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Soulmate AU Story Ideas

Because I am complete trash for Soulmate AUs, I decided to try and make a post about them. Hope you guys like it! ♥

✖ Soulmate AUs involving measurement

[ Time // Countdown ]

  • Where for whatever reason, your clock is stuck/frozen/it’s not counting down anymore but it hasn’t reached 00:00:00:00 yet and you’re freaking out because this hasn’t happened to anyone before.
  • Reverse one where the clock starts at 00:00:00:00 from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate, so it’s like a reminder that “It took me 19 years, 11 months, 20 hours, and 13 seconds to meet you, you fuck, and you do it by spilling coffee on me, thanks, now my laptop’s broken—what, you’re buying me a new one? Okay.”
  • Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left (for angst maybe).
  • Alternate version of above where your clock is a countdown of how long you and your soulmate have left to find each other or else you both will die because the universe is sadistic af—and if you find your soulmate you get to live longer.
  • Another alternate version of above where you and your soulmate’s clocks have each other’s life spans on it but you can give your time to your soulmate if you want to so they can live longer. Again, because the universe is sadistic af.
  • The soulmate clock is actually something breakable and you accidentally break yours or vice versa.
  • Alternate version of above where someone purposely breaks their soulmate clock so they can be with someone they fell in love with that isn’t their soulmate/they are strongly opposed to the whole soulmate idea and want to defy the system.
  • Your clock is counting down too fast (as opposed to everyone else’s) and you have no idea what’s going on anymore.
  • It’s been a busy week and after finally having some time to yourself, you just happened to look at your soulmate clock and see that it’s already at 00:00:00:00 and you don’t know when that happened because you don’t religiously check your clock either.
  • Your soulmate clock is actually telling you what time it is where your soulmate is currently at (could include AM/PM/time zones or not, for example 3:46:31 MDT).
  • I already wrote something similar to this but a countdown au where your soulmate has died and you two still happen to meet each other (one is a ghost, one is alive) and the other finds peace after the meeting.

[ Distance ]

  • Where you actually have a compass instead of a clock, and it leads you to where your soulmate should be.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving colors

[ Eyes ]

  • Reverse colors AU where you can see in color but once you meet/marry your soulmate your world turns black and white, this is how people can tell that married couples really love each other because they’re willing to give up a world of colors for their soulmate. If your soulmate dies you get to see color again.
  • Between you and your soulmate, only one of you can see other colors and the other sees black and white. Like you can see all the other colors except black/white/grays, and the other one can only see in black/white/grays. If you two meet, you’ll get to see all the colors.
  • You can see colors but realize that recently, with each passing day, your world of colors is becoming a little duller and you’re panicking because you don’t know what’s going on, or what it means, or if your soulmate is okay.
  • You can see colors and your world turns black and white but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean your soulmate is dead. There can be other factors that will result in a black and white world like losing eyesight, but you don’t know that.
  • You will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. However, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, for example, by wearing contact lenses. Like if you wear blue contact lenses, your soulmate sees the world in blue, purple makes them see the world in purple and etc. And you realize each day/week you get to see the world in a different color because your soulmate is being all cute and would want you to see every color there is and they probably have a huge collection of contact lenses by the time you both meet.
  • Everyone is born color blind and their sights are fixed once they meet their soulmate, or your soulmate is blind and you have the choice to give them your sight, but it’s irreversible and if they die, they take your sight with them.

[ Hair ]

  • If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck. Oh, and your best friend just took a picture to post online and wait—what, how many likes is that?
  • Like the above AU but you only get highlights for the dyed color of your soulmate’s hair. If your hair color returns to normal, it means your soulmate has returned to their natural hair color too.
  • Related to the first two AUs—you decide to get revenge on your soulmate by dying your hair the most absurd color combination you can think of and the exchange goes back and forth until you meet each other. It can be that if you meet, you two can dye your hair without affecting the other anymore.
  • If your soulmate dyes their hair your fingernails turn into that color (like nail polish?) and you’re hoping your soulmate isn’t bald by the time you meet because it’s the fifth time the past two months that your nails have changed colors.
  • If your soulmate dyes their hair, your eyes turn into that color and you wish your soulmate wouldn’t change it again because you really like this shade in your eyes.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving any kind of body mark

[ Tattoos ]

  • You and your soulmate have identical tattoos on your wrist about the date when you’ll meet each other. Place and time can be included (as opposed to the countdown AUs).
  • Like the countdown AU, an alternate version where it’s your soulmate’s date of death that’s tattooed on your skin.
  • Where a tattoo isn’t set from the moment you’re born and whatever tattoos your soulmate gets, you get it too and it’s all cool because you kind of like the designs, except you also feel the pain of getting a tattoo and that sucks because you’re kind of in the middle of an exam right now and it’s getting harder to concentrate on your work.
  • You remove your tattoo because you hate the idea of someone dictating who you can be with for the rest of your life and the person who’s removing it happens to be your soulmate and they’re torn between letting you know and just not bringing it up because you kind of went there because you didn’t want a soulmate and vice versa.
  • Your tattoo is only half complete and it completes itself the moment you find your soulmate, like if you had half a heart, you’d get a full heart on your skin.
  • You’re not sure if the other half of your tattoo should end with this person’s words, or that one’s—wait, I think it might end with the phrase of that other person too. It’s just a very open-ended sentence…
  • You don’t have a name tattoo on your wrist, meaning you probably don’t have a soulmate but you didn’t want your friends to tease you about it so you had a tattoo made on your wrist about some name you picked at random because your friend said she wanted to see it soon. And then somehow there’s a person claiming to be your soulmate and they’re kind of cute and sweet so you don’t know what to do.
  • Because the universe is sadistic af, it only gave you the first letter of your soulmate’s name.
  • Your tattoo is like a mood ring, it changes its color depending on what your soulmate is feeling at the moment and you’re not sure exactly what rainbow means.

[ Scars ]

  • The only way for your scars to disappear is when your soulmate kisses them goodbye.

