Stay With Me

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Two Months Later (Dawson)

“When you say you love me, know I love you more.” The lights shined on my face as I sang the last song of the show. Adore You had become my biggest hit since I released it as a single and everyone was loving it.

The past two months have been absolutely crazy and I’m still trying to process everything that’s happened. After Digi-Tour, Lily became my permanent manager and she had been working her ass off to get my name out there. I spent three weeks working with Maroon 5 and it was honestly the best experience of my life. We wrote so many amazing songs and I just know that their album is going to do so well. I mean, it would do well with or without me. After that, I spent every day in the studio working on an album and it was taking so much longer than I expected. I knew it wouldn’t happen over night but I didn’t expect it to take over a month. I’ve been having random shows here and there to build my fan-base so I’ve been living in LA since Digi-Tour.

“Thank you so much everyone! I hate to do this but I’m Dawson Dodger and I’ll see you all next time!” I waved one last time to the crowd before heading off stage.

“You were great!” Lily said, hugging me.

I looked around at the crew rushing around trying to finish up whatever it is that they do. I can’t believe this is my life now. I never, in a million years, thought I would be performing every night and working in the studio every day. It’s absolutely insane.

“So tomorrow, you have an interview and a photo-shoot.” I listened to Lily as I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. “Are you OK with doing both in one day?”

Lily’s an amazing manager. She always makes sure to ask me what I want to do rather than tell me what I want to do. She always makes sure I’m OK with the things she plans and since we legitimately spend every minute together, she knows me pretty well so I’m usually good with whatever she picks. She also allows me one day a week to film and edit for my YouTube channel since that’s such a big part of my life. I don’t want to let my subscribers down and Lily understands that and thinks it’s a great idea. I don’t know what I would do without her.

“Yeah, sounds fun.” I said, before taking a sip of the water. I flashed Lily a smile before heading into my dressing room. I quickly checked twitter to see what people were saying about the show and couldn’t help but smile at all the positive things I was reading. I replied to a couple of tweets before changing out of my concert clothes.

I stood in the dressing room and took everything in. Everything that I ever wanted was happening and I couldn’t have asked for it to come in a better way. I let out a smile as I thought about the direction my life was heading and the smile got bigger and bigger every second I thought about it but what I didn’t expect is for the smile to immediately disappear when I heard my name.

“Dawson…” My heart started beating so fast, I swear I was going to faint and I was so scared that I couldn’t bring myself to turn around but I didn’t need to…I already knew who it was.

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Song: Adore You by Miley Cyrus

After three weeks of working on it, I finally finished my #BoldlyBecoming entry! I think I’m more proud of the mouth.

The Red Dragon will always be a monster doing his best to be human while his rage burns him from the inside out. Hating his reflection and bathing in the blood of those who make him see just how hideous he is - inside and out - the Red Dragon is forever terrifying. 

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The first picture is this mornings work! 4 A3 mindmaps on classical civilisation for my two exams on Tuesday morning. These are what my walls look like after three weeks or so of exams, feels good when your hard work looks good too

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE DOING EXAMS OR WHO ARE ABOUT TO DO THEM, you will survive this whether you fly or fail, it’s not the end.


Cute little plants also from this past weekend. I’ve made a conscious decision to post all of what I’m shooting on this blog, not just required posts and things that may or may not be important, but everything. Gotta get back in the swing of making things just for myself one way or another. 

Punxsutawney, PA. 


Week Three: Sketch a Day this May!

Week Three was interesting and tended towards more focused work and process than usual. Towards the end of the week I stuck to only one painting a day and tried to make it work. Again, not the usual. I’m learning a lot this month :)

Daily exercise to build immunity to perfectionism; join in! ‪#‎maysketchaday‬



Here are all the books that I picked up FOR FREE during my three week work experience placement at Penguin Random House.

There are THIRTY FIVE in total.

I have absolutely no self control whatsoever.

I’m so sorry. (But not really.)

Except where the fuck am I supposed to put all of them?!?!?

anonymous asked:

Road trip prompt: Felicity's turn to drive and Oliver being all turned on cause she can handle a stick better than anyone he knows. I don't even know if that makes sense but I just want some sexy Olicity after last night lol. You are an angel for allowing us to enjoy your work!

Three weeks. 

It had been three weeks of driving, of stopping at tourist spots, eating at questionable diners, drinking both the world’s best coffee and the world’s worst coffee, staying at skeevy motels and nice hotels, walking on the beach, fixing a flat tire…

It had been three weeks of nothing but them - they didn’t listen to the radio or watch TV; they talked. The world around them didn’t exist anymore outside of the tiny bubble they had created for themselves, and Oliver had never been happier than he had been in the last few weeks. It had taken a while for him to finally relax - and by relax he meant not constantly looking over his shoulder, constantly looking for danger; it took a few days to realize he could just exist without something horrible happening as a result.

That he could lay in bed all day with the love of his life, hiding under the sheets as they talked about anything and everything, learning every inch of each other’s bodies, finding out what they liked, what pushed them higher…

It was pure, unadulterated bliss, and Oliver was absolutely addicted to it.

