Girl Meets Texas

I told myself to stick to the facts and to try not to speculate too much on what may happen in Girl Meets Texas. But I heard that Girl Meets Rah Rah was supposed to come out AFTER the Texas episode. So, it got me thinking about the implications on that on Lucaya. So to hell with objectivity because I’ve got a theory. 

I just rewatched GIrl Meets Rah Rah and I picked up on a few interesting things which I will use to support my theory. Well the first of which is that Lucas mentions that “back in Texas Zay had a little incident with a cheerleader.” This confirms that Rah Rah was indeed supposed to come out after Texas. Given that, it is important to observe the dynamics now between and among the characters. But more importantly, I want to give my theories which are backed up by facts and direct observations.

(I also want to note that I have absolutely no free time and I’m using my time that should be devoted to my senior thesis on this show. Yes, this show is starting to affect my college life.)

Fact: Riley and Maya’s friendship changes forever.

Observations: Maya was still there to cheer on Riley during her try outs. Maya still supported her just like she has in any other episode. When Riley initially didn’t make the squad, Maya was the first to comfort her. Zay, Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas walk out arm in arm. 

Threoy: My theory here is that while Riley and Maya’s friendship does change perhaps fundamentally, I don’t think that it changed for the worse. I feel as if whatever it is that happened in Texas made them stronger as best friends. And while Texas is supposed to test their friendship, I think that they made it through just fine and maybe they’re even better now. Also, it’s important to note that all 4 friends were there for Riley to support her through the three days of try outs. This says to me me that the dynamic of the group didn’t change for the worse either. They are all stlil friends who love, support and care for one another.

Fact: Something happens between Lucas and Maya.

Observations: As per usual, Maya’s arm was on Lucas’ table in all their scenes in the classroom. Except for one try outs scenes, Maya and Lucas are always seated together. In one scene, he covers only her eyes (as opposed to covering Farkle’s as well) and puts his head behind hers. 

Theory: This one is a tricky one for me to articulate, but let me try anyway. Given that something happened between Maya and Lucas in Texas, it would seem to me that their interactions after the Texas episode should be reflective of whatever it was that happened between them. Whatever conflict that happened (which also includes the smoothie thing) their interactions afterwards should indicate the kind resolution to the conflict. In other words, if they resolved it in a good way, then they should be should be interacting in a good way. If they didn’t resolve the conflict,or if it wasn’t resolved properly (i.e through denial of the conflict, repression of the conflict, or ignoring the conflict) then there should be tension. Given the observations I listed above, I have a theory about how Texas ends. I think that maybe Lucas and Maya, in caring so much for Riley’s feelings, do indeed tell her what happens. I think that Riley won’t react well to it AT FIRST. But then afterwards, she will have accepted it. I think that this leaves Lucas and Maya to decide what they want to do. And to be honest with you guys, I’m 50/50 with how it may go down. They may either A) decide to stay just friends or B) see what can possibly develop between them. Whatever the resolution is, my theory is that they’ll still be alright after the Texas weekend. I know this for sure because when Maya was upset with Lucas in Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels, she didn’t put her arm on his table. Instead, she was crossing her arms and had her back turned on him completely. This may seem like a small detail, but I’m a Psych major and the one thing I’ve learned is that BODY LANGUAGE IS EVERYTHING. Their body language in Rah Rah seems to indicate that they are still friends (or maybe something more than that).

In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t worry too much about the smoothie thing. I think that all three of them will still be alright. I think that the bonds of their friendship are strengthened, not weakened. What I would be worried about (especially if you’re a hardcore Lucaya shipper like myself) is that Lucas and Maya may decide to remain as just friends.