[ Others ]

  • Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.
  • Imagine the above point but like, your soulmate maybe falls off a bike and you write on your arm what happened, and your soulmate replies to reassure you everything’s okay. Yes, you always carry a non-permanent marker to write on your skin at all times.
  • You accidentally fell down the stairs and broke a leg, oh, and fate must love you because it seems your soulmate also broke the other leg (or something else) and whatever happens to the other, you feel it too (no actual injury but you feel the same amount of pain) so now you’re in the hospital and you happen to meet your soulmate in the waiting area.
  • Wait, imagine the above point but way into the future and you’re about to give birth and your soulmate must be cursing you and rolling on the floor by the operating table or the waiting area screaming murder and punching walls while crying. Also periods, yes periods. Okay, I’ll shut up now.
  • You can choose to take the pain of your soulmate away. Like if they’re sick or even if they just have a paper cut, you can choose to transfer the pain/sickness to yourself instead and they’ll heal. You can only do it once you meet them though, since what happens to them doesn’t happen to you, unless you transfer it to yourself.
  • Like above but what if the pain becomes two times or more worse. Imagine someone afraid of pain, and the other soulmate shouldering everything or maybe you can half the pain your soulmate feels if you can’t handle taking everything on your own.
  • Alternate version of above two points where you can also transfer your pain to your soulmate. Imagine the payback you can do.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving reincarnation

  • There wasn’t a soulmate system in place before, now it’s about a thousand and more years later, and—wait, aren’t you the person that killed me in that back alley?
  • Where you’re reborn with the memories of your soulmate and you can only get your past memories if you meet each other again in this lifetime.
  • You somehow find a diary/journal of your old self and read through the contents of how you met your soulmate centuries ago.
  • Your soulmate was an artist of centuries ago, and currently, you’re an art student at university (or not but you’re taking an arts class). Then one day for a field trip, you go to a far-away museum and you just find yourself staring at what was your reflection, wearing different clothes to fit the timeline but it was definitely a split-image of you, on one of the framed displays.
  • Alternate version of the above where your soulmate still was an artist of centuries ago but you were there too, and you both were able to meet again in this lifetime. You don’t remember anything but you’d be at the museum, looking at the picture that looks like you with curiosity until your soulmate (who remembers everything) comes by and asks you what you think of the painting.
  • You’re sent to an insane asylum because everyone is convinced you’ve lost your hold on reality since you’re the only one that remembers everything from your past life. Also, that new doctor is your soulmate.
  • Your soulmate from the past life is not your soulmate in this life.
  • You become a writer and your series of novels become extremely popular, but what they don’t know is that you’re retelling your previous life where certain circumstances made it so you and your soulmate did not end up together but your soulmate promises to be with you the next lifetime. At a book signing you open the book cover of a fan’s copy to see something written on the front page: “I’m sorry I took so long.”
  • You don’t remember anything from your previous life but your soulmate does—your first meeting under the tree with the broken swing in summer, the way you smiled when you met each other again at the start of the school year, your eyes that were filled with such mirth and depth and beauty, even the way your hands fit together like missing piece of a puzzle—everything, even the gasps for air, the coarse little pleas, the way you stared with a look of betrayal until your bright eyes became nothing but a dull sheet of color at the hands encasing your neck in a vice grip.
  • You keep going to this place, and you always notice another person here too. Neither of you know that this is the place where the both of you had died/first met in the past life.

✖ Soulmate AUs involving dreams

  • Kind of a reincarnation AU where you’re losing the distinction between reality and dreams because when you’re asleep, you actually relive your past life, and you’re not sure if you’d much rather stay in the past or in the present anymore.
  • If you’re on separate time zones, when you sleep, you see the world in the eyes of your soulmate at present time. You see the world through your soulmate’s eyes, what they’re eating, who they’re talking to, the contents of the essay paper they’re trying to finish, but if they look into a mirror/reflective surface/picture, the image is blurred so you don’t really have a clue what they look like.
  • You see your soulmate in the eyes of their friend instead.
  • Imagine that soulmates just have this ability to dream together/meet each other in your dreams regardless of whether or not you two meet in real life. Your dreams could then be like a real-life video game, for example, you two could be in a zombie-apocalypse type of dream and you both would try your best to help each other out. If one gets bitten/dies you wake up and your soulmate is there to tell you everything is alright or tease you how you couldn’t shoot fast enough and then you’d both go back to sleep and maybe start round two.
  • Just like the above point, imagine how you and your soulmate could pretty much be with each other even after you’d both gone to your separate homes/shared bed.
  • Your soulmate is dead and the only way you two can see each other again is in your dreams and everyday your soulmate tries to make sure you know they love you and will always be there for you the moment you close your eyes and retire for the night.

✖ Other Soulmate AUs

  • You and your soulmate can communicate with thoughts and your soulmate happens to be a math major and you really need help with this test right now.
  • On some days, whatever your soulmate thinks of is something you can hear in your mind and your soulmate is currently reading really hardcore smut fics and you’re trying so hard not to mess up this class presentation which shoulders half your mark for the semester.
  • You get to share the same talents as your soulmate and you probably hit the jackpot because it’s the first time you’ve ever touched this instrument but you’re quite the professional at it, what? Shredding? I don’t know what that is but—oh… hey okay, I just did it I think.
  • The Red String of Fate exists, and only some people have the ability to see the strings, and these people can actually cut strings and knot other people’s strings in to alter the soulmate laws. Your best friend’s wedding is tomorrow and they know you can see the string. They ask you to help them defy the laws of the universe and help them be with the person they love even though they know that’s not their soulmate. You know they love each other so much so you help them, even though the person your best friend’s marrying/your best friend is your soulmate.
  • How about like the colors AU except it can be your voice or your hearing instead that comes and goes when your soulmate dies. Imagine how your soulmate’s voice is the first and the last thing you’ll ever hear.

So I decided to just make a post of all the ideas I’ve thought of so far for each theme! I tried to think of things I haven’t read before but I’m pretty sure with tons of people out there, some of these are sure to exist already. I was also planning to write more but maybe next time, my heart hurts already from typing these ;////;)’

I hope you guys like it though and please feel free to add on to this or make these into stories please I’ll love you forever and tag me please I’d love to read them.

++ justfandomwritings is queen of Soulmate AUs, and I’d like to dedicate this to her because she’s amazing and so much more ♥ ^^


※ Hanzo was never sure how his dragons would react to you. They were fierce, loyal, and protective creatures that lived to serve their master(s). He feared that they’d deem you unworthy to be in their presence.

※ It happened when you two were alone, meditating. He was in his usual kneeling position on a soft cushion, his hands resting on his thighs as he relaxed, while you were in the simple Bermese pose.

※ Neither of you knew why it happened but you noticed a shift in the atmosphere and snapped your eyes open. It was a startling feeling, but not a bad one. It was more of a surprise. Your eyes had went to Hanzo to see his arm glowing the bright blue it does when he summons his dragons.

※ That was your first and only warning before two dragons spiraled out of the male and twirled with each other in the air until they were high enough above you both, looking down. They stayed intertwined with each other while they floated aimlessly in the air. They seemed like they were waiting for you to say something.

※ A soft, wonderous, “Oh.” Was all that left your parted lips as you stared at the creatures in amazement. Sure, you’ve seen them on the battlefield but it was always for a split second. Seeing them somewhat up close made them look more majestic and beautiful. You could see the faint blue scales that reflected the lights from the room and their cat-fish like whiskers.

