Tom Hiddleston in Ralph Lauren Purple Label

The actor donned a Fall 2016 charcoal three-piece suit to the screening of “I Saw The Light” in New York City. Shop the newly-expanded world of Purple Label at our Ralph Lauren shop and discover the Made to Measure event going on through April.


A project I recently completed, a five piece suit based on one worn by Bela Lugosi in The Black Cat (1934), which I believe was part of his personal wardrobe.  Since I had extra fabric, I also made matching plus fours and a cap.

The jacket has four patch pockets on the front, one with a coin catch.  The back is gathered with a yoke and belt.  The inside has a partial lining, an in-breast pocket, and a small pen pocket.

The vest was patterned from the draft in A. A. Whife’s The Complete Tailor, Outfitter, and Clothier, and has four pockets and a pocket in the lining, big enough for a passport or a couple sawbucks.

The trousers and plus fours each have side pockets, one back pocket, and a watch pocket.  Some minor differences in details of the tops. 

The cap was made using a 1920s draft.