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Are you still writing fics because I have one of feysand modern Au where they are married and have a fun night 😏😏😏

Yessssss. Sorry I have not been writing recently. I have been busy and finally have time now :p 

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.



Set right after Feyre and Rhys’s wedding. A year after Hybern. 


Rhys grinned, lifting a laughing Feyre in his arms as he crossed over the threshold of the cabin where they first mated. They had a beautiful wedding in the afternoon and a party afterwards at the House of Wind where everyone was invited. The guests spilled out onto the roads of Velaris but, nonetheless, they all had the best time. After greeting all their guests the best they can and announcing their thanks, Rhys dragged Feyre off as fast as he can to their cabin with only a quick message to their Inner Circle not to disturb them.

Of course, they all laughed before giving the newly married couple a look. Rhys barely heard their reply as he winnowed him and his mate away to the cabin. 

Rhys didn’t put Feyre down once they were inside. He carried her all the way to their bedroom before dropping her against the bed. She giggled as she bounced against it before leaning up on her elbows to look at his mate. Her smile turned into a smirk.

Feyre has been teasing Rhys about her white lacy underthings that she would be wearing all day underneath her wedding dress. Rhys was on the verge of taking her in her dressing room before the party only to restrain himself.

It would be worth it, she reminded him.

“Now. Do you want to show me those underthings you’ve been telling me about all day?” Rhys asked, a smirk on his own face.

Feyre only shifted to the left side of the bed and stood up to stand in front of her mate. She leaned up and gave him a short kiss on the lips just to tease him before stepping back by one step. She turned around so her back was facing Rhys and pushed down the straps of her black, silk, glittering dress off her shoulder and arms. The top of the dress fell and hung down from her waist as she bent over teasingly to push the dress all the way down. 

Rhys’s eyes widen from the view his mate was giving him. Her dress may be dark and bold to symbolize the Night Court but her underthings were white. And lacy. Very, very, lacy. Her bra had straps crossed all over the back and her lacy panties had a hole on the backside in the shape of a heart. There was a small ribbon resting on top of the heart. Feyre turned around, crossing her arms which only made Rhys’s eyes widen even more. Her breasts was barely covered, the cup only reaching up to cover her just above her nipples. 

“Are you just going to stare? Cause if you are then I guess I’ll just leave,” she muttered.

Rhys snapped back to reality as he pushed Feyre back against the nearest wall. He leaned down and kissed her hard, pushing her up to wrap her legs around him by her butt.

“I like your underwear,” Rhys quickly muttered against her lips before attaching his back with hers.

Feyre only answered him with a moan as she wraps her arm around his waist and gripped whatever skin was exposed near his wings. 

He lifted her up from the wall and dropped her on the bed, hovering above her. He gripped the middle of Feyre’s bra and snapped it in half from his impatience. 

“Rhys!” Feyre pulled away and frowned down at the ripped undergarment.

“I can buy you more Feyre darling. And I’ll come with you this time,” he said before leaning down and taking one of her peaked nipples into his mouth. 

Feyre could only laugh before it turned into a moan.

“Oh, Rhys…” 

He chuckled against her skin before shifting his hand up to massage the other. Feyre’s hand had lid up from his back to his hair as she tugged it softly, her legs wrapped around his back instead.

“Rhys. Games later,” she demanded.

Rhys could only nod as he completely pulled off her bra from her body. He tossed it somewhere behind him before he kissed a trail down to her belly button then back up. He quickly tugged of his Night Court attire and stripped down until he was naked. Feyre laughed at how fast he was moving.

“I think that was faster than you usually train with me,” she commented.

He only groaned as he leaned down and brushed two of his fingers against Feyre’s entrance over her lacy underwear. She gasped from the contact, her hands finding their way back to Rhys’s hair.

“Rhys, please,” she begged, willing him to take off the remainder of her barely there piece of underthing.

“I don’t want it off. I like it too much,” Rhys muttered before taking her lips with his. He teased her mouth open, their kiss turning deeper.

Rhys pushed Feyre’s panties to one side and nudged his tip against her entrance. She moaned, wrapping one leg around his back and pushing him closer. He complied, pushing himself entirely into her.

Feyre’s eyes widen from the contact.

Cauldron, boil me.

Mor didn’t let her and Rhys stay together in one house for a week before the wedding. So you could imagine how much they both were deprived of it.

Feyre grinded against him as Rhys finally started moving in and out of her. His mouth slid down to her neck as he left soft kisses all over the area while one hand was massaging her breast. Feyre’s arms found their way onto his wings as she rubbed his membrane up and down. She felt Rhys twitch inside her from the contact.