And now Oliver’s eyes were glued to her as she drove, smoothly shifting gears.

She’d switched to contacts so she could wear her sunglasses against the high sun beating down on them in the open convertible. Her hair was up, loose strands getting tangled in the wind whipping past them. She was wearing one of his button-up shirts, the sleeves rolled up, the bottom tied off at her midriff, showing off her toned - and now very tanned - stomach, and shorts that were… distracting. As were the scuff marks and light hickies he’d left all over her neck, trailing down her chest.

The possessive streak that hit his chest wasn’t as unexpected as it had been when he’d first woken up after their first night on the road and realized he’d marked the hell out of her.

He wanted to feel ashamed and embarrassed that he’d gotten so carried away, but he couldn’t even pretend to feel it. She was his, and he felt some ridiculously primordial urge to shout it from the rooftops, making sure everyone knew.

It helped that she’d given him a flimsy talking-to when she’d finally noticed them in the mirror later that morning… she liked it too.

Oliver couldn’t keep his eyes off her. It didn’t matter what she was doing, he loved watching her. He wanted to know everything about her; he wanted to memorize as much as he could, keep every single moment they spent together locked away deep inside, cherished and beautiful.

Felicity switched gears again, the car moving so smoothly he barely felt it as she increased the speed, opening the car up on the open highway. They were making their way back down the coast again, having pushed out into the surrounding states before deciding Mexico was a fun option.

She shifted again and Oliver watched her legs moving, her muscles flexing - and she was wearing heeled sandals nonetheless. Her movements were confident, in control… and fucking hot as hell.

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Excuse me! If you wouldn't mind mind if I grab your Legends of PaperQuestria and make it into an actual game? I am practicing how to make games on Unity and I want to start with a 2D game and I want to start with that idea first! So could I?

Nope, sorry! LoP (which I’ll rename ”Dungeons of Paperquestria” in the near future) is a personal project already being developed and I won’t allow anyone tracing the paper pony base or using the concept for any kind of work not started and directed by me. 

Thanks for asking though, and good luck with your game C:

Request: Square

Request: i was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader and Sam and Dean are on the same hunt but they don’t know it then Dean kills the monster and the reader is so mad because she has been on the hunt for two months so she beats Dean and Sam up then keeps hunting with them.

Word Count: 800

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

You hoist yourself up into the vent, pausing for a moment to make sure you didn’t attract any attention. You’re almost entirely sure you’re not alone.

It was a decent jump to get up into the small metal square, but you just about managed. Now, wriggling along the dark tunnel, you’re filled with a renewed sense of determination. This is it. After three weeks of hard work, you have this in the bag.

A nest of vampires have been hanging around in the town for almost a year. They’ve lived almost entirely peacefully for this long – their patriarch has been working in the hospital and as a result, was able to secure blood bags for his family. However, in a situation of ‘dire need’, a previously uninvolved human was turned. The new vamp killed the father-figure, eliminating their blood source, then went on to start draining humans. You’ve been working the case since the newly-turned vamp went missing – just over a month ago. Now, though… now you’ve got them.

This information came from one of the family – they went rogue when their food source was removed and the town was on the brink of being culled before you stepped in. That vamp’s gone – and now, it’s these guys’ turn.

You find the vent panel, making quick work of dislodging it. From here, you can hear two voices.

You think it’s over?”

I’m pretty sure this is the last of 'em.”

You frown, pulling your blade from your belt and peering out of the hole. Two men stand, shrouded in darkness. The only light comes from the moonlight’s reflection through the roof onto the taller one’s machete. What surrounds them fills you with a sudden anger.

“Oh, no.” You murmur, raking a hand through your hair. Two, three, four bodies lie on the floor, matched with separated heads. You curse under your breath, which catches the guys’ attention. They turn to you, but before they can react you’ve propelled yourself out of the vent. Now you’re adjusting to the darkness, you can make them out more clearly.

“You took my hunt?” You demand, flinging your hands up in frustration. They share a look, frowning.

“We didn’t know there was another hunter in town.” Says the taller one, and you scoff.

“Yeah? Well I’ve been here a damn month, figuring this out!” You nearly yell, “Then you come in and take all the glory and it looks like I’ve wasted a whole month, huh?”

“Woah, chill!” The shorter one holds up his hands, taking a defensive step towards you. Bad idea, as he’s rewarded with a swift kick to the shins. You just… got mad, “Hey! Cool it!” He winces, backing off. You’re mad now, though, and you stalk past him, giving him a hard shove with your shoulder for good measure. He stumbles back and his friend leaps forward, obviously seeing you as a threat. He makes to shove you away, but you merely roll your eyes at him and land a punch square to his jaw that sends him reeling. You don’t see any point in sticking around, so you take your anger and put it into knocking the door off of its hinges as you leave.


You’ve just thrown the last of your things into a duffel bag when there’s a knock on your door. Suspiciously, you open it – it’s not check-out time yet, surely.

There, right before you, stands the two men from yesterday. You quickly figured out who they were – partially from things you’ve heard, but mostly from the famed car you saw parked outside. Just as you’re about to close the door, you find a foot in the doorway.

