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dom if the signs were poems which poems would they be?

I am the wound and the knife!
I am the slap and the cheek!
I am the limbs and the rack,
And the victim and the executioner!
I am the vampire of my own heart.
– Charles Baudelaire 

I am composed of particles which are
different from me —
though you categorize me as Particle Doll.
If you fuck with my brain change my particles, chemicals
you’ll perceive a different me
as far as you’re
concerned, but you’ve never
really perceived me anyway.
— Alice Notley 

Sure, in the end, like any soul
you were endless and yets—
brave, deft with phrases, kind—
three cheers for you. Too closed to
want what others love, you vetoed life.
Were there other worlds to crave?
— Steven Heighton

Forgive me,
That I manage badly,
Manage badly but live gloriously,
That I leave traces of myself in my songs,
That I appeared to you in waking dreams.
– Anna Akhmatova 

My nerves are bad tonight. Yes, bad. Stay with me.
Speak to me. Why do you never speak? Speak.
What are you thinking of? What thinking? What?
I never know what you are thinking. Think.
– T.S Eliot

Call me rough, ill-tempered, slovenly— I tell you,
every tenderness I have ever known
has been nothing
but thwarted violence, an ache
so permanent and deep, the lightest touch
awakens it … It is impossible
to care enough.
– Rita Dove

Yet I’d risk my life
on that dilly dally buttercup
called dreams. She of the origin,
she of the primal crack, she of the boiling beginning,
she of the riddle, she keeps me here,
toiling and toiling.
– Anne Sexton

I am pure emotion and you must pour me
into something pure. I will live for me
I will die thanks to unconditional love.
– Jenny Zhang

I feel like I am floating in plasma
I need a teacher or a lover
I need someone to risk being involved with me.
I am so vain
and I am so masochistic.
How can they coexist?
– Francesca Woodman

Red foam of desire, slaughter on the high seas,
blue rocks of delirium,
forms, images, bubbles, the hunger to be,
momentary eternities,
excesses: your measure of man.
Dare to do it:
be the bow and the arrow, the string and the “ay!”
Dream is explosive. Explode. Be a sun again. 
– Octavio Paz

Is this you, this edgy joke
I make, are these your long fingers,
your hair of an untidy bird,
is this your outraged
eye, this grip
that will not give up?
– Margaret Atwood

It is easy for a person to think
themselves into a forest. Nighttime
or otherwise, then think about when
the object of your desire
is also the object
of your disgust.
Now we’re getting somewhere.
– Wendy Xu

My Chemical Romance Asks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> I brought you my bullets, You brought me your love<p/><b>Romance:</b> Who was your first love?<p/><b>Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us:</b> Is there a side of yourself that no one knows about?<p/><b>Vampires will never hurt you:</b> Vampires or angry men?<p/><b>Drowning Lessons:</b> Plan on getting married?<p/><b>Our Lady of Sorrows:</b> Are you religious?<p/><b>Headfirst for Halos:</b> Are you hopeful? If so, what for?<p/><b>Skylines and Turnstiles:</b> An important event that changed your life or perspective?<p/><b>Early Sunsets Over Monroeville:</b> What's your favorite horror movie?<p/><b>This Is the Best Day Ever:</b> Ever been to the hospital?<p/><b>Cubicles:</b> Where would you be without My Chem?<p/><b>Demolition Lovers:</b> Would you die for your current lover?<p/><b></b> Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge<p/><b>Helena:</b> Have you lost a family member or friend?<p/><b>Give 'Em Hell, Kid:</b> Have you ever considered committing murder?<p/><b>To The End:</b> Corpse Bride. Yay or nay?<p/><b>You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison:</b> Ever committed a crime?<p/><b>I'm Not Okay (I Promise):</b> Ever felt out of place?<p/><b>The Ghost of You:</b> Ever cried while watching a movie?<p/><b>The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You:</b> Ever been cheated on or have cheated?<p/><b>Interlude:</b> Favorite My Chem song?<p/><b>Thank You for the Venom:</b> Ever wrote something stupid on a t-shirt?<p/><b>Hang 'Em High:</b> Ever shot a gun?<p/><b>It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish:</b> Who's your best friend?<p/><b>Cemetery Drive:</b> What's the hardest drive you've experienced?<p/><b></b> The Black Parade<p/><b>The End:</b> Ever thought it'd be the end for you?<p/><b>Dead!:</b> Ever wanted to die?<p/><b>This Is How I Disappear:</b> Ever done something to someone that you can't forgive yourself for?<p/><b>The Sharpest Lives:</b> Are you anxious?<p/><b>Welcome to the Black Parade:</b> What's your favorite memory?<p/><b>I Don't Love You:</b> Have you ever stopped loving them?<p/><b>House of Wolves:</b> What is your favorite era?<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Old or new?<p/><b>Mama:</b> Ever disappointed your parents?<p/><b>Sleep:</b> Any bad dreams?<p/><b>Teenagers:</b> Are you scared of people your own age?<p/><b>Disenchanted:</b> What changed your life for the better?<p/><b>Famous Last Words:</b> What changed your mind about things?<p/><b>Blood:</b> Any hidden secrets no one knows?<p/><b>Danger Days:</b> The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys<p/><b>Look Alive, Sunshine:</b> What time do you wake up?<p/><b>Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na):</b> What gives you strength?<p/><b>Bulletproof Heart:</b> Do you miss anyone right now?<p/><b>SING:</b> Who is your idol?<p/><b>Planetary (GO!):</b> Biggest accomplishment?<p/><b>The Only Hope for Me Is:</b> Do you consider yourself hopeless?<p/><b>Jet Star and The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report:</b> What's your favorite go-to outfit?<p/><b>Party Poison:</b> Do you speak different languages?<p/><b>Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back:</b> What is your biggest wish?<p/><b>S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W:</b> Biggest regrets?<p/><b>Summertime:</b> Who's got you excited for the summer?<p/><b>DESTROYA:</b> If you could save anyone in the world from danger/poverty/war/etc. Who would it be?<p/><b>The Kids From Yesterday:</b> What do you wish you could tell your past self?<p/><b>Goodnite, Dr. Death:</b> Opinions on standing for the National Anthem?<p/><b>Vampire Money:</b> What is your catchphrase irl?<p/></p><p/><
Acceptable in the 90s

