three toed sloths

Ok so I’ve always loved nature documentaries, and Planet earth 2 is so far possibly the best one I’ve seen, and I felt inspired so

I’m gonna make a watercolour painting of the focus animal of each segment of the series AKA hoo boy what have I gotten myself into

1. Pygmy three-toed sloth

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Sometimes you just got to hang in there and go toe to toe to toe with your day!

Trials of Apollo Spoiler
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: So wait, when Kayla was a fetus where was she? Did she grow in her Canadian archer dad and he got a C section or did Apollo turn into a three toed female sloth and give birth to her? Was she born like Annabeth? Like she just came to life? How did Apollo explain Kayla to her Canadian archer dad? Seriously could you imagine being Kayla's Canadian archer dad? Like one day you shooting arrows and dating a hot guy and then the hot guy's like "oh, by the way, here's our child go raise her now". How did Apollo explain this whole being a god thing? Did Kayla's Canadian archer dad date other guys after Apollo? How did he explain Kayla? And when Kayla made it to camp did everyone expect her to have a godly mom? When Apollo claimed her and they were all like what? How did the rest of the Apollo cabin treat her when she moved in? Were they used to this? Were they surprised? Come to think of it, Frank is both Canadian and an archer. Does Frank know Kayla's Canadian archer dad? Are Frank and Kayla going to be friends because they're both Canadian and archers? The Canadian archer dad is named Darren Knowles- Darren Knowles= Darren Criss? Why would Darren Criss be Canadian? Can demigods do this? What if Will knocks Nico up? Or what if Nico knocks Will up? If Apollo inpregnated someone in his mortal state would they be demigod or a regular mortal? WHAT HAPPENED IN ALBANIA?
a psa about two toed sloths

so when you think sloth you probably think three toed sloth, these guys:

but look at the two toed sloth, this one:

its just like, an even cuter version of the three toed sloth, minus a toe

look at my friend go… back to the three toed sloth, it looks like a loser now

ok, we can go back to the two toed sloth now

much better, very nice, 10/10 would sloth again

When Stormy was a colt, Rainbow Dash thought maybe getting him a pet could teach him some responsibility/inspire some drive in her son. She thought maybe Tank’s slow, mellow turtle ways were rubbing off on Stormy too much. Solution: Get her hippie babbu a pet falcon

Rainbow took Stormy to Fluttershy’s bird conservatory to look over some of the new falcon fledglings, but of course doofy little Stormy wandered off and encountered the cutest, cuddliest, most perfect pet for himself all on his own. After convincing Rainbow that the sloth wasn’t dead, only sleeping, and fixing his mom with the biggest puppy dog eyes he could manage, Rainbow caved and let Stormy adopt his new pet, a female three-toed sloth…that he named ‘Potato".

Potato’s interests include sleeping 10-18 hours a day, chewing on a single leaf for hours at a time, gazing at things, attempting to groom Stormy’s mane, attempting to groom everypony’s mane (including Rainbow’s, to her annoyance), and being snuggled by her owner. Potato is also a great listener and will give Stormy sympathetic mane pats when he’s sad

Awesome #sloth tattoo by Crispy Lennox #crispylennox #savemyink

Here is ten interesting facts about sloths. Happy Thursday!
1. Sloths are clumsy on land but are great swimmers.

2. Sloths are arboreal animals, so they spend most of their time in trees.

3. Sloths only urinate/defecate once a week.

4. Contrary to their reputation, sloths only sleep about 10 hours a day.

5. Sloths defecate and urinate at the same place every time and because of this they are vulnerable to predators.

6. Algae grow on their fur, which camouflages them green.

7. Sloths diets consist mostly of leaves which gives them minimal energy and nutrition.

8. Sloths’ primary predators include eagles, snakes, and jaguars.

9. Sloths can retain their grip after death.

10. Three-toed sloths can turn their heads almost 360 degrees.