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“I’ve tried to commit suicide more than ten times the past few days. Seppuku, hanging, jumping, carbon monoxide, poison, burning…none of them have worked. The faeries have stopped me every single time.”

Things About Ned Nickerson Everyone Should Know

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  • Full name is Edward Coleman Nickerson
  • Still lives with his parents
  • also basically lives at the Drew House
  • introduced in the seventh book
  • but really started dating Nancy between 7th and 8th
  • Nancy didn’t like him at first
  • In fact she thought he was a car thief
  • but then realized he was the nicest guy in the world
  • He has two best friends
  • Who date Bess and George
  • Burt was in SEA and is a complete dork(GF’s BF)
  • Dave is basically Adrien Agreste but 5 years older(minus sad rich kid)
  • learned how to fly an airplane to surprise Nancy
  • also once escaped a crazy kidnapper by flying a helicopter
  • Fought a lion for Nancy
  • loves ghost stories
  • and dancing
  • will basically go through hell with/because of Nancy
  • and be fine three minutes later
  • Togo loves him
  • Nancy once had a noxious gas induced dream where she and Ned turned to bird people and were flying
  • Ned’s dream(by the same noxious gas) was him as a knight riding a horse through a forest fighting dragons
  • Tells Dad Jokes
  • his lips turn blue when he’s scared
  • calls Nancy “Miss.Detective”
  • She in turn calls him “Mr.Detective”
  • He’s a camp counselor during the summer
  • is working for a degree in chemical engineering
  • has a special code with Nancy in case he gets kidnapped
  • he Can speak Chinese

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