Listen/purchase: Scout EP by Petal

Petal is another up and coming Pennsylvania band. They are described to have a constantly changing lineup consisting of members from other Scranton/Philadelphia acts, such as Tigers Jaw and Three Man Cannon. Petal was introduced in September 2013 when Tigers Jaw guitarist/vocalist Ben Walsh announced Petal as his side project, and that he and the band would be playing a show in Wilkes-Barre. When asked about Petal, Walsh said that the band had existed for awhile.

Vocalist Kiley Lotz is also well known around the Pennsylvania scene. She has been seen as an opening act for Title Fight shows, and other local events. 

Scout was originally self released, until Run For Cover signed them and re-released the EP on a 7" which is available now.

For fans of: Lemuria, Tigers Jaw

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Length: 105 minutes
File Size: 230mb
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  1. Joyce Manor - Catalina Fight Song
  2. Renee Heartfelt - Mary Magdalene
  3. My Iron Lung - Commonwealth
  4. Braid - Bang
  5. Little Big League - Year Of The Sunhouse
  6. Old Gray - An Epitaph
  7. Settler - You’re Alive (I Am Alone)
  8. Three Man Cannon - Something I Found
  9. Lantlôs - Melting Sun IV: Jade Fields
  10. Teen Creeps - Work It Out
  11. David F Bello - Burn Up In Car
  12. Lightfoils - Addict
  13. Plaids - Four
  14. Raintree - Different Ways to Spell the Same Name
  15. Banquets - My Moped Year
  16. Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles (4-Track Demo)
  17. Tricot - Pool
  18. The Whigs - You Should Be Able To Feel It
  19. Whooves - Fat Kid With A Camera
  20. Angel Olsen - Lights Out
  21. Monochrome - Miami
  22. The Horrors - Falling Star
  23. Dead Horse One - Never Be Your Lover
  24. Goddamnit - Same Old Story
  25. Ilya - Another Day
  26. Morning Parade - Love Thy Neighbor
  27. L'VO - Depressed
  28. Nightmares for a Week - Bleached Blonde
  29. Patch Kit - Write A Poem About This, Geek
  30. Scuzbot - People Hate Fun


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Today I woke up with a head full of regret and the sum of all my parts
We saw all the ugly things that are hidden in our bodies all along

All the pretty children
standing in the kitchen
praying for admission
to something that they’re missing

I heard the bad news the other day
The dirt is under our nails from clawing at the garden
where all the dirty words bloom like precious flowers
Is there a better way? I don’t know.
We are constant machines it’s time we take the time to breathe.