I suppose one of the benefits of having been fannish in the 90s is that what a creator thinks of your interpretations and ships is essentially irrelevant to you. As long as they’re not sending you cease and desist letters, it hardly matters if a writer thinks your ship is ridiculous/gross/offensive/wrong. The author, while very much alive, is dead. Obviously we can (and do!) still love them and enjoy hearing what they have to say, but when it comes to how you ship and what you see inside their story, their voice and their power is limited to the narrative. And even then: if we don’t like what the narrative says, we can, and will, fix it.

I think it’s a sign of social progress that slash shippers get to behave and feel the way het shippers did in the 90s; entitled to the ending they want to see, confident that canon will reflect fanon, perfectly happy to lay their interpretation against any other in broad daylight. That’s good progress, and I think we should celebrate it. 

There will always be ships and scenarios that seem canon-inconcievable to most, and that’s as it should be. “What if” has always been an important question in fandom. Everyone’s got different “what ifs” in their heads, and everyone’s got different answers to them. That’s the wonderful diversity that fandom brings. The challenge of finding a way to link up two characters the original narrative has no interest in pairing is an intriguing one to many. Pursuing that challenge is something else worth celebrating!

In the end, the stories in our heads, no matter who put the seed in there, are ours, and we can manipulate them any way we like. No matter what anyone else, powers that be included, think about it.

The Lost Years

Title: The Lost Years

Characters: Reader, Sam, and Dean

Word Count: 2,000

Warning: So much fluff you may get a cavity

A/N: These boys deserve the world, and they deserve a childhood. If I was able to, this is what I would give them. Enjoy!

Doing a final check of the room, you jumped when the boys slammed the Bunker door.

“Y/N! What happened? Why can’t we get into the garage?”

“Give me a minute!” Walking into the library you were met with very unamused hunters, drenched from the rain. “Oh, didn’t realize it was going to rain today. Sorry!”

“What did you do to the garage?”

“Relax Dean, I just needed you guys out of there for a bit. I’ll grab you some towels, just stay here!”

Sam and Dean exchanged confused glances as you jogged down the hallway to the closet. The boys were shaking out their layers when you came back.

“Alright, dry off, and then we gotta start moving! Lots to do!”

“What? Y/N, we’re so tired. And-”

“Sam, I promise, this will be worth it. We have six events to hit!”

Dean groaned, dropping his towel on the map table as Sam finished drying his hair. Grabbing both of their hands you led them down the hallway to the first door.

“Alright, tonight, we reclaim some of the lost years of Winchester boys. Follow me.”

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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison || Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge || My Chemical Romance

The Twins first Smackdown

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Request - 32) Superstar brings the child to work for the first time. 33) Superstar sees their child wearing their merchandise for the first time. 

Pairing - Dean Ambrose X Female Reader + Son and Daughter

WordCount - 1,184

Requested By - @guatebabyxo

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s Name, Y/D/N - Your Daughter’s name. 

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A/N - If you would like a request from the prompt list Send us the name of the Superstar, the gender of the child and a few numbers.

Dean paced nervously, it was three in the morning and the three most important people in his life were about to arrive. He probably looked insane as he paced a small route in the airport but he didn’t care. He had waited for two weeks to see his beautiful fiance and his beautiful children, Y/S/N and Y/D/N. When you had brought up the twins had been missing Dean terribly, Dean had suggested that he take some off to come home. But when you had suggested that you and the twins fly out to spend some quality time together Dean wished he could have been in your actual presence because he wanted to kiss you. You coming to stay with him met that the twins would finally be able to come to their first Smackdown. Dean had wanted to bring the twins for a while yet things came up and you had been a little hesitant. 

Dean heard the announcement that your plane had landed, a couple of minutes later, he saw you approaching, bags thrown over your shoulders as you pushed the trolley with the suitcases on them with one arm as you carried Y/D/N who was sound asleep. Y/S/N walked beside you carrying his teddy bear and pulling his small carry on case behind him. You and Y/S/N looked absolutely exhausted. Crossing the airport to you, Dean was hasty to pick up his son who looked like he was going to fall asleep at any minute. You sent him a thankful glance. You, Dean and the twins began to head out and towards his car. As soon as the twins were buckled in and the car hummed quietly the twins had fallen asleep. You rested your head against the top of your seat. 

“Don’t worry darlin’, we’re nearly at the hotel once the twins are tucked up in bed. We can get some sleep ourselves. I finally get my favourite pillow back.” You smiled sleepily. The flight had been long and you hadn’t slept because Y/S/N managed to stay awake. You observed Dean’s concentration as you admired how handsome he looked especially with the deep concentration that he held in his eyes. 

Once you arrived at the hotel, Dean sprung into action like some sort of lunatic Superhero. He was quick to take all of the bags to his hotel room, asking you to remain in the car with the twins. Once he came back down, he took both of the twins in his arms before leading all of three of you towards the hotel room. 

You smiled when you noticed that there was an extra room for the children to get their sleep. You and Dean both silently agreed not to bother changing the twins into their pyjamas, neither of you wanted to face two grumpy four years old on your hands Once the twins were settled You and Dean settled down for the night, Dean laid his head on your chest as you sleepily ran your hands through Deans locks of hair. 

