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The Hooded Nudibranch (Melibe leonina) supposedly smells like fresh watermelon when taken out of the water. This alien-like sea slug can release its six petal-like cerata in the same way that a lizard can drop its tail when threatened. 

Yes, that’s like dropping a trail of watermelon jolly ranchers when being chased - photo taken at Three Tree Point, Puget Sound, Washington

Cute Fool - Fred Weasley Imagine

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Fred x Reader

“Y/N hurry up!” My mom yells.

“I´m coming!” I yell back and run to her and dad. A few days ago Weasleys invited us to spend the rest of the summer break with them at the Burrow and my parents accepted, they are old friends and they know each other a very long time. I know Weasley kids from Hogwarts but since I´m in Ravenclaw and they are in Gryffindor I don´t really hang out with them. I´m Fred and George´s year and we have some classes together.

My mom knock on the door of the Burrow and Mrs. Weasley open them.

“Oh my dear! Welcome.” Molly says hugging my mom and my dad.

“Oh Y/N, you grown up so much.” She says hugging me as well.

“Hello Mrs. Weasley.” I say hugging her back.

“Oh please dear, call me Molly.” She says and I smile.

“Kids!” Molly call for her kids and they all come downstairs running.

“This is Y/M/N, Y/D/N and Y/N, maybe you know her from Hogwarts.” Molly says introducing us.

“Hi.” I smile and wave.

“Hi, I´m Ginny.” The girl says and hug me. I believe she is the youngest in family.

“Nice to meet you Ginny.” I say and hug her back.

“I´m Ron.” Youngest boy says and shake my hand.

“You are two years under me right?” I ask him and he nods. I´m in fifth year which means he is third and Ginny, as I believe, is second.

“I´m Fred…” One twin says.

“And I´m George.” The other one says.

“No you´re not. You are Fred and you are George.” I say pointing at different one as they said.

“Blimey, how do you know? We can´t tell them apart and you can!” Ron says amazed and I grin. I didn´t even notice that by now my mom and dad left in kitchen with Molly and Arthur.

“I know you two, we are in the same year.” I say looking at the twins.

“Yeah we know, but you really can tell us apart?” George asks amazed and I nod grinning. I look at Fred to see him staring at me and I blush a little.

“One question…do you like pranks?” George speaks again and I look back at him.

“No..” I start saying and his face fell, “I love them!” I finish and he grins.

“We are going to be best friends, right Freddie.” George says nudging Fred.

“Yeah.” Fred says copying Georges grin.


I´m unpacking when I hear knock on the door.

“Come in.” I say. Molly said that I´m going to share a room with Ginny. I think we are going to be good friends, she´s really sweet.

“You need help?” Fred asks me coming near me.

“No I´m…watch…” I try to warn Fred about the suitcase but it´s too late, he already tripped and hit his leg, “Your step.” I finish trying not to laugh.

“Bloody hell.” He says sitting on Ginny´s bed.

“I´m sorry, I should have put it away.” I say and put that suitcase under my bed.

“It´s my fault, I should have watched where I was going.” He says.

“ just wanted to tell you that whenever you want you can hang out with me and George, and you can always come to our room.” He says standing up.

“Thanks, I´ll be right there, I just need to put away a few more stuffs.” I say smiling and he nods.

“Alright, we´ll be there.” He says leaving the room. I must admit that he´s really cute.


I finished unpacking and now I came to the twins room and knock on their door.

“Come in.” I hear George say and I open the door.

“Hey guys.” I say smiling.

“Hey Y/N.” They both say at the same time. I look around the room to see that all kind of pranks are all over the room.

“Wow.” I say and they grin.

“You like it?” Fred asks.

“Are you kidding? I love it. I was always into pranks but it always annoyed my mom and dad so I kind of stopped pranking.” I say sitting on Fred´s bed and they look at each other knowingly.

“That´s too bad. But as long as you are here you are going to be a pranking queen.” George says winking and I chuckle.

“Thanks guys.” I say and Fred gets of the bed.

“You are going to love this.” He says and pick up one thing.

“Fred no..” George tries to warn him but he was to late, Fred opened the thing and it exploded in his face, “That one is still in process.” George finishes and the two of us start to laugh while Fred just stand there with black color on his face.

“You have something on your face.” I say stifling a laugh.

“Where?” Fred asks.

“Everywhere.” I say and laugh again with George and I see Fred rolling his eyes grinning.

“Hey, you know how to fly?” George asks me after a while of sitting in their room just talking, joking and laughing.