※ As much as you had wanted to shake Hanzo out of his daze you kept him still as you slowly got up to a standing position.

※ The dragons, old and wise looking, were swift to descend down from above and towards you. They seemed curious yet all-knowing. They knew who you were, they’re always aware, and they wanted to personally meet you. The two being never understood why their master was so…hesitant to let them talk.

※ It didn’t take long until the dragons were just above you, staring down, and glossing you over.

※ When they plopped themselves on the ground next to you, careful not to disturb their master, and nudged your hand onto the bridge of their nose did you notice that these dragons weren’t as fierce as they seemed to be.

※ You tried to keep your laughs down, you really did, but their whispers were so ticklish. And when they’d stick their tongues out slightly? You really hand to hold in the childish laughter that bubbled in you.

※ Sadly, your non-relaxed state had broken Hanzo from his meditation, much to his displeasure, and he turned to face you.

※ To say he was surprised would be an understatement. He was shocked, in disbelief, he couldn’t believe his eyes! There you were, giggling to yourself, as his dragons continues to stick their tongues out playfully at you. His dragons. His fierce, loyal, protective dragons, were playing with you.

※ He didn’t disturb you three as you all played. He did feel a rush of relief wash over him as he wondered why he was worried to begin with? He loves you, so it’s only natural that his dragons love you too.


※ When Genji would need his sword(s) to be sharpened, repaired, etc., he would always go to you. Hell, he’d even go to you if his armor was messing up or needed a polishing. It was your specialty after all!

※ He never stayed around when you would be working. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be there, he does, but he knows how you love the quiet when you work. “It helps me concentrate!” You told him.

※ When you’d be working he’d be with Zenyatta, meditating or just talking. The conversations linger from him reminiscing about the past, him talking about his day/week, or him talking about you. He always tried to not bring you up into every topic but he couldn’t help himself… Zenyatta was okay with it, though, since he knew about Genji’s play-boy past and how “true-love” was never his thing back then. Him having it now meant that he was growing, and Zenyatta was proud.

※ Now, when you said that you liked the quiet it wasn’t a total lie. You did enjoy it but there was something you enjoyed more. What is it? Well, it’s his dragon of course!

※ The lanky green creature first appeared when you were fixing Genji’s sword for the fifth time in the span of three months. How he manages to bend or break the hilt that many times? You’ll never know. What you did know, though, was that this creature was a lot less terrifying than when it’s on the battlefield.

※ The dragon loved to curl up around your neck like a snake and relax there and, sometimes, you swear you could hear it snoring. It never bothered you but you weren’t sure how Genji would feel with his dragon being so affectionate and open with you.

※ These were delicate, and sacred, creatures that shouldn’t be taken lightly, you knew this but…how can you resist playing with it when it playfully bites your hands to get your attention?

※ Don’t tell anyone but you actually bought a few cat toys for when Genji lends you his sword.

※ Genji only found out when he dropped his sword off and left for, maybe, four minutes until he realized that he forgot to give you his smaller one. He went back over to your little makeshift workshop and walked in on you holding a mouse toy, that was connected to the stick you were holding by a string, above his dragon.

※ He watched in amusement as you quickly turned to look towards him, a bit embarrassed about being caught red handed, while his dragon continued to hover a few inches above the ground before slithering in the air towards the toy, successfully biting onto it this time.

※ While you were at a moments loss Genji strode over to you with an teasing tone to his voice, “Is this why you wanted me to leave the room?”

※ In the end he wasn’t mad, of course not, and joined you in playing with his dragon. It was a great bonding experience for you three.

Jake Peralta: Stepdad!AU

So this was going to be an actual fic, but, alas, any sort of narrative wouldn’t come, so instead allow me to offer a series of (not at all canon-timeline compliant) headcanons about Amy Santiago’s tiny daughter taking Jake in as part of the family:

  • When Amy starts at the Nine-Nine, she is Very Adamant that Jake will never meet Maya, largely because a) He’s the worst, and b) Maya doesn’t need to see her mother curse out a fellow employee, but mostly c) He’s The Worst.
  • Except she only lasts twelve days, at which point Captain McGinley calls her in on her day off because he’s finally realized that his new detective has started and he wants to meet her, even though they have met four (4) times and he’s assigned two cases to her and Jake
    • It’s supposed to be a short meeting and she promises a very teary-eyed Maya that she’ll be real quick, but she needs to go in without Maya because McGinley looks like he might yell for some reason, Amy can just tell, and Sarge isn’t here and Amy barely knows anyone else and Jake offers, basically
    • Maya is just v. v. teary when Amy blows her a quick kiss before entering McGinley’s office
    • The meeting lasts exactly forty-seven minutes
    • Amy expects A Disaster when she gets out, or at the very least a very stressed-out Jake trying to pass her daughter off on someone else
    • But instead Maya is sitting in Jake’s lap with two of his superhero figurines gripped between her sweaty little hands, patiently telling a story while Jake writes on a piece of paper next to her
    • “And then there’s a dragon,” Maya says breathlessly, and Jake nods along patiently
    • “Fire-breathing or bearded?” he offers, and Maya really considers it for a moment before deciding on bearded. “Got it, I’ve jotted that down.”
    • “I thought no one was allowed to touch your dolls?” Amy asks when she gets to them, and she’s a little stressed out about this whole situation because Jake is suddenly, like, a kind person? Who’s been watching her daughter for forty-seven minutes and counting?
    • “Uh, obviously this is Red Metal Man and Mr. Star, okay.”
    • It’s not. It’s Iron Man and Captain America, and Amy can tell because she’s not totally out of the loop of the cultural zeitgeit, okay, and she sometimes pays attention to movie posters and has very definitely seen at least two of the superhero movies
    • “Plus I believe I said no Santiagos, and that was back before I knew there was a cool Santiago in the clan.”
    • Maya, meanwhile, has grabbed a pen off of Jake’s desk and is now leaning precariously over said desk and drawing on some of the large blank spaces Jake had left on the paper
    • And Amy realizes that Jake was writing down Maya’s story but made sure there was room so she could draw
    • Jake grins at her sheepishly, braces Maya with one hand on her back to make sure she doesn’t slip, and says, “It’s her vision, and she’s, like, a really good storyteller.”
    • Amy swoons, but in a low-key, subtle way. Probably.
    • Anyway, but Jake is also The Worst, so it doesn’t matter

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I would like to tell you a story, if you’re willing to listen.