“I love you Darlin’,” Dean mumbled as he snuggled his face deeper into your chest. 

“I love you too handsome.” 

Waking up the next morning, you still felt groggy from the long flight yet you were met with excitement. The twins first Smackdown, the first time the twins were getting to see their Dad fight live. 

“Darling, guess what I got a little surprise for you. I managed to pull a few strings and guess what you and the twins get ringside seats. So you get to see me in action really close and personal. I’m gonna give you a private later regardless maybe you wanna sample the goods right now.” Dean wrapped his arms around your waist playfully nibbling your ear. 

“Dean you know we don’t have time for this, but if you win later I’ll be sure to give you a reward.” You turned around in Dean’s arms kissing him softly. 

“Darlin’ why you always gotta be a tease?” Cheekily winking at him the twins bedroom door opened and twins came running out. 

“We’re going to work with Daddy right Momma.” Y/S/N questioned, on the other hand, Y/D/N had run straight into her Father’s grasps. She had always been a Daddy’s girl. 

“We are and we get to watch Daddy ringside. Are you excited?” Y/S/N nodded. 

“Well, what are we waiting for, let’s get going so I can show you guys off. Soon everyone is going to be jealous of my stunning fiance and gorgeous kids.So let’s get going because I’ve got people to make jealous” You followed your fiance out of the hotel room giving a discrete roll of the eyes. He was so dramatic sometimes. 

The twins were in awe of the arena, they looked around with wide eyes as they walked past and greeted Superstars that they had only seen on TV before. As the twins interacted with different people you expected Dean to look smug yet there was no smugness in his eyes instead there was a distinctive look of pride.

Unfortunately, time soon passed and Dean had to get ready for the show and you had to take your seats but before the show started you decided to take the twins to roam around the merchandise stools as you browsed you noticed Dean’s merchandise and of course the twins stopped. 

“Momma, can we buy some of Daddy’s merchandise.” Y/D/N asked as you all looked down at Dean’s newest shirt. 

“Yeah and then we can go change into our new shirts and when Daddy comes out for his match he’ll be surprised.” You looked down at the twins, it was a pretty good idea and you did have a little bit of time to conduct the plan efficiently.

“I think that’s a great idea. Come on we don’t have much time.” You purchased the tree shirts before hurrying to the bathroom so you could surprise Dean…

You and the twins were loving Smackdown, the crowd absorbed you into the atmosphere while all three of you cheered and interacted with the night’s matches. Dean’s matchup was next, all three of you were pumped. 

The moment Dean’s music hit, the three of you began cheering for him. Dean was out there doing his thing while looking for you and the twins. At first, he had no idea where you were because no one had bothered to tell him where you were sitting. 

When Dean finally spotted you in the crowd, he was taken back. There you all were standing as you cheered for him, wearing his shirt. His shirt. No one else’s, while Dean wasn’t typically known for getting emotional. Seeing you and the twins supporting made him feel proud. All that time away from you and especially the kids was worth it because he could be their real life Superhero and Dean was going to do everything in his power to make sure that he was there to support the twins (and any more children that you decided to have) no matter what it took because you and the twins were his life….. 

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Ice Cream Shop AU with Seungkwan please!!

