three years later and still wanting his answer

Side-Dick Adrien

This fic is a gift to my lovely little on her 21st birthday!
Back in February, I was scrolling through the Sidekick Adrien AU tag on @geek-fashionista‘s page, because let’s be real that AU is a gift, when @thisawkwardbitch looked over my shoulder and asked “Does that say Side-Dick Adrien???”
Thus, this idea was borne!! Enjoy this nonsense that started out as an inside joke and spiraled out of control!

((I can’t believe I wrote this with my two hands…))


Marinette is cheating on Cat Noir. What happens next will blow your mind!!

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Special moments

It started off as a summer fling, it really did. We promised each other that it wouldn’t go any further than that. It was good, perfect even. After the summer ended, so did we. At first, I was fine with it but as the days went by and I missed the way we would cuddle while watching tv, my hand found my phone. I was about to dial his number when his name started flashing on my screen.

I swallowed and answered.

“Hello?” I hated myself for how weak and unsure I sounded.

“Cas? Hey, um I was wonderin’ If you wanted to maybe go to the movies sometimes with me. Or you know what? It doesn’t even have to be the movies, it can be a diner, a drive-in….are those things still around?” he had word vomit, something he did when he was nervous.

“Dean? I would love to.” I answered with a smile. We made plans for this coming up wednesday.


Now, cut to where we are now; cuddled up in the backseat of his car, three years later.

We did stupid couple things, things that we used to laugh at. We spent every second together because we couldn’t stand to be away from one another. We shared milkshakes and smoothies, stealing each others food when the other wasn’t looking.

We gave each other stupid gifts, they meant so much to us though. We made games up together; the first one to spot a certain car while on a road trip, wins.

We watched stupid romance movies, saying ‘Thats us’ whenever it was a couple head over heels for each other. We would even say ‘that’s going to be us’ when a couple got married.

We love each other. We couldn’t live without each other.

I felt a hand rub my back and I smiled, looking up at Dean.

“Watcha thinking about, sunshine?” He asked as areosmith played in the background. I rested my head against His chest and let out a happy sigh.

“The way we actually got into a relationship.” I murmured and he pulled me closer.

“My favorite story to tell people. I was being stubborn, I honestly didn’t want a relationship but something that felt like one. I was an idiot.” He laughed and I chuckled.

“You were.” I agreed with him. “But who knew that you would turn out to be my idiot?” I questioned and kissed his cheek when he playfully scoffed.

We laid there, cuddled up and just talking.

This car, this car was our everything. We had so many special memories in here.

Our first date as a couple
Our first kiss as a couple
Our first time. Believe it or not, we never had sex during the skimmer fling.
We confessed our love for one another
We made so many promises
We had so many nights when we would just drive as far as we could and just park and talk about crazy, stupid things.
We made love in here.

“Castiel? Baby? I have a question to ask you. Its perfect now, because were in our own little world.” He sat up, looking nervous as can be. I looked at him slightly confused before nodding.

“Um, well all together, we’ve been a couple for three years and seven months and um, you’re gorgeous baby, so gorgeous and gosh, I just love you so much. You make me so much happier and even when we do stupid couple things. You make me smile so much and I hope that I do the same for you. I don’t want to imagine my life without you, baby. You’re my sunshine, my reason to live. Castiel Spencer Novak, would you do the honor and marry me?” My breath hitched and I leaned forward.

“I mean, we always say that the couple getting married would be us. Why not actually take a step closer to it? It was just a thought that I had. So, do you want to be my fianc-” I cut him off, kissing him with all I had.

“Dean Winchester, I would gladly be your husband.” I whispered against his lips with the biggest smile I’ve ever had.

Now, we just added another special moment.

Where is Daddy?

Imagine being Sam’s three years old daughter, and Dean has to tell you the news. (Dean’s POV).

