Kanto pokémon: 001-151


After so much careful color picking, suffering, sai crashing, tablet randomly losing pressure i finished it! It’s been three weeks of working on it and i think it really paid of. Overall i had fun and it was a good lineless art practice.

I guess i should start working on gen 2 now???

Do not repost without permission, claim as your own, or delete the caption. You may use them as icons if you ask me first. No need to ask if you’re going to use them for something personal (something you will not be posting online). Thank you!

Clean Up Your Act: A Shower Self-Hex

For me, showers are one of my best times to reflect and get ready for the rest of the day. I leave energized and ready to conquer whatever else I have left.

 But some times I don’t feel like doing anything. This is fine, when I don’t have anything really pressing to do. But right now, when I’ve got less than three weeks before I’m heading to work and college and responsibilities- I need to be focused and self-disciplined. 

And while I’m a big fan of traditional positive magic, sometimes you need to light a fire under your own ass- and this is an easy spell for that. 

You Will Need: 

  1. A candle/incense/wax melter- Use something that pays tribute to the element of fire. I prefer spicy scents or ones that ground. Pick what works for your intent.
  2. Paper and pen. 
  3. A place to shower
  4. Something to write with in the shower. Shower gel obviously works or washable markers. 


  • A kick-ass playlist
  • Sigils to put in your shoes
  • A caffeinated beverage
  • A friend to hold you accountable 
  • Offerings to your deities for assistance. 

Step 1: 

Before you start, make sure your intent is clear. Write down exactly what it is you want to accomplish, and the steps you’re going to take to get there. Ex: If you need to meal plan for the week, step 1 might be figuring out what you already have in your kitchen. You can’t reach a goal if you don’t know how to get there. 

Step 2: 

Light your candle/incense/wax melter in the place where you need to get the most work done. Fire is energizing and propelling. Paying tribute to this element will help reignite the spark you need to get shit done. Be sure to practice proper fire safety. 

Step 3: 

While taking your shower, focus on distractions and excuses holding you back as you scrub, cleansing them from your mind and body. Use body wash or a marker to write a word of intent, a phrase, or a sigil on the walls. As the warm water hits it, the spell will charge and activate. 

Step 4: 

Get out of the shower and get moving. Other options for this spell include having a motivational playlist to blast, putting sigils for energy and motion inside your shoes, combining this hex with my Law of Inertia spell  or another energy boosting one, or leaving an offering to your deity in exchange for their help. The possibilities are endless. Try some non-magical means, by telling a friend that you have to do this thing, and ask them to check up on you. (My inbox is always open if you need to!)

A word of advice: 

I call this a hex because sometimes you have to channel negative energy towards something to get things done. For me, I have to be really strict with myself on occasion, but the important thing is to not be too harsh. You know yourself best, your own limitations and abilities. Sometimes you know are being lazy and could be doing more, and other times you are facing complications due to depression, chronic fatigue, or other issues you have no control over. Know when you need to push yourself and when you need to let yourself relax a little. It’s different for everyone, which is why I recommend really taking stock of the entire situation and circumstances before committing to a spell. 

I hope this helps you get moving and get everything done that you need to. Many blessings! - Kate

BTS Reactions - You Self Harm

Warning - May be upsetting to some readers

You jump as you hear the front door shut - he’s home early from work. Quickly you wrap up your wrist before he can see, and kick the first aid box under the bed. You’re not ready to tell him yet. You exit your bedroom, and find him standing right in front of your door. Behind your back, you pull your sleeves down, hoping he didn’t see. He did. He also saw the trickle of blood from where you didn’t quite patch it up fully.

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Elain Archeron walked the worn path through the tall grass to the back of the property. The day was unseasonably warm, and the wind was blowing in off the ocean making her hair sticky with sea salt. She didn’t mind, just wended through a small copse of trees and found the shed on the other side. She looked through the cracks in the driftwood door.

Azriel sat inside hunched over a potter’s wheel, working. His foot tap, tap, tapping the pedal to keep the plate spinning.

She’d been staying with him for the past three weeks, and hadn’t once worked up the nerve to walk back to the secluded shed he disappeared to each day.

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lenasdayoff pt 12 -  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Alex Danvers was the complete opposite of her sister, Lena mused as she watched the DEO agent glance around the coffee shop, eyes scanning quickly past each of the patrons.  Lena waved, nudging the mug towards the second chair at her table.  

It was the first time she’d actively sought out Alex, going as far as asking Kara to pass along her phone number, so that Alex had the freedom to contact Lena when she was comfortable with the idea.  Honestly Lena was terrified that she’d overstepped, spending the entire evening prior working up the courage to ask Kara to bridge the communication gap.  

