Tom Hiddleston in Ralph Lauren Purple Label

The actor donned a Fall 2016 charcoal three-piece suit to the screening of “I Saw The Light” in New York City. Shop the newly-expanded world of Purple Label at our Ralph Lauren shop and discover the Made to Measure event going on through April.


On May 26, 1913, jury selection began for Theodore Roosevelt’s libel case in Marquette, Michigan.  Enraged by Roosevelt’s railing against the Republican Party at a campaign event in Marquette in 1912 (after Roosevelt had split with the Republicans), the editor of the Ishpeming newspaper The Iron Ore wrote a scurrilous and unfounded editorial accusing the former president of public drunkenness. 

Roosevelt won.  According to the court’s statement, “The publisher of a newspaper may freely discuss the fitness of a person for public office, he may lawfully communicate to the public any fact within his knowledge respecting the official acts, character or conduct, so long as he states as facts only the truth."  TR was awarded six cents, according to him “the price of a good newspaper.”  The Iron Ore cost three.

The last photo is Roosevelt with members of the Grand Army of the Republic in front of the Peter White House in Marquette.