- okay so you’re a regular customer at an ice cream shop
- three boys named seokmin, soonyoung and seungkwan work there and they seem to be the only employees since you’ve never seen anyone else
- you discovered this place during a really hot summer day and you needed something cold asap so you decided to enter the first shop you saw which just so happened to be this ice cream shop
- seungkwan was the one at the counter while soonyoung and seokmin were in the back probably doing something stupid AS USUAL
- so you order an ice cream cone and after getting it, you leave the shop because no one else was in there and you felt awkward being the only customer
- you walk through the door and disaster strikes immediately
- it’s boiling hot outside if you haven’t noticed so your ice cream melted EVERYWHERE in the span of FIVE SECONDS
- seungkwan saw the whole thing from where he was and when you walked back inside and asked “yeah uh is it all right if i get a new one?”
- he just lost it
- you ended up laughing along with him and the sound of your laughter caused soonyoung and seokmin to rush to the front, and when they both saw you covered in melted ice cream they laughed too
- you started coming by more often and you eventually became a regular customer
- and not only that…. you also developed a crush on seungkwan
- so you enter the shop after a long day at your workplace, excited to eat some ice cream and see your friends
- seungkwan grins “ah (name)!! you’re here, we’ve been waiting” and soonyoung and seokmin both greet you too
- when you walk over to the counter, seungkwan asks “so, flavor of the day?” and you say “of course”
- you and seungkwan liked to play a little guessing game
- since you already tried every flavor of ice cream at the shop, he would make you guess what the flavor of the day is to see if you remember the ice cream’s taste and name
- so you close your eyes and he takes a sample spoon and scoops up some of the ice cream of that day’s flavor
- he feeds it to you and after licking the spoon clean, you say “is it….. vanilla toffee bar crunch??”
- and the three boys all cheer because you got it right!!
- soonyoung takes a cone and gives you a scoop of the day’s flavor and hands it to you once you paid for it
- “oh it’s been a while since i had this one!!” you exclaim as you take a lick of your ice cream
- soonyoung screams “IT’S THE BEST FLAVOR BECAUSE IT’S MY FAVORITE ONE” and seokmin goes like “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? THE BEST ONE IS THE CLASSIC COOKIES AND CREAM” and they both begin arguing while you and seungkwan are just like omfg SHUT UP
- seungkwan’s like “you’re right in front of each other’s faces WHY DO YOU BOTH HAVE TO SCREAM”
- and you’re just laughing on the side as they all argue and jump on each other’s backs and yell in each other’s faces
- they’re just so much fun to have around. you’re so glad to have become such good friends with them
- when you finish up your ice cream, you leave the shop and unknown to you, seungkwan watches you go with a smile on his face
- soonyoung and seokmin notice this and just start nudging each other until seokmin says “oh seungkwan what are you looking at hmmm?” wiggles eyebrows
- “or should we say who??” soonyoung grins
- and seungkwan’s all embarrassed and says “am i not allowed to look outside??” and his co-workers just giggle between themselves and seungkwan runs to the back to hide his red face
- the next day you come by at your usual time and say “flavor of the day please!!” when you reach the counter
- and seokmin came prepared ok he saw you walking towards the shop and already scooped up a bit with a sample spoon
- he slides over to you behind the counter (think of his dance move in pretty u when he’s sliding from one side to the other behind the couch) and says “say ahhh!!”
- and seungkwan gets so jealous so he quickly picks up a sample spoon, scoops up some ice cream and pushes seokmin out of the way
- you laugh as you lick the ice cream off of seungkwan’s spoon and when you’re not looking seungkwan shoots seokmin the deadliest glare
- you say “oh i know this one!! is it strawberry shortcake supreme??”
- and soonyoung passes you an ice cream cone with the scoop of the day’s flavor on it already because he knew you were going to get it
- but when you receive the ice cream, you look down at it with a frown and the three boys all notice immediately
- “is there something wrong??” seungkwan asks
- and you say “no no it’s just that i’ve tried every flavor here already a bunch of times, do you know if you’ll be getting any new ones??”
- soonyoung throws a hand over his chest and says “(name) getting sick of our ice cream?! THE WORLD MUST BE ENDING”
- seokmin breaks out into a smirk when he says “oh…. actually we’re getting a new flavor tomorrow”
- soonyoung says “we are?” and seokmin steps on his foot and he immediately straightens up and says “oh yeah!! i remember now!!”
- your eyes light up and you exclaim “really?? i can’t wait to try it tomorrow!!”
- soonyoung says “oh you won’t be disappointed, it’s a really good flavor from what we’ve heard. i can already tell it’ll be your favorite”
- seungkwan’s just like “how come i didn’t know about this??”
- after talking with them all for a while, you finally finish eating your ice cream and exit the shop
- seungkwan turns to his two co-workers when you’re gone and says “oh yeah so what’s the name of the new flavor??”
- they both just look at each other and smirk at him and tell him “ok look seungkwan you better not mess this up….”
- you come back to the ice cream shop the next day and exclaim as you walk through the door “i’m ready for that new flavor!!”
- soonyoung says “coming right up!! seungkwan will get that for you, seokmin and i have to replace the empty tubs with full ones” and they both run to the back while giggling LIKE THE FIVE-YEAR-OLDS THEY ARE
- seungkwan looks pretty nervous you notice but you just shrug it off as you lean over the counter and you laugh “should i still close my eyes even if i’ve never tried this flavor??”
- and he quietly says “i think i’d be more comfortable if you closed your eyes”
- you don’t really know what he meant by that but you just shrug and proceed to close your eyes
- seungkwan says “no peeking!!” and you nod as you patiently wait for him to tell you to open your mouth so you can eat the ice cream
- but he never says it
- instead you feel something on your lips, and when you open up your eyes, you see seungkwan kissing you!!
- and then he pulls away after a while and says “i….. kind of liked you for a while now….. do you maybe want to go out on a date with me this weekend?”
- your shocked expression fades upon hearing his confession and you lean over the counter to kiss him again
- seokmin and soonyoung (who were eavesdropping) peek into the shop from the back and when they see you and seungkwan kissing, they had to cover each other’s mouths to stop the other from screaming
- when you pull away, seungkwan asks “so is that a yes…..?” and you’re like “YES SEUNGKWAN” LOL
- flavor of the day: boo seungkwan

thank you for your request!! ^^

The Signs As My Chemical Romance Lyrics

Aries- “See the rust through your playground eyes”

Taurus- “All the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me”

Gemini- “We’re both two men as God had made us”

Cancer- “Tell me I’m an angel, take this to my grave”

Leo- “You only hear the music when your heart begins to break”

Virgo- “I choose defeat, I walk away”

Libra- “This ain’t about all the friends you made, but the graffiti they write on your grave”

Scorpio- “If life ain’t just a joke then why are we laughing”

Sagittarius- “And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard”

Capricorn- “Don’t you breathe for me, undeserving of your sympathy”

Aquarius- “So sick of all the needless beating”

Pisces- “Let me be the one to save you”

Cursed Woods

 Only the most determined vagabonds go where you, Jon and Todd were going.

The three of you had been partners since high school, the three of you all from bad homes, finding solace in eachother and the road. You had always felt at your best camping out away from society, seeing new places everyday and living off the land. Once when you were sixteen, you all ran away together for three months without being found! It was good times.

Today, you take on your biggest challenge.

Granata’s Hike.

Noone goes there, as legend tells, because its cursed. An ancient shapeshifting fairy supposedly placed a curse on it after a hunter killed her child, who had been playing in the form of a mink. What the curse entailed noone knew for sure, but most believed it true as everyone who has gone refuses to talk about the experience. The rough, rockiness and steepness of the grand hill made it tough to traverse even if you didnt The perfect test of your little gang’s ability.

“Hey. Hey Eddie! Daydreaming again?” Todd shook you from your reminiscing with an energetic shout and a rough jostling. “ We’re here! The base of the cliff.”

“Well then what’re we waiting for? Lets get up there!” You exclaim, playfully impatient. Jon giggles from the backseat, pulling the hiking bags out of the back of the van as Todd parks. You make some final gear checks, and you start the trek.

The trail is overgrown, rocky and steep, but the flora is flourishing and lush, full of color and healthier than youve ever seen on such a rough patch of land. The trees hang low with fruit and spanish moss, and you often have to move branches out of your face or cut tangled plants that block your path. Slowly but surely though, you make your way up.

