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The funniest thing for me about listing to the ThreePatch Podast is the following:

They talk a bout fanfiction a lot. As is the custom, they shorten the word to “fic”. I’m used to reading it that way, but actually hearing it out loud is hilarious. Because that is the German version of “fuck”. So when they say things like “this is a good/sad/long/intense fic” I always giggle a little be. Sometimes I’m 12.

Autumn is in the air and with it the smell of crisp, cool nights, fallen leaves, and rotting corpses.

Stay tuned for Episode 10 in which our consulting travelers travel to Dartmoor in search of the Hound, our panel of consulting fans discuss and sort the somewhat creepy elder Holmes brother, and recs take a turn for the macabre.

Episode 10, coming October 1st.