You kept asking and Dean didn’t know what to answer, still in taking his little brother’s death hard. What could he even say to you? His little brother three years old daughter who keeps asking where her daddy is. He knew this was going to happen, because it was all planned that Sam would jump in the cage to defeat Lucifer.
At first, he would tell you that he would be back later, even if Bobby would say that he has to tell her.
Dean stares at his niece drawing a picture, he just wanted to stop at Bobby’s to grab you and leave at Lisa’s and live a normal life, like Sam wanted.
“You go find Lisa. You pray to god she’s dumb enough to take you in, and you – you have barbecues and go to football games. You go live some normal, apple-pie life, Dean. You bring (Y/N) with you” he passes Dean a letter “give her this when she is older, when you think it’s the right time and take care of her, give her a normal life. Promise me”.
That what he wanted to do, take care of his niece and give you the life Sam and Dean had tried to give you.
“Unca Dee” you called out “Where is Daddy?”
“He…” Dean catches Bobby’s glare and sighs “I gotta talk to you kid”.
Dean takes you in his arms and sits on the sofa you on his lap.
“Your Daddy, is gone” he started “something bad happened to him and got hurt and won’t come back”.
At the sight of your little face filled with sadness, he couldn’t hide the tear anymore.
“Why? Where is he? Is he like Mommy to heaven?” You asked clearly scared of the answer.
“Yeah” Dean lied, he knew too well that his brother was in the cage “he’s gone to heaven”.
He wished that this could be true, that he was at least happy in heaven, instead, he has to be trap in the cage forever and that kills Dean in the inside.
You start crying wrapping your arms around your Uncle Dean’s neck.
“I want Daddy” you cried “why did they take him and Mommy”.
“I don’t know” Dean said rubbing your back “(Y/N), I promised your dad to take care of you, we’ll live with a friend of mine Lisa, and her son Ben, you’ll like him, I’m sure”.
You just keep crying, wanting to see your father again. Dean sighs holding you tightly thinking how stupid he was to accept that Sam jumps, he should’ve done it with Michael, and Sam had something to stay alive for, him, no.
“It’s going to be okay” Dean assured you, mostly for himself “we’ll be okay”.

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88 or 93 or both for Namjoon, depends on what you feel like writing the most :)) Your drabbles so far have been awesome, I loved them, and can't wait to read more! ♡

since two it’s better than one, I did both :D

You didn’t wake me up at 2am just because you were “in the mood”. Kim Namjoon 

It was pitch black all around you, the silence enveloping you but not in a deafening way. It was peaceful, relaxed and void of any raw emotions, whether good or bad made absolutely no difference.
That was until a voice started cutting through the edges of the black pool, breaking up the quietness all around you. It was a deep husky voice and it ringed a bell in your hazed state, not enough to be quickly recognized though.
You tried to stay anchored to the peaceful void place but eventually, the voice became too loud and your eyes opened up, welcomed by the dim light of the nighttime.
You groaned and rolled on your back until you were facing the man you loved, Kim Namjoon, in all his sleepy beauty, a little smile tugging on his lips.
“Joon… what’s wrong?” you mumbled, your eyes closing again, the sleepiness threatening to drown you in blackness again.
“I’m in the mood” he whispered, one of his hands reaching out for your face to gently stroke it, bringing back your attention.
“What mood?” your thoughts were still pretty hazed and you couldn’t quite grasp the meaning behind his words nor his actions.
The mood” he chuckled while grabbing your hips, forcing you to move closer to him until your bodies were touching.
You remained with your eyes closed a little longer, still trying to put a sense into what was happening before it hit you.
“What time is it?!” you groaned, turning to catch your phone on the bedside table, the light of the screen illuminating the entire room, hurting your eyes. 2AM.
“Jesus Namjoon! Tell me you didn’t wake me up at 2am just because you were ‘in the mood’!” you turned and took in his sheepish smile, his dimples appearing on the side of his face.
“Oh come on!” you exclaimed, exasperated, looking at the ceiling in a very melodramatic way.
He gained back his proximity, his arms enveloping you again, his mouth attacking your neck with sweet little bites.
“Come on, Y/N, I’ll make you feel good” he whispered huskily in your ears, his tongue licking the surface of your now livid skin.
“Joon” you were rolling your eyes to the ceiling, unsure if that was due to exasperation or the fact that he was nabbing your soft spot with his plump lips.
“I need to feel you” he was whispering again, jokingly biting your right ear in the process, his voice getting raspier by the second as the bulge in his underwear grew, his hands roaming up and down your clothed body.
There were very few things you couldn’t resist to and, unfortunately, Namjoon knew every single one of them so when he whispered that, his hips rocking slightly forward, making his needs very obvious, you completely gave up and kissed him fully on the lips, the peaceful dream long gone from your mind.
The way he would touch your body like you were a statue in a temple; the way he would groan your name every now and then while pumping inside of you; the way he would kiss your lips, sloppy and sweetly at the same time; the way he would murmur little “I love you’s” in your ears, would always successfully bring you up to cloud nine.
So now, while you were all crawled up against his naked body, his arms around you while he kept stroking your back lovingly, you looked at him and smiled.
“I told you I’d make you feel good” he smugly said, a little devilish smile playing on his lips.
“Yeah… but don’t ever wake me up at this ungodly hour or I swear you’ll regret it” you pouted at him, jokingly smacking him in the chest while he laughed at your antics, his nose sweetly brushing yours.
“Whatever you say, babe” he retorted, planting a small kiss on the tip of your nose.
His smile and his dimples, the way he would hold you tight after having sex, like you were his dearest possession, made that peaceful dream blanch. This, was your safest haven.