“You guys okay back there?” You shout to Jon and Todd, who had begun to lag behind a bit about an hour in. “Yeah, Todd’s just feeling a little queasy is all!” Jon shouts back, helping Todd continue moving upward. He had gone a little pale in the face, but that was typical. He was prone to getting vertigo when you were climbing this high, but Jon’s got his back.

Another hour passed, and you suddenly began to gag. You forced yourself to continue despite intermittently feeling the urge to vomit. But when the next hour came and you reached the top, you could fight it no longer and rushed despite your exhaustion to the edge and vomitted over the side before Jon and Todd got up to the clear peak of the cliff. You sat down, face thankfully clean and the sensation gone. Probably just some bad trail mix or something. “WE MADE IT! You shouted to the boys, the three of you cheering your success. Now comes the fun part. Camping!

It only took half an hour to set up the whole site, the three of you all quite experienced, but you kept feeling a strange twinge inside. “Im feeling kind of off right now, i think ill take a nap if thats ok with you guys.” you say apologetically, to which both agree. “Get your rest!” Jon responds sunnily, “Yeah, so we can do the gathering together later!” Todd tacks on, sticking his tongue out at you playfully when you roll your eyes. You curl up in your sleeping bag, but you cant sleep. The strange throb in your belly too distracting. You sit up and whine, putting pressure on it in hopes of relieving the pain, but the moment your hand touched your stomach the dull twinge blossomed into horrific cramps. You cross your legs and grit your teeth as tears prick the corners of your eyes, your hands on you stomach, your belly beginning to grow beneath your fingers, grotesque creaking, groaning sounds coming from your stretching skin, stretchmarks beginning to stripe the sides of your belly. You scream.


Jon and Todd are at attention and run to your tent. Todd bursts in ready to murder an attacker and Jon runs in behind him with a war cry, but both freeze at sight of your condition. Jon clasps his hands over his mouth in shock and Todd stands starkly upright in fear and disbelief. Youre rocking back and forth on your knees and sobbing as the growth finally slows to a stop, but the cramps only intensify. A sudden gush of fluid from below startles you and brings the red heat of embarrassment to your tear sodden cheeks.

Jon moves slowly shakily towards you, and begins to rub your back. “I-its g-gonna be ok-kay, i p-promise. Youre so str-strong…” He murmurs quietly in encouragement. Tod approaches and ties your hair back out of your face in a little ponytail like his and gently rubs your belly. “I wont let you get hurt, i promise Eddie. You’re gonna be okay.”

You sob into Todd’s shoulder, gripping him for support as you feel something moving down, pressing against your ass… Bulging. You shift into a squat. “s-somethings c-c-coming out!” you whine desperately, nearly tearing your pants off your body in your frantic rush to remove them. Keening, screaming into Todd’s strong shoulder, something begins to crown your exit, and its huge. “Push, Eddie, you can do this.”

Jon yelps, seeing whats coming. “It looks l-like… L-like… y-youre laying an egg..?”

Theres nothing but fear in your eyes, as you look up at him incredulously. “Y-you cant be seri-aaaaaAHHHHHHHH!? NGHHH!” Youre sentence is cut off by the worst cramp yet, and a horrific shifting of weight as the thing coming out of you passes its widest point, and slips free. You fall over into Todd’s arms, exhausted and spent. You threaten to pass out, but you look and see, just as Jon had claimed, an egg, the size of a grapefruit, black with dark grey spotting.

You’re speechless, even when it begins to crack. In moments, the egg splits in half to reveal a tiny humanoid infant. It had small bugs wings and dark grey skin, but it began to cry shortly after hatching, much like a human baby. It had solid blue eyes, no whites or visible pupils, but vibrant and shiny. When it begins to cry, thats when your nipples begin to drip milk, your teats swelling up a bit, but after all of this thats the least of your worries. Jon lifts it, hands quivering, and gives it to you. Maternal feelings wash over you as it latches onto your teat, using its tiny pawed hands to knead your chest.

A loud sound like howling wind swept across the clearing, and a voice could be clearly heard. “Not enough. Not enough! NOT ENOUGH!” it shrieked, and with a sharp lasting pain, like you’d been stabbed with fire, your belly pushed outward again, bigger and bigger into a tight round orb of flesh. Pain hazed your mind.

To make matters worse, you heard your friends scream. Todd’s belly was the size yours had been for your first egg in moments, already squatting and pushing while still trying to comfort you. Jon’s was twice the size of youre first belly, and you could see the strain as he tried to be quiet to keep from worrying you, eggs pushing out both his vagina and his ass.

As your friends finish their births, your savior arrives. A park ranger, armed with an iron crucifix, brings a scissor lift to the open edge of the cliff, loading you three and your newborns and moving you down to safety as the entity screams in rage. She’d heard from a friend of theirs that they were planning on going, so she came to the rescue.

You lay 9 more eggs on the way back to your car, where you insisted to be brought. Todd and Jon curled up with you in the backseat, the four of you crying and speculating on what to do with your collective 13 fairy children, “pooka” as the ranger said they were. The 13 of them shapeshifted when you breastfed them, all three of your breasts engorged with milk for them, into humans that looked like all three of you, and you decided.

Maybe settling down wouldnt be so bad after all?

Cheesy Notes, and Family Reunions

Summary: After Cisco refuses to work with Earth- 2 Wells you fill his vacant position. At first you were sure that Harry hates you but you two grow closer and closer. However, Harry starts to notice you’re giving him a cold shoulder and can’t understand what he did wrong. 

Warnings: major fluff, angst

Pairing: Earth-2 Wells x reader

Originally posted by darkangel66a

“I quit!” Cisco exclaimed while walking into the core of STAR labs.

