listen, though. of all of them to go early, of all of them to first cross that threshold, to see their families and their absent dead, I’m glad it was vax, cause like. vax loves all of them so fucking much and he just. he’s the right one to sit down with Johanna and Fredrick and Julius and Vesper and Whitney and Oliver and Ludwig and tell them of how much Percy and Cass have  grown, how Whitestone is flourishing, how proud they should be of their family. he’s the right one to sit with Juniper and tell her stories about Scanlan, about the man he became, about how he’s happily in love with a wonderful gnome and a good father. he’s the right one to sit down with Vilya and talk for hours and hours about Keyleth, about how wonderful she is, how strong, how wise, how caring, how proud a mother ought to be to have a daughter like her. he’s the right one to sit with Elaina and talk about Vex, his best friend and better half, about everything they did together and everything she will still do, because she’s Vex, and she will just keep rising and rising like the star she is, chosen of the sun god and bright as ever.

just. if one of them had to go. I’m glad it was the one who loves them with the whole of his heart, so that he can tell their families, your children have done you proud, and they send their love and they will see you again but not for a long time still. not for a long time.

I followed someones blog and was insulted, shut down, and shamed for not having read their rules before I followed them.

A. Don’t be a dick.

B. I’m mobile a lot of the time so its kind of difficult.

C. I follow some blogs and know we may never RP but I appreciate their writing and blog and so yeah?

D. If you are going to chew people out for even following you, maybe you should give people a heads up?

E. …..

idk like…. with DID you can’t really call stuff “weird” because the baseline level of weird required to function is basically off the charts for everyone around you. like u got an alter who does something you cant explain? not that weird tbh we all do. got an alter with strange activity patterns? yah p common. u got a goddamn tree alter????? fuck dude ur not alone literally there is not a weirdness threshold with DID/OSDD1 you got walk forward with acceptance and ask why rather than what

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, did your follower count recently hit a certain threshold? How many people are following you? I'm incapable of liking or reblogging from you on mobile, and as I have similar problems with Thomas Sanders and Denny's I suspect it's your amount of followers?

Hm, we have a lot of followers, but I don’t know about it hitting a certain threshold. Do others have similar issues?

Worry [Juice]

Panic rushes through [Y/N] as yet another call to Juice ends up in the voicemail box, but that panic soon turns to rage as she closes her phone and flings it across the room. The cellphone strikes the wall across from her jarring the battery loose as it clatters to the floor.

“When I get my hands on that boy so help me,” [Y/N] mumbles just as the doorbell chimes. Taking a deep breath she heads towards the front door, but stop shorts when she sees a very familiar face, one that she currently wants to smack.

In a hurry she yanks open the door coming face to face with Juice, “Where the hell have you been? Better yet, why the hell can’t you answer your phone? I’ve been so worried Juice.”

Juice doesn’t respond, instead he crosses the threshold and pulls [Y/N] into a hug, “I know baby and I’m so sorry, I just-I just needed some time.”

Her fingers grip his hoodie tightly as tears prick her eyes, “You had me so worried Juice, Chibs has been calling asking if you’re okay.”

“I know, I know and I’ll fix that, but for right now it’s about us.” Juice states as he kicks the door closed and ushers [Y/N] to couch, never letting her go.

“I love you Juice,” [Y/N] replies.

“I love you too,” Juice replies as his eyes land on the dismantled phone, “is that your phone on the floor over there?”

“Yes, yes it is.” She replies as Juice lets out a chuckle.

Fictober Day 16, Winter

I had brain-plotted a cute little “Mulder tries to kiss Scully at the office” story to go with the “conspiracy” prompt for today, and then made the mistake of listening to Daughter’s song “Winter”, and this came out instead.  I should probably listen to happier music.  Some of the imagery is shamelessly lifted from the song, which is beautiful, but angsty as hell.  So, tagging @fictober, @today-in-fic and @always-angst.

The worn planks on the porch of the Unremarkable House were stiff with frost, but still she sat, watching the anemic sun give up its hold on the day.  Her briefcase lay tossed at her feet, and the tops of her ears were pinched with cold, yet she watched on.  Inviolate in her routines, it was getting harder and harder to cross the threshold into the purgatorial home she still shared with Mulder at the end of each day.

There had been a time – months ago, forever ago, it was hard to say – when the magnitude of all he made her feel burned hot through her veins.  He was both fire and bellows; anvil and the force behind the blow, and all that was ductile in her had yielded in a sigh.

Now they were tempered strangers who happened to share a past and an emotional Stalingrad.  Drifting in the dog latitudes like two sheets of ice, she prayed for the strength to hold on until their solstice came to an end, whatever that end might be.

Field Corn 2017 13 Panorama – Midland, NC, August 30, 2017

Exploring the Inner World
and deepening our relationship
with the side of ourselves
we call “the unconscious,”
because we are not conscious
of the things going on there,
expands our realm of interest,
and gives us something to do
beyond the same-old-same-old.
It is a threshold to adventure
in the same way
a trip through the solar system might be.
All of us walk through
the dull routines of our life
carrying the source of life
with us,
waiting for us to collaborate
with it
in ways that transform life
as it if were a fairy tale
or a myth in the making.

anonymous asked:

how would you define, in a few sentences, who is an extrovert and who is an introvert? would you say that affirmation about getting their energy from being alone vs. being with other people is accurate?

I think it’s more accurate to think in terms of thresholds and stimuli: introverts have a lower threshold, are more rapidly overwhelmed by environmental stimuli.

It doesn’t have to be about people, one could be overwhelmed by loud noises and bright lights.

The introvert/extravert divide is actually observable in babies, if you scan their brain.

The little introvert’s brain activity is more intensely reactive to what goes on in the environment, and that’s energy-depleting.

Once the mind as a system feels itself to be overwhelmed, flooded with information, it needs to pull back from the incoming flux, in order to regain balance.

here’s the hat fan i made for the same class. it had a sensor that was programmed to switch on a fan when the outside temperature reached a certain threshold.