everyone ships the really obvious ships you’re supposed to ship, like the reader has made these two people together, you have to ship them. that’s it. don’t change it. it isn’t an option you have, they were written for each other.

meanwhile i’m not afraid to defy gravity and i sit here shipping all my crack ships like a weirdo but i’m a happy weirdo because i’m not afraid of being myself and shipping people who will never be together because the writers won’t allow it. sob sob sob.

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my god! if somebody tells me catoniss is gross one more time i swear a cannon is going to fire bitches

preach it

people just don’t understand what a great ship it is

if catoniss was an acutal ship ship it would be the black pearl and we would all be pirates because we’re fun and i’d be captain jack sparrow or keira knightley or one of the other main people along with erin who was the co-founder of the ship

whereas ships like everlark is just a ship like titanic where it’s called ‘the ship of dreams’ but actually it’s 'the ship where everyone cries their eyes out’ and yeah it’s really cute and they have that bit at the front of the boat and all that my heart will go on etc but then again it just makes you cry and upset so i’d rather be on the black pearl where you can have fun and not cry

and then you have threshface which is just a tiny little dinghy in the middle of the sea because there’s only about 30 shippers in the whole world and we’re sat on the threshface boat setting of signal flares but we refuse to sink and if we do sink we won’t cling onto a door like everlark we will take it like a man

then there’s cleeta. cleeta isn’t even a ship. it’s so small. i could count the number of cleeta shippers in the world on one hand. maybe two at a push. cleeta’s not even a ship. cleeta is just a raft. made from sea turtles. tied together with human hair. from my back.