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cabin game nights

As the title of this post implies, I’m thinking about what if every week or so, cabins had cabin game nights.

  • Big cabins like Hermes and Apollo have to split the cabin into multiple games and then the winners of the separate games duke it out to become the ultimate winner.
  • Smaller cabins like the minor gods and the big three will merge for game nights. Nobody ever wants to be the ones playing with the Nemesis or Nike cabin.
    • The Nike cabin is competitive and a stickler for the rules. Cheating does not get past them.
    • The Nemisis cabin is aggressive and may or may or cheat to win.
  • Speaking of cheaters, pretty much everyone in the Hermes cabin cheats in some way, shape, or form.
  • Members of the Ares cabin often starts fights when games get too intense. Chiron has probably temporarily banned a few games due to fights.
  • The Hephaestus cabin has a bunch of asocial, awkward nerds so a lot of times things don’t get super competitive. They are, however, pretty good strategists.
    • Trent puts his hands over Molly’s ears when things do get competitive so she won’t hear the swearing.
  • The Athena cabin is full of really great strategists and games do get competitive. They will also argue about rules A LOT.
    • Liam somehow always manages to twist rules to his favor.
    • Parker is the one who consoles Rosie when she loses.
  • The Demeter cabin is calmer than some cabins. Until Lotus and Kai star bickering like siblings. Or until Landry cheats.
  • Cabin vs cabin games??
  • Idk if demigods would ever be this organized but what if at the end of the summer there was like a game night tournament where the winner in each cabin play against other cabins until there is an ultimate winner.
    • It’s at the end of the summer so if any grudges are formed, it’s okay, they’re going home in like a week and have the whole school year to calm down (or a whole school year to stew and plot their revenge. Whichever.)
  • pls add more. also correct me if i got characterizations wrong??

Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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poet ask meme

a. what other poets style do you emulate the most?

b. do you write with too much imagery or too little?

c. write four poems in one day or go three weeks without writing anything?

d. do you have your poetry organized or are you more likely to write half a stanza on a one dollar bill and then spend it by accident?

e. bird imagery or ocean imagery?

f. what was the last poem that you loved?

g. do you write about people or landscapes?

h. dreams or real events?

i. who do you write for?

j. what is the worst thing about your writing? what is the best?

k. what’s the best line you’ve ever written?

l. how much do you edit a piece before you consider it complete?

m. how long does it take you to write a poem?

n. ghosts or angels?

o. god or sunlight?

p. soft or harsh?

q. safety or happiness?

r. how long have you been writing?

s. who is your favourite poet? you have to pick just one.

t. what is your favourite line of poetry?

u. would you be okay with never being well known?

v. slow or frantic?

w. what colour is your poetry?

x. who, if anyone, do you send your new poems to?

y. is your poetry light or dark?

z. write a couplet (a short poem with just two lines) about pulse points.

Lapidot Week Day 3: Protection/Bodyguard AU @lapidot-week

Y’know, I probably got the theme wrong but who doesn’t love some angsty dual protection stuff? Gotta watch her back, yo

day one: you leave him, saying that things just aren’t working out.

day one: you cry into his old sweatshirt for three hours.

day two: he sends you fourteen drunk texts and you send him three lonely ones like they aren’t the same thing.

day five: more drunk and lonely texts are being sent, but you can’t bring yourself to leave this part of him behind.

day seven: you drink three cups of hot cocoa while watching Rocky because everything feels a little too cold when his hands aren’t there to hold you.

day fifteen: you’re the one calling him just after midnight because you’re a little tipsy and really lonely and why does it matter who left who?

day fifteen: you leave him too many voicemails, some telling him about how your cat died and some about how you think your bed is going to swallow you if he’s not there.

day seventeen: you delete his number.

day nineteen: this isn’t how things were supposed to go. you hold onto old texts and letters like they are life-rafts.

day twenty: you left but somehow it feels like there are bricks tied to your ankles

day twenty: you call him to say that leaving hasn’t worked out like all the books say it will.

day twenty: he disagrees.

—  (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
  • Me: *inhales*
  • Anyone I've communicated to in the past WEEK: YES, we KnOW. You love Alex Fierro, Alex Fierro is your CHilD, Alex Fierro is lIFe, ALEX FIERRO, FIERROCHASE, JUST. SHUT. UP. PLEASE.
  • Me: *backs away slowly*
  • Me: *whispers*
  • Me: a l e x f i e r r o

Hello everyone! I want to remind everyone that I am a full-time college student with three jobs and that keeping this blog updated pays me ZERO (0) dollars!

I want to thank the majority of you for being so patient and supportive! Experiences like these are an extreme minority. I love drawing Reuniclus and don’t want people to be discouraged from interacting with her. But please don’t be upset if the responses don’t come immediately!

Thank you ; u ;

Advent: Christmas Eve

Week One / Week Two / Week Three 

Her phone rings and it takes all of her resolve to not pick up immediately. She lets it sound twice and bites her lip smiling at her almost juvenile giddiness.


Despite the fact that she hasn’t run to answer, her own name somehow still sounds breathless against the receiver. 

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School Project - 707 x Reader

Word Count: 1563

Trigger Warnings: None

Genre: FLUFF

A/N: high school au, first mysme imagine lmao sorry if it’s really bad it probably is

Your eyes followed your teacher as she paced herself table to table, sliding a piece of paper to each student. The clicks of her thick-heeled, black pumps got louder and louder as she made her way closer to you. You absent-mindedly clicked your pen as you waited.

Today marked the new unit in AP Chemistry, a unit entirely weighted on a three-week project. The small slip of paper, which would inform you of your partner, could possibly determine whether you would ace it or fail it. You weren’t too picky with who you would be paired up with, as long as it wasn’t some slacker. Considering this was an AP course, there weren’t very many.

There were several small celebrations or annoyed groans as your classmates peered at their paper. Some simply didn’t react. You were one of them as you opened the folded sheet carefully handed to you by your teacher.


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Something watercolored I did for Makoto Shinkai who was at the preview shooting of Your Name in Paris this week !

We talked for a while, it was so exciting and interesting ! As I told him his movie has broke my heart in too many ways, he said my voice was pretty and truly fitting Mitsuha and he said this about three or four times AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ??

Seriously, I’m so thankful to this man for the experience I had on this wonderful movie.

Click on the pictures for captions concerning the WiP !