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After everything…I’d still chose you. Kim Namjoon 

You were rushing through the cafe, the phone ringing loudly in your purse, the urgency making your hands a little shaky while you tried to make your way through the mass of people around you.
You hated crowded places, you hated the slight anxiety it gave you to depend on public transportations when you had a very busy schedule and meetings to attend to, and this day had decided to bring rain to the equation when you had dressed up for a hot summer day.
You cursed out loud when someone bumped into you, unmistakably spilling your fresh bought coffee on your blouse, the hot liquid burning your skin.
You were ready to launch yourself at the careless stranger when your eyes met up with a face you thought you’d never see up close again.
“Namjoon?” you whispered, the disaster on your blouse already forgotten when his eyes landed on you and a sign of recognition lightened them up.
Kim Namjoon was the love of your life, the one and only soulmate out there for you. You had loved each other more than anything in the entire universe and, in reality, you still did love him more than you loved yourself.
You thought you were never going to see him like this again and you even convinced yourself you were starting to finally get over it. You had said to yourself a thousand times it didn’t hurt anymore. But that was a ludicrous lie.
You weren’t over him; you were never going to be over him, and it hurt so much.
You had spent most of your life with him: as a friend at first, as a lover after. No one would have bet against you two being together for all eternity. You simply complimented each other, you would understand each other just by sharing a look, words were mostly useless when you were together. You were simply meant to be. And yet, you had let him go.
When he was about the debut you had felt the weight of his career on your shoulders: you didn’t want to be a distraction, you didn’t want to cause problems, you didn’t want to be a possible scandal. You just wanted for him to success and to achieve the dream he had been working on for as long as you could remember.
Namjoon’s happiness was your goal in life and if that meant giving him up you were prepared to do so. And so you did, breaking his heart and yours in the process.
“Y/N…” he whispered, his eyes big, a shocked expression on his half covered features, “I didn’t know you were in Seoul” he added, still trying to grasp the fact that you were real, standing in front of him.
“I transferred a month ago” your voice was small, shaky, as you found yourself unable to look away from him.
“Can we talk?” his voice was uncertain as he asked you that, looking around to make sure no one was really paying attention to the both of you.
“I… I have work to do” you diverted your gaze, your heart squeezing at your words, your throat tightening at the idea of turning your back on him once more.
“Please” he was pleading, his voice sounded as broken as you were feeling and you eventually nodded, letting him guide you away from prying eyes.
“How have you been?” he asked, a small smile surfacing on his face, his dimples appearing right away, sending a jolt of pain to your heart.
“I’m okay…” you couldn’t find the strength in your voice with him so near yet so far away for you to reach, “I’m glad to see you and the others are doing great. You deserve it, Joonie.”
Before you could stop yourself the nickname slipped from your lips bringing a red hue on your cheeks.
“You look good” he said, biting his bottom lip in nervousness, the way you had spoken his name making his heart flutter in contentment.
A comfortable silence fell between the two of you. Even now, not talking wasn’t awkward, even after all that had happened and the turmoil of your hearts.
“I miss you” he whispered, closing his eyes for a moment, the pain he had buried deep down resurfacing at the sight of you, so close he could almost touch you.
“Joon…” your eyes closed too, your throat tightening even more, the tears already forming in your eyes. How could you think you were ever going to be able to fight and overcome this pain when your entire being was made of it?
“You know… after everything… I’d still chose you” he said suddenly, sighing heavily while ruffling his ash blonde hair, “Even if it meant losing all I have now, I’d still chose you. I know what I’d be losing: the career, the fame, the fans, the guys… and yet I’d still give it all up for you.”
The certainty of how he spoke those words, the way he looked at you in that instant, made you regret every single decision you made when you left him. He was standing there, three years later, telling you how his lifelong dream meant nothing against you.
“Do you still have feelings for me?” you whispered, unable to hide the shakiness of your hands.
“Always”, it took him less than a second to answer. He was just so sure of his feelings, of what he wanted and what all of this meant.
“Joonie” you sobbed, the tears streaming down your face all of a sudden bringing down every ounce of pride you had left in you.
“Don’t cry… why are you crying?” he was brushing your tears away, his hands caressing your skin like they did thousands of times before in your life, his voice soft and caring, “Y/N…” he cradled you inside his arms, his voice calling for your name over and over again, trying to ease up the pain of your broken heart.
“I still love you… I never stopped loving you” you confessed, your voice hoarse, your nostrils taking in the sweet scent of his perfume “I just wanted you to reach your dream…”
He took your face in his hands, his eyes focused in your teary and red ones, his thumbs stroking your skin in little patterns, bringing comfort to your hurting soul.
“So what now that I did?” he asked in a whisper, the distance between you two diminishing by the second “Would you be mine again?”  there was hope, fear, anticipation, happiness, nervousness and a thousand more emotions in that simple question. His heart mirroring at perfection yours, as it always did.
“I never stopped being yours.”
The moment his lips met yours, after three long years, you felt that missing spot in your heart fill up again. All the emotions came back at full force, awakened by the strength of your love, erasing the dullness you had felt for all this time, never even noticing how deeply his absence had affected you.
It was as if the past three years didn’t even happen, as you never stopped being together. And in a way, it was true: your hearts had never stopped beating at the same time.