“What you do mean you quit Cisco?” Catlin asks as she makes her way from the samples she was examining to her coworker and friend who collapsed on the chair next to you.

“I can’t work with that dick bag any longer! I will blow my brains out,” Cisco replied. Just then there was a familiar gush of wind, Barry had arrived holding three cups of coffee from Jitters. He had a smile on his face which immediately disappeared as he saw the distressful look that was on all three of your faces.

“What’s going on?” he asked putting down the coffees and crossing his arms.

“Cisco doesn’t want to work with Earth two Wells anymore,” you replied to him. Barry scowled and took a moment to gather his thoughts before he talked, “Well we can’t leave him, alone guys. We all agreed on this and if Cisco can’t work with him anymore then one of us will have to do it.”

The core fell into silence as all of you tried to come up with a solution for the current problem at hand. ‘Who could you trust to replace Cisco’s spot and keep an eye on the Earth-2 Dr. Wells?’ you thought. About 2 minutes after hard thinking, you feel the eyes of your friends staring into your soul. “What? Do I have something on my face?” you joked while looking at each their faces. Suddenly it hits you, other than Cisco, you were the only person that had a background in engineering. “NO! No way! The guy hates me! I can’t work with him?!?!?!” you protested.

“Please (Y/N)! He hates me! You’re the only one on this team that he can stand to look at,” Cisco reasoned with you. Stand to look at? Please. It has been two months since the arrival of the Earth two Wells and he has not said one single word to you. At first, you couldn’t care less. You hated Earth one Wells for all the manipulation and misery he did to your team and seeing this Wells made all of those memories and pain come back. After a while, you decided to ease up and give him a chance to earn your trust but every time you tried to talk to him, he would either mutter something under his breath or leave the room right away. The behavior never seemed to cease so you stopped trying to give him a chance to earn your trust and pretended he didn’t exist like he did to you.  

You took a look at your friends, mainly Cisco who was putting on the best puppy dog face he possibly could and sighed. “Fine, I’ll work with him,” you muttered out to which all three of them cheered. Cisco gave you a hug while saying thank you for a hundred times. “You so owe me!” you grunted while picking up your things and making your way to Harry’s lab.

As expected, when you walked in he did nothing to acknowledge your presence. It wasn’t until you cleared your throat that he decided to stop what he was doing. “Catlin needs Cisco to work with her on something so I’ll be working with you from now on until they’re done,” you stated frustratingly as he continued to work on what he was doing before you interrupted him. After a while of uncomfortable silence, Harry got up and told you what he wanted you to do for the day.

For the next few weeks that is how it was between you two. Harry would tell you what he wanted you to finish by the end of the day and you finished your work without a peep. The more you worked with him, the more you noticed he wasn’t emotionless, he was just miserably depressed. Every day you walked into the lab, he would already be working on something, and he would still be working while you leave for the night. He would only stop to go to the bathroom or replenish his system of nourishment.  

After finding out about Jesse, you set it as your new goal to make Harry smile. And one night Harry and you were working extra late to finish up a device that would slow Zoom down when you were struck with a brilliant idea to make Harry smile. Excusing yourself from his presence by using the complaint of “lady problems” you quickly made your way to the nearest big belly burger. After getting him about half of the menu, you had no idea what his favorite food was, you walk into the workstation that you two shared and notice that Harry was not there. Thanking God for the aversion of a potentially awkward conversation with him, you left the bag of food with a cheesy note that read “Nothing can cheer a person up faster than Big Belly Burger”

The next morning when you walked into the lab Harry was nowhere to be found. Not thinking much of it, you started on the device you were working on yesterday when you notice a warm cup of coffee next to you, with a note attached to it. Taking a sip of the coffee you read the note which read, “Coffee seems to make people more likable during your morning grumpinessJ” As you take another sip of the coffee Harry walks in with a smile on his face and a coffee cup in his hand. You two stare at each other for a bit before returning to your respective works in silence.

This pattern of leaving each other gifts continued for a good couple of weeks. The team thought your behavior was unbelievably cheesy and this lead to all of them, including Cait, to tease you relentlessly whenever you were in the same room as them. However Harry started to notice a sudden cold shoulder coming from you and for the life of him, he could not figure out what he had done wrong. The rest of the team knew the reason for your sudden detachment, it was nearing the anniversary of your family’s untimely demise.

Three years ago your family died in a car crash while on their way to come get you from your college dorm. They knew that you never forgave yourself, no matter how many times people told you that it wasn’t your fault.

Every year since then, around this time you would stop smiling, stop joking and one year even stop coming to work. They tried everything in the book to try and stop you from feeling down but not a single thing brought back your chirpy spirits. Cisco made a robot that would do all of the domestic chores and cook all your favorite foods. Cait barged into your apartment and tried to get you to go out for a “girl’s night”. And Barry scooped you up and went super speed running. None of this seemed to work, Cisco’s robot malfunctioned while cleaning the dishes, the bar that Cait took you to turned out to be a gay bar, and Barry’s running gave you whiplash and made you throw up into next week.

Harry didn’t know this. For the past couple of weeks, he was racking his brain over what he did wrong to earn this cold shoulder treatment from you. He wanted to apologize for whatever it is that he did to you, and he was a bit angry with himself for getting this attached. However, after two weeks of watching your slumped shoulders, and puffy eyes he barged into the cortex while you were away and demanded Cait to explain what he did wrong. Though a little confused at first as to what he was talking about, Caitlin was quick to catch on and explained everything about your family.

Upon learning the truth Harry felt waves of sadness go through him. He knew all too well of the pain and guilt you felt about your family if something were to happen to Jesse he was going to shut down altogether. When he returned to his lab you were gathering your things, giving him a tip lipped smile, with eyes red from crying. Any given day Harry would have been mad that you left in the middle of the day but right now all Harry wanted to do was call out to you and try to comfort you but he had no idea what he would say to you in the first place.

