may i feel (vi)

Author: @chileananderson (anonstarbuck)
may i feel said he
(i’ll squeal said she
just once said he)
it’s fun said she
(may i touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let’s go said he
not too far said she
what’s too far said he
where you are said she)

may i stay said he
(which way said she
like this said he
if you kiss said she

may i move said he
is it love said she)
if you’re willing said he
(but you’re killing said she

but it’s life said he
but your wife said she
now said he)
ow said she

Most momentous moments with Scully, those that he runs over and over in his mind’s eye like a favourite clip from a video that isn’t his, happen in a threshold.

Lifetimes ago he was carrying Diana through a threshold, wedding band shiny and untarnished on his finger, the buzz of champagne and newly exchanged vows electric against his younger, thinner skin.

That time doesn’t compare to two years ago, when he broke past his doorway to stop her in his hallway and tell her, as best he could at the time, that he needed her. Since then, he has a slight aversion to bees and sometimes gets distracted by the memory of her lips parting right before he was able to show her just how much he needed her. He thought maybe he tasted her. Sometimes he let himself imagine that he had.

Now she’s in his threshold again and his ex-wife is dead and all he can think of is her voice like a beacon of sanity calling him to her when the world was upside down. She’s upset and he wants to comfort her and tell her that he can mourn Diana without thoughts of mouth-breathing into a gun barrel. That had it been her instead, there’d be a Roscharch-like splatter on the wall made of his precious brain matter and the picture he keeps of her in his wallet would be clutched tightly in his other fist. 

“You were my friend and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant. My touchstone.”

“And you are mine.”

In the threshold of number 42, she traces the lines of his face and the dip of his lower lip. He watches her staring at them, letting her learn the groove of his pout. He knows now that soon it’ll be his turn. He’ll press his lips to hers and know them too. Maybe in appreciation, maybe in celebration. Maybe both. Who knows what the new milenium might bring.

He fights the impulse to taste her thumb with his tongue and watches her walk away. He can no longer hear her but it doesn’t matter. He knows that when she gets on the elevator she’ll lean against the wall and close her eyes and exhale like she’s held her breath for six years. In a way she has. So has he.

He closes the door behind him but with the knowledge that the threshold remains open now. He gently touches his fingers to his lips, retracing her same movements. He closes his eyes and feels himself grow hard.

He prays that recovery comes quick.
As for him…he’ll take his time.

Priest/Demon AU: Mako is a missionary who travels all around the world. He goes to this beautiful lush island that seems like a paradise, until he goes for a walk and finds an empty, dilapidated church. Its white and stone and open to the elements, except that every plant stops on its threshold. He wanders inside out of curiosity but then starts to feel ill and he can smell rot. His heart races, body heats up, he feels dizzy and falls to his knees. A local finds Mako and drags him out, then tells him that nobody goes near that temple because a demon dwells inside.
After this experience, Mako keeps having nightmares. Then he starts to see a dark figure in the corner of his eye where ever he goes. Sleep deprived and paranoid, his health declines and he’s losing his mind. He decides to attempt to exorcise himself, but fails halfway through. The demon finally becomes visible only to him, but its shackled to his soul.



Summary - According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

Words - 1.3k

A/N: made a slightly longer chapter to make up for how shit the last one was/is LMAO

masterlist // TRS masterlist

Your steps are almost silent as you tiptoe along the wall, making sure no one sees you. It’s time to sneak out like you’ve been doing for the past day. No one’s realised yet - including Bellamy. “What do you think you’re doing?” 

Guess you’re not as good as you thought you were. Your feet lay against the threshold of the outside world and you shoot the person behind you a smile. “Oh. Hi, Bellamy.” 

He rolls his eyes, the hint of a smile on his pink lips. But then the barricades are back up. “Get back inside.”

“You can’t make me.” You reply, walking out. He follows you for a few steps before pulling you back by your arm. He swiftly turns you around and you come face to face with those familiar, brown eyes. 

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anonymous asked:

Any suggestions for making small children a positive thing for a dog? The dog just isn't a huge fan of kids in it's personal space. I'm always on the kids to be polite and I watch them but I don't want to constantly worry and then make the dog even more uncomfortable. Kids are still kids and I don't wanna second guess everything I can't always be there to see. Like a way to increase the dogs threshold? If i practice the things kids like to do (in face, being rough) and give food will that help?

Some dogs just don’t like kids. Similar to how some dogs just don’t like other dogs, it’s better to accept that your dog doesn’t like kids rather than try to force your dog to change his mind.

You can desensitize the dog to kids being closeby, but if the dog truly doesn’t like kids in his personal space, it’s my opinion to not put the dog in a situation where there will be kids in his personal space.

kaxen  asked:

"I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.” Pricingham?

“Woah woah woah, wait!”

Kevin staggers to a halt. The toes of his caramel leather riding boots just kiss the threshold of the hall.

