It’s On Tonight” - Luke Wheeler, Deacon Claybourne & Will Lexington 

2x18 “Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down" 

♫ It’s like somebody flipped a switch and kicked it into overdrive 
Or pushed a button somewhere and made the whole place start to come alive ♫ 


A MEBEA threewheeler made in Greece. This is the company’s first generation “three-wheeled light-truck moped” (1962-1974) – cf. Skartsis 2003:229, a forerunner of the MEBEA 206 shown for instance here or here (or you can check all my MEBEA posts here). Istiaia, Greece, October 2016.

[the return of the threewheelers – ha!]

Head-on view of the blue “unidentified open three-wheeled light-truck moped” previously shown here and here. Neapoli/Exarcheia, Athens, Greece, 2013.

Some more posts of this particular one will follow, if you don’t mind, with additional info, since on this occasion I happened to meet the owner… I was never too proud of my social skills when out in the streets taking photos, but what wouldn’t I do for this blog… :)

Support… (Because it’s been a while since I last posted a threewheeler). Dead, engineless “Cretan-type agricultural threewheeler”, most probably a Record ΓΣ6 (1967), manufactured in Heraklion, Crete. For three other views of the same see here, here, and here. Elata, Chios, Greece, August 2014.

And also… a song about an old Welsh witch - just because, for no reason.

So… I was taking photos of the famous threewheeler (barely visible here as a reflection) when this little fella came by… He seemed to be quite interested in my camera… and then asked me to take his photo… How can anyone refuse anything to a kid, especially on Christmas day?

PS. Well, I took the photo… and the little fella came and asked to see the photo… I had the hardest time trying to explain that my camera is very old…. and in that kind of camera you can’t see the photos right away.  He was very disappointed…

This goes out to one of my Tumblr-heroes, namely Mr. Shawn Badgley

Kyr-Stavros. Elata, Chios, Greece, 2014.

So, I was taking photos of a couple of abandoned threewheelers, when he drove past me on his ride. He then made a 180, and came back to investigate: “Is everything allright?” “Yeah, fine, why?” “You were taking pictures in front of my house”…

I then asked for a couple of shots and he happily obliged. (More on his ride in a forthcoming post.)

Later that day, I heard from other villagers that he had spent many years in America.