So Harry waited until you left and then tried to come up with a way to cheer you up. After considering different options his mind concocted the perfect idea and set to work on it. He roped Caitlin for help first, and upon hearing the plan she was more than happy to help. Cisco and Barry was on board as soon as Harrison said, it was to make you feel better. With the whole of team Flash at his disposal, Harry finished the plan with time to spare.

Harry set the plan into motion by sending you a text saying that he needed you back at S.T.A.R Labs as soon as possible. You shot a text back a bit later with a simple ‘K’.

When you arrived at the lab that you shared with Harry he was nowhere to be found, you were about to walk out when something on your table caught your attention. Walking towards your table to get a closer look you find a beautiful vintage emerald dress sprawled out on your chair, with matching jewelry on the table along with a note that read, ‘Put these on. See you in thirty minutes. 😊’ For the first time in weeks, a genuine smile spreads onto your face. You put on the dress that reached your knees along with the jewelry thanking the heavens you decided to wear makeup that day, and hadn’t taken it off when you got home. At precisely 30 minutes after you arrived, Cisco showed up at the doorway.

“I’m here to escort (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N),” he stated curtly while bowing almost all the way to the floor earning a giggle from you. You loop your arm with his extended one, as he leads you to the rooftop of S.T.A.R Labs. There was a white canopy gazebo lit brightly with white string lights. They had decorated the entire rooftop to make it look like a backyard, full with faux grass, and trees. In the middle of the gazebo was a table for one, the chair facing a screen. Cisco seated you in the chair and disappeared past the trees and out of your sight. The screen suddenly turned on and your attention went to it. On the screen was Harry, he seemed to be recording himself.

“(Y/N/N),” he started. “(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), I’m not very good with emotions. I’m not very good with everything that isn’t scientifically related. You looked past my grumpy demeanor to see how hurt I was on the inside. You were the first person to put a smile on my face on this Earth, and it pains me to see you so sad. I know that nothing I say can bring back your family, but I hope by the end of this night you’ll be able to hold on to a piece of them.”

With that Harry disappeared from the screen, only to be replaced by a home video of your family. Your sisters were trying to tackle you while your mother was crying from laughter, your father being the cameraman. The scene changed to you screeching your sisters’ name embarrassingly as she walked the stage to get her certificate.

You felt like someone was staring at you from the back and turned around only to be met by your mother. Your dead mother was standing next to you smiling. Rubbing your eyes, you think that you’re hallucinating, but when you open your eyes again, you see her, as well as the rest of your family standing by you. The clearing of a throat on the screen turned your attention to it once again, “Millie, I give you a piece of your family you can hold on to. This is an advanced form of a hologram, though you won’t be able to touch them, your family can hear and respond to you. Have a nice dinner.” Harry once again disappeared and left you with your family who was now all seated at the table. Barry and Cisco came from time to time to fill your glass with water and set food at your table. By the end of the night, you felt the best you had in weeks. The holograms disappeared as you finished your dinner, and you make your way down to the cortex, where you guessed your friends were. Seeing the three of them in the cortex you immediately launch yourself onto them, pulling them into a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you so much,” you say to them releasing the hold you had.

“Don’t thank us, (Y/N/N), you should thank Harry,” Cait replied.

“Yeah. He was the one who came up with the idea and did most of the work,” Barry said.

“Yeah, he’s right. Harry did all the work, and you know how I hate saying that,” Cisco added in a whisper. You chuckle at this, and the three bid you good night. You made your way to the lab that Harry and you shared, Harry was at his station like always but he wasn’t working, he looked as though he was anxiously waiting for you to come in. When you make your presence known Harry stumbles to stand up and walk towards you.

“(Y/N/N), I hope that was alright. I’m sorry if anything wasn’t to your liking. Also, I have the machine right here if you want to keep your family with you. I can set it all up in your apartment, I can also design a portable device so you can take it with you wherever you go. The one on the roof top can be taken to one of the labs we don’t use, in case you miss them and need to talk while you’re here. I could also-“ you cut his rambling off by crashing your lips to his. It took him a couple of seconds to respond, but soon your lips were moving in rhythm. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip asking for entrance which you grant him, his and your tongue fight for dominance, him winning at the end. You pull away gasping for breath, as he pulls you closer to his chest. “Thank you so much for everything. You gave me the best present anyone could possibly. You don’t have to install this system anywhere Harrison, all I needed was to see them and talk to them one last time. It seemed impossible, which made me hurt more but you made the impossible possible,” you said.

“Anything for you,” Harry found himself saying. You look at him at his comment and he leaned in your faces just inches apart. “I think it would be foolish of me not to say this. I love you, (Y/N/N). I am in love with you, I have run my entire life from getting hurt but for you, I’m willing to risk being hurt.”

“I promise to not make you hurt.  I also promise that I will help you to the best of my abilities to get your daughter back. I love you too Harry.”

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Jealous - Fred Weasley

Summary: can you write angry Fred Weasley smut?
Warnings: smut smut smut smuuuut

‘’(Y/N)! Concentrate!’’ George yelled from the other side of the field. You muttered an apology eventhough he couldn’t hear it. He threw you the Quaffle and you flew off, trying to get past Harry who tried to block you. You looked up at the sky, the clouds that had been wispy and white this morning were now darker and more dense. You succeeded on getting past Harry once again and threw the Quaffle through one of the hoops. ‘’Well done!’’ Harry cheered.

The three of you decided to quit this training session, and you all flew back to the ground. You quickened your pace when you looked at the sky again, this was not the day to be caught in a downpaur. But it was too late. The rain fell in crazy chaotic drops, the gusting wind carrying them in wild vortices one moment and in diagonal sheets the next. It runs down your face as a thin layer, not as cold as it will be when November comes, but without the warmth of summer showers.

