three years of tumblr to lead to this moment


Hi, I’m Alexander but most people know me by my username MsHollowfox. I’ve been lurking in the studyblr and Art journals tags of tumblr for a while and final decided to make myself one~
You can call me Alex and/or Skeletonfox.

About me-
-I am in between College and Uni at the moment
-I am 19 years old
-Aromantic Asexual
-I live in the U.K.
-I want to become an Illustrator
-I crochet

Classes I’m taking/ things I want to learn
-I will be taking a three year illustration course starting this September
-I will be doing anatomy studies and sketch journals in the weeks leading up to this.
-I’m also interested in languages and am trying to learn
And Icelandic
-Similarly, I’m into plants and Marine life also so you may see studies of them too~

My Duolingo username is MsHollowfox.
As is my primary Tumblr’s Username. I will be rebloging my good art from there here.

Right now I’m just trying to get a schedule for myself to go off that fits around work before I start posting anything.

I sure do hope marcguggenheim is watching this, because I’m basically seeing the Olicity fans fighting THREE SEPARATE MAJOR POLL BATTLES. Nearly at the same time. And against huge fandoms.

The fans fought to beat big fandoms for the E!Online polls for Best Couple and Sexiest Moment in While that was happening, they’re facing off another powerful contender to keep the lead for Olicity at the MTV Fandom Awards for Ship of the Year in Tumblr. And while THAT’s happening, they are also maintaining a campaign for Olicity, Stephen, and Emily for Teen Choice Awards. In Twitter.

You would think one of the campaigns would suffer but no, somehow there’s heavy efforts being maintained in each one. Multi-tasking like a BOSS, taking after Olicity themselves.  

I dunno who else is thinking that Olicity is a “vocal minority” after this, because this kind of strength is a sign of a LARGE, SUSTAINED, international effort (taking morning and night shifts depending on timezones), and the kind of teamwork that Team Arrow itself would be pretty bloody proud of. :D