“You keep doing that, Feyre and I won’t last another minute,” Rhys muttered against the crook of her neck.

“Who says I want you to last any longer? I know I won’t,” she mumbled back in a haze of pleasure. 

Rhys rocked in and out of her faster, standing up straight and putting her ankles above his shoulder. He thrusted inside her faster than before, his hands sliding down onto her things and holding on.

“Feyre,” was all Rhys said before he climaxed into her, throwing his head back from the feeling he was deprived of for a week.

Feyre followed right after, her back arching from the pleasure. 

How did I ever last a week without this?

When they finally came down from their high, Rhys leaned down and kissed Feyre’s lips softly now. He set her legs down and shifted her so she was lying the right direction on the bed. He took off her panties and tossed it aside before rushing to the bathroom and grabbing a towel. He cleaned her up before dropping himself beside her with the biggest grin she’s ever seen. It was contagious apparently as Feyre has the same grin moments later.

“I’m never going a week without you again, darling,” Rhys muttered before shifting his built body to lay on top of hers. He buried his face in her neck and clasped his left arm with her right that was laying beside her.

Feyre laughed softly, “Me too, Rhys.”

Her left hand moved up and stroked Rhys’s hair before she kissed her forehead softly.

They laid there in comfortable silence for a moment before Rhys whispered, “We’re finally together. After everything.” 

Feyre’s eyes couldn’t help but glistened as she leaned down and kissed his forehead again, “Yeah, Rhys. We are. And I’m not leaving you again unless it’s a life and death situation.” 

Rhys nodded before lifting his head and kissing her softly once more. He pulled back when they were both out of breathe with a mischievous smirk. 

“Round two?” 

Feyre didn’t even have to reply before she flipped them over and took control. 

the hetalia community is reputable for supporting artists who are already intensely popular; they don’t need to worry about not receiving credit for their hard work, because it’s guaranteed regardless of the blog it’s posted on.
i’m not shunning them for their success, no, don’t get me wrong. it’s really impressive and i’m glad for them to have made it this far.
it’s depressing, though, seeing artists that deserve just as much praise hardly make it through the 50 note threshold; they’re not appreciated.
it’s making a lot of fanartists lose faith in what they’re doing. me included.
the fandom is basically dead - and y'all ain’t doing a whole lot in order to revive it.

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WIP: Thunder/Rain

Will wrung his shirt out, stepping over the threshold of the Hades cabin as thunder boomed behind him. “Nico?”
The cabin was silent and dark, but Will spotted an odd shaped lump on the bed that must be his boyfriend. Another clap of thunder came from outside and Will heard the lump whimper.

When we came out here we were cut off, whether we liked it or not, from everything we had done up to that point. […] The older men still have firm ties to their earlier lives - they have property, wives, children, jobs and interests, and these bonds are all so strong that the war can’t break them. But for us twenty-year-olds there are only our parents, and for some of us a girlfriend. That isn’t much, because at our age parental influence is at its weakest, and girls haven’t really taken over yet. Apart from that, we really didn’t have much else; the occasional passion for something, a few hobbies, school; our lives didn’t go much further than that as yet. And now nothing is left of it at all.
Kantorek would say that we had been standing on the very threshold of life itself. It’s pretty well true, too. We hadn’t had a chance to put down any roots. The war swept us away. For the others, for the older men, the war is an interruption, and they can think beyond the end of it. But we were caught up by the war, and we can’t see how things will turn out. All we know for the moment is that in some strange and melancholy way, we have become hardened, although we don’t often feel sad about it any more.
—  All Quiet On the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque.

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ik this is random but i was jst wondering if there were any specific kinks that you dont like reading about? like daddy for ex

bro, i’ve literally read a fic where jungkook pisses in taehyung’s mouth, my kink threshold for what i’ll read it pretty fucking high lol - as long as it’s well-written of course. tbh i don’t even read warnings on fics anymore bc i like being surprised with what i’ll get. like i don’t want to see the ‘mentions of drugs or death’ thing. like if someone’s gonna die or have a drug problem in a fic i want to be genuinely shocked lol. if there’s a daddy kink, coolio bro i want it to come out of nowhere. i want to be surprised so i try to avoid looking at the warnings that people put up. (but of course i understand why they’re there which is why i put them on my fics as well). but the only thing i won’t read or if it’s in a fic i’ll immediatley stop reading it is incest - obviously excluding step-siblng fics bc y’all know i like a good step-sibling fic lol

of a white rose

stephanie w.
in the quiet ocean of your softest
phantom, we surrender our prayers to
realms beyond the gleam

tainted of thy guilt, such love majestic
kissed of shadows that rescind quite
near in nightly awe

his bejeweled silhouettes, boasting barren
of a white rose, teased of tender words
that fade, bemoaned and tasted
whilst you sparingly repent

fawned of crystalline ash that spills
endlessly, the pangs that dance amid
your absence, flesh that rabidly ignites

cruel and ablaze with the sickly 
ornamentation like the light that smoothly
radiates beyond thy baring

pleading of sadder thresholds, to
behold the garment to release; bleeding
silently that embers fall, crafted
careful, in cold blending

whilst he pricks the rose, without a
thorn; unwound and tender, so
her prey begins, to caress and uphold
you, stilled in thick night of day.

