Stag and the Maiden- Chapter 15

Rating: M (violence and some language)

Chapter Rating: M (language and some gore)

Pairing: Kristanna and Snow Sisters

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[FFN] [AO3]

Two days had gone by rather quickly for the sisters as they set about preparing for the Imbolc barrier ritual. After Elsa’s short recovery following the harrowing escape from her burning home and intentional drowning—something she and Anna had discussed at length and shed many heartfelt and apologetic tears over—Anna had taken to acclimating her sister to Tree Spring and the fae that dwelled there. She wanted to show her the world she’d been living in for three months, a world Anna had grown rather fond of and seemed to have found a place for herself in. The redhead’s enthusiasm was infectious. Elsa had already met Kristoff, so it was just a matter of introducing her to the rest of the fae and hoping her reaction was as calm and collected as it had been with her previous meeting. Surprisingly enough, Elsa took to the berry fae rather quickly and found a measure of joy in watching them fly between her, Anna, and their bushes, chattering in a language far beyond her reach of understanding. All had been pleasant up until Bracken decided to make his presence known in his typical Bracken fashion when the sisters had returned to their sleeping quarters.

To say Elsa had panicked would have been an understatement.

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DONE WITH MY THESIS PROJECT: aka these three paintings. anna karenina, briony tallis, and mr. darcy, all oil/mixed media on canvas, 20x16. they are being juried on monday (judged by the art department basically), then installed for exhibition a few days after that, then on display for the world to see after that! there’s more to them (an audio component) that isn’t photographed. i’ll probably post again about them once they’re installed in the gallery but HELL YEAH !!

Read in the Dark Timestamp 2/?

Okay, these timestamps are not going to be in chronological order. This one is, uh, pretty obviously several years after the first.

Also, a Kleenex warning is in effect.


It’s not a secret, Zhenya thinks ruefully, that of the three Crosby-Ovechkin children, Anna is his favorite. But he thinks he’s managed to keep the reason under wraps, for the most part, as absurd as it is. She looks like Taylor, but that mostly means she looks like Sid, only blonde. She has Sid’s eyes and temperament too.

She has Sasha’s chin.

Zhenya reminds himself it could be worse.

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Bespoke • Rutile + Diamond Three Stone
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Graphite to Gold

The humble act of taking drawn lines and manifesting them as a final custom piece is best described as ‘Midas magic making’. And I love that my tiniest ideas can go from pencil sketches to being someone’s dream Engagement or Wedding ring- or both! What an immense honor. Shown here is a round Three Stone Hazeline customized with Bea trillion sides, a small combination of elements that made for one beautiful cross pollinated ring design.

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ignore notxofuse, bro. you don't need that brand of trash on your blog.

Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t react to this kind of bullshit and I know she asked to ignore this but holy shit, do you piss me off. I am stressed out, tired and now pissed as well and that it’s not a state of mind I keep my mouth shut in. So here goes.

How fucking dare you? First of all, you have no right WHATSOEVER to tell me who to interact with. What makes you feel entitled to go around and order people who to ignore? Last time I checked, you are not the boss of me and you do not own my blog. So you have literally no reason at all to come in to my askbox and assume this is okay. It isn’t.
Second, do not, ever, in any circumstance, call someone trash. Do you know what that means? Trash is something you throw away, trash is an object with no worth and holy fuck, we’re talking about a human being here. I don’t know Steve-mun and even in the most unlikely case that she isn’t a nice person, she still is a person and she still deserves some respect. Every person has worth, no matter what.
Third, what the fuck are you doing here? You really think I care about a grey face’s unfunded opinion on someone? You really think I’m gonna go ‘yeah, let’s not rp with her because some cowardly asshole who’s afraid to show his/her face told me not to?’ If anything, this only makes me want to rp with her more because she obviously needs some better followers/partners than you lot.

In conclusion, you’re not wanted here and you’re only having the exact opposite effect on me that you’re trying to get. Please, don’t ever come back, just unfollow notxofuse and me and get a life.

TL;DR: Bucky is punching you in the face.


TOP 10 MOVIES BY GENRE [34/36] → Melodrama

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), Gone with the Wind (1939), A Star is Born (1954), Ordinary People (1980), What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), Mildred Pierce (1945), Anna Karenina (1935), A Tale of Two Cities (1935), Far From Heaven (2002), The Three Faces of Eve (1957)

All the time in the world

Another James Bond ficlet for berlinerkerl87. I hope you like it!!!! Sorry it’s so late


Anna gave another happy squeal as she waved goodbye to yet another one of the attenders to her wedding.

Kristoff chuckled, giving her a quick glance before looking back on the road “you know I still haven’t given you a wedding present”

“You know I thought about that. Three girls, three boys, pleased?” Anna grinned

“Hmm not bad for a start” Kristoff half teased “but now we have all the time in the world”

Anna’s face softened. She ran her hand over kristoff’s cheek lovingly. She quickly retracted, hearing a horn honk. She laughed seeing a car past them, screaming congratulations
“Say it with flowers!” One of them screamed

Kristoff let out another chuckle “he’s got a point, we do look like an ad for a flower shop” he pulled the car over and stepped out. “And that reminds me, I didn’t even give you flowers” he started ripping the flowers off of the car.

Anna giggled, leaning her head out the open window
“Anyways you have given me a wedding gift” she made eye contact with him, giving him a loving stare “a future” she finished

Kristoff gave her a lopsided grin “mrs. Bjorgman, shut…..” He paused to grab a flower and place it in between Anna’s lips. “Up”

“And don’t eat it all at once” he leaned down and kissed her, ignoring the flower he just placed in her mouth.

Anna grabbed the flower from her mouth and started picking the petals

“He loves me” she let the petal drop

“Instinctively” he cut in

“Infuriatingly” Anna grinned up at him, letting more petals drop.

“Intensely” he grinned back down

“In………” Anna pondered

“In? In?” Kristoff repeated, smirking slightly

“In” Anna nodded

“Indubitably” Kristoff finished

“First a boy, then a girl” Anna’s grin widened

Suddenly gunshots were heard and a car rushed by. Kristoff instinctively ducked as the bullet whizzed at them. When he was sure they were gone he stood back up.

“It was Hans” he frowned and made his way around the car and entered the drivers seat. “It was Hans” he repeated, not hearing a answer the first time.

His eyes widened when he looked to the passengers seat. There was Anna, his Anna, blood gushing down her head, laying lifelessly still.

His eyes watered and he brought her now lifeless body onto his lap. He brought his head down to rest on hers. “Anna” he whispered. He glanced at the window as he saw a motorcycle pull up

“It’s alright, really. She just having a rest” Kristoff said weakly “we’ll be going on soon.”

“There’s no hurry, you see?” He started letting tears fall “we have all the time in the world” he rested his head back on hers and sobbed.