Lee Daniels Says Racism Isn’t ‘Real’ Because He Doesn’t ’Embrace’ It

December 7, 2016  Meaghan Carter

During a visit to the daytime talk show ‘The Real,’ Lee Daniels explains his decision to cast a white woman as the lead character for his latest Fox drama ‘Star.’

“I thought that it was important to address race relations in America,” Daniels said. “We are, truly I believe, in a civil war. And I think that when we understand that we’re all one that [we will] then understand America. And America is still to be understood by us.”

Set in the hip-hop haven of Atlanta, “Star” follows three young women (Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady) who form a musical act and navigate the cutthroat business on their way to success. The cast also includes Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt.

“I think that this white girl is so fabulous that black people will embrace her, and white people will embrace her,” Daniels said of Demorest’s character.

Daniels also went on to say,

“I think that this white girl is so fabulous that black people will embrace her, and white people will embrace her,”

The world renowned director also went on to attribute his career’s success to refusing to “embrace” racism.  Daniels feels that this new character could potentially help heal race relations.

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You may have first heard of the “Harvard Computers”—a team of women under the tutelage of Edward Charles Pickering who crunched raw astronomical data and advanced the science by leaps and bounds—in the eighth episode of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. There is perhaps no one better suited to take their story, both collective and individual, than Dava Sobel in her fascinating new book, The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars. Among the women you’ll encounter in these pages: Williamina Fleming, who identified ten novae and more than three hundred variable stars; Annie Jump Cannon, who designed a stellar classification system still in use; and Dr. Cecilia Helena Payne, who would become Harvard’s first female department chair.


“I became obsessed with Harrison long before it became fashionable. I was a real trendsetter in that sense. I started a craze.”


Sorry for super long post but this got badly out of hand. Happy Valentine’s and stuff, here are these two being sorta cute but dysfunctional af. (Tumblr destroys the image quality, open in new tab to view properly).

(Coffeeshop AU)

  • Oikawa: [clicking noise]
  • Iwaizumi: [clicking noise]
  • Ushijima: Stop it.
  • Iwaizumi: Stop what?
  • Ushijima: You're talking about me in Morse Code.
  • Iwaizumi: Yeah, Ushiwaka, that's what we're doing. In our very limited free time and with our very limited budget we went out and took a class on a very outmoded, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.
  • Ushijima: Am I wrong?
  • Oikawa: No. That's exactly what we did.

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Do it! Just do it!!! (X)

Because I thought every OTP needs a furiously encouraging Shia moment.