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for the series #”drabbles”myass, LOL I’m so sorry, I’m such a lost cause ahah

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RANGER DAVID CRIED SO HARD WHEN HIS FIRST BABY WAS BORN!!!! Baby Luke was born on a weekend in December okay? His wife's water broke in the morning during breakfast and David was so stressed because he wanted to make sure that the three of them made it to the hospital safe and sound as fast as possible. And in the evening he finally was able to hold Baby Luke and he was so happy and couldn't stop crying... he still tears up years later when he thinks of the moment he first laid eyes upon Luke...


i’d like you to consider the following scenario: david, reading his newspaper at the table, absentmindedly eating a bowl of cereal, when his wife slammed her hand on the table and made the most pained noise david had ever heard

he looked up, spoon in his mouth, and saw that her face was contorted and she was trying to regulate her breathing and he instantaneously jumped out of his chair, knocking his cereal bowl into his lap and covering himself with milk and assorted cheerios, but he didn’t care at all because OH GOD IS IT HAPPENING

and she grabbed his hand and squeezed it, saying “okay, david, keep calm please and go get the car ready” “IS IT THE BABY” “just p l e a s e get the car, honey, before i break your hand and go drive myself to the hospital”

he would be so nervous and would be berating himself the whole way into town for living in a god-damn national park. what kind of idiot lives in a national park, he remarks to himself. what kind of fucking idiot lives in a national park, where there are no hospitals. he’s going to have to drive his VERY pregnant wife for nearly thirty full minutes before they can get any medical care and he was furious with himself, but his wife just continued to squeeze his hand and tell him she’s not upset, she just really, really wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as possible

they arrived safely and nearly nineteen hours in the hospital, little tiny Luke arrives and david is. he’s beyond words. he stayed with his wife through every minute of it, and the moment he laid eyes on luke he knew he was a goner. he was irrevocably in love with this teeny, squirmy, screaming bundle of limbs, and david would never be able to see things like he did before. he was so in love with this boy and he didn’t know what to do with all of this love!! he just broke down crying and smiling and holding his baby with his wife, looking at their beautiful little creation

david cries a LOT over his family but i promise you, he cried so hard when he met his baby that he couldn’t breathe properly. he had hiccups and had to actually do breathing exercises to regulate himself again because he was SO overwrought with love and emotion that he couldn’t handle it

that night he stayed in the hospital bed with his recovering wife, and their little guy slept in the bassinet next to them, and david couldn’t fall asleep at all. he stayed up all night, holding his wife in his arms, his hand resting inside luke’s bassinet as he stroked his son’s little cheeks and forehead, completely silent and undeniably a changed man, and so much happier than he ever could have dreamed