Cunning Old Foxes - I:

Steed as Liminal Figure

Sing to me, O Muse, of the man of twists and turns….

– Homer, The Odyssey, after the translation by Robert Fagles

The first in an occasional series about Steed as trickster.

The trickster of myth and legend is first and foremost a liminal figure. He does not inhabit the real social world, although he frequently visits it in order to employ his cunning and manipulate a situation to his own ends. (NB: I am using the masculine pronoun because tricksters most often present as male.) This requires a great deal of social flexibility, a flexibility that is born not only of an ability to playact and shapeshift, but also of a deep knowledge of the intricacies of social conventions, mores, gender roles, and other important frameworks within human cultures and societies. By using this cunning and flexibility, the trickster is able to cross a threshold – in Latin, the limen, the word from which “liminal” is derived – into the social world and to navigate other boundaries within the social spaces he chooses to visit (and disrupt).

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18. Who’s She? Part 3. (JokerXReader)

So here we finally go, with the third part of Who’s She! :D Thank you for all the feedback you gave me so far, it truely makes me more happy than anything else, to see that you are liking this story (and all the others of course too) so much, you are amazing guys! <3

Who’s she? Part 3.

Special guest starring: Captain Griggs 

What were you doing here?

You must be crazy …

Every normal girl would’ve informed the police or at least your mother.

You still haven’t told her anything about what happened yesterday and what was laying outside the front door, today.

She didn’t know that you studied the Joker’s patient file, she didn’t know about the last bouquet of flowers and she didn’t know about the invitation, which was layed down for you, on the threshold of your house.

But why haven’t you told her?

What was it about this man, that made you so curious?

„(Y/N), hello. Your mother is already gone, can I help you?“, one of the security guards outside the Arkham Asylum asked.

You could hardly remember that his name was Bob.

„Yes … okay, um … listen, this is a stupid story but, I accidently confused one of my english books with one of her patient file folders and she would be totaly mad at me, if she would find out, that I had the folder with me in my courses. So I wanted to ask if you could maybe give me the keys to her office, so I can change the folder with my book, before she finds out about it. You would save my life“, you said with your most innocent and pleading voice.

Bob looked at you for a few moments, you could see that he was about to tell you, this isn’t possible because of the safety measures, but after you looked him in the eyes with this hopeful glimpse, he finally gave in, smiling at you.

„It’s on the first floor, second door on the left, but please be careful and stay away from the crazy people“, he said and gave the keys unobtrusive into your hands.

You bestowed him your most beautiful smile.

„Thank you so much“, you said after he let you pass the safety doors.

„I can’t believe you just have to smile at someone and they let you pass. No wonder the prisoners have such good opportunities to escape“, you murmered to yourself, while walking through the corridors.

Most of the guards and employees here, knew who you were, so they just greeted and smiled at you, nothing they had to be worried about.

Hundred fiftyfour …

You repeated the number of his cell in your mind like a mantra.

You stupid fool, what are you doing here?

He’s a psychopath, a murderer and so much more and you followed his strange invitation, are you high?

„(Y/N), hi. What are you doing here?“, Dr Parker one of your mothers coworkers suddenly said.

„Hi, oh I just confused one of my english books with one of her patient file folders, so I wanted to change them secretly, you know. Please don’t tell her I was here, she would be super mad at me, for taking this with me, out of coincidence“, you said.

The doctor smiled at you.

„I haven’t seen you“, he said.

„Thank you.“

„But be careful up there, I have to go to my next session.“

„I will. Say the crazy boys hello from me“, you joked.

„Always there for a laughter“, he chuckled.

„Have to go now, good luck with the folder.“

„Thanks, bye“, you said and sighed in relief as the young man was gone.

Okay focus … this won’t be easy.

„Oooh, and does this pretty little thing wants to say hello to this crazy boy too?“

Your eyes got wide in shock and you gave a look to the low and gravelly voice that has spoken to you nearly out of nowhere.

You felt your heart beating against your chest, ten times harder as you recognized who talked to you there, out of his cell.