Arnold looks up from the other side, apologetic. “I just finished waxing the floors,” he explains. “Uh, Your Highness.”

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All I really need to say:

In canceling Milo’s book contract, Simon & Schuster made a business decision the same way they made a business decision when they decided to publish that man in the first place. When his comments about pedophilia/pederasty came to light, Simon & Schuster realized it would cost them more money to do business with Milo than he could earn for them. They did not finally “do the right thing” and now we know where their threshold, pun intended, lies. They were fine with his racist and xenophobic and sexist ideologies. They were fine with his transphobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. They were fine with how he encourages his followers to harass women and people of color and transgender people online. Let me assure you, as someone who endured a bit of that harassment, it is breathtaking in its scope, intensity, and cruelty but hey, we must protect the freedom of speech. Certainly, Simon & Schuster was not alone in what they were willing to tolerate. A great many people were perfectly comfortable with the targets of Milo’s hateful attention until that attention hit too close to home.

Because I’ve been asked, I will not be publishing my book with Simon & Schuster now that they have dropped Milo. After I pulled my book, they changed the release date of Dangerous from March to June 13, the day my next book, Hunger, comes out. I said nothing because I was neither threatened nor concerned but it did reinforce for me that this was not a company I wanted to do business with. My protest stands. Simon & Schuster should have never enabled Milo in the first place. I see what they are willing to tolerate and I stand against all of it. Also, I’ve received far better offers for How to Be Heard from other publishers.

There are some who will spin the cancellation of this book contract as a failure of the freedom of speech but such is not the case. This is yet another example of how we are afforded the freedom of speech but there is no freedom from the consequences of what we say.



i’ll be holding an art raffle to celebrate this occasion!

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- the raffle will last until january 1st. you must reblog this post in order to participate
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- NSFW requests will be turned down

- 1st place winner: you will be able to chose a character, yours or a favorite, w/ your choice of weapon. if you’ve an idea for a weapon, be sure to include it in your request.

- 2nd place winners: chose a character for me to draw, and a preference of waist-shot or a full-body picture

- 3rd place winners: chose a character and clarify whether you’d prefer them as a chibi, or at a bust-shot pic

V headcanons literally NO ONE asked for

  • hits his head on thresholds on occasion
  • starts wearing his dog tag less once he’s with mc (likely had something to do with that devil snake rika)
  • has soft af clothing because he’s very concerned about material and whenever mc and him cuddle he’s Extra Soft
  • smells kinda like fancy cologne but also nice lavender soap tbh and his hair smells flowery too
  • he keeps his fancy smoking pipe in an even fancier case
  • has so many dumb scrapbooks that literally pile up in the closet of their room from their younger years, when mc and v are bored they shuffle through all the photos and try to arrange them in chronological order but v’s memory is pretty shit
  • mc writes all the grocery lists and anything that needs to be written down ever because v writes like a seven year old and his cursive is incomprehensible
  • while a precious cinnabun awake, when v gets abruptly awakened he turns into a blue monster for about thirty seconds as he will smack whatever source of awakening away like it was a very large fly
  • he’s got yaoi hands and it’s fuckin unreal his whole hand could wrap about a cup but you know what they say about big hands… 
  • always rubs mc’s back until they fall asleep or he falls asleep first and will 100% hold mc close and cuddle them even in their sleep 
  • this causes some weird ass sleeping positions
  • zen forgot that v was near blindness at one point and tried to high five him and saeyoung never let it go ever
  • sometimes still tries to take pictures even though his vision is absolutely horrid, once mc comes around though she’ll help him and sometimes describes how the picture for him is (hopefully he gets eye surgery sheesh)
  • when he washes his face or showers at night he wears a headband to keep his bangs from falling over his face!!! it’s very adorable
  • but he also walks around the house naked after showers so that can be a little weird when jumin stopped by once to just say hello and he got to see a lot more of his best friend than he ever wanted to 
  • speaking of his dick is probably curved after all those years of wearing fucking skinny jeans lmao
  • his whole closet is monochrome and mc must plead with him to buy clothes with more color. he gets a cheesy hawaiian tourist shirt that he actually likes and mc is even more horrified.
  • owns a fanny pack because he’s convinced it’s back in style and that it is iconic
  • always 100% hydrated and pulls a water bottle out of the vortex that is his fancy hipster messenger bag and drinks the recommended eight glasses a day
  • however forgets to eat all the time and mc needs to remind him
  • someone take care of this young boy please

Lin-Manuel Miranda on His Lifelong Oscars Obsession and Why the Show Still Matters (Guest Column)

The Hollywood Reporter
February 20, 2017

During college, Lin-Manuel Miranda and a friend used to improvise interpretative dance tributes to best picture nominees at their annual Oscar party. “It was a lot of breathing and rolling around,” recalls the creator of the Broadway smash Hamilton. “We had a great Seabiscuit dance one year.”

