In honor of Inception’s 5 year anniversary, I have put together a list of my favorite Inception videos for inceptiversary. I have broken them down into 3 categories: general, arthur/eames, and miscellaneous favorites. Enjoy!

1. General - analysis, soundtrack, explanations, etc.

2. Arthur/Eames - canon scenes and slash fanvids

3. Miscellaneous

Master list- Updated 7.7.2017

Dean Ambrose

You’re my Prince Charming

I think it’s love


Fearing the Beast


My Little Bird

He made eye contact

Enzo Amore


Finn Balor

Safe Haven

Setting the Scene

Pushing the Demon’s buttons

It was always quiet at 4am

She closed her eyes

The wailing was coming from the other room

Falling in love

Lips are meant to be forgotten

Roman Reigns

The Champ is Home

Spear to the Heart

Forever my Superman

Just one night?

One last time

I don’t want to be your hero

Sami Zayn?

Please Say Yes


I Left Everything For You


Just be honest, I can take it

I haven’t been kissed in awhile

Seth Rollins

Take it off



Missing Her- Part One

Missing Him- Part Two

Missing Her- Part Three

2 years ago I promised myself

TJ Perkins


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The Ranking of the Best Fifteen Summer Songs of Morning Musume
@Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater, 26 Aug 2015

1. One Two Three
2. Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke
3. Only you
4. Oh my wish!
5. Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki
6. Skatto My Heart
7. Happy Summer Wedding
8. Sexy Boy
9. Summer Night Town (9th & 10th Gens w/o Sato)
10. Shanimuni Paradise (12th Gen)
11. Shabondama (10th Gen)
12. Senkou Hanabi (Fukumura)
13. Furusato (Sayashi & Oda)
14. Manatsu no Kousen (9th Gen)
15. Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru

anonymous asked:

okay so I have two questions that are kind of related to each other // 1. how would you rank the seasons in terms of stydia? (so like, regardless of what you think of the season as whole, and only thinking in terms of stydia interactions) // 2. could you describe stydias relationship in every season? like how you interpret their feelings for each other?

these are really cool questions thank you for asking me :)


1. season three

2. season five

3. season two

4. season one

5. season four


season one: their relationship is pretty straight forward in the first season; stiles has a gigantic crush on lydia and lydia has no clue who stiles is. although, I think that at the end of the season it is clear that stiles cares deeply about lydia, perhaps a bit more deeply than your average teenage crush.

season two: the second season is a bridge between the first and third season; a really developmental stage for them. I actually have come to think that the second season is extremely underrated in terms of stydia. at this point stiles is falling in love with lydia, and lydia is accepting stiles as a friend, while sometimes questioning if he could be more. 

season three: ah, the golden ages. this is the season where stiles boyhood crush turns into adult love. he has always known that lydia was smart, beautiful, and brave, but seeing her actively show those traits makes him fall head over heals for her. and with this new mature kind of love, comes a bit of distance. at this point he decides to let lydia breath a little by no longer following her around like a sad puppy, and instead standing at her side as a friend until she is ready for more… as for lydia; I think this is when she develops feelings for stiles. she has been through so much, and finally realizing that she deserves somebody who loves her the way stiles does. but shes still afraid, because she knows stiles isnt like the other guys. she doesnt know how to approach the subject, and is afriaid of ruining their friendship.

season four: I dont want to talk too much about season four, because I hate it, so lets just say… stiles is trying to move on, but still has lingering feelings for lydia, while lydia is jealous of his happiness with malia, but doesnt come in between them because she likes seeing stiles (and malia) happy.

season five: there is so much to say about season five, but im not sure how to say it. I think that at this point, stiles realizes that he will always have strong feelings for lydia and there is no changing that. I dont think that his break up with malia was because of stydia, but I think that after the breakup he started to think about what he really wanted in a relationship and his thoughts always led him to lydia… as far as lydia goes; at the beginning of season five she was convinced that stiles didnt like her like that anymore. so she started mildly flirting with parrish, and trying to get rid of her feelings for stiles. but then she got stuck in eichen, and she couldnt pretend anymore. when she nearly died and woke up to see his face, she realized that she loved him… and now both of them are just waiting for the right moment to act on their feelings.