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For a dirty drabble idea how about rough kinky sex with Dom!demon!gadreel with lots of hair pulling and biting and marking 😍

A/N: Oh man, I could write Gadreel boning all day. I’m serious. If I could have three wishes, my first two would be to write Gadreel smut all day. My third would be to have Gadreel next to me…helping me…inspire said Gadreel smut – ANYWAYS ENJOY P.S. I GENERALLY HATE DIRTY TALK BUT DEMON GAD KINDA MAKES ME LIKE IT JFC P.S.S. I WAS FIVE SECONDS FROM HAVING HIM PURR “Call me Gaddy daddy” INTO HER EAR STOP ME IMMEDIATELY!

“I know you miss the shell of an angel I used to be,” Gadreel drags his finger along your leg, pausing his hand midthigh. “And I know you miss the helpless human I turned into,” his traces his fingers up higher, cradling your cheek. “But atleast I still fuck you how you like, right?” he asks. He cups his hand over his ear, frowning. “I can’t hear you,” he pauses, snapping his fingers. “Oh, right,” Gadreel unbuckles your gag, pulling it from your mouth. You swallow thick, yanking at the handcuffs with wide eyes. 

“R-right,” you say breathlessly. He stares you in the eye and for a few moments, you see the angel he used to be. That is, until he flashes his black eyes. You shiver, trying to stop your hands from shaking. Anticipation for what he had in store coursed through you, his delicate touch foretold the impending roughness. He traces over your thighs, ghosting his hands up your torso. 

“And I promise, I wont stop until every atom in your body is on fire,” he stops his hand over your breast, a wide grin spreading across his face. He lowers against your nipple and swipes his tongue over it, blowing a cold breath against it and making it harden. You shift your thighs, whimpering as the cuffs chafe your ankles. Gadreel trails his tongue over your breast, nibbling your skin gently. His nibbles turn into bites, his tongue swiping between his teeth. He grinds his hips down as he sucks your breast. 

“G-Gad..” you whimper. Once he leaves a proper hickey he moves to leave another. You twist and writhe as he leaves marks all over your breasts, occasionally pausing to give your nipple a rough bite. Gadreel trails his lips up to your neck before nibbling at your skin, suckling and swiping his tongue over your throat. 

“The taste of your skin..” he whispers as he moves to your jawline. “I’ll never grow tired of it,” he says, trailing his hand to your sex. He gives you a loving gaze as he grips your hair, tugging your head back roughly. You let out a strangled moan, arching up against him. “And that sound,” he yanks your head back again, making you yelp. “It makes me..crazy,” he growls, pushing two fingers into your sex, pumping them quickly. Gad presses rough kisses against your lips, forcing his tongue into your mouth. You moan as he curls his fingers up, digging your feet into the sheets. He pushes between your thighs, darting his fingers in and out rough and fast. 

“Sh-shit –”

“Are you almost there?” he whispers. When you nod, he pulls his hand away. “That’s no fun, let’s take a break,” he chuckles, removing his fingers. You groan and shift your thighs, silently begging for friction. 


I was tagged to do this by two people, the fab @hopedreamssoul and the awesome @candorpotato , thanks!!

Rules: Answer the question the person that tagged you has given you and then write eleven new ones for the people you tag.

@hopedreamssoul ’s questions.
1. If you had three wishes, what would they be ?
To be content
To have a job I love
To… Actually be attractive probably

2. Your favourite Harry Potter movie?
Prisoner of Azkaban

3. Something that inspires you ?

4. Your OTP?
My friend Aoibhin and the class prefect
But apart from that I’m gonna say Newtmas.

5. 5 favourite fandoms?
Once Upon A Time
Harry Potter
Dodie Clark
Evan Edinger
Books in general does that count?

6. Favourite season of the year?

7. What do you want for your future?
Happiness n stuff

8. How many books do you have?
Too little

9. Favourite book series?
Probably Harry Potter

10. writing or reading ?