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anonymous asked:

The sugar daddy headcanons were so good I'm gonna... cry.....,,,,,,,,...... is there some way u could do more headcanons please for it? Maybe this time with stuff like: sugar daddy to lover type stuff? Old hope that's not confusing!! With 76, reaper and mccree again? Ilyyy

When the sugar daddy’s nut so good that you tear up

I kind of understand what you’re asking (or, at least, I think I do) so I shall try provide what you desperately thirst for. >:0

Continuation of this:


Soldier 76

  • It really wouldn’t be surprising if it went from a sugar daddy/baby relationship to a romantic one
  • You guys have already the companionship piece down and the sex is great
  • The relationship probably just kind of evolves into romance over time
  • Expensive dinners at restaurants turn into home cooked meals
  • Trips to the movie theater turn into movie marathons at either of your places
  • Sex isn’t really a necessity anymore
  • Instead there’s a lot more cuddling and kissing after dates instead
  • Neither is buying/paying things for you but he still does it every once in a while
  • Is still always taking care of you, though you take care of him too
  • Where he was closed off about his work and life before, he now isn’t
  • You both have a couple drawers of your own things at each other’s place and take turns staying the night at each other’s houses
  • He doesn’t make you leave when he has to go to work like he used to; instead he’ll save you breakfast in the fridge and kiss your forehead before he heads out
  • When he comes home and collapses in bed, you make sure his shoes and visor/glasses and uncomfortable jacket get taken off, then make sure he has a blanket over him
  • On the days he doesn’t work, you let him sleep in while you make breakfast and even tidy up his house a bit for him (it’s a little messy after three straight weeks of work)
  • He does the same for you when he’s staying at your place


  • He slipped up and mentioned his feelings for you at some point
  • He freaked out right afterwards and tried to tell you that it wouldn’t happen again and that he was sorry and just to forget everything he said
  • You gotta shut him up with a kiss, probably
  • Afterwards, not much is different, except he’s way more open with his feelings and pampers you way more than before
  • If that second part’s possible
  • Still pays for your things and sets up expensive dates until unless you tell him not to
  • He probably has you move in with him so he gets to be around you more
  • Sex becomes a rare thing; it’s mostly heavy cuddling and warm kisses 24/7
  • Also becomes hella protective, which was another side of himself that he hid from you as a sugar daddy
  • He’s an absolute lovebird, straight from a cheesy rom-com
  • It’s almost ridiculous but it’s also amazingly adorable on the big, bulky, usually edgy and intimidating man


  • As soon as he realizes he’s catching cooties feelings, he tries to replace you
  • Even goes so far as trying to make you hate him so you leave him
  • Of course, you’re smart and his personality change is the most obvious thing ever, so you’re not about to go down without a fight
  • So you set up an elaborate plan of seducing him and getting him a little tipsy so he tells you what’s wrong
  • It works but tipsy Jesse also realizes what you’re up to when you start asking odd questions, so an argument breaks out
  • And that’s when he slips up and tells you the big news
  • He’s got the romantic feelin’s for his baby
  • And when you’re quiet with surprise, he kisses you to prove it
  • Jesse does everything but kiss his sugar babies on the mouth
  • Boy is he good at kissing too
  • That night’s one of tipsy, giddy romping
  • Instead of rough and fast, he goes slow and takes his time to kiss and touch every inch of your body
  • So much kissing
  • He’s gotta make up for all that time he hasn’t been kissing you
  • God he loves kissing you
  • From then on, his favorite thing is kissing your sweet little lips
  • He gives you the cutest and most random nicknames ever
  • No longer presses you/buys you things to keep up with beauty standards; his favorite thing is seeing your messy hair and your smeared makeup/unwashed face in the morning while wearing his shirt and/or hat when you come out to breakfast
  • Totally cooks for you all the time, whenever he gets the chance
  • Still buys you little gifts and spa trips and short vacations (that he joins you on, of course) whenever you show the slightest sign of stress
  • Way more protective of you than before, if possible
  • Also gets jealous easily but hides it well until he can pout later when you’re alone
  • Half of your stuff is now at his place and he loves to spend most of his free time at yours
  • You have a key to his place
  • While he loves a completely obedient sugar baby, in a relationship he loves those pointless little bickering moments and end up in chuckles and sweet smooches
  • K I S S E S
The Siren

The Siren | Once, a long, long time ago, Phil had heard a story – a strange story, so fantastical he hadn’t known whether or not to laugh, eyes wide and terrified amidst it all, - about a mermaid, a siren, who supposedly stole away the sailors of the sea to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. | Phan | Teen and Up | Siren!Dan, Asexual!Phil | 3811 words

Happy birthday my dear Rachel, @phansdick​ <3 Sorry I suck at surprises and decided to spend all day teasing you about your birthday fic. I’m really, really glad I was able to pull this together for you, though, as I didn’t think I was going to make it, and low and behold, you ended up getting it early! I love you a lot, even if some times I really, really suck at showing it and disappear for days on end, and you’re the best friend anyone could ask for. You are truly one of a kind, perfect, amazing, and so incredibly strong. Thank you for always being there for me, and I hope that I can always be there for you as well. I sincrerely hope you enjoy this, because I think I legitimately took a turn with his most people probably won’t be expecting.