Was this already cell hundred fiftyfour?

You didn’t expected you’ll find him so fast, you thought as you finally looked at him.

The green hair slicked back, those crimson red lips curled up into a little smirk and his muscular torso bare, with all those shiny black tattoes on his chest and his arms.

Yes, you’ve seen a few pictures of him, out of the news and of course you studied your mother’s patient files before you came here, but that couldn’t be the same man, he looked totaly different now, even more attractiv as on the photos … nearly beautiful.

„Hi“, you said with a curious smile.

Joker grinned widely and jumped to the glass panel that was keeping him away from you.

He pressed his forehead against it, also his hands and looked at you, like he wanted to stare holes into your soul.

You just tilted your head and looked him in those crazy blue eyes.

It felt like he wanted to hypnotize you.

„I’ve waited for you, little (Y/N) …“

„Pretty, pretty (Y/N)“, he smiled in a sing song voice.

„Why? Why me? Why the invitation?“, you asked now more sirious.

„Because … As I first saw your photo in your mother’s office, I already knew, little doll, that you are something special …“, he whispered.

„Well … thank you … um … for the flowers and …“, you weren’t sure what to say anymore.

He was a strange mixture out of being super adorable at the moment and also super eerie, with all those whispering and staring at you, not to mention that he was still really attractiv.

He smiled at you, this time more normal, instead of crazy.

„Come here, come a little closer, don’t be scared, doll. Let me look at you“, he said, his voice now low and gravelly again.

You stepped towards him, there was only the pane between you two now.

„Look at this beautiful innocent face …“, Joker said and stroke the glass panel at the place where your cheeks were.

„Something so sweet and pure … I guess, I just wanted to imagine that you could be mine, someday if I weren’t locked away in this glass cage.“

His words hypnotized your senses again and you knew what he was doing.

He manipulated you.

„You’re trying to make me help you get out here“, you whispered, before you could think and it seems like this was a big mistake.

Joker laughed, but not the kind of crazy laughter that would’ve showed how amused he was about this comment, of yours.

„No, doll. If I would want you to get me out here, I would’ve said that you should bring a gun and a knife with you. I could escape easily, even without your help. And I will get out here, and when it’s time I will take you with me“, he growled.

A shiver ran down your spine, after his last words.

He would take you with him?


What was so special about you, that he was so obsessed with wanting you?

„Why?“, you asked, still confused.

„Because a girl like you doesn’t belong into a boring world like this“, he purred and looked around at the corridor you were standing in.

„But I’m just normal. I wouldn’t belong into your world“, you said, what made Joker grin again.

„Say (Y/N). If you’re so normal like you said, why are you here? Wouldn’t a normal girl tell her mother about the message I left you, wouldn’t a normal girl be afraid of coming here and talking with me?“

You looked into his cold blue eyes again, while opening your mouth, to answer, but nothing came out.

He was right.

Those questions were the same, you asked yourself at the way up here.

You belong to me …“, he whispered.

„Hey! What are you doing there?“

„Oooh, the boys who always come to play with me, are finally back“, Joker growled through squinted eyes.

„You should go doll, if you don’t wanna see something very, very disturbing, now“, Joker purred at you.

„What do you mean?“, you asked irritated as some security guards came along and took you away from the glass panel.

„It’s okay, that’s Dr Warner’s daughter. She just wanted to bring her mother a patient file back“, one of the guards said.

„I’m sorry, just thought the clown sent someone to break him out“, the man who had grabbed you by your arm said and let go off you now.

„I’m Captain Griggs, I’m the one who has to take care of this freak.“

„Wait, what are you doing? The session time is over“, you said confused, as the guards opened the cell, three of them had tasers in their hands.

„Have fun as long as you can boys, when I’m out here, I will find everyone of you little bastards, and guess who’s familys will die for that? Right, yours“, you heared Joker laugh, before they put him violently in his straitjacket.

„Are you threatening us, you freak?“, another guard asked.

Joker just grinned widely into his face, what made you see his glistening silver teeth.

„Time for you to go, little (Y/N), before this pictures will hunt your worst nightmares“, Joker smiled as he looked at you for the last time.

„N-no, no, no, wait what are you gonna-“, you said but it was already too late to ask.

One of the guards kicked Joker in the stomach with his big boots and the other one gave him a horrible electroshock with one of the tasers.

„Come on, you shouldn’t see this“, Griggs smiled at you and grabbed you by your arm again, but you unsnapped yourself and ran over to Joker’s cell.

„Stop it! STOP!“, you screamed as you saw what they were doing to him, while Joker was laughing away the pain.

