Tricks, Treats, and Other Saucy Endeavors on Devil's Night

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by InvaderEx7

‘Firewhisky …’ he thought, 'Now that rings a bell. I taste alcohol, though it’s different than whisky.’ The savior of the wizarding world burped as though on cue, and he grimaced as his stomach sloshed. 'Yup, too much alcohol, whatever it was. But where did I have it at?’
Then he froze, images from the night prior flooding his mind with fragments of a memory. There had been dancing, and drinking, and no small amount of debauchery … he had been at the Three Broomstick’s Halloween party, drinking with someone who attracted him; that much he remembered. Then … oh, Merlin, then they had gone home together! He stiffened, and dared to glance down at the someone buried beneath the silk ebony covers, though only a sliver of pale skin and strands of white-blonde hair were to be seen.
Fairly PWP tbh

Words: 5946, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Every time I see these clips I feel like it’s an alternate universe where Draco was always friends with Harry and Ron and they’re going to Hogsmeade on weekends together.

Having a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, and gorging on Honeydukes sweets… being snarky and bantery and genuinely fond of each other. And Hermione would be tsking all “Boys!” when they loudly disparage each other from their brooms on the Quidditch pitch.

“Slytherin is going down, Malfoy!”

“When you can actually stay on your broom, Weasley, I’ll take your advice seriously.”

Three's a Crowd

Cormac: *sits down across from Hermione* You look lonesome, Granger. Allow me to buy you a drink.“

Hemione: "No, than-”

Cormac: “Rosemerta, two butterbeers! Actually, make it one. Two straws.”

Hermione: “Honestly, I don’t care for any. I’m just waiting for my fr-”

Cormac: “Ah, thank you, Rosemerta. To us, Granger. Cheers!

Draco: *storms up, snatches butterbeer, throws straws, chugs entire drink, slams empty mug, wipes mouth on sleeve, stares Cormac dead in the eye and leaves without a word*

Cormac: ”…Granger, what the fuck just happened?“

I really wanna start a thing called “The Three Broomsticks” which is like a kind of web comic with a little dialogue
And basically it’d just be drawings of random HP characters chilling in the Three Broomsticks on Hogsmeade weekends with various problems (but kept comedic of course) varying from the marauders era to the Lightning era to the next generation

Like Dean, Seamus, Neville and Lavender chilling listening to Seamus talk about how he blew up something in potions

Or the Marauders laughing about James’ futile attempts to woo Lily

Or Scorpius and Rose making puns so bad they almost choke on their Butterbeer

But sadly I cannot draw and I have loads of ideas so if anyone can draw/colour and wants to collab on this you should hmu in my ask box that’d be awesome!!

I accept all headcanons in terms of shipping/skin colour/sexuality/gender :)

570. Whenever someone in the school reaches legal age at 17, a muggleborn pulls out a boombox and starts playing Dancing Queen. There is no specific place for this to happen. It has happened in the Great Hall, hallways, classrooms, and even the Three Broomsticks. The portraits and statues have been known to sing along.

Draco and Harry become coworkers after the war, they decide to stop fighting and even become somewhat friendly. They end up hooking up after a ministry event, but Harry makes it pretty clear that it was just a one night thing and it won’t work between them because of their past.
A usual response would be a sad, self-depricating Draco. But no. Instead, Draco cultivates an elaborate plan to redeem himself to rub it in to stupid Potter’s stupid face. He’ll show him who’s not good enough.
He contacts everyone he’s ever hurt and asks for a chance to earn their forgiveness. That includes all the Weasleys, his estranged aunt, baby Teddy, Hermione, Luna, Dean, Neville, Ollivander, Madam Rosmerta, random Hogwarts class mates, anyone he can think of.
He supports and helps Hermione with her house elf legislation proposal, goes to Dean’s art shows, joins Luna’s weird creature expeditions, works odd shifts on Three Broomsticks, plays unnecessarily competitive chess with Ron, finds and tends to a borderline illegal plant with Neville, looks at obscure muggle stuff with Arthur, baby sits Teddy and just generally has so much fun?
What starts out as a mission to spite Harry ends up becoming a huge journey to discover himself. He makes new friends, reconnects with his family, grows and changes as a person and learns so many new things! The only problem is that he’s just so busy that he sort of… forgets about Harry and the aforementioned face rubbing.
Harry doesn’t forget though, he’s watching all this happen from the outside thinking ‘idk what’s happening to Malfoy but i need to know MORE

341. A bunch of students, both muggleborn and pureblood, sit inside the Three Broomsticks as one student who hasn’t yet experienced the greatness in a mug known as butterbeer, drinks and smashes his empty mug into the ground and demands “ANOTHER!”. The purebloods look at him with the utmost confusion as the other muggleborns throughout the tavern laugh.