I want to pile a camera and film, a tent, a sleeping bag, lots of pillows and blankets, lots and lots of music, a lantern, my long board, some good wine and food, and most importantly you, into a truck. And just drive, no time frame, no plans, no destination. Just you and I, and the trip, exploring, learning, laughing, eating and drinking, and most importantly. Being happy.

re4mation asked:

AHHH SHING! YOU REPLIED. my life is complete. and singapore so much bettter than where i am now :P its like freezing. i need a coat. like the the north face ones bigbang models ^^ hehe:) im so glad you replied. you are like my idol. ok. :) VIP'S FTW <3

LOL. Okay that sounds mildly creepy… HAHA. I don’t think I can be anybody’s idol~ I’ll just be everybody’s friend! :)

Which part of US are you staying in? Do you get snow?

re4mation asked:

hi:) im edy. i lived in singggggapore:) i miss it so muchhhhhhhh. hehehe:) so what got you into bigbang/kpop? my korean friends did ^^ im like obsessed now :P and now i live in the usa so everybody makes fun of my love of kpop T.T oh well. your tumblr is my life btw. i love you. (im not a creeper ^^)

HI EDY!!!!


Oh you lived in Singapore? Why would you miss it? ITS SO DAMN HOT HERE RIGHT NOW. T.T 

Actually I got into BIGBANG just cos of a BB MV I saw while watching MTV… then i went on Youtube to search for their videos, and they were so funny and stupid, and I fell in love with them. :) LOL.

I LOVE YOU TOO~ I LOVE ALL MY AWESOME FOLLOWERS~ (esp those that talk to me ^^ HAHA) Thanks for following me~ ^^