For the New York-born son of Puerto Rican parents — his father a political consultant, his mother a psychologist — it was just another phase of a lifelong fascination with the Oscars that began when he was growing up in the Inwood section of Manhattan, playing and replaying the telecasts that his family recorded on their VCR. At 37, Miranda is about to cross the threshold from superfan to participant: “How Far I’ll Go,” which he wrote for the Disney film Moana, is nominated for original song, and on Feb. 26, Miranda (with his mother) will attend his first Academy Awards.

It’s an auspicious step in a career that will see him star with Emily Blunt and Colin Firth in Disney’s 2018 Mary Poppins Returns and collaborate with composer Alan Menken on the studio’s live-action The Little Mermaid, one of Miranda’s favorite films and, he reveals here, the gateway to his Oscars obsession.

My brain is a compendium of Oscar moments: Tom Hanks’ beautiful acceptance speech when he won best actor for Philadelphia in 1994. Roberto Benigni climbing over chairs and wanting to make love to everybody in the world when Life Is Beautiful won best foreign-language film in 1999. Kim Basinger presenting in 1990 and telling the audience that one of the best films of the year, Do the Right Thing, was not nominated. For her to take a stand, 25 years before #OscarsSoWhite, was incredible — and impressive because time has shown the prescience of that film.

I expect we’ll see more of that this year. It’s a political time, so I imagine the Oscars will look exactly like your Twitter or Facebook feed. Why should we ignore for three hours what we’re talking about 24 hours a day?

The Oscars were always a family affair when I was a kid. One sort of unintentional tradition we had every year was during the “In Memoriam” part of the show. My family called it the “She died?” section because my dad, who is pop culture-oblivious, would always go, “She died? He died? She died?!” the whole time. So, it was very sad and yet also very funny watching my dad catch up.

When I was a kid, the Oscars felt like this impossibly larger-than-life thing. The first time I felt like I had a horse in the race was in 1990. I was 10, and The Little Mermaid was up for best song and best score. They did that crazy “Under the Sea” number with the late, great Geoffrey Holder and dudes in scuba outfits tap-dancing with flippers. We had a tradition of recording the show on our VHS, and I must have watched it a million and a half times.

There was also an amazing Chuck Workman montage at the beginning of the show that depicted 100 years of filmmaking with classic scores. I was already in love with movies, but this was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life.

That was the period when Billy Crystal was hosting, and I would memorize his musical spoofs of the year’s top films. He did them with Marc Shaiman, whom I’m working with right now on Mary Poppins Returns… I was a huge fan of those moments and musical numbers — they showed a genuine love of movies while still poking fun at them. I may also be the only person in America who laughed his ass off to “Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma.” David Letterman’s commitment to that bit was enough to put it over the top for me. He didn’t care if no one got it. In his head, it was funny.

Hosting the Oscars is not a thing I would ever want to do… You always have to do this dance as a host: You’re playing to a billion people at home, and you’re playing to anxious contestants in a room, and that’s an insanely hard thing to divide. It’s the most thankless task in the world. I have a pretty healthy ego, but it does not extend in that direction. I’d much rather be the guy writing the opening tune than having to deliver it.

Another Oscar moment that really stuck with me was when Whoopi won her best supporting actress for Ghost. I’ll never forget, at the top of her acceptance speech she said, “Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted this,” which is so rare. Then she said, “As a little kid, I lived in the projects, and you’re the people I watched. You’re the people who made me want to be an actor.” For me, it was like she was saying, “If you want this, you can get it, too. I’m proof that you can.”

I had been seeing myself in this world since I was old enough to do anything, and it was as if she reached through the screen to talk to me. I was that kid. Even my mother used to say, “Remember what Whoopi said.”

That speech was the inspiration for the opening song I co-wrote for Neil Patrick Harris, “Bigger,” for the 2013 Tony Awards:

There’s a kid in the middle of nowhere sitting there, living for Tony performances singin’ and flippin’ along with the Pippins and Wickeds and Kinkys, Matildas and Mormonses / So we might reassure that kid and do something to spur that kid  / ‘Cause I promise you all of us up here tonight, We were that kid and now we’re bigger

Another of my favorite moments was in 2005, when they had Antonio Banderas sing “Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from The Motorcycle Diaries, which was nominated for best song. And then when Jorge Drexler, who composed it, won, he went onstage and sang it, like, “This is how it really goes.” It was so funny and ballsy and great. I’m happy whenever Latinos win anything, so I was thrilled by both performances.

I can’t tell you what it feels like in that room because this will be my first time at the Oscars, but I can tell you why the Oscars matter. It’s a night when the arts and artists are formally honored, and this recognition is seen by millions of people across the country and around the world. The show inspires people to keep pursuing their craft, or to seek out the nominated films or the overall body of work of the nominees, and through that exposure, people gain a greater appreciation of what the art of filmmaking brings to our culture.