It’s the story of how, four years ago, I was depressed. Few people noticed, because I was a “good kid” who had straight A’s, didn’t get into fights or talk back, didn’t do drugs or drink alcohol. I didn’t fit the “type” so I flew under the radar. Six months later, I was self harming and severely suicidal. I tried to kill myself three times in the span of two years, until Fall 2015, when I stopped going to school and it became obvious that I was not okay. My mom (my wonderful, strong mom) reached out to my school and that kickstarted the process of therapy. It took me 18 months and a hell of a lot of fighting against myself, but I’m happy to say that I no longer consider suicide an option for myself. It doesn’t flash in the back of my mind like an emergency exit sign anymore.

My point here is, being suicidal does not signify the end of your story. That is why I hate seeing hype around a certain show, that I’ll keep unnamed because I don’t want to give it more advertisement than its already gotten, that romanticizes suicide. It makes it look like the ultimate revenge, the biggest “fuck you” to everyone who did you wrong. Let me tell you, that’s not right. Want to know the ultimate revenge against those who wronged you? Living, saying “I’m still here despite all you’ve put me through.” Not a series of tapes putting the blame of your death on everyone around you.

I’m not posting this for pity or anything of that flavour. I’m posting this because it seems to be the only way I have left to try and make you understand why media like this is so toxic, and how wrong those narratives are. Truth is, most people, as far as my experience goes, have considered suicide at some point in their life, and the solution to the suicide pandemic in our society is not some show glorifying it on Netflix. That’s all I have to say.

anonymous asked:

Hey there :) was just wondering if you could maybe do a list of high school sterek au's where Derek and stiles are the same age or quite near in age. cheers ^ω^

the lunch table configuration by thepsychicclam

When Isaac makes Derek switch lunch tables, the last thing Derek expected was to fall for Stiles.

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies

Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Talk Geeky to Me by stilesanderek

Derek and Stiles are the most typical combo of nerd plus geek two teenage boys could be; and as stereotypical as they could ever get, they’re each other’s only friend. That usually doesn’t bother Stiles much, Derek is the best best friend he could ever hope to have, but sometimes when he thinks about his fate of possibly not having his first kiss until college, he starts wishing he had a few more friends–or at least more people who were a bit more interested in him other than when they need to copy his notes.

In a fit of curiosity about how kissing feels like, Stiles proposes Derek that they each be the other’s first kiss–strictly platonic, of course. But afterwards, Stiles can’t stop noticing how hot Derek is, can’t stop thinking about kissing and touching him.


The five times Derek and Stiles “fake” kiss and one time they take things further.

Oh God, He’s Hot by lupus

When Stiles came home a couple of days before junior year started from a summer away, he was a little more than excited to see his best friend Derek, especially now that he’d finally gotten the courage to act upon his long standing crush on the guy. There’s just one problem; somewhere in the span of three months puberty hit Derek like the bus hit Regina George and all of the sudden Derek is hot.
And Stiles isn’t the only one who’s noticed.

Accidentally in Love by Scruffy_Wolf

Derek has spent his summer vacation crushing on the Sheriff’s son Stiles Stilinski, mostly from afar, but then when school starts suddenly Stiles is sitting next to him in Chemistry and inviting him around to his place after school.

Derek’s not sure what gives but he’s certain that Laura’s behind it.

The Lawn Ranger by Snowjob

In which Derek is an adolescent werewolf with a penchant for chocolate bunnies, and instead of the dream summer of lazing around the house playing video games and nibbling on his hoarded supply of easter candy his mother makes him get a job.

In which Stiles is a showoff jock with a broken arm and an embarrassing crush who can no longer push the lawn mower around the yard

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Hey, I saw your tags on the ladywongs post, so I just wanted to know your opinion about the latest touka/mutsuki. honestly, I feel it unnecessarily complicated something so simple and it made me feel violated, cause I feel like I loved a character that was not touka. Do you perhaps...have an insight you wanna share?

Well, I was grateful for the shoutout that meta gave me and I’ve been a fan of a lot of metas that writer has produced, but this one in particular I very much disagreed with. I think the claim that Touka loves the idea of Kaneki while not really understanding the person ignores the fact that every time she’s made a serious observation about Kaneki she’s been bang on the money.

If she idolises Kaneki so, why has she made such a damning assessment about him? And it’s not just an assessment of the changed Shironeki that she resents, it extends to the Kuroneki she supposedly idolises as well. And what’s more, she’s completely right. This is even acknowledged by Kaneki himself.

Touka doesn’t idolise an image of Kaneki. Far from it. The chapter on the bridge is titled “Penetration” because Touka sees past the roles Kaneki plays to the scared kid inside. At this point, she probably has the best understanding of Kaneki than anyone in the series - maybe even more than Hide. For further proof, Touka knows at a FREAKING GLANCE just what Kaneki intends to do to himself when they meet up at Cochlea.

If this was just a casual “Seeya”, do you think it would be all Touka would say to him after all this time? She can tell Kaneki has no intention of making it out alive, so the first thing she does is to remind him that his death won’t affect him alone, and it very clearly shakes him up; setting him on the path to choose to live. Just like how their confrontation on the bridge convinced Kaneki to go back to Anteiku, if not quite in time.

Touka’s not being unreasonable because the Kaneki she idolised has changed. She’s mad because Kaneki’s going down a path of self-destruction, and it does destroy him. In the last quarter of the first manga the narrative breaks its back pointing out that Kaneki’s gone too far down the Shironeki path - it’s not just Touka, it’s also Yoshimura, Nishiki, even resident devil on Kaneki’s shoulder Shuu, not to mention events like Kaneki stabbing Banjou, seeing Rize crazed and helpless, and all the foreshadowing packed into ‘The Hanged Man’s McGuffin’. Touka is trying to help Kaneki because she genuinely does know what’s best for him because she genuinely understands him. I don’t think anyone would try to claim that convincing Kaneki to live at Cochlea was a bad thing either.

Now if Touka is ‘obsessed’ with Kaneki, if it can’t possibly be love because they only knew each other for two months, then it would stand to reason that Kaneki would be far, far more important to Touka than she would be for him.

Then why is it that in Kaneki’s mind, after only knowing Touka for two months and Hide for all his life, Touka is on equal footing with Hide? He includes the whole of Anteiku in the above panel, but Touka gets special mention with Hide in the next. 

And here, in his dying moments, Touka gets the biggest panel, placed on the next page for the biggest effect. Touka is just as important to Kaneki as vice-versa. 

But neither is ‘obsessed’ with the other.

Touka broke into Cochlea to save Hinami, not Kaneki. She didn’t even know he was there. She most definitely has a life outside Kaneki and her love for him is far from all-consuming. While he had lost his memories, she was fully willing to accept the possibility she might never talk to him again. She might love him, but if she was obsessed and didn’t have a life outside of him, there’s no way she could make a sacrifice like that even if her aim was selflessness. Yoshimura loved his daughter, and set up Anteiku anticipating her return, but he had a life outside of her too. It’s the same with Touka.