Based on that tumblr post asking for an asexual sailor to run into a siren.

(Ao3 Link)

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Okay but picture this:

The children of all of McGonagall’s former students grow up spending Saturdays with Auntie Minerva at her cottage. They learn everything from basic transfiguration spells, to self defense, to plants, to manners, and hear stories of her younger days, of their parents, of things and lives and places that never cease to amaze the children. They grow up with this beautiful woman watching them flourish, and when they receive their Hogwarts letter- Auntie Minerva is the very first person they owl.

And then they all learn more and more at school, visiting and owling Auntie Minerva whenever they get the chance. They constantly update her on their latest achievements (”Dear Auntie, James just made quidditch captain!” “Dear Auntie, Rose just had her first kiss… with SCORPIUS!” or “Dear Auntie, I didn’t fail my Potions exam! Mum won’t have to kill me just yet! Now lets tackle Arithmancy… help me, God.”)

Auntie Minerva attends every quidditch match, every recital, every performance, never missing one special moment in her surrogate-grandchildrens’ lives. They have been family to her since the moment they were born, and just as her face was present at every baptism, it is now a comfort for each child at their graduation.

Auntie Minerva no longer just smiles- she glows with pride.

Then the first wedding comes- and oh, does she sob as the first of her little babies walks down the aisle. The ceremony is beautiful, but all Auntie Minerva can see is the pure happiness in the bride and groom’s eyes. She gives a toast at each and every wedding that brings everyone to tears and laughter. but the true story is in her eyes. She loves these children- yes, she will always see them as such- more than anything in the world.

The children all settle down with jobs that they have all consulted Auntie Minerva about- some as aurors, department of mysteries workers, professors- hell, Lily Potter even became the Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts because of her. The point is, the children have not forgotten her. They never will.

The children soon have children of their own, beautiful babies that Auntie Minerva falls in love with. The eyes so like their parents, smiles so like her grandchildrens’. Auntie Minerva remembers the children at this age, and oh, does it bring back memories.

The children still visit her every Saturday, and the family has only grown.

Auntie Minerva is older now though, and she aches. She knows her time is coming, but she holds on long enough for one last Saturday.

Auntie Minerva is found dead Sunday morning, her thin lips stretched into that same affectionate smile that the children remember so fondly. It is strange to see her in such a state, the lively and beautiful woman lying there so peacefully.

Unnatural, almost.

The sobs wrack the bodies- older ones, but still the same- of the children she had cared for. They are unable to process the loss that hits not just too close to home- it destroys the entire foundation.

The ministry and their respective employers gives them each three weeks off of work, but it is not enough. 

The funeral is beautiful, held at Hogwarts. Not a soul remembers it though. They were all too stunned by the body of the woman they had lost. Auntie Minerva is dead, and there’s no spell to fix this. 

The children raise their children on tales Auntie Minerva had told them, and teach them everything the woman had taught them. Yes, she is gone. But her legacy will never die.

And much like the wizarding world will forever remember the name of the boy who lived, they will never be able to erase from their hearts the name of the woman who endured. Who taught. Who loved. Who cared.

Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy name their last girl Minerva, and the world ends all over again when they discover in her fifth year that her patronus and animagus are a lovely little tabby cat- spectacles and all.

And so the legacy continues on.

Anonymous (Kaneki Ken x Reader)

Another one shot haha! Hope you like it…If you have any requests feel free to drop an ask! <3

Summary:  A couple of weeks after you started working at Anteiku you seemed to find little notes in your bag whenever you left work. Filled with curiosity you decide to investigate.(Pre-Aorigi)


‘You’re really beautiful.’

It had started just like that.

After more than three weeks of working at the Ghoul friendly coffee shop, you noticed little notes appearing inside your purse. At first you didn’t take it to mind, thinking that maybe someone is school had dropped it in, or one of your guy friends wanted to tease you.

Still, when you started at it for a little while longer, you noted that you couldn’t recognise the writing style, so it couldn’t have been one of your friends. At least, not someone you knew.

But you dismissed this and threw the note into the trash, forgetting about it all together.

‘I receive so much joy just being able to see a smile in your eyes.’

This note made you ponder a bit as you stared at it frowning. Today at school you kept your bag close, not letting anyone even near it, since you realized that your trash started to pile up from these little messages you received every day.

You re-read the words, feeling a tingle, light as a feather, tickle your heart and your lips unconsciously twitched up into a smile. Even if it was a bit odd, it was still pleasant to know someone thought about you so much.

From the handwriting you finally deducted it was a guy, and certainly none from school since you made sure to check each and every boys work in class today. None of them matched the anonymous fellow that had his eyes on you, and you even frowned when you looked at one of your friend’s classwork.