“Yes.” I reply confused, “Have you not seen me on a quidditch matches?” I ask them.

“You are on the team?” They both ask surprised and I roll my eyes.

“I´m chaser, the one who usually scores the most points.” I say and their mouths fell open.

“That´s you?!” They say at the same time again.

“Seriously, stop that. And yes that´s me.” I say.

“You are the best chaser on the Ravenclaw quidditch team and the best chaser in the school! Luckily we have Harry or you would definitely win.” Fred says amazed and I smile.

“Thanks.” I say.

“Wanna fly a little?” George asks me and I nod.

“Sure.” I say standing up and following them outside.

“Here you can take Ron´s broom.” George says and I take the broom and kick myself of off the ground.

“Come on already!” I yell down at them and they grin.

“Race?” George asks and Fred nods.

“You really wanna race with me?” I ask grinning.

“Hey! You may be fast but we are not that slow too you know.” George says and I shrug.

“Alright. On three to that tree.” I point at one tree and they nod.

“One.” Fred starts.

“Two.” George continues.

“Three.” I finish and lean forward on my broom. In one moment we were all neck to neck but in the next moment I speed up and leave them in dust behind. I stop when I got to the tree and spin around to see twins coming with wide eyes.

“Are you kidding?!” Fred yells and I laugh.

“Told ya.” I say and they sigh.

“I should be annoyed but I´m just really happy that I met you and that we can hang out with you. You´re really cool, to bad you´re not in Gryffindor.” George says and I smile.

“Thanks guys, I´m happy that I met you too.” I say and they smile back.

“Hey watch this.” Fred says and try to make a flip on his broom but when he got upside down he fell on the ground, luckily we weren´t so high in the air. George starts to laugh and I fly down to Fred.

“Are you ok?” I ask him and kneel next to him.

“Yeah.” He says supporting himself on the right elbow and rubbing his head with the left hand.

“What were you thinking?” I ask him and he looks at me.

“I don´t know.” He says and I help him to get up. What I didn´t know is that he tried to impress me.

“Dinner!” We hear Molly yell from the house and we look at each other before all three of us sprint back into the house.

“Ah there you are.” Molly says and we sit at the table. I sit in the middle of Fred and Ginny and accidentally brush my hand against Fred´s and we look at each other both blushing. I clear my throat awkwardly and grab some sausages and we start our dinner.


After dinner was over we all sat in the living room. I chatted with Fred and George and I didn´t even notice that everyone left to go to sleep except the three of us.

“So Y/N do you maybe have a boyfriend?” George asks me grinning.

“Actually George, I don´t.” I say and I swear I heard Fred sigh but I didn´t said anything. Fred stand up to get some water and George keep questioning me.

“How come that such a beautiful and brilliant girl doesn´t have a boyfriend?” George asks me and I chuckle.

“Maybe she´s just waiting for her mister charming.” Fred says and I look at him to see him flicking his hair leaning on the kitchen doorframe. I roll my eyes playfully while grinning. Suddenly his arm slips and he falls flat on his face.

“Fred.” I say standing up and going to him. I look at George to see him face stuffed in a pillow while laughing and I grin again.

“I´m fine.” He says sighing while still lying on the floor.

“Do you want to kill yourself today?” I ask him grinning and he sigh again.

“I made a complete fool of myself today.” He says and I look at him softly.

“Maybe just a little, but I think you were cute.” I say looking him in the eyes and he smile a little.

“Okay I´m going to leave you two to it. But brother seriously try not to kill yourself.” George says still laughing a little bit and Fred stick his tongue out at him and George leaves upstairs to his room.

“So are you usually this clumsy or today is a special day?” I ask Fred as he´s standing up.

“Today you came.” He says sitting on the couch next to me.

“What?” I ask him confused.

“Well…I…you see..” He stutter rubbing the back of his head nervously.

“Just say it.” I say and he takes a deep breath.

“I did all these thing with a intention to impress you. Because I like you, a lot.” He says taking my hand in his and my eyes widen a bit.

“Really?” I ask him and he nods.

“Really. But instead of impressing you I made a fool of myself.” He says.

“As I said, I think you were cute.” I say smiling and he smile back, “And I like you too.” I say and he crash his lips against mine. I put my hands on his neck and kiss him back while he wrap his hands around my waist. We pull away slowly looking into each others eyes and smiling. He lean his forehead against mine.

“Be mine?” He asks smiling.

“After all these things you have done to impress me, how could I not.” I say grinning and he chuckle a little before kissing me again. I think he never imagined that making a fool of himself would bring him a girlfriend.