The original post tries to dismiss Touka’s feelings being a healthy form of love by comparing it to spending three years dedicating yourself to a co-worker who you knew for two months, but dumbing it down to their official relationship and a span of time removes an enormous amount of context to explain why she feels this way. In real life, you wouldn’t have fought side-by-side with your co-worker in life-threatening situations time and time again. These kind of high-pressure environments cause bonds and trust to become much much thicker much more quickly. “Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever”.

Sure Touka sees Arata in Kaneki. That’s not a bad thing at all. Arata was a great dude. Having an Arata in your life is a real positive thing, and there’s absolutely no reason why Touka shouldn’t chase it. People are hardwired to get with people who remind them of their parents - it’s in our genetic programming, it doesn’t diminish the love they feel for that person or make them love them less for who they are in the slightest. Trying to heal the wounds of old losses by emotionally investing yourself in new people is totally healthy - the unhealthy thing would be to shut yourself off from the world, just like Touka was doing at the start of the manga - a rut Kaneki helped her out of. It would be bad if she were just pretending that Kaneki was Arata, but she isn’t - she behaves totally differently around him and she has demonstrated many times an understanding of those personality traits Kaneki possesses that are completely different from Arata’s. It would be problematic if Kaneki got with someone who reminded him of his mother (read: Rize) because his mother was a horrible person; but Touka, even if she occasionally throws a hit at him (a product of her upbringing which is very rare nowadays - also Kaneki is nowhere near as vulnerable in this situation as he was a child, he’s the OEK for crying out loud), constantly gives Kaneki both the emotional attention and the hard truths that he needs.

This panel:

Is unambiguously a good thing. Touka’s development was never about growing into herself without the need for others, because she was already like that at the start of the manga. Touka’s development was about rediscovering the humanity she cast aside to protect herself from pain, and then balancing that with the strength she found with being a Ghoul. The first stage was greatly aided by Kaneki - whom she indeed admired, but never idolised - and the second stage she completed herself. 

Mutsuki’s love is a different beast entirely than Touka’s love. Mutsuki’s focus on Touka was precisely to emphasise Mutsuki’s jealousy, because Mutsuki recognises the bond Kaneki and Touka share. Mutsuki’s feelings are not meant to parallel Touka’s, but tie in with the other complicated entanglements of this arc, showcasing different kinds of love. I do strongly believe we’ll get both Touken and Akiramon resolutions soon, and positive ones too; the negativity around love this arc has displayed to us so far is set up to make those two relationships shine brighter.

So don’t worry anon, just because a meta says Touka is different from how you think about her doesn’t mean it’s right - it’s all a matter of interpretation. No one person’s opinion is automatically more important than another (except in this case maybe Sui Ishida - and maybe not even then, if you adhere to Death Of The Author literary theory), your analysis is just as valid as anyone else’s if you can argue it with evidence.

But even so, I am very much of the opinion in this fandom that if you see any meta that tries to claim that none of the main characters have developed at all since the start of the manga, take it with approximately this much salt:

two and a half years ago i started a random rp blog with no clear goals in mind. i’d had rp blogs before and they’d all usually fallen through after a few months so i didn’t expect this one to be any different. alana and jake each made a blog to pair mine, as we three have done many times in the past, and then we left it at that. what now?
we took those blogs and the characters from those blogs and made a real time immersive rp story with a backstory, a future plot, several ongoing arcs, and literally dozens of actually developed characters.
we went from three one off random rp blogs to countless plot lines, character arcs, and serious plots. we have back stories literally spanning into the seventies and future plans for up to twenty years from now. we’ve been developing the story and all the characters for literally 2 ½ years. it’s CRAZY!
my point here is that, if you’ve seen that tweet thread from justin mcelroy about creating without know what you’re doing or where the plot is going then take that to heart! you don’t have to do it in the public eye, nobody has to know about it. alana, jake, and i are living examples of a beautiful, long, drawn-out story being just as good behind closed doors.
don’t feel childish for wanting to play pretend and don’t feel silly if you like to do things like rp. sometimes little blurbs of ideas blossom into the most amazing things when they’re given time and when they’re actually immersive.
hearing what the mcelroys did with their silly little dnd podcast heavily reminded me of my own secret years long story building and i just wanted to share in case anyone needed a little extra push in an inspirational direction.

playing with fire (6) | taehyung

Originally posted by kths

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut                                                           

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

last chapter: here

     Here’s some good news and bad news. Good news is, Taehyung has ignored you for about 2 weeks straight. Bad news is, you miss him. As much as you didn’t want to, you did. But it was your fault he was gone. It was your fault he doesn’t glance your way anymore. Your fault that you were invisible to him. Your fault that he was back to being the fuckboy he always was. 

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Betting on you; Part one

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Group member: BTS Jungkook

Genre/ AU: Fluff, romance, angst, high school au

Summary: Four weeks was what Jungkook would get to make a girl fall for him. One week to get familiar. Three weeks to be with her. Until the bubble burst and it was all back to nothing.

Author’s note: I really wanted to post anything with DNA out now ohmygoshhhh Jungkook looks so good T^T all of them do~~ I hope you enjoy :D and yayy I figured out how to put a gif XD hehehehe 

The typical bet; make her fall in love with you. Four weeks is what he’d get. Pay money if you lose, gain if you win and gain even more if you were faster than the one month time span. Jungkook loved the game and he always accepted what his friend offered. So when they pointed out a random girl, he yelled ‘easy-peasy’ and gave them a high five confidently.

There were always two types of people his friends chose. The ones that were pretty and usually shallow, wanting him easily for his looks. Those were the easiest. Then there were the shy and not popular ones that required more sweet talking but nonetheless it was still a piece of cake.

Glancing at the girl he didn’t even know the name of, Jungkook labelled her as one of the latter girls. She had her long black hair loose, some strands shining a dark shade of red indicating it was dyed just slightly. Her pink earphones were glowing even more against her dark indigo sweater, the ear buds tugged into her ears while her eyes looked at her phone while her mouth focused on chewing on her lunch. It was a peaceful sight in the buzzing cafeteria.

So when he walked over to her and took a seat in front of her, he expected her to look up and blush, flustered by his appearance. After all, he was popular and loved.

He wasn’t expecting her to ignore him in the least so Jungkook decided to stay silent and see what she would do. He noticed how her eyes flickered to him even though her head didn’t move. He noticed how her body had fidgeted and he smiled cockily. The girl was nervous because of him, that could only mean positive things to him. The charming Jungkook already had an effect on her.

Before he knew it, one earphone dropped out of her ear giving him a cue to start.