“Shinji-Kun, your kanji is really ugly” You remember commenting as you examined his paper. The said boy blushed, yelling at you to piss off which you, after a bit more teasing, did.
‘Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don’t know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don’t know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you.’

Sometimes these notes were longer than just a sentence, sometimes they were a page;

‘Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you’re on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. There are even times when I awaken; I realize that you’ve been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there’s nothing I’d rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you…’

As strange as it would seem, you found a lone head of a daffodil[1] attached to the last note you received. This time you found it in your coats pocket when you left work, since you didn’t bring your bag to Anteiku anymore.

Not to say it wasn’t strange to receive such messages, especially since you didn’t know who this mystery person was. But, you were 100% sure it was someone from Anteiku.

“Hmm, let’s see…” You scratched your (color) head, closing your eyes in thought “Yoshimura?” You shivered at the though, sticking your tongue out in disgust “No, no” You shook your head, shoving the old man into the back of your brain “Uh…Nishiki?” You stared at the words scribbled neatly on the white paper “Nahh~” you shook your head again “No way is Nishiki that romantic.” You snickered, after a moment focusing again “Maybe Renji?” Again, you shook your head “Doesn’t even talk to me…But maybe…? Nah…”

You laid in your bed, the note with a colourful daffodil hovering above your head in your hands. You frowned.

“Enji?” You asked the paper, as if expecting it to reply. It of course didn’t “No no, he’s not that romantic either…Well, sweet romantic, anyway…”

As if something ticking in you, you halted up with a gasp, your heart beating erratic and butterflies exploding all over your chest. With a tint of pink on your cheeks, your hues softened when you gazed at the letters again.

“Kaneki…Ken…?” You asked quietly.

The next day as soon as you were out of school you rushed to Anteiku, leaving Touka behind as she ran after you, yelling “What’s the hurry for?!”

You barged into the coffee shop, the bell ringing loudly from your energetic entrance. Everyone stopped working to look at you, Nishiki commenting on how noisy you were, but you simply ignored him, brushing the raindrops away from your messy (color) hair.

Your eyes travelled around the room, and seeing Kaneki Ken standing in the corner made your heart skip a beat. You noted that he was looking at you, but once your gaze met he quickly looked away and went back to his work.

You herd Touka walk behind you, grumbling. You released your hold on the front door, it almost smacking her in the face as you made your way to your secret admirer.

“Uhm, Kaneki Ken?” You called him softly, standing just a few feet away from him.

He stiffened when you said his name, slowly and nervously turning to you.

“Yes, (Name)-Chan?” He asked with a timid smile.

“Well…” You murmured, feeling your energy go down the drain as your cheeks heated up. You quickly opened your school bag, searching in it for something, making his heart beat nervously as he thought you were about to give him one of the many notes he left for you.

To his horror, you did.

Extending your slender arm, you motioned for him to take the little pink paper you held in your hand. Uneasily, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around your palm, leaving it there for a second before he took the message out of your hand.

You blushed furiously, muttering something incomprehensible and almost fuming from the sparks his touch sent through your body.

Quickly scurrying away, you left him alone with the note.  

Satisfied with your reaction, Kaneki gulped as he looked at the little piece of paper before slowly opening it.

‘I think about you too.’

Was the only thing scribbled in your neat handwriting.

Don’t Mess With Baby

Summary: The Winchesters and the reader catch a werewolf case right in the middle of a prank war of epic proportions.

Challenge: Halloween With Dean Drabble Challenge hosted by @torn-and-frayed
Prompt: Scaring Each Other

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 999 (phew, I don’t lose!)

Warnings: cursing, practical jokes, major character death?, it feels like angst but it’s not - I promise

A/N: This was fun and keeping it under 1000 words was a challenge (I’m always the first to admit that I’m a wordy bitch!).  I had wanted to get this posted on Halloween but Kink Bingo took over my life at the end of October (but I got the blackout! If you’re over 18, check out @impalasutra for 25 kinky fics!). 

Like I said in the warnings, it’s going to feel angsty but stick with me on this one.  If you’re really worried you can check the tags for spoilers.

Don’t Mess With Baby -

“This is not going to end well…” was all you heard before you pushed the motel door open.

You walked into the room, your eyes drifting to where Sam, Dean, and Cas were all seated.  “What’s not going to end well?” you asked the now suspiciously quiet group of men.  You looked longest at Cas, who had been the one you had heard speaking.

Dean stood and crossed to where you stood, pulling you in for a hug.  “Nothing, babe,” he assured you before planting a kiss on the top of your head.  

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EXO | You Feel Insecure About Yourself Because Of What Magazines and “Fans” Say

Anonymous said:

If it’s not too much to ask, could you do a Big Bang reaction and Exo reaction to you feeling insecure about your body because of what magazines and “fans” say?

I kinda changed it up and made it where you become insecure about anything that the fans or magazines could point out about you and not just your body. Hope you enjoy.

