Anna Akana Ear Biscuits

Our special guest on Ear Biscuits this week is Anna Akana!

Vlogger, Comedian, Actress, and Director, Anna Akana, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss the very emotional story of her sister’s suicide in 2007 and the impact it has on how she lives her everyday life, what her experience was like dating Equals Three creator and one-time YouTube chart topper, Ray William Johnson, and the effect his fame had on their relationship, and why she chose to break her vow to be single for a year.

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Elsanna week: Day 2! For the Love of Coffee

“I got this.” Elsa smiled at Olaf, her part-timer, and took his place in front of the cash as the redhead approached the counter, the dazzling smile on Anna’s face  nearly blinding. The peppy girl, a student from the nearby university, had found Elsa’s small coffee shop a month or so ago and was now a daily customer.

“Mornin’, Elsa!” Anna was always supernova bright and Elsa had to blink away sunspots in her vision.

“Same as always?” Elsa offered the redhead a smile.

“Yup! Small coffee, three sugars and three creams!” Anna’s brightness level dialed down a smidge. Money exchanged, Elsa went over to the espresso machine to get Anna’s Americano ready. She always put extra care into making the coffee for the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed student who always spent the morning keeping her company and left in the afternoon when she had classes. She was always the high point in Elsa’s day, seemingly able to exude happiness from her pores that Elsa sometimes imagined she was able to absorb. How else could Elsa explain the tingling feelings in her chest and the need to burst out into song when Anna was there?

“Here you go.” Elsa smiled warmly at Anna, bringing a cute blush to the redhead’s cheeks. “One coffee, made special for you.”

Anna nodded and reached for the paper cup when the door to the shop was flung open and the bell above it jangled violently.

“YOU PUT THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW, ANNA BANANA!!!” A blonde with impossibly long hair–Elsa swore it almost touched the ground–was pointing at Anna angrily.

“Go away! I can do whatever I want! You’re not the boss of me!” Anna shouted back. The customers in the store all paused to stare at the scene that was unfolding.

The blonde stormed over, her angry expression turning to a pleading one as she looked at Elsa imploringly.

“Pleeeeeeaaaaaase don’t EVER give her any more coffee.” The woman begged. “She hates drinking that stuff–”


“She gets like, the WORST stomach-aches–”

Anna looked horrified. “–don’t listen to her–”

“–but she keeps ordering coffee and it gives her really bad diarr–”

“NOOOOO!!!” The coffee went flying to the floor as Anna clamped a hand over Rapunzel’s mouth, silencing the blonde.

“IhavetogonowI’msorryforthemessgoodbye!” Anna had dragged her friend out the door before Elsa could blink. Elsa was left to apologize to her customers and one of her staff went to quickly clean up the mess, leaving Elsa back behind the counter, the wheels in her head, turning.

The next day in the evening when Elsa and Olaf were closing up, the bell above the door jangled to notify them that someone had just walked in.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed–oh. Anna.” Elsa smiled at the girl hesitantly, a little bit taken aback by how… reserved and subdued the redhead was. It reminded Elsa too much of a sunflower that was wilting.

“Hi.” Anna’s smile was small and timid and nervous. “Um. I just… I wanted to apologize for yesterday.”

“We missed you this morning.” Elsa ignored the apology.

“Yeah.” Anna looked down and shuffled her feet awkwardly, her face bright red.

“I can make you your drink now, if you would like.” Elsa reached out and gently touched Anna’s elbow, unsure.

“Um.” A little bit of Anna’s brightness came back. “Sure. Triple cream, triple sugar, please.”

Elsa chuckled and went behind the counter, having already prepared the ingredients. “Just sit down, I’ll bring you your drink.”

Anna nodded, taking a seat far away from the counter, a far cry from when she would sit as close to where Elsa worked as possible. Just when Anna was thinking her coffee was taking a bit longer than usual, an AMAZING smell hit her nose and she breathed in the heavenly scent.

“Chocolateeeee…” Anna exhaled, her mouth watering at the rich and creamy smell.

Elsa had two mugs of hot chocolate, one topped up with marshmallows and a drizzle of chocolate sauce and another topped with hand-whipped cream and a dash of cocoa powder.

“Whipped cream or marshmallows?”

“Marshmallows.” Anna swore she was drooling as she accepted the drink eagerly in her hands like it was some priceless artefact. Anna blanched when Elsa took a seat across from her, hands cradling the hot chocolate with the whipped cream.

“Mind if I join you?”

Anna’s face turned that fetching shade of red Elsa enjoyed so much and she was nearly blinded by the brilliant grin on the redhead’s face.

