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Kisses Cost Extra- chpt 17

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Arizona stared across the room at the brunette as she spoke to another doctor. Arizona wasn’t sure who the woman was but Callie seemed to be striking up quite the conversation with the woman. Arizona and Callie had seen each other for the last couple of weeks, on and off in the hospital and had even run into each other at the bar one night. Literally ran into each other as Callie was on her way out and Arizona was entering the bar. They gave each other nice curt smiles but that was it. So far the two had been courteous to each other but not much else.

“Still nothing?” Addison asked sitting down next to Arizona, noticing she was staring at the brunette.

“Nope,” Arizona turned her attention back her salad.

“Have you considered asking her out on a date? Maybe she needs to be wooed. She might be one of those girls.”

“Possibly,” Arizona scrunched up her face and looked back at the brunette who was still talking to the other doctor.

“You can be so stubborn sometimes. You like her, she likes you, just ask her out.”

“Who?” Teddy asked sitting down then looked across the room. “Oh. Yeah I’m not getting into this anymore, in fact I don’t want to hear about it anymore. I’m tired of it.”

“Teddy!” Arizona called out while glaring at the woman.

“I’m tired of it, sorry. You have gone on and on about her and yet, here you are, sitting with us while she sits with Dr Scrapo, who had been sniffing around for the past week.”

“Dr Scrapo?”

“Just here for a consult for a couple of weeks for me, but she has been asking around and I know she wants to ask her out.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she asked me if Callie as seeing anyone and I told her no,” Arizona opened her mouth in disbelief, “BUT, I told her she had been showing some interest in my roommate.” Arizona glared at the woman across the room as she leaned in and spoke to Callie.

“I don’t like her,” she growled.

“You didn’t know her name until twenty seconds ago,” Addison reminded her with a smile.

“Who?” Mark asked and plunked down next to them biting into his apple. “We talking about Torres again?” All three women nodded. “Figures, she’s all anyone talks about these days. Everyone wants her,” he told them as he chewed and Arizona glared at him now.

“You suck,” Arizona told him and looked back over, Dr Scrapo had her hand on Callie’s arm as she talked and the brunette was listening intently as though the words coming out of the mouth of the other doctor were the most profound thing she’d ever heard.

“Nurse Colleen has been sniffing around too,” Mark told her and took another bite of his apple. “You better hurry up and make your move before someone else gets there first. She’s hot, and someone else is going to scoop her up,” when he said “she’s hot” Arizona’s eyes shot actual daggers out of them and pierced Mark’s skin. Okay, that didn’t actually happen but in her mind it did and he cried after it happened. Instead of crying though with little daggers in his skin, he smiled his big stupid smile at her while he chomped his apple.

“Why doesn’t she ask me out? Why do I have to ask her out, I mean, why do I have to make the move?”

“You don’t it’s just that if you don’t make any move someone else is going to and you are going to be stuck watching her date other people. Is that what you want?”

“No. I guess not. We agreed we would be casual and I thought that’s what…”

“Wait, what did you say?” Mark asked sitting up suddenly.

“What?” Arizona asked as all eyes were suddenly on her.

“The casual part, what was that about?”

“We agreed that things would be casual between us, I mean she’s possibly only here for a short time and we weren’t sure if..”

“Oh, I see,” he sat back and looked over at the brunette.


“She told you she wants casual, I get it now.”

“Get what?” She asked him as the other women looked down at the food, clearly uneasy with the conversation.

“She was letting you down Robbins, she was being easy on you. ‘Let’s be causal, see how this goes,’ is how you let someone down.”

“It is not!”

“It most certainly is, she let you down easy so she could see other people,” he told her and she looked at the other women who both nodded.


“Face it, you are now in the friend zone.” He told her and she looked over at the brunette that had her megawatt smile out and flashing towards the doctor she was sitting with. Arizona was baffled at the situation but mostly because she wasn’t admitting out loud that she was the one that had suggested “casual”, she was the one that had suggested they “take it as it comes” not the brunette. She had apparently put herself in the friend zone and hadn’t even realized it.

“You think she really thinks that?” She looked at Addison who nodded then at Teddy who also nodded.

“Friends,” Teddy told her and stood up to leave. “Good luck getting out of that,” she told her and took off.

Arizona looked down at her uneaten lunch and realized she was no longer hungry as she took in her current situation.

“But maybe ‘casual’ isn’t a bad thing, maybe it just means we are going to be friends that date too.”

“You just used the word ‘friend’ Robbins to describe your current situation. Face it. You are now friends with the woman you have a crush on.” He glanced at his pager and stood up, “gotta go, see ya,” he took off out of the cafeteria.

Arizona glared at Dr Scrapo as she got up from the table and lingered next to Callie before she eventually took the brunettes phone and typed in something then handed it back to the woman. She was clearly giving her her number. Arizona sat with her mouth open as she watched the interaction then the other doctor walked away leaving Callie all on her own.

“So what are you going to do?” Addison asked and Arizona shook her head.

“I have no idea. What do you do to get out of the friend zone?”

“No clue, never been there, and obviously you never have either.”

“This is so stupid,” Arizona muttered and looked over at the brunette as she stood and walked out of the room. “I’ll be back,” Arizona told Addison and took off after the woman.

“Calliope!” Arizona called running up on the brunette.

“Hey Arizona, how have you been?” Callie asked politely in such a way that made Arizona’s skin tingle.

“I’m great, how have things been going with you?”