“Colored contacts?” Minseok said looking over your shoulder and seeing what you were looking for online, “You looking for some for the costume party?”

You quickly closed your laptop and turned around to face him. “The thought hadn’t crossed my mind.”

“So how come you were looking at them?” he asked.

“No reason?” you replied, not wanting to tell him the real reason why to were looking at colored contacts.

“Is this about what the fans said about your eyes?” he asked.

“You…you saw that?” you said sadly.

“Jongdae did…he let me know about it…I don’t tend to really pay attention to that sort of stuff,” he replied, “You do know that they’re just jealous that you have two different colored eyes.”

“The fans think I’m a freak….”

“Do you think you’re a freak?”

“…………….I just….I don’t know…I’ve always been made fun of because of them.”

“Well you are not a freak, you are beautiful and unique in every way and that’s what a love about you. Your eyes are just another thing that’s special about you.”

Originally posted by enroutetoseoul

“To be honest? These aren’t the most intelligent people I’ve ever met,” Junmyeon said reading the article that you had showed him.

“I mean…do I wear too much makeup? Be honest?” you questioned.

“I would say you wear the same amount of makeup anyone else wears these days…they want to blow it out of proportion because I said you do makeup tutorials,” he replied.

“But…I mean for someone to say that there must be some merit, shouldn’t there?” you questioned.

“I told you stuff like this might happen,” he said, “You’re a makeup artist, you do tutorials so that people can learn how to do their own makeup, yeah it looks like a lot of product but think about what I’ve worn at times,” he said, “Now that is a lot of makeup.”

“You’ve got a point.”

“See…you’re makeup is completely normal for daily use…again, they’re blowing it out of proportion.”

Originally posted by mvnghaos

“Were you expecting me?” Yixing asked, walking into the bedroom to see you standing in front of the mirror in just your underwear.

“Do you think I need to work out more?” you questioned.

“Um…no…I think three days a week works fine for you…” he replied.

“So you don’t think I’m pudgy?” you asked sadly.

“Why would I think you’re pudgy? And why would you think that?” he asked.

“I just may or may not have read somewhere that I looked like I had gained weight…” you said.

He was confused by your statement until he saw the open magazine on the bed. “Oh…that thing. He’s a crackpot reporter looking for attention. He criticizes idols for a living and apparently he attacks their loved ones too.”

“I try really hard when I work out…”

“And it shows…soon you’ll look like this,” he said lifting up his shirt to show you his abs, “That guy’s just a freak show reporter, nothing more.”

Originally posted by koreanwaves

“Come on jagi, you haven’t smiled all day…that’s so unlike you,” Baek whined, “What’s wrong.”

“I just don’t feel like smiling right now…that’s all,” you said, looking away from him. Truth was, you were slightly embarrassed from your recently acquired braces. When you had gotten your braces, your doc told you that you would have them for about a year maybe longer depending on your progress so you had stayed positive about the fact that they would be off before you knew it. However some fans had been commenting recently on some Instagram about how unappealing they were and even making fun of them.

“But you always feel like smiling…and we watched your favorite movie…what’s wrong?” Baek questioned.

“I just…I’m embarrassed to smile…” you said sadly.

“But why?” he asked.

“Cause of my braces…tell the truth…I look funny,” you said.

“You look as funny as I do, I mean look at this…” he said, opening his mouth and sticking it in your face.

“Ah Baek stop!” you said laughing.

“There we go…a beautiful smile.”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

“Hey Jongdae?” you said walking into the living room, phone in hand, “Do I have a ‘rigid and cold personality’?”

“Um…no,” he said, sitting up and looking over the back of the couch at you, “What in the world would make you think you did.”

“Well there have been pictures taken of us and well…people of been saying that I seem to have a rigid and cold personality because we’re never seen holding hands…” you replied.

“You mean because you don’t like PDA and I respect that?” he asked.

“Well…I didn’t really think of it like that….” you said.

“Y/N…when we first started dating you said that you weren’t really into the whole PDA thing and I respect that and you make up for it when we’re out of the public eye,” he said, “Like right now…you owe me some cuddles.” 

Originally posted by daenso

“Do you consider me ‘too short’?” you questioned.

“No…why?” he asked.

“A fan took a photo of us and apparently be you had to lean down to kiss me there are fans that think I’m too short to be with you,” you replied.

“That’s silly,” he remarked, “I think the fact that you’re short is really cute and it has it’s advantages sometimes.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked putting your hands on your hips.

“Um…if you’re thinking what I’m thinking that’s not what I meant…”

“I was thinking it was because you like to tease me sometimes…what were you thinking?”

“Oh crap, this is embarrassing…my mind wandered I’m sorry.”


Originally posted by porkdo-bi

“I thought you were going to wear the new skirt you got you?” Kyungsoo said when you walked into the living room in a shirt and pants instead of the intended blouse and skirt you said you were going to wear.

“I though this would look better,” you said.

