one will be. Two words: disco revival. And you said I was dumb to keep that outfit all these years!”

This is an absolute mess of just emotional garbage, and it switches from first to second person bc some of the scenarios?? I couldnt imagine myself in and reverted to default just imagine this is you guys okay lmao.

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Would you rather:

build a snowman with Taehyung OR have a snowball fight with Hoseok

      I wanna do both, we’re already out in the snow. I can start with the snowman with T** looking so adorable all rugged up in layers of coats and scarves and giving me a big boxy grin and getting distracted by his breath puffing out in clouds. Giving me his scarf when I put mine on the snow man and pulling it up around my chin, cute cute cute.
And then everything changed when Hoseok attacked.
It’ll be so much fun, with lots of yelling and cursing and he’ll probably accidentally destroy the snowman which is sad, the fight will only last like 5 mins before we’re over it and laying in the snow while I try and catch my breath and he’s laughing at me, then we’ll go get hot chocolate and sit under an old blanket by the fire all snuggled up together and warm and cosy. Anyway, super cute I wanna spend a white Christmas with BTS

get coffee with Yoongi OR get ice cream with Yoongi

Sitting at the back of a coffee shop in a secluded corner with yoongi?? Holding hands under the table or having his hand resting lightly on my thigh, feeding him the cream off the top of my iced coffee and wrinkling my nose at his americano. Quietly enjoying our drinks and each others company, content to just watch the other people in the coffee shop or flip through a magazine while he might do some work on his laptop.

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i went to the bank this morning and the teller asked me how my mom was and then i went to cvs to pick up my prescription and the pharmacist asked me how my mom was aND THEN i went to fuckin macy’s and the lady at the shiseido counter asked me how my mom was like CMON my biggest fear moving home was that i’d run into people from high school but clearly i was a fool

this shot of the joker pulling up his pants leg seems to imply that the white part of his feet is actually just bare skin, not fabric spats over a pair of dress shoes, as i had always assumed?? which means that the animated series joker has actually been wearing, like, kitten heeled pumps this entire time

voltron characters as stuff my siblings have said
  • allura: i'm just gonna fucking marry my hamster, none of you are invited to the wedding, get fucked
  • coran: when i was a kid we used to make balloons out of sheep bladders
  • shiro: hey so, weird question but what would one do if they hypothetically set their microwave on fire?
  • keith: if you ever touch my stuffed animals again i will stab you in the eye
  • hunk: why would you put carrots in cake, carrots are vegetables, you wouldn't put broccoli in a muffin
  • lance: i've knitted scarves for every single one of you and if you don't wear them i will cry in front of mom
  • pidge: i swear i wasn't the one who threw the tv out the window! look at my arms, i can't even lift a grape!