“Good, good..walk with me? I have a class to get to,” she asked and started to walk as she pointed and gestured for the blonde to follow. Arizona immediately started after the brunette. “How are the kids on your ward doing?” Callie asked and it did not go unnoticed by Arizona that they were in friendly chatter. This was worse than she thought.

“They are doing amazing, how about you? How have things been going for you?” Arizona asked and was well aware that she was asking things that were boring. She needed to spice up the talk.

“Great, look I have to go, I’ll see you later Arizona,” Callie told her and headed into a classroom that was filled with residents and interns. Arizona stood on the other side, staring in at the brunette as she hopped upstairs onto a desk sat on the edge and started talking to the class about procedures.

“This is worse than I thought,” Arizona muttered out loud and turned around to see Mark standing there. “I thought you had an emergency,” she said and started walking off.

“Canceled,” he told her following. “That display back there was …whew,” he fanned his hand in the air and Arizona glared at him.

“I know, and the stupid thing is, I did this myself.”

“How’s that?”

“I told her I wanted casual,” she mumbled and walked into the stairwell.

“What!? You friend zoned Torres!? Are you nuts?” He grabbed her arm before she could start up the stairs. “Spill.”

“Fine, she kissed me and we talked and she was concerned that I would get hurt or she would get hurt. We talked about things we want and don’t want in life. I don’t want to get married, she does, I don’t want kids, she does, things like that. But we like each other, a lot, so I said why don’t we just date casually, see where it takes us because she might be leaving anyway. I guess she took that as me friend zoning her, and here we are.”

Mark stood with his mouth open as he took in the words from his friend.

“But….why?” He had no words.

“Why what?”

“Why would you friend zone her? I mean, she’s just…jesus Robbins, have you lost your mind?” She rolled her eyes at him and started up the stairs.

“Because she is leaving in a little over a month if Richard doesn’t renew her contract and I don’t want commitments. I didn’t want to lie to her, give her hope that I want more. Because I don’t. So why would I lie and then in the long run we get hurt?”

“Well why even bother? You clearly aren’t interested in her.”

“I am!”

“No, it sounds like you aren’t,” he said nonchalantly waving his hand in the air.

“I like her.”

“But you don’t want to date her…” he said casually as they walked.

“I do.”

“Then snap out of this!” He stopped and grabbed her shoulders. “Do you like her?” She nodded. “A lot?” She nodded? “Then wake up, ask her out, and get this done. We need to get you out of this friend zone and I know just how to do it.”

“You do?”

“I do. It will take a little work, some hard effort on your part, but I think we can do it if you’re up for it.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

“I said are you up for it?” He asked loudly.

“Yeah,” she said a little louder.

“I said are you up for it?”

“Hell yeah!” She said about too loudly and the nurses at the station closest to them “shushed” the doctors who apologized and walked off.

“Okay the first thing you need to do is ask her out. Maybe casually, not a full fledged dinner, but how about coffee? But away from the hospital.”

“Okay, why?”

“It says you are interested and want to talk, more on that in a minute. Now on this coffee date we have one thing and one thing only to accomplish.”

“Okay, what?”

“You listening to her speak. Ask her questions, be interested, ask her about her dog when she was a kid, what her favorite book is. Crap like that, women love that,” Arizona scrunched up his face as he spoke. “And wear those boots of yours, the brown tall ones, and that blue shirt that shows off your boobs.” Arizona’s mouth fell open. “What? I look at your boobs.”

“Well stop it.”

“I can’t help it, I’m a guy, boobs are on display, I look.”

“My boobs are never on display.”

“Well make them on display, we need to reel her in. Make the date in the afternoon, it shows you want to talk but you aren’t expecting anything after.”

“Have you ever done a coffee date?”

“Christ no. But I’ve also not friendzoned myself either, so this is new for both of us. Now pay for the coffee but if she wants to open the door for you, let her.”


“I don’t know I’m making this up.”

“Mark!” Arizona gave him a whack on the shoulder.

“It shows that you are letting her have some control, but you are in charge and are paying. Okay?” He rubbed his shoulder.

“Do you really think this is going to work?”

“I think it better if you like her at all. What other choice do you have?” Arizona bit on the inside of her cheek for a moment then looked up at Mark.

“Thanks,” she told him and walked off, she needed to find the brunette so she could ask her out.

Light in the Midst of Hell || CLOSED


Time is a strange thing. If one can manipulate it, your past can become another person’s future, and vice-versa. Events you never thought you would relive can come back to you, or people you once thought impossible to meet can appear when you least expect them.

The boy with the Vortex Manipulator had known that. The boy Josh had hurriedly latched onto as he was about to jump through time; the boy he’d thrown off-course and enormously angered… And yet without him, the soldier would never have met his love.

People you never thought you’d meet again can appear when you least expect them.

The phrase applied not only to Josh, but to the boy – a young man now, by the name of Oscar – who was running from something. Alongside him, three figures; two women, one a redhead, one a tiny blonde, and a man with wild black hair. All were armed, and all running. At the end of a turning, they stopped to face the thing chasing them, or rather, the group of things. The street had long-since evacuated, and barriers of pure water had been set by the boy to ensure nobody else got in.

It was now that Josh was meeting with Lyric, just a couple of streets away. They were just going to walk… Something Josh very much enjoyed doing, especially with Lyric. But this time, he took pause, tasting the air with a deep frown, “Something’s wrong…”

His ears turned to the kerfuffle not far away, as battle had begun. The smell of burning and salt water and blood reached his nose, and he swallowed heavily, raising into the tall, dangerous stance of the soldier he was. “I’m checking it out,” he muttered, frowning deeply, “You should stay put…”