“But that skirt looked cute on you,” he said slightly disappointed.

“I just don’t think its a good idea…I wouldn’t want my thighs to offend anyone…” you said sadly.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” 

“When we went to the awards show…that dress that I wore…apparently it was too short for me and showed off my ‘fat thighs’.”

“Whoever said that obviously has no idea what they’re talking about…personally I love your thighs just the way they are and if you want to show them…show them. You’re beautiful.”

Originally posted by smileysoo

“I’m not that bad of a dancer…” you mumbled watching the video that Jongin had posted of the both of you and reading some of the fan comments that were pouring in, “I mean I’m no professional by any means but…”

“Hey Y/N, what are you up to?” Jongin asked.

“Am I a bad dancer?” you questioned.

“Actually, for someone who said that they had never tried choreographed dancing you did very well…why?” he questioned.

“I was rewatching the video that you made and there were fans saying that I danced like a “new born baby giraffe” and “Y/N should be embarrassed dancing next to Kai like that”…”

“You did really really well Y/N. Far from a new born baby giraffe; a few more practice sessions and I think you would be able to keep up with me and the rest of the guys at full speed instead of half.”


“No buts…in fact…why don’t we do some more dancing now…”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

(Y/NH/C -You New Hair Color)

You had dyed your hair; it was the first time you had ever dyed your hair and you had decided to live on the edge and dye it Y/NH/C. When you had first dyed your hair you were quite proud of it. But after a fashion magazine posted a picture of you and Sehun and commented on your hair in a not so positive way.

“I think it would look cuter if you wore the hate with your hair showing,” Sehun said, watching you as you got ready to go out.

“Eh…I don’t know…my hair showing probably isn’t a great idea,” you said sadly.

“Why?” I thought you were proud of your hair?” he questioned.

You sighed and went and grabbed the magazine and showed him the article. He read it and just shook his head. “These people wouldn’t know fashion if it gave them a lap dance,” he commented, “Besides you shouldn’t listen to anyone who says anything about your wild hairstyle…if you want wild, think about when I had rainbow hair.”

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“Maybe they are right…” you said, holding up one of your bras an looking at it.

“Who’s right about what and what does it have to do with your bra?” Lu asked.

“Oh um..well…I was on your fan page and some fans were commenting that my boobs were really big…and they might have a point,” you replied.

“So? It’s not really their place to comment on your boobs…”

“No…not really but still it’s your fans and when they point out stuff and make comments like they did it makes me feel a little insecure…”

“Well you shouldn’t feel that way because of some silly comments especially when you haven’t felt that way before…also I kinda like them just the way they are,” he said with an eyebrow wiggle.

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“Did you raid an organic market?” Kris asked, standing in front of the open refrigerator.

“I just decided to check it out and I bought some stuff…” you said.

“Some?” he questioned, pulling out a bundle of kale, “Do you even like kale?”

“I can learn to like it…” you said snatching it away from him, “Besides, it’s not such a bad thing to eat healthier, right?”

“You already do though…what brought this on?” he questioned.

“Oh…someone may have commented about me and my liking of fast food and I thought that I might just start myself on a diet…”

“Who did?”

“Some fans…”

“Oh jeez, jagi…don’t listen to what they say. You eat healthy all the time and splurge on fast food every once and a while there’s nothing wrong with that…especially when you share the french fries with your wonderfully handsome boyfriend…” 

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“Nope…nope…not that either, nope….” 

“Hey Y/N, what’s taking so oomph-,” Tao said, getting hit in the face with a pair of pants, “What are you doing.”

“Trying to find something to wear,” you replied, walking over to the mirror and holding a shirt up to you, “Definitely not this…”

“I think you’re going to run out of clothes….we’re just going to lunch,” he said, “A shirt and pants will do.”

“But what if a fan or a press member takes a picture of us?” you questioned, “I…I might not look good enough next to you.”

He just looked at you for a moment, confused at what would make you say something like that. “Then they do…as what normally happens…why are you worried.”

“Well, some fans said that I didn’t dress chic enough.”

He was silent before he let out a small chuckle. “If you could wear a paper sack and you would still be chic enough for me. Don’t listen to what some jealous fans say….plus, just think…it could just be all the Gucci I wear scrambling their brains.”

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Tears (Jamilams X Reader)

Title: Tears

Ship: Jamilams x reader


Requested: Yes!

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You curled up in a ball of sadness, regret, fear and loneliness. You had spent the last three weeks working Non-stop ( a/n: GENTLEMEN OF THE JURY IM CURIOUS) and on the day that you finally get a day off, your three boyfriends got one too. You’d planned to spend the day cuddling with them, or just doing whatever they wanted, provided you were with them. However, they had other plans.

