My Day With Edelweiss: Part One (Threshold Studios)

A few days after Christmas (the 28th of 2012 to be exact!) my good friends of the band Edelweiss invited me to visit them while they recorded a new single at Threshold Studios in NYC (with Jeremy Sklarsky as producer). I hadn’t seen them in ages and it felt really great re-connecting with my friends. That day the band were mostly recording drums, guitars, and keys for the single, which is called ‘Wuthering Heights’ the best part about the day had to be when the tune was at it’s final stages and the band listened back to it, just seeing their faces filled with excitement and that feeling of “fuck yeah, we did that!” was really something special. Enjoy some of the photos I took at the studio below.

Also be on the look out for part two of 'My Day with Edelweiss’ which features me going to the bands hometown of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and documenting their day and hometown show at The Living Room. That post will be up soon!



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The First Frequency

The Oneiriad: First Frequency is an improvised story to be told from the 18th - 26th October, as part of the Revolution that is The Frequency Festival

The story follows Catherine O'Longley, codenamed CathI, a Hide-and-Seeker. Hide-and-Seekers are data couriers, with cybernetic implants turning the simple task of moving data from one corner of the city to the other into cyberpunk espionage. 

CathI is used to her work landing her in trouble, especially with weird creatures behind many doors, but everything gets infinitely more complex when an Angel - an omnipotent entity nothing like the ones from the old tomes - hires her to deliver something. This is a creature that can create suns with half a thought, and create pocket universes with another half, and yet it is hiring a bodymodded human courier to perform this task. Something is afoot.

The only thing the author knows is the beginning and the end, the middle being a journey through Lincoln (or further, who knows) as CathI delivers this data package. Each chapter is inspired by the events of the festival, and Nathan. T. Dean (the author) will explore the festival for its full time in Lincoln to alter the passage of the story. Each exhibition, event, performance will alter the flow of First Frequency, like rocks being thrown into a river. The destination is always the same, but how it gets there is a different matter.

Read the blog as the Festival unfurls, follow her twitter, and read the backstory here

Is a Revolution beginning?

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Friends, we love you. Thank you for your patience. Here we are adding the final touches to the next record! Who is stoked for this next record to finally come out? :) (at Threshold Studios)