“Please! Oh, I need to pay–” Anna set her cup down and started reaching for her wallet but Elsa reached out and still her movements with a touch on Anna’s arm.

“It’s my treat. Please.” Elsa laughed again. “It’s the least I could do. I didn’t know you didn’t like coffee.”

“No, no, I love you!” Anna blurted out, then covered her mouth, mortified at what she had just said. “I mean, I mean I love coffee! I love it!”

“Hm.” Elsa hummed non-committally, her own face now dusted a light pink but a pleased little smile on her face. “If it’s all the same to you, I’m going to start giving you hot chocolate from now on. You seem to enjoy it a lot more and there’s less chance of you having stomach or bowel problems when we finally get to go out on that date that you need to ask me on.”

The look on Anna’s face was worth the courage it took for Elsa to proposition Anna so boldly. The redhead’s grin was like a million supernovas all combusting at once.

Tag Game

I was tagged a little bit ago by librarianrunner

Last book you read?
Zom-B Bride, but I’ve been working on Confederates in the Attic and making good headway, so I should be done with that soon too (then I get to read Great Gatsby for the first time ever. I’m almost a quarter of a century old, yeah, I didn’t read it in high school so suck on that)

Best movie you’ve ever seen?
Ever? I dunno. There’s a lot of great ones and I don’t think I’ve come out of the theater or finished a film and gone “Wow that’s my favorite movie ever it was so great” without forgetting about it after a few weeks. But I suppose Aladdin and Princess and the Frog are some of the best?

Favourite brOTP?
I don’t know? Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley?

Night or Day?

. I used to say night but everything changed when the fire nation attacked I got a job.

Sun or Moon?
Sun. I actually tan really nicely and I love being warm.

Would you rather take part in the Hunger Games or the Maze Trials, and why?
I…haven’t actually read the books from which they made the Maze Runner film (and any impending sequels), so I don’t know exactly what’s going on with those, but just based off of the first film and librarianrunner’s answer
 I’m inclined to say the Maze Trials. I mean that way I don’t have to kill people? Theoretically?

Favourite Quote? (From real or fictional person!)
I suppose at the moment it’s “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Dream vacation?

Two months to go gallivanting around the US and check out a bunch of National Parks, then two weeks abroad in England where I can visit my friends in London and spend some time in Bath.

Forest or Ocean?
Depends on the type of forest. I am very much over pine forests. But if it’s a forest of other kinds of trees…also depends on what’s in the ocean where you plant me. If there’s box jellyfish there no thanks.

Favourite colour?

Tag, you’re it. nocasdatsgay captainhooktastic kaniacqueen

This was taken after a young woman from Hong Kong visited with Elsa and Anna. We were in line together and she was so thrilled to meet the pair she spent twenty minutes talking to me about the Frozen attractions and how much she loved Disney. Before we went in she gave me her email address so I could update her with any Disneyland or Frozen news, and I offered to film the meet and greet using her camera. It was absolutely brilliant to watch, she must have hugged Elsa and Anna three times each and was laughing and smiling the whole time. When she left the room I asked the girls to pose for a portrait, but the laughter from before was infectious and within moments the three of us were in a fit of giggles.

cxratoria asked:

*slowly spins around in a chair with the menacing aura of an antagonist, only instead of a cat there's a potted plant.* *pets the potted plant* "We meet again."

“ — of all the people I could have chosen to share
  an apartment with I pick the one with a habit of
  pretending to be a bond villain. Put the daffodil
 you nerd. “

Things I need to do today: Write the last 7 pages of an essay due Friday

Write a ONE page response to Madonna’s Vogue Video

Write a small extra credit essay also due Friday.

Things I might be able to do today: Sleep.

Long Story Short: Me and my parents worked hard for the party Saturday, so we were all exhausted Sunday and ended up staying up very late. My mom and I had to get up very early to get me back to campus for class today and I’m just very out of sorts and don’t really feel like I’m alive enough to do work.

On the plus side, I rearranged my group project that had been stressing me out, fully taking the control position, and actually got the one person who’s been point blank refusing to cooperate/communicate with me to send me her information two days early because she liked what I told her to do so much. This is exciting. I hope the other three sections go as smoothly because then all I have to do is put it together. On the annoying side, I got stuck doing all the pickup work, too, meaning I have to put the powerpoint together as one piece, put the annotated bibliography together as one piece, and quite possibly write the abstract for the presentation too. And I have to wait to do my stuff until I have all of their stuff because I also need to write the thesis (which is based on their work) and draw conclusions that tie all of their work to my own section.