They kicked him in the stomach and tasered him again and again, he was bleeding out of his nose, but he was still laughing, until someone punched him in the throat.

„NO, STOP IT! STOP THAT! LET HIM GO!“, you yelled and bashed your hands against the pane.

„Hey, sweetheart! Listen, listen to me! This freak, is a psychotic antisocial freak, he killed thousands of people and I would bet, he would’ve killed even you, if he had had the opportunitie right now“, Griggs said and pulled you away from the cell.

„But that doesn’t give you the right’s to do that to him! You are here for the safety, not for hurting people, you aren’t even better than him you’re worse!“, you said with tears in your eyes, as you heared Joker growling in pain.

„You’re young, you don’t understand that, yet“, Griggs said and pushed you out of the corridor.

„I do! And if I tell my mom what you are doing here, everyday-“

Griggs began to laugh loudly.

„Your mum? Go home, honey and ask your mum for the right answers“, he said.

„What do you mean by that?“, you hissed.

„I mean that we all have our little secrets, even you, don’t you?“, he said and took the keys to your mothers office out off your hands.

„Greet your mother from me, sweetie.“

And with just another single push you were standing outside of the Asylum again, still the pictures in your head and the laugh of Joker in your ears, while tears were running down your cheeks …

♊ the gemini symbol 
~ the pillars holding the roof above and the floor of the temple below ~
this is the Gate.
it unlocks the heavenly door. It opens toward fulfilling spiritualism, the sensation of awe and wonder, where Dane Rudhyar says the wind of destiny blows
we stand at the gate waiting to be filled, to experience, to stand between the Inner and the Outer. 

The gate awakens self contemplation, where two worlds come together. This is why gemini is traditionally known as the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’. brotherly love and ultimate devotion is reminiscent in gemini, narrated by the eternal bond of castor and pollux. their incessant communication brings about harmony and communion with all of humanity 

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Where is there any SOLID PROOF or confirmation that the $10 million dollar house was bought by Harry and Louis??? All people have is one rumor by some random blogger and everyone just blindly believes it.

Oh, anon.. And what exactly is “solid proof”? Multiple pieces of circumstantial evidence are enough to convict murderers, but not enough for you, is that it? You’re welcome not to believe something. You can set your personal threshold for believing something however high you want. But how fucking dare you decide what everyone else believes. You don’t know what other people know. You don’t know how they’ve assessed the evidence. Just because you don’t know all the evidence, just because you have a reached a different conclusion, how fucking dare you dismiss people with a different opinion as “everyone just blindly believes it.” Do I come across as gullible? Do I seem to be someone who just takes things based on an unsubstantiated rumor and runs with it? You don’t have to believe what I do, but fuck off with the idea that we’re all required to believe the way you do. And fuck off with your “solid proof” nonsense because I’m pretty sure I haven’t shut up recently about how the standards some people apply to “evidence” around here is beyond absurd. That it has no bearing in either logic or legal burdens of proof. That the only reason people have set those bars so high is because (1) they don’t want something to be true so they set the standard for “truth” beyond reason or (2) they’ve been gaslighted so long they’re afraid to apply normal, every day concepts to this subject.


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Past seeds have come forth which they hold within their pregnant core the mystery of tomorrows. And it is for the sake of these seeds and the life-to-be that the individual must wield the sword of severance - the sword which Jesus bought to mankind. The sword is heavy; and the multitudinous ghosts swarming from their unconscious, or massed into the awesome appearance of the “Dweller on the Threshold”, are cruel enemies. The Piscean temperament is a battlefield. 

Dane Rudhyar 

His fingers gently roll over, the lock opening with a gentle thud. The smell is the first thing he takes in. The scent of something sweet, baked apples, washes over him. There’s a lingering scent just underneath of something deeper, much more ancient and profound. Sage, maybe?

It’s the smell of home, and Steve doesn’t realize how much he missed it until he was standing underneath the doorway. His lips twitch upwards, it’s amazing how the smallest things can make him smile.

It’s all because of you. 

The floorboards all let out an individual creak as his feet glide across. His eyes spark when he finds the kitchen light is on.

It’s not like you to forget to turn off lights before you go to bed.

It’s only as he crosses the threshold that a warm smile curls onto his lips. Your head is cradled in your arms, the creamy lids of your eyes are shut tight. Your back is hunched over slightly, and your body squirms every few seconds, no doubt trying to get comfortable as you sleep on top of the kitchen table.

Steve suppresses a laugh. 

His hands untangle yours from the papers around you. He smiles as he lifts you up, your head rolling behind his forearm.

He gazes down at you fondly as he makes his way to your bed. 

“So this is what it’s like to be home, huh?”