threea toys

Making “Three” The Robot

In early 2016, I purchased a Fingergang Robot #3 1/6 figure by ThreeA. I thought he was the cutest darn little robot - it was between him and the #2 version. I made him a little girlfriend by customizing an Obitsu doll

I bought Three (as his name ended up being - very imaginative, I know!) a new outfit to give him his own unique look, and started making little sketches and short comics about him and Elzie (his little lady), just for fun! In time this snowballed into a full fledged story - which I’m now working on a webcomic for! ( )

But, my drawn version of this character departed from the toy it was inspired by. I wanted to give him a more heroic silhouette and give him a slightly more unique shape (a pointy shape! Because pointy!). So what was an avid toy collector and customizer to do?

Force her husband to model and 3D print her silly cartoon robot, of course!

So here’s what I started with… and here are the steps I took to customize him into my beloved robot man…  I used a CooModel 1/6 body as the base. I also did not pop the neck part all the way down, so he has giraffe neck in the WIP photos.

His paint and detailing complete, it was time to compare the inspiration to the final result! ( Yes, I do realize - he doesn’t have hands yet! Also, giraffe neck in this picture as well, oooops! )

Accidental giraffe neck aside, he’s taller, has a “friendlier face”, and overall looks more heroic to me!

Now Three properly towers over Elzie, and is ready to serve and protect Vericia! Erm… after he gets some hands, of course.