11. Favourite actor/actress?
Actor- Will Poulter
Actress- Carrie Hope Fletcher or Julie Walters

@candorpotato ’s questions.
1). What’s your favourite STAR WARS episode? (1-7)

2). Who is your favourite youtuber?
Hard one but my favourite is probably KickThePJ

3). If you could have a 6 pokémon team, who would it consist of? (no legendaries and only one of each pokémon)
I’m so sorry I haven’t played Pokemon although I used to watch the anime.

4). If you were a Pokémon which one would you be?

5). What other social media do you use?
Facebook, YouTube and that’s pretty much it.

6). Who is your favourite music artist at the moment?
Shawn Mendes or Foals, both are great

7). Have you recently gotten into any new music that’s any different from your usual taste? if so what was it?
Funny enough, Shawn Mendes. I pride myself on having a unique music taste and so was kinda disappointed in myself when I found I liked Stitches but I can’t help dancing around my room to that song like some sort of cheesy boy band member.

8). Your opinion on Salt and Vinegar flavourings
They sting my skin- no.

9). How would you react if Fine Bros sued you for reacting to this post? ;D
Create a video reacting to the suing ohhhhh *ba dum tiss*

10). What is your favourite animal?
Sea otter, wolf or giant panda.
11). Could you ride it into battle?
Fuck yeah I could!

My questions:
1. Favourite Hogwarts professor?
2. You suddenly find yourself in your favourite book, and the scene where one of your favourite characters getting hurt is about to play. What form of action do you take?
3. You’re now dating the last person you texted. How awkward is it?
4. Favourite joke?
5. Do you believe in astrology?
6. Would you rather have a job you loved but little earnings or a job you didn’t like but with high pay?
7. You’ve just bought your first apartment, and thankfully, you couldn’t have designed it better yourself. In terms of furniture and colours etc, how does it look?
8. Your three favourite animals are now your pets. How difficult is it?
9. If you wrote a book, what genre would it be?
10. Favourite video game?
11. Favourite scent?

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We’d be 

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so less fragile

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if we’re made from metal, 

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and our hearts from iron 

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and our minds of steel

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And if we build an armor 

for our tender bodies

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could we love each other

….would we stop to feel?



Alice Lewis, age 10 as Genie for “Wishful Thinking” | Malice of Alice |

Photography by kellyisnicephotography |

Alice is a genie in a bottle, Baby! Check out this funny short film she is in (only 3 min) and show your support by voting for it! Watch and vote here:

Wishful Thinking was written and directed by seventeen year old Max Hall, who is also featured in the film. Your votes help make his directing dreams come true. You can view more of his work on his YouTube channel.

We are so happy to have been a part of this film and loved working with all of these super talented people!

Three Wishes

The problem - Alcor thought as he followed the call of a summons to yet another darkened subterranean room, lit by candles and marked by protective sigils – the problem was that most humans had absolutely no imagination.

The young man standing before him had a somewhat sharp, weedy look, as though his bones had grown too fast and now the rest of him was struggling to catch up. His clothes were of decent quality, but he seemed to have slept in them…or so Alcor might have said, if not for the fact that the bags under his eyes suggested very little recent sleep at all. And in his eyes, lying over the exhaustion and fear like a film, was a greedy gleam.

“My soul,” the man said immediately after Alcor had finished thundering the greeting that was rote by now, “to be collected at the time of my natural death, in exchange for three wishes – any three that I want.”

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If I had three wishes...

I sometimes wonder what I would do if I found a genie in a bottle or lamp that gave me three wishes. My first wish would be that all the people backlashing against the Fine Bros because of React World would loose their fingers by having them fall off. I’d like to see them try to leave their stupid comments and unsubscribe without any fingers. 

My second wish would be for me to somehow go to all the people backlashing against the Fine Bros because of React World and punch them in the face so all their teeth will fall out. I’d like to see them try to say anything else without any teeth. 

My third wish would be for a coke. After the first two wishes, I’d be content.