In conclusion, if I can do everything on my list tonight and get through this week, then I am going to watch a bunch of the 100 on Saturday. (I might end up dying before then, but we’ll see)

anonymous asked:

Even though you hate frozen I bet you actually like it. Know why? cause you're american. Every American including you is fat, stupid, retarded, ignorant useless and hypocritical.Everyone knows that. I bet your head is filled with murican propoganda but your too stupid to know it. You love frozen because all you Muricunts are the same. Get off of tumblr you mcdonalds-loving un-cultured pig. American dream my ass.

Hello again, my favorite troll. How long did it take you to think this insult up?

You’re right. I do like Frozen. I don’t hate it, I hate the marketing and I hate the fandom. Would I have three Anna dolls and over $300 worth of merchandise if I hated this movie? I don’t think so. But I wasn’t aware that loving Frozen = being an American. Where’s the correlation in that?

I wasn’t aware I was fat. Last time I checked, I was a stick and needed to put on a few pounds. I might not be the smartest person, but I’m certainly not stupid, and I’m against using ableist slurs like the one you used. I’m hypocritical, sure, but everyone is at some point. And you know what? I’m not useless. I can promise you that.

What the hell does “murican propoganda” look like? Burgers and fries? Baseball and ice cream? Nicolas Cage ranting about 9/11? I’m confused, could you be more specific? 

I’m pretty sure not all of us “Muric*nts” love Frozen. A lot of people here don’t, actually. 

I love McDonald’s, yeah, because they have Chicken Selects and I love those. And I’d totally go eat some, but there isn’t a McDonald’s near my apartment that I can walk to. And I’m sorry I’m so uncultured and a pig? Like sorry if you see me that way, that’s kind of a sad existence you lead.

“American dream my ass.” Am I supposed to live up to some stupid ideal that was around since the early 20th century? Sorry, don’t think so.

Show yourself to the exit. Complimentary cactus for fucking yourself will be included.

How to Love a Girl Who is Guarded

You won’t know when a girl is guarded, not initially at least.

“Guarded” won’t be the word that comes to mind. You’ll think she’s independent and confident. Driven and seemingly content. She’s never seeking anything from you, never leaning in to the hint or the whisper. She seems as though she lives a big life, and it’s in that paradox that she’s most closed. She’s filled all the little spaces with something, something else.

Once upon a time she fell in love the way thousands and millions of people do every day and hour and in the last three seconds while you were reading this. But it wasn’t the falling in love, or the breaking up that ultimately broke her.

It was that she found the truest seeming, most divinely timed, so evidently fated love, only to learn that conviction is not actually an indication of what will transpire. One person’s absolutely certain belief that it should be forever… doesn’t make it so. She learned that deep, true, miraculous love… goes away sometimes. Without explanation. Without retribution.

She loved so maddeningly she let it burn through her and realized she was left with nothing. She grasped and begged and convinced herself it just absolutely had to be! She rested her heart in that safety, only to find it was an illusion.

It’s not that she doesn’t believe in love, she just doesn’t trust it.

Guarded girls are the ones who concocted the fatal mix of blind openness on an unstable ground. They clung to a promise. They put purpose in a person. They made that love the only love, until they had no choice but to let go. They know the low, quiet nothingness that is acceptance. The rock bottom on which the best things are built.

Guarded girls are independent girls because they did just that: Moment by moment, hour by hour, choice by choice, she rebuilt her life. On freshly painted bedroom walls and in job offers and every bill paid on time. In the friends who let her mourn and became her tribe. She built and built and built and built until the life around her was the perfect antidote to what scared her in the first place.

It was safe. It was hers. It wouldn’t wake up one day and leave her. It was what she had. It is what she has.

You can’t blame her for wanting to protect it.

She isn’t bitter, she just knows better. She isn’t cynical, she’s realistic. And until she knows another reality, one where people’s intentions aren’t crapshoots and promises keep on emptying out until they’re just lies… she’ll continue to be reserved.

So walk away when you don’t mean it anymore. Don’t make the most beautiful parts of your relationship the things you’ll one day do. Promise her you’ll be there at 7 on Friday and then be. Ask her where she’d like to be touched. Don’t try to tear her walls down, try to build a new life, one where she doesn’t need them to be reminded she’s safe. If you don’t want to choose her now, you probably can’t choose her at all. These are the ragged edges of a strong woman. They were carved to cut but just want to be healed. Love her bit by bit, day by day, and let her love you back.

Don’t try to dismantle the life she’s built in place of what she lost. That is how you love a guarded girl. Not by trying to break through her walls, but by seeing if maybe, just maybe, there’s room for you in them too.