“What are you listening to?” Jungkook asked with a smile and waved slightly at her as the girl looked up. Her eyes looked around to check if he was talking to her and lowered her gaze again quickly. The brief flash of her eyes made it clear that she wasn’t nervous but plain uncomfortable with his presence. It made him confused, but nevertheless he kept smiling and scooted closer. He imagined her voice to be soft and quiet and the boy proved himself right as she softly muttered an artist and song as if it was the magic spell to make him go away.

But he remained seated. At this rate he could swear she was starting to breathe uneven and his face scrunched in curiosity and worry. Was his presence that bothersome for her? When the bell rang indicating the end of break, he watched the girl hurriedly pack her things and bid him a almost inaudible goodbye before scurrying away.

“That went well?” Yoongi said with an amused smile and took a seat next to the younger.

“She looked quite stressed,” Hoseok noted and looked at Jungkook, asking with his eyes if he did something to her.

“I’ll be fine, four weeks is more than enough to let her fall for me,” he said confidently making the other sigh.

“I was talking about her seemingly discomforted appearance, not your bet.”

“Anyway, don’t worry. I never lose,” Jungkook said and grinned happily.

I have exciting news, Tumblr friends!!!

After years of blood, sweat, and tears (and multiple false starts and discarded manuscripts), I’m finally going to be self-publishing my first novel this year! And I officially have a book cover for it, so it’s really a real thing that’s happening!!!

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And it wouldn’t be happening without all the encouragement and support I’ve found through fandom here and on other forums over the years.

It’s based on one of my AU fics, so the story will be familiar to some of you (although I’ve added about 25k-30k new words to it). Remember awhile back, when I warned that I might have to take down some of my fics? Well, this is why. I’m going to put the book in Kindle Select initially, which requires it be exclusive to Amazon. It won’t be that way forever, though. Eventually, I’d like to release it wide, and when I do, I plan to make the fic available again. I won’t take it down for another few months yet, so there’s still time to snag it from AO3, if you’re so inclined.

Even more exciting, this book is just the first in a series of standalone romances I’m writing about geeky women who work in STEM fields. I’m most of the way through the first draft of book two, and the plan is to release three books in the span of three months, hopefully starting in August. (If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted any fic in a while, this is why, lol.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s ever left a supportive comment or message about one of my fics, and to all the other amazing fic writers out there who’ve inspired me with their incredible talent and creativity. You’ve all helped me make this lifelong dream come true, and I will never forget that. <3 <3 <3

the funny thing i am learning from writing this screenplay is that the superhero movie formula has such a tightly compressed timeline that everything important necessarily has to happen over the span of just a few days? because once a villain becomes an urgent threat the superhero has to extinguish that threat as swiftly as possible. we can’t have spider-man and harry osborn throwing down progressively harder and harder and laying waste to new york city for months on end, you know what i mean? so then if you’re including a romance element, you need to make it believable within this extremely brief window of time… like in this screenplay peter’s known MJ for three days before he tells him that [spoiler alert] he loves him… but the thing is that, in a movie, the only timeframe that matters is the immediacy with which you’re experiencing the story? they met each other on page 13 and “i love you” is on page 78, which means you’ve had 65 minutes to absorb their love story along with everything else that’s going on, and that has to be enough. the characters are born when the movie starts and they die when the movie ends. time isn’t real.

*・ 。 soulmate✧*゚

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pairing; seventeen dk x reader (ft. hoshi) 

genre; angst, fluff

synopsis; soulmate! au where the guy would vomit flower petals non-stop every time he falls in love with someone who is not his soulmate. 

word count; 2.3k words

notes; barabarabara i was productive today !! headed over to coffee bean just down the street alone to study and it was more packed than i thought ,, but luckily but regular seat wasn’t taken hehe // hope you guys had a great day!! 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Kyla asked, grabbing onto his wrist as he turned away from her. 

Dokyeom tugs away harshly, and Kyle stumbles in surprise. 

“You’re not her,” he revealed monotonously. “And I’m not your soulmate.”

Kyla looks at him in confusion. “That’s impossible,” she argues. She loved him. She really did. 

Dokyeom let out a breath of frustration, his sharp eyes looking up to meet her glossy ones. “I know it better than you do. You’re a girl. You won’t know.”

His jaw was clenched tight, fist balled up. “We can’t go on any more, Kyla. Let’s break up.”

Without even waiting for a reply , he leaves Kyla alone in the hallway, shocked, tears flooding her own eyes, as he ran back to his dorm.

He loved Kyla. But because of the whole soulmate bullshit that was existent, he couldn’t. Dokyeom wanted to be with her, but that only meant prolonged feelings for her. Which results to the flower petals coming up his throat every single hour. 

He felt selfish. Kyla, being a female, didn’t have to go through anything. If he could just bear with the throwing up of flowers, he would never have ended their relationship. He wouldn’t have had to hurt her feelings. 

But it wasn’t easy. The flower petals were rough, and his throat was never spared from the immense soreness. He bore with it for almost a month, and that was enough to make him give up. 

However, ending his relationship with Kyla didn’t mean that the ‘soulmate curse’ would stop. It didn’t work like that. His feelings had to be gone — totally, absolutely, erased from his heart. The reason why he broke up with Kyla wasn’t because he didn’t like her any more — it was because he wanted to distance himself from her to get rid of his feelings for her.

He wasn’t sure if that would happen any time soon, though. He still loved her dearly. And the sudden separation seemed to just strengthen his feelings and longing for her a little more.

He bursts into his shared room with three other males — who weren’t back yet at the time — and ran to the dustbin at the corner of the room, dropping to his knees and bending over the bin. The petals mercilessly spilled out of his mouth once again, and he coughed harshly. They drifted gently to the bottom of the bin, which was very contrasting against the image of Dokyeom spluttering. 

Dokyeom sat in class, dazed, unable to focus to whatever the teacher was rambling on about as she scribbled diagrams and numbers on the blackboard. He felt the need to dash out of class and to the nearest toilet every few minutes, but if he actually did that he’d probably be sent to detention for skipping class.

Soonyoung, one of his roommates, snuck into the classroom through the backdoor when the teacher’s back was facing the class, and took his seat beside Dokyeom.

Just as he did, the teacher ended her class, and walked out of the classroom without even noticing the sudden appearance of Soonyoung. Everyone left their seats and started chattering away with their friends, and the noise level built up.

“Hey,” Soonyoung said, nudging Dokyeom. “You alright?”

“Huh?” he mumbled. “Oh, yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

Soonyoung rolls his eyes, leaning back onto his seat. “I saw the petals in the bin.”

Dokyeom goes quiet for a second. “…Those were the flowers from the vase on the table. You know, they haven’t been changed in a while.”

