We have some friends staying with us this weekend and I’m looking around my house and like not one square inch of it doesn’t need vigorous scrubbing and I just don’t wannnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaa

If I had three wishes I would absolutely spend one on a snap-your-fingers-and-everything’s-clean super power.


(AHAHA I lied again. I’m sorry, but just UGH. Of course Sabo would be the first of the three boys to wish a sweet birthday. Of course Ace would sorta remember but still be a brat about it. And  o f  c o u r s e  Luffy would not only completely forget, but come in like it’s no big deal. If it wasn’t for that ray of sunshine this punk would be in big trouble.

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Okay but for real this time I’m not doing anymore of these because 1) it’s super late now and 2) I’ll not be anywhere near a computer for the next four to five days. So consider this a forewarning for my mini silence.)

You know that old joke about a man given three wishes, but each thing he wished for his wife would get twice as much as him?

and so first he wishes for jewels, and then money, and then he wishes to be beaten half to death?

Could he be convicted of his wife’s murder for doing that if the Genie testified?

Like, a genie is forced to do what they are told re: wishes.

But they could still tell the cops what happened, right???


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1. What’s your favorite Adore U version?

I love the acoustic version <3

2. What’s your must have/favorite item in your wardrobe?

A hoodie because i love to wear hoodies.

3. Any favorite pick up lines?

not really i don’t flirt ahah because i’m waiting for Joshua Hong (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

4. You found a magic lamp! What are your three wishes?

1. to meet Seventeen witch wil never happen in real life 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。  2. i would wish my family to be healthy. 3. to go to korea.

5. Your Seventeen bias wrecker?

Jun and wonwoo they are killing me!!

6. If you could travel back to your past anything you want to do differently?

i guess to my teenage years and be more serious about school.

7. If you could ask Seventeen one question who would it be and what?

Joshua i would ask him if he would learn me how to play the guitar.

8.  A song that you’re currently obsessed with?

Seventeen Joshua, Scoups, Jun and Hoshi “Later Later”

9. One word that describes yourself.

Creative or Friendly!!!

10. Your all time go to song?

Beast “Rainy Days”

11. What are you looking to most for Seventeen’s comeback?

The amazing song and of course the 13 cutiepies <3

1. The first Kpop MV you watched?

2. How many siblings do you have?

3. Your first bias in Seventeen?

4. Are you good in learning korean Lyrics and which song do you know the best?

5. What are the talents you are confident in?

6. What clothing style do you have?

7. Most favorite Seventeen song?

8. What are your Top 3 Kpop groups?

9. What was the last picture you took with your phone?

10. What weather do you like the most?

11. If you can change your body with someone of Seventeen, who would it be?

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If one day
I found a magic lamp
With a genie who granted me
Three wishes
I would first wish
To always keep you
By my side
To never lose you
For all time
Second, I would ask
For your eternal happiness
Because I would never want to keep you
If with me was not where
You wished to be
And lastly
I would give my final wish to you
Because I have nothing left to wish for
In you, I already have everything
I ever wanted
And will ever need.
—  dw