As you walked into the house you shared with the three men after collecting some groceries, you heard no sound, which was odd. John was usually giggling about turtles, Alexander was usually cursing at a video game or yelling at Thomas. And Thomas was usually yelling at Alexander or cooking mac'n'cheese in the kitchen while singing. But there was nothing. You shrugged, thinking they might’ve gone to bed early or gone out to the garden, and went to put the groceries in the kitchen. Glancing out the window to the garden, you saw nothing except the setting sun, and you could hear no *cough* commotion from the bedroom. Then you noticed the note on the fridge ;

Hey babe! We hope you had a good day. We’ve gone to have dinner together because we’ve been really stressed at work, but we promise promise promise that we will do something on your next day off!- Alexander

Hey babygirl! We should be back around 10/11 ish. Sorry baby, we’ll see you later!~ John

Hi darling. Like Alexander said, we promise that we’ll make it up to you- Thomas

There was no ’love from’ or any kisses and you were done. This was the twelfth time they’d all gone out without you or cancelled a date. You began crying like an idiot as you sprinted up the stairs and grabbed your suitcase. You carelessly threw clothes and some belongings into the case, but then you paused as your gaze fell to the necklace in your hand. It was one Alexander bought you on the first date. Alexander, Thomas and John had been so nervous to talk to you, let alone ask you on a date.


You glanced over at the three attractive men at the back of the room. You were in a debate class that a local high school rented for out to future politicians who wanted to practice their debating skills. Your sister was sitting in the front row as you stood across from Aaron Burr. Maria gave you a thumbs up and you smiled thankfully at your older sister.

”The question up for debate; Are women’s rights more important now than they were in the 1800’s?” Washington asked and the whole room quietened down. You cracked your knuckles and grinned- this was gonna be fun.

A good half hour later, you were still debating with Burr about the question, Washington had walked out ten minutes prior but the two of you continued to argue until Burr began flirting.

“Burr you disgust me!” You rolled your eyes, looking back at your sister and two of your friends, Peggy and Angelica.

“Ah, so you’ve discussed me,” Burr arched an eyebrow “I’m a trust fund, baby you can trust me.”

Yes, the debate had moved on from women’s rights to how much you knew about the 1800’s and you were ready to whoop Burr’s annoying ass.

“I’ve been reading common sense by Thomas Paine, so men say that I’m intense or I’m insane. You want a job promotion, I want a revelation! So listen to my declaration;” knowing where you were going, Peggy, Maria and Angelica joined in on reciting the rules that Thomas Jefferson had set up for the workplace

”We hold these troops to be self-evident, that all men are created equal!” You and your three squad members said with raised eyebrows.

“And when I meet Thomas Jefferson, I’m a'compel him to include women in the sequel! Work!” You and the whole room yelled the last word and Burr backed down.

At the end of the debate, Thomas walked up to you with a smirk ”Hey darling, heard you talking about my rules during your debate. And I think I can add your request to the sequel. However, you have to go on a date with me and my boyfriends.” He said and his southern charm nearly brought you to your knees. You quickly looked over his shoulder at Alexander and John.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer.“


You found yourself sobbing harder at the memory. You carefully ran your finger on the middle of the pendant of the necklace, the carvings of the three loves of your life names permanently engraved into the metal. You shook your head and placed it back on the side, collecting the rest of your belongings are walking out the front door. And out of the boys lives, forever.


When the guys came home hours later, they were surprised to come home to a cold, dark house. John looked back at his boyfriends in worry as he began looking in the kitchen and the ground floor for you. Alexander and Thomas went upstairs and searched for you there, however were heartbroken when they found no sign of you. But the three of them couldn’t stop their tears when they came to the bedroom. Clothes, belongings, books, letters and lots more were found everywhere and they noticed your suitcase was missing. Alexander found a letter on the bedside table, dotted with dark spots, which he only could assume were tear stains. After reading the letter out to his boyfriends, they were broken and called up everyone they knew to find out if they’d seen you. Not even your mother, father or sister knew where you were. Them to make matters worse, Alexander got a call from his ex Eliza saying he had a son and she didn’t want him so she was dropping him off at their house the next day. Now on any normal day Alexander would have jumped for joy. But he was shattered. You had disappeared and he had no idea where you’d gone. But he didn’t know why you’d left, though you’d explained in the letter. Where was his babygirl? Where was the woman who sang to him when there were storms? Where was the woman who would win stuffed turtles for John all the time? Where was the woman who would visit Thomas’s parents in Virginia when John and Alex didn’t want to? Where was the woman who would take care of them when they were sick? Where was the woman who had walked out his life, forever?

Restless Night (Richie Tozier x Reader)

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Anonymous Request:  If it’s not much trouble, what about 23,24,26 with Beep!Beep! Richie boi.

Prompts: The other night dear while I laid sleeping. I dreamt I held you in my arms. When I awoke dear I was mistaken and I held my head and cried.  If you must weep, do it right here in my bed as I sleep. If I could be with you tonight. I would sing you to sleep never let them take the light behind your eyes.