“Those flowers were purple, Dokyeom,” Soonyoung said seriously. “The petals in the bin were black.”

Dokyeom turns away. 

“Don’t brood on it. It’ll get better,” Soonyoung comforted. He personally hasn’t found his soulmate, but he is not in love with any one either. 

Their homeroom teacher, Mr Kwon, steps into the class, and everyone scurries back to their seat. 

However, unlike other days, the homeroom teacher wasn’t alone.

A meek, well-groomed girl followed him in. She had her slightly wavy brown hair let down, and it flowed down to a little past her shoulders. 

That was you. 

Everyone’s eyes curiously scanned you up and down, and the teacher speaks up to clear up everyone’s confusion of who you were, and what were you doing in their class. 

“She’s the transfer student I told you about yesterday,” Mr Kwon said, before gesturing for you to introduce yourself. 

“I’m Y/N,” you said. Your voice wasn’t loud enough for the people at the back to hear, but the students in front spread it to the back. You didn’t know what else to say because really, there wasn’t anything particularly interesting about you. You did have a superbly bright personality, though. 

Thankfully, Mr Kwon helps you wrap up. “She’ll be with us for the rest of the school year, so as always, please take good care of her.”

You manage a smile as you see some kind faces welcoming you warmly. Mr Kwon directs you to the empty seat beside Dokyeom — whom you didn’t recognize yet, at that time — and you went over and took your seat.

“Hi!” you cheerily greeted the dark-haired male beside you. “I’m Y/N.” 

You already introduced yourself just a few seconds ago, but it was just a natural greeting that you had.

He barely shoots you a glance, bowing slightly.

“Dokyeom,” he murmurs, and you had to recite his muffled words in your head a few times to make out what he said. He seemed cold, though, so you just shrugged and turned back to face the front of the class. 

When class ended, as you were placing your books into your backpack, another male comes over, and you recognized him as the one who was seated on the other side of Dokyeom. 

“Hey!” he greets you, and you immediately liked him from his energy. “I’m Soonyoung!”

You smiled widely. “You already know, but hey, I’m Y/N!”

Soonyoung grins at your energy, and you can’t help but question about Dokyeom. If you remember correctly.

“Is he always that… cold?” you said softly, not wanting to offend anyone on your first day of school. 

Soonyoung immediately shakes his head vigorously. “Absolutely not. He’s the sunflower of the class, really. It’s just that, you know, the soulmate thing…” Soonyoung’s words drifted off, and his hand gestures and knowing eyes made you easily understand. 

“Oh,” you muttered. “Is it bad?”

Soonyoung shrugs, an eyebrow raising for a brief moment as he stuck his hands into his pockets, leaning onto your desk. “I guess you could say.”

You look past Soonyoung, and you look at Dokyeom a little too sympathetically. When he suddenly turns and his eyes meet yours, you snap your head away so fast you were sure you heard your neck crack. 

Dokyeom frowns and ignores you, packing up his bag and leaving the classroom. As a female, you weren’t empathetic of his situation since you didn’t actually know how it’s actually like to throw up such weird things — but you were sure it was nowhere near how bad you imagine it to be.

“He needs his own time for now,” Soonyoung said, sighing as Dokyeom’s back faded from view. “Wanna grab lunch together?”

You smile. “Sure.”

The both of you sat together in the cafeteria, and got to know each other better. To your surprise, you caught sight of Dokyeom holding a tray of food, and your hand instinctively flew up, waving him over. He smiles slightly in gratitude, and makes his way over. 

After seeing his sheepish smile, the aura around him seemed to change completely. 

Dokyeom sits beside Soonyoung, who was in front of you.

“Hey, feeling better?” Soonyoung asked, giving him a brotherly pat on the back. 

“A little. I don’t know,” Dokyeom replied. He looks up at you, a little puzzled when you didn’t question what they were talking about, and you smiled at him. 

“I heard,” you said simply, nodding towards Soonyoung. “It must be hard.”

Dokyeom shakes his head. “I only have myself to blame, isn’t it?” he chuckles bitterly, placing the spoon of food in his mouth. 

“Well, you can’t control your feelings and you have absolutely no idea who your soulmate is, so it’s not your fault that you fell…” you hesitate for a moment, afraid your words were too direct. “…in love.”

You bit your lips in, shooting worried glances at Soonyoung. He just shakes his head then nods, implying that it was alright. 

“Thanks,” Dokyeom said, and you heaved an internal sigh of relief.

The three of you talked some more, and quickly got to know each other, including the fact that all 3 of you were soulmate-less at the current moment. 

“Who knows, I may be your soulmate,” Soonyoung teases, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You wrinkled your nose in mock disgust, and Soonyoung widens his eyes to appear hurt. 

“Excuse you!” he exclaims in a thick accent, and all three of you laughed aloud. 

Just like that, the three of you got close. Really close. You guys became your own little clique of best friends. It was fun. 

Soonyoung later gets recruited into the dance team, and he gets overwhelmed with choreographies and his schedule became really hectic. Three became two, except for the occasional times when Soonyoung would find time to hang out with you two. 

But Dokyeom and you surprisingly did not have any awkward air, even when it was just you two. You guys chattered away like childhood friends, and were so open with each other that you two were practically siblings. 

Over the span of three to four months, Dokyeom and you became inseparable. Soonyoung even complains at times that he always seem like the third wheel now, and you and Dokyeom just laugh. Dokyeom’s feelings for Kyla had erased once month after meeting you, and that one month was of you rushing to his dorm every now and then to make sure he hadn’t suffocated on the petals and is still breathing. 

Those incidents significantly lessened over time, and it stopped completely after that one month or two. Dokyeom would confess that hanging out with you became like a complete distraction for his feelings, allowing him to recover quickly. 

At the same time, it made him confused. Feelings was not something that was defined, it could not be spelled out — that made him question himself.

And it was no longer about Kyla.

It was about you.

He’s had strange butterflies in his tummy whenever he sees you laugh heartily or even just do the simplest of things such as trying to let out a stubborn sneeze. You looked adorable to him. 

He had thought that he has grown feelings for you, but to his surprise, even after a while, he still hasn’t had any symptoms of the soulmate’s curse. 

Then that made him think that he did not have feelings for you. Maybe it’s just that he cares for you like an older brother would. Maybe he just saw you as more than a friend — but not in that sense. 

He never stopped once to consider that you may be his significant other; he just arrived at the latter as a conclusion. 

Dokyeom made sure to keep his feelings in check and not let them grow — he couldn’t risk another heartbreak or physical agony of the throwing up of petals.

One day, the two of you were in chemistry class, and the teacher had granted the class the freedom to choose their own partners. You and Dokyeom immediately flocked to each other. 

