three times too many

She told me that I make her happy,
but, fuck, she has no idea 
just what she does to me –
happy doesn’t even begin to explain it. 
She told me that I make her happy,
and I spent hours wanting to put into words
the way her eyes send electricity
through my fucking veins
and the way that even
the flowers on my windowsill
dance to her smell. 
She told me that I make her happy,
but I’ve said those special three words
one too many times
and it isn’t enough to show her
that her arms are home and
her hands fucking burn and
my need for her touch
is more than I can handle. 
She told me that I make her happy,
that I make her heart beat faster,
and I told her my heart
hasn’t fucking slowed down since
the day I first met her.
—  She told me I make her happy and I told her she makes me the happiest. - n.h.s [percussionhearts]
pretty odd

genre: the fluffiest of fluff

warnings: death mention, but d&p don’t die, dw.

words: 12k what

summary: Dan Howell, piano teacher and speedster, craves chocolate cakes at three in the morning. He meets a baker named Phil who owns the only store opened at three in the morning and who bakes the most delicious chocolate cake in the world. It’s a pretty odd love story.

a/n: this motherfucker. This fucking fic, man. It went through seven different phases I’m not even kidding. This is the Chosen One™. I had such a blast writing this. I loved working on it, and I hope you love it, too. Thank you for 1k, and I hope this shows my gratitude <33

also, quick facts: John Chambers is an actual fictional character! he’s a speedster who obtained his powers via the speedster formula. The more you know.

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quick leorai doodle before bed 


Best of SinB in Mamamoo X GFriend Showtime


Seokjin: Of course you do

Jungkook: Then how come I don’t get a hug?


(Taehyung is still haunted by his shipping adventures)

I didn’t leave only to think of coming back.
The way looking at the sun
doesn’t remind me of starless
and skyscraper and smog.
This almost of mine,
this will pass. 
Do you yell back “don’t wait up" 
while leaving even if you know 
they won’t?
I’ve dusted my mantels twice today
and left the milk out by accident
and remembered the back of your neck three times.
That’s four too many.
Forgive me for this wreckage.
It’s all your fault but we’ve become too 
unkempt for honesty, so let me just say that
my lips are chapped and 
the oven’s still on and there are rats and
there’s no one else home and 
you’re gone but so am I, somehow, so am I,
I am so much of nothing, so much of incurable.
Do you still yell "I’ll be back soon" 
while leaving even if you know
there’s nobody to come back to?
I know you’re there.
I also know you aren’t.
Don’t forget to call your mother.
See you soon. I guess, soon I’ll see.
—  Voicemail Message #3
GOT7 On Halloween

A.N. Finally done with my midterms which means I can procrastinate until my final papers are due!!! I’ll be posting more soon.


  • Regretting his decision on allowing the kids on going trick or treating
  • Low key is excited to get free candy though
  • Had his costume picked out by Youngjae but doesn’t want to tell Jinyoung that.
  • Has to yell at Bambam and Yugyeom too many times because they almost get run over three too many times
  • Has to holds Youngjae’s hand so he wont get lost from the group.
  • Wishes he put all the member on those leashes that parents use on their kids at Disney.


  • Has a family themed costume with Youngjae and CoCo
  • Which makes Jackson insanely mad
  • Is afraid to let CoCo walk so has to carry her everywhere
  • Has two trick or treat bags one for him and one for CoCo, which he’ll share with Youngjae *Que jackson screaming in the background*
  • Him and JB go first to a house if the others thinks its too scary
  • Threatens Forces everyone to take pictures with him and CoCo.


  • Ready for his cheat day from organic food
  • Feels guilty for not eating organic but it’s okay he’ll work out tomorrow 
  • “But why can’t people give out healthy snacks on Halloween too?”
  • “Jackson, its Halloween stop ruining this with your healthy shit.”
  • Gives Youngjae a death glare for stealing Mark away from him.
  • Screams whenever something random pops out or if he sees a clown.


  • Agrees with JB that they deserve a bottle or four of wine after they finish with this night
  • Has to deal with Yugyeom and Bambam all night and threatens them every 30 seconds
  • But protects them from the so called scary things
  • Will give his candy to the other members if they clean up their messy as fuck rooms and the living room.
  • Knows that Youngjae picked out JB’s costume, he’ll be using that against JB one day soon.
  • Takes a bunch of aesthetic pictures with the lights and decorations.


  • Precious ray of sunshine is super happy excited to have matching costumes with the love of his life CoCo and Mark.
  • Gets even more excited when he sees JB in the costume he picked out
  • Loves all the free candy he got and will share with Mark and JB.
  • Gets a sugar rush and gets sleepy midway through their night but fights through it
  • When he sees a dog on the road or something he instantly says “CoCo is cuter than that dog.” Mark agrees
  • Gets a heart attack when Bambam scares him


  • Convinces JB if they can go to a haunted house after trick or treating
  • Regrets everything the minute he walks in.
  • Trying his hardest not to cry practically has Yugyeom hold him the entire time.
  • Holds CoCo after the haunted house to calm down
  • But still acts like a tough kid and not show that nothing is bothering him
  • Still screams with Jackson when things pop up
  • Plans to get Jackson’s bag of candy by buying Jackson all his favorite organic tea.


  • Surprising acts normal which causes Jinyoung to go crazy.
  • Literally on his best behavior all night long
  • Does his happy dance when a house gives out full sized candy bars.
  • Low key knows Jinyoung is going insane because he’s acting good.
  • But set up a scary trick waiting for the members when they walk into the dorm. Bambam was in on it
  • Ask JB and Jinyoung nicely if they could watch horror movies when they get home
  • When they say yes he gets an evil smirk on his face cause his trick is ready to begin.

Grimes Family Appreciation

Day 31 - Your Choice

'The Grimes Three' (pre-Judith)