‘’You guys are soaked! Quick, come on in!’’ Molly said when she saw Harry, George and you walking to the front door of the Burrow. ‘’Dinner’s ready too,’’ she said, she gave you all some towels and you joined the rest of the inhabitants of the Burrow for dinner.

‘’It’s delicious Molly, as always,’’ you said, complimenting her. She smiled at you, the woman adored you. Everyone was talking, until George changed the subject of the conversation to Quidditch. ‘’She’s defenitly going to make the team!’’ he said and threw his arm around your shoulder. ‘’And if Harry is captain again this year, you don’t even need to try that hard,’’ he said, jokingly. ‘’Yes Harry, listen to him. He speaks wise words,’’ you said, laughing, leaning into George’s side.
‘’Aren’t you happy for your girlfriend, Fred?’’ Bill asked, noticing he hasn’t said a word yet. ‘’Ofcourse I am,’’ he snapped back.

Ofcourse he has happy for her. When he first heard she wanted some help with Quidditch, he was more than happy to help his girlfriend out. That was until she seemed to care more about the opinion of his twin brother than his. And maybe he was overreacting, but honestly, he didn’t care. He felt like you would rather spend time with George than him.

There fell an uncomfortable silence at the table for mere minutes. ‘’Hermione, Ginny, are you going to help me with the dishes?’’ Molly asked them, trying to ease the tension everyone felt. You took this opportunity to talk to Fred. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ you whispered, bending closer to his face. ‘’Nothing,’’ he hissed back.

After dinner you saw Fred trying to sneak away to his room. Oh no mister, that’s not about to happen, you thought. You quickly walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, ‘’We need to talk,’’ you said, barely louder than a whisper. Without another word he turned around and walked up the stairs. You followed him to his room and took a seat on George’s bed, facing him.

‘’What is wrong?’’ you asked him again. ‘’Nothing, I told you,’’ ‘’Don’t give me that bullshit,’’ Why wouldn’t he just tell you? ‘’Really (Y/N), just leave it,’’ he said, standing up. He drew his hands over his face in frustration. ‘’No, there’s obviously something bothering you,’’ ‘’I can’t stand it, okay?’’ he whispered. ‘’What?’’ you said, you genuinely hadn’t heard him. ‘’I cant stand it anymore!’’ he shouted at you. ‘’What?!’’ you said, standing up yourself. ‘’Oh you know,’’ he said bitterly. ‘’No I don’t,’’ You wondered what it was that bothered him so much. ‘’Why don’t you go ask George?’’ his voice had never sounded so cold. ‘’George?’’ you asked confused. ‘’What does he have to do with this?’’ ‘’Everything! God, (Y/N), why don’t you go and just snog him already?’’ ‘’This is really about George?’’ you asked, bewildered. ‘’God Fred, why don’t you just spit it out already because I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about!’’ He sighed deep, ‘’Never mind, forget about it,’’ he said softly. ‘’No! For fuck’s sake Fred, you’re my boyfriend, I care about you!’’ you began to feel rather irritated. Was it that hard to just spit it out?!  ‘’Oh so you remember me? You remember that you have a fucking boyfriend,’’ Fred said, sounding frustrated again.

‘’Fred, you can tell me whatever is crossing your mind,’’ you said, all irritation and frustration leaving your voice. ‘’How about I show you,’’ he said with a clenched jaw. He grabbed you by your waist and pinned you against the wall. ‘’Fred what the fuck?’’ you said. Your eyes widened when he rolled his hips into yours and pressed his erection against your lower belly. ‘’Fred, no, now is not th-‘’ he crashed his lips into yours, silencing you. Before you knew it he had unbuttoned your pants, slid them halfway down your legs and pushed his hand into your panties. He smirked at your growing wetness.

‘’I’m going to fuck you hard, against this wall,’’ he growled. He pushed your panties to the side and pulled his zipper down, freeing his throbbing erection. You took his erection in your hand and placed it at your entrance, sinking down on it. A strangled moan left Fred’s mouth, he picked up your leg and placed it at his waist, reaching deeper inside you.

He pulled out of you and immediatley slammed back in. A whimper left your mouth, god he was hitting all the right places.

‘’Who fuck’s you this good?’’ he said throatily. You didn’t answer, so he pushed deeper and harder. ‘’Oh god,’’ you moaned. ‘’You Fred, you!’’ ‘’That’s right,’’ He grabbed you more tightly against his chest and thrusted even harder. Whimpers left your mouth, you couldn’t hold back anymore. ‘’Yes, let them know who fuck’s you this good,’’ he whispered in her ear. ‘’Mine, fucking mine,’’

Fred felt your walls starting to clench around him and placed you back against the wall. He buried his face in your neck and planted sloppy kisses there whilest his thrust began to slow down. He brought his hand down to your clit and started to rub circles, helping you get to your high. Your mouth had the shape of an ‘o’ and you threw your head back against the wall. He too came with a loud moan in your ear, which got you hot and bothered all over again.

‘’Fuck, I’m so sorry,’’ he whispered, his face still buried in your neck.

MCR Ask!
  • because i gotsa new bandom URL that needs celebratin' and y'all want to get some asks i bet
  • I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love: What's something you love that you feel is under appreciated?
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  • Welcome to The Black Parade: What is your attitude towards death?
  • Danger Days; The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys: What does art mean to you?
  • Gerard: What are your best creative talents?
  • Ray: Do you ever feel forgotten about? (as in, like, straight up being left at gas stations forgotten about).
  • Frank: What are you passionate about?
  • Mikey: Are you introverted or extroverted? Or a combo of both?
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