The class began the practical, and you took one of the main glass bottles, pulling the stopper out of its mouth and placing a test tube near the edge of the mouth. Dokyeom was a safe distance away from you (but not too far), trying to complete the worksheet given. 

Just as you were about pour the liquid substance into the test tube, Dokyeom lets out a warning shout. 

“Y/N! Be careful, that’s sodium hydroxide!” he cries, rushing towards you. He instantly grabs the main glass bottle and tilts it away from you, leaving you with your empty test tube in hand. 

“Jesus Christ! You’re not wearing goggles or gloves! Read the labels before you do anything, God!” he exclaims, and you stare at him in astonishment. Was he mad?

“I-It was an accident,” you mumbled, shocked yourself. Dokyeom kept quiet, realizing that he’s raised his voice a little. His heart was pounding against his chest — he’d panicked. He was so worried that you’d get injured. 

“Sorry,” he quickly said. “I didn’t mean to—” 

“It’s alright,” you cut him off. “Thanks.”

Honestly, he confirmed his feelings right there and then. He had never — I repeat, never — feared for someone else so hard before. He wouldn’t have reacted that way if it was anyone else. Sure, he would’ve made sure no one got hurt, but he wouldn’t have spoke like how he did to you. He had the surge of wanting to protect you. He wanted to make sure you’d never get hurt.

He’d been feeling this all the while; he was just unaware. 

Even better, he hasn’t been throwing up black, ugly petals.

“Dokyeom?” you spoke, breaking his train of thoughts. He had been staring at you. 

“Y-you’re—” Dokyeom was choking up on his own words. 

You stare at him, confused and worried. “What is it?”

He just reaches around you, enclosing you in a tight embrace and the other students stare. 

“You’re her. You’re my soulmate,” he whispered, getting teary-eyed.

“M-me?” you questioned, your heart racing. “Are you sure?”

He lets go of you, nodding.

“I’m sure. I am 100% sure.”

You break out in a wide smile and throw your arms around him. You loved him. You loved him since a month ago — but you knew if you weren’t the one, it would just result in his suffering. So you never said anything. 

Now that it’s confirmed by Dokyeom himself — you were beyond happy. You get to spend the rest of your life with him.

Caramel Macchiato

Prompt requests for pediatrician!Lily, Surgeon!James, tattooed!James, Disney’s Moana AU, and a ‘meet in a coffee shop’  so this is the request mash-up that you never knew you needed because I have no chill. Read on FF

James was busy studying his medical terms when he saw her for the first time. He’d settled into one of the coffee shops many chairs and (honestly) was looking for any excuse to stare at something other than obese human anatomy when she walked through the door laughing into her cell as she shook white snow from her hair. Immediately the anatomy in his book could hold nothing to her smile, which quirked playfully like a renaissance artist had painted it on.

James didn’t want to disclose to anyone that he only studied at the café in the mornings at the coffee shop to simply see her…but it was a rather large contributing factor to his actions.

The coffee shop that sat right next to the Hospital was silent, save for the music that floated over the radio. James loved to study there because it meant he wouldn’t be distracted where as the University library was always full of too many distractions. He’d been coming to study at the café ever since he’d started signing up to shadow the surgeons at the hospital when he finished his exams.

The pretty girl was an extra distraction, one he boldly took advantage of when she smiled and waved at him as she passed each morning. Sometimes she was chewing on a warm bagel but she always had a caramel macchiato, no matter the time or weather. It was always a quick distraction, interaction with her never lasting more than a minute, but he welcomed it every morning.

James went three months without his best friend Sirius finding him out and then (finally) James’ snapchat gave away his location. It was all over once his sanctuary was discovered. Sirius stopped by halfway through James’ final review for class and ordered two coffees to go, expecting it to take him no time at all to get James to abandon his studies. There was a reason Sirius barely made it through pre med; mainly that he didn’t have the attention span. Sirius was smart and loved to run his mouth but he had no patience.

“What the Hell, James.” Sirius moaned after fifteen minutes of James not budging, slamming the booklet shut, “You can’t seriously be having fun.”

“If I wanted to have fun I would’ve never gone to med school.”

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EBro Pups Decipher Gang appreciation post

EBro fans have been blessed of late. We have seen the launch of Evelyne’s two French speaking films and one Quebecois TV series in the span of three months. Exciting times for both Evelyne and her loyal fans as we get to see Evelyne’s new work and also a lot of promotional interviews.  

Being both Canadian and French bilingual, I am fortunate to enjoy Evelyne’s work directly, but a lot of EBro fans do not speak French or Quebecois French (yes, there’s a BIG difference) and rely on Ebro Pups Decipher Gang. This is a worldwide collective group of individuals who watch (and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch) footage, transcribing the dialogue to French srt files, then transcribing French to various languages. It’s a labour of love, a love for EBro. They are working really hard to help all EBro fans enjoy Evelyne’s work and insight on her characters.

So if you’re a non-French speaking EBro fan and rely on Ebro Pups Decipher Gang to enjoy Evelyne’s work, I encourage you to send a note of thanks to this team.

Updated thoughts on upcoming OITNB Season5

As the dawn of the new season of OITNB slowly approaches I have some thoughts and theories that I wish to share with all of you. So far we don’t have a lot to go on. We have nothing. No teaser, no promos, nothing. They are really being tight lipped about this however every now and then we get a vague behind the scenes photo that doesn’t tell us shit about shit.  So based on what has come out what do we know so far?

1. Laura is directing a sex scene between her and Taylor an episode.

2. There’s an episode called “Tattoo You”

3. The episodes take place within a span of 3 days.

4. In BTS photos BlackCindy and Abdullah are wearing guards uniforms and Linda from purchasing is wearing a prison uniform. (hmm interesting)

So what can we deduce from this?

Obviously tensions are still going to be very high as its going to take place right where season 4 left off. Not only were the black girls pissed over Poussey’s death but they are now hysterical thanks to Caputo’s complete and utter stupidity for not only throwing Poussey under the bus and not naming her but making Bailey the victim. So who’s going to be the villains next season? MCC and Caputo.

In my opinion the inmates are taking over the prison. Black girls are taking charge. Judy King, Humps, Mchullough (cant spell her name), and Linda will be hostages.

Lets face it Daya is not pulling the trigger because if she was they would’ve shown it. The way I see it this situation is going to end in one of two ways. The first way being Gloria is either going to talk her down which will make Daya reconsider what she’s doing and in that split second of doubt Humps might lunge for the weapon and a scuffle might take place causing the gun to probably go off. Or the gun might not go off and Tasty might somehow get a hold of it.

The second way might seem a bit farfetched