Author Note: Here you guys go! Sorry it took so long to get something out, but I do have a life. Anyways I’m gonna attempt to get another story out tonight, but we’ll see what happens. Also slight angst in this so you’ve been warned! Also they’re 16 or 17 in this one just to clarify it.

The first thing Richie noticed was the temperature. The air was frigid chilling the whole room and leaving the teen shuddering under the sheets. He frowned slightly and rubbed his eyes. Something felt off. He was unsure of what exactly, but it clutched at his heart tightly. He sat up shuddering once more as goosebumps appeared once the air made contact with his skin. He snagged his glasses off his nightstand and placed them on.

The room was dark reminding him that it was still late outside. Clothes were thrown haphazardly across the room and random posters were scattered across the wall. He glanced over to where (Y/n) was sleeping. His breath hitched. 

(Y/n)’s side was empty. In fact, it looked completely pristine as if no one had slept there. Someone did sleep there though! Richie remembered, quite vividly, that the girl had climbed in through his window. She had told him that she hadn’t been able to sleep so he allowed her to stay over. Then again this was their routine. They never labeled themselves, but everyone could see just how much they cared for the other.

So why was (Y/n) not here? She never broke the routine before! Richie ran a hand through his hair glancing back at his lap. What happened? It took a moment, but then it slowly emerged from his mind. He had been dreaming… Of course (Y/n) wasn’t here… She wasn’t going to ever be here again.

Richie was struggling to breathe as his eyes began to burn. His body shuddered, but this time it wasn’t the cold. He felt something warm trailing down his face so he quickly wiped it away. Richie never told anyone, but this was becoming more and more common. The tears. He despised them, yet he’s spent nights where he cried floods and soaked his pillow with them. He never emitted a sound though. Not until this night.

This night hit him hard. His body trembled like it used to just by the brush of her fingers against his arm. He bit his lip trying to suppress the sound, but it managed to weasel it’s way out. It was a horrible mix between a gasp and a choking noise that filled the room. His whole body quivering as the tears streamed down his face. 

God he missed her. He missed her so much. He often spent his days writing letters. Ones that spoke of how much she meant to him or just stated he missed her. They were tucked safely away in a box. Each one neatly stacked and treated with care as if any moment he’d send them out to the address written on the box. However, he never had the heart.

He needed her in that moment. He could careless if his mother heard the late phone call. Though she was probably in a drunken haze in the living room, so she was probably oblivious to her son’s state of mind. He got up quivering as more tears dripped to the floor. His breathing uneven as he finally worked up the nerve to call the number that was branded in his brain.

She would probably curse him out at this hour, but he just needed to hear you. He needed her voice more then anything, just to remind him of what it sounded like. His fingers were shaking as he pressed the numbers. She’d kill him for taking so long to call. It’s been three week, but he couldn’t work up the nerve. He guessed that was another reason she never knew. His feelings were locked away, and now it was too late. 


The voice was quiet and laced with sleep. He easily recognized her though. His whole body shook as a sad smile spread across his face. His back was against the wall as he held the phone to his ear. “Hi (Y/n),” He mumbled quietly. His voice breaking as a sob tried to escape him. 

“Richie? What’s wrong?”

Richie chuckled bitterly as he slid down the wall. “You always know when I’m upset huh?” He was on the floor now. His eyes trained on the ceiling as his mind whirled in a frenzy. There was so many things he wanted to say… so many things. “I’m just missing my dork.” He joked though a few more tears dripped on his legs.

“I miss you too Richie…. But can this wait? I’m just… tired. I’ve been unpacking all day trying to get the last of my stuff set up.”

Richie shut his eyes as a shaky breath escaped him. “Yea… Yea I can wait. sleep tight Dork.”

“Sweet dreams Richie.”

Richie’s body shuddered as (Y/n) hung up. He began to sob once more pulling his knees to his chest. Yea… He could wait… After all, the words have waited this long. 


(Y/n) stared at the phone for a moment trying to shove down the anxious thoughts swarming her brain. She hated doing that to Richie, but she truly was exhausted. They had finally settled into their new home. One quite far from the little town of Derry that she had grown to love. She didn’t want to leave, but kids were supposed to obey their parents. So she packed her bags and said goodbye to the only life she ever wanted.

She never even told him… Her heart ached wishing she had stayed on the phone. He was obviously upset when he called. She knew the trashmouth teen too well. She wished she was back there with him nestled beside him as they used to. Joking the night away and sleeping through the morning. 

She sighed and pressed her forehead against the wall for a moment.

“I love you Richie… I’m so sorry I had to leave…” 

Her voice cracked as tears gathered in her eyes. She stepped back and reluctantly made her way back to her bed. Once she drifted off she had dreams of those nights before. The ones of laughter and the warmth only Richie could cause. She also dreamed of those that could have been, if they both had just worked the nerves to admit it.

That perhaps their friendship was more then that, but for now the two wept over what could of been.