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Doctor Who vs Ao3 tags  Part 5/??

Stockholm; The Beginning

Hello, so, um, long time no see? *Chuckles nervously* Okay, I’m sorry. But, I’ve got something to make up for my absence. This request, which was for the reader (who the Doctor is in love with) slipped into the storyline with the Master on the Valliant. It’s gonna be a three parter! Ta-daa! (Or four, depends on how it goes) Okay, you asked for angst, you’re gonna get it. Likely not the type you were thinking of, but it’s just what happened, I hope you still like it.

Blimey, this is gonna be baaaadd…

Word count: 2548

Anyway, umm…


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Ending One Here

Ending Two here

(My first fic with the Master)

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You watched in horror as the Master took Earth once and for all. The Toclophane were zooming past the windows of the Valliant and down to the planet below. You looked around helplessly, trying to find any sign that the people you called your heroes could do something now. Jack was beside you, but the two of you were on the ground to the side watching the Earth go to hell. The Doctor was a bit away, looking very much older than he did when you boarded the Valliant. Martha shot a glance at you and you watched as she stood and looked around the room. Her eyes met yours and Jack’s before she looked back at her family. Her sister and her parents. She looked down at the Doctor one last time before she fixed her eyes on the device in her hands, making you see it for the first time. Martha activated the Vortex Manipulator and disappeared. You took a deep shaky breath, knowing if you ever saw Martha Jones again, it’d be a long time away.

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  • Meaning: word for "sex with the three most fucking awesome character in your opinion"
  • Use in a sentence: Rin, Haru and Makoto would be good, they should do a Three-AWEsome.
  • Importance in the world: No more ship wars.

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Imagine someone seeing the Third Doctor and the Master together in public and mistaking them for a couple.

“You’ve got to stop this now!” declared the Doctor to the Master, his little cape billowing in the breeze.

An old woman wandered over, pinching the Doctor’s cheeks. “Aw, are you having boyfriend trouble, dear?”

Confused, he replied, “No, it’s just that the Master is—”

The woman chuckled. “The Master, eh? Ooh, I know how that goes.”

The Master smirked, clearly enjoying this. He liked watching his dear enemy squirm.

“Look here, Madame, we are in no way romantically involved,” the Doctor, snapped, much less amused.

“Oh, no need hiding these things from me, love,” she cooed. “My son, now, he was just the same, bless him. He and his little boyfriend are just so precious together!”

“The Master is not my ’little boyfriend’!” he protested, a bit too quickly.

"Oh come now, Doctor, surely I’m not that bad,” said the Master, grinning. “You’re hurting my feelings.”

The woman grabbed the Doctor’s arm, trying to reassure him. “Look, I’m sure whatever he’s done, it’s not that big a deal. Love conquers all.”

"Madame, the fate of the world is at risk!” snapped the Doctor, swelling up like a parrot puffs its feathers.

She wrapped her arms around him. “Dear, it’s never that bad. Now, Doctor, go apologize to your boyfriend.”

The Master smiled, pulling the Doctor away and putting his arm around enemy’s shoulder. “Thank you very much, dear. Now, if you don’t mind, the Doctor and I have some important matters to discuss in private.”

She winked. “I’m sure you do, dear. I’m sure you do.”