“Y/N, right?” The taller one, who you presume to be Sam, asks. Confused, you nod.

“That would be me.” You nod slowly, “Can I help you?”

“Actually, yes.” The shorter one – probably Dean – nods, “We just got wind of a whole load of demons a couple states over. Looks like a lot to handle for just the two of us, so…” He pauses, narrowing his eyes at you. He seems reluctant to go on, and Sam takes over instead.

“You seem pretty good at this whole thing, and we were wondering if we could make up for this whole thing by seeing if you wanted to come along?” He asks. You pause, before nodding. You weren’t even sure of where to go yet, anyway.

“I’m in.” You agree, “Although I’m pretty sure I owe you for that shiner.” You nod to Sam’s cheek, where a purple bruise is already flowering. He chuckles slightly.

“I’ll live. Maybe you could buy us a drink later on.”

“Then we’re square?”

“Then we’re square.” He agrees.

I suppose this is where I should introduce myself, considering I don’t know most of the people here and most of you don’t know me. I’m Natalie Weaver, relatively new resident to Hazel Run. I’ve been here for less than three weeks, actually. I’m working as a nurse at the hospital, I have wings; yes, my accent is British — and… that’s really all that’s important to know about me.

I may have overeaten like a monster this past week and I may have skipped way too many runs this month (due to mental or physical pain, take your pick), but one thing I haven’t done is flake out on strength work. Three times per week, arms, abs, legs, squats, PT work for my hips and back, and now for the last month, lunges and plank. I am also working on unassisted pull-ups again, as promised. I’m up to one and a half. ;)

But back to the plank. Remember when I did that plank challenge in May 2013 when I got up to 5 minutes? And then I said I’d never do a plank again? Yeah. As you can see above, I’m up to 1:30. I’ve been very slow to increase my time and I’m not sure how far I will take it. I think it would be more productive to do multiple kinds of plank, rather than more minutes of the one kind. Meh. No hurry to decide.

I’m just proud to be consistent with one aspect of my physical health. I’ve incorporated some kind of strength work two to four times per week for almost 18 months now. And maintaining my strength makes me feel sturdy and confident. I need that.

Weekly Art Challenge #139 (May 24th~May 31st)

This week we will be working with three very specific guidelines in your submission! Whatever your submission may be this week, it must have a pair of binoculars, a fat cat, and a watch/clock of some kind. You may interpret this however you wish!

Things to note

-Like previously stated, the world is your oyster for this challenge as long as you incorporate these three items:)

-Submission limit of two!

[The deadline for this challenge will be May 31st at 6PM PDT/9PM EST]

For more information about the group and it’s submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question or concern that you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Make sure to submit your piece using the submission page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge! If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘weekly art challenges’ & ‘wac challenges’! Have fun!


I don’t usually jump into conclusions but since pll is the most predictable show ever I think it will turn out to be what everybody is already assuming, Ali will have a thing with the new guy and Emily apparently will find her “soulmate” in the house where she’s been kept hostage (lmao kms). I don’t know what is more ridiculous: Ali opening herself to a random, Alison DiLaurentis, the girl who has been through the worst and never allows herself to show her raw feelings will get involved with someone she just met; or that 6A will take place over three weeks and in that meantime they will get new LIs, plus work to get over their emotional trauma, will unmask -A oh and of course they will finally graduate.

My country boy husband went to Canada for work for three weeks and is coming home in a hockey jersey. XD

What the hell Canada? Do y'all hand them out as soon as people enter the country? Or is it after a certain time limit? He’s never watched a game of hockey in his life. Well… Do the Mighty Ducks movies count?

life is so stressful tbh



I have to get corrective surgery to repair a congenital defect in my reproductive tract. This means I’m gonna be out of work for two, maybe three weeks (because my job requires me to be able to lift at least 50 pounds and the procedure forbids me from lifting more than 10 for a while). Unfortunately, I have bills to pay, and because of an unexpected medical expense a few months back I have noooo savings. So I need to make some. Fast.

I know, it’s like, “dude, you’re 23, why didn’t you get this fixed when you were a kid? And why’s it so important now?” Well, friend, I have been having hella pelvic pain for the past 8 months! It went away briefly after taking some antibiotics, but now it is my constant bosom companion. 24/7 pelvic cramps. And because of this congenital defect, we can’t tell what is going on with that shit. It could be something as simple as an infection. It could also be tumors on my reproductive bits. So… I need this surgery now, so they can figure that out and fix it.

Anyway. Bills. I have to pay my student loans, my cell phone, and utilities for my apartment–this all comes up to around $500, which is… a big scary number. It’s about what I make in a month. So, if my art is any kind of appealing to you, please consider sending me an email at I will draw almost anything, and large orders ($50 and up) can definitely be discounted. Sketch couples are $15, and finished couples are $50-$70, depending upon the style you want. :) You can see more samples in my art tag. Please take a look!

If you can’t commission me, please consider reblogging and signal boosting this post. Everything helps! <3

Thanks for your time!!