My Chemical Romance - Green


My Chemical Monday

I just started teen wolf and then there was some big fight scene and I thought “wait I know that song in the background” aND IT WAS DESTROYA BY MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND THATS THE FIRST TIME I HEARD THAT SONG SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN MY PHONE AND I DECIDED I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW

When Kieran Wilcox arrives in Lakewood and things to start to turn chaotic…Audrey Jensen and Noah Foster can’t help but notice that there’s a secret behind the sudden arrival and they try their best to get to the bottom of it before another member of Lakewood falls dead. 

Partner in writing crime: @scaryjensen

Was it desperate that I had counted the days since losing Rachel? That I marked every day on the calendar that passed that I would call knowing I wouldn’t hear her voice on the other end, or the days where I would arrive at her house hoping she would somehow answer the door but instead I would be greeted by her mom telling me the same thing over and over again, “Audrey, she is gone.” This entire thing was my fault. I should have made absolute sure that she was okay after that video went viral of us…..

She wasn’t ready for the world to know that her mind didn’t revolve around boys, like with every other girl at her school. She wasn’t ready to face the disappoint in her parent’s eyes. Yet somehow she was ready to leave the world and I don’t blame her for it. This world has been nothing but a gigantic mess to the both of us. I had to stay alive for her, I somehow had to show her that life eventually would be worth telling stories about at an old age. It’s officially been six months since I lost my girlfriend and a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t tried to track down who recorded and placed that video on the internet. Until….

One month passed

“Go over what Jake said again. It’s not that I didn’t hear you, but it’s too satisfying to have clarity that I have been right about him this entire time.”

“He said, and I quote, “If you want someone to blame, look at Kieran. He’s the one who told us to put you in the lake in the first place,” and end quote.”

Such a satisfied grin graced across my features, this is the kind of evidence the two needed in order to really let their investigation take off. Since the party, that was somehow celebrating the “good graces” of Lakewood, which in fact was a gigantic distraction from all the murders, led Noah and myself into this situation currently at hand.

Emma invited the pair of us, mainly because she felt guilt for what took place with Rachel and because in some unexpected way, she was trying to regain the friendship we once had when we were kids. Also to my surprise that night, it seemed completely evident that Kieran and Emma had kicked off a romance and that never sat right with me knowing something seemed off about Kieran since the day he arrived in Lakewood but I didn’t have any source of proof until now.

“Jake may be a lot of things I shouldn’t say, but thank god for that bragging mouth of his. I knew Kieran was shady, his arrival and the time frame of the murders were all too close for comfort.”

“Our next concern is finding reliable proof that Kieran is involved with what is happening in Lakewood. I mean, all we really know right now is that he for some unknown reason he felt the need to prank me at that party.”  

“Think about it, Noah. If he had no problem being behind that prank at the party – who’s to say he isn’t the one who recorded Rachel and I that night? Do you still have the information from when we first tried to take a crack at it?”

“You could be onto something, Audrey.”

With that, the sounds of vigorous typing could be heard throughout the room as Noah gathered previous evidence to try and trace the video being posted with Kieran’s name. I couldn’t express how hopeful I was that this would lead us in the direction of what we’ve been suspicious of for months now. After a good five minutes of nervous pacing across the room, I occupied the space directly by Noah and watched the computer myself. I had no idea how any of it worked or what the hell it meant, but by the looks on Noah’s face, we were getting somewhere.

“Come to think of it, did you ever find anything on Violet? I told you something seemed off about her as well. She arrived in Lakewood the same time as Kieran and they speak outside of class sometimes.”

“Audrey, not now. I am so close to finding something.”

“But you have to admit that it is more than a coincidence, right? This isn’t a town people move to out of the blue like that. The last time we had anyone new come in was back in fourth grade and yet around the time we have two new arrivals in class, people start getting murdered as well.”

“Audrey –”

“I mean, the girl is flat out….twisted. I told you what our conversation was like when I first met her, didn’t I?” 

“Only a hundred times. Do you think liking someone is the best solution right now with all we have going on?”

“Woah – who said anything about me liking her? I do not like her. I’m investigating her for the sake of our well-beings, so we don’t end up being discussed on the new’s on how the killer sliced our neck’s open or something more gory than that.”

I could feel Noah’s eyes roll to the back of his head, anytime I mentioned Violet as being a possible suspect, it would led to a conversation over me defending that I did not have feelings for her. I do not like the enemy, but even that fact wouldn’t make me stop thinking about the first time I spoke to her.

 Flashback to Audrey and Violet first meeting

There I was, basically being a new level of creep, it had been a few weeks now of me keeping a casual eyes on the new girl, Violet. I couldn’t help that I was paranoid with everything else happening in Lakewood but I guess I wasn’t as stealthy on this particular day. She had dark black hair that barely touched the top of her shoulders and the ends were colored this nearly faded light purple color, I had to admit, it suited her quite well. Her eyes matched the color of the ocean flawlessly and her height could be considered average. She always seemed to be in some fort of the color black but that didn’t mean stop her from wearing brights colors right along with it. She ALWAYS had this beat-up looking black converses on and a necklace that had a ring attached to it. She was beautiful in this not so obvious way, if that made any sense.

Just as I noticed her rounding the corner to collect her books from her locker, those blue ocean eyes locked onto mine and I could feel my blood turn cold. Did she notice I had been watching her or was this a mere coincidence? I nervously smiled as she approached me with such determination in her eyes. I definitely had been caught.

“You could just say hi, you know?”

She spoke with such confidence and it was obvious by my red colored cheeks that I was embarrassed by this entire interaction.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’ve seen you looking at me.”

“It must be a coincidence or something. I was just trying to find my locker and you happened to be in my line of eyesight.”

“I’m Violet, by the way, and I’d like to know your name if you’re going to keep stalking me like this.”

The shortest, but sweetest laugh passed her lips and I tried not to let myself smile because of it.

“Do not flatter yourself because I am definitely not stalking you, but I’m Audrey. So, is that why the ends of your hair is purple?”

“No, actually, I dyed them that color as a sarcastic rebellion against my parents naming me Violet in the first place.”

I couldn’t hide the laughter or the smile that was wanting to form due to this conversation. This girl had such a sarcastic tone about her and that was something I always appreciated in a person.

“Have they gotten the message?”

“Not even a little bit.”

We both laughed quietly, not letting our eyes unlock from one another’s as the bell rang to alert students they had a few minutes to make it to class.

“I’ll guess I’ll see you around?”

I spoke, in the least confident voice imaginable, but I hoped she hadn’t noticed.

“Yeah, I’ll see you around.”

And with that, she walked away, leaving me completely lost on if I still suspected her as an accomplice or the main suspect in these string of murders or if the reason my heart was beating the way it was because I was fascinated by her. Just as I tried to figure out why I felt how I did, I could hear Noah’s voice in the background, trying to pull me back into reality.

“Audrey, Audrey! AUDREY! You need to look at this right now. We finally got it.”

I shook my head lightly and looked towards the laptop, seeing the name of who’s been behind my month’s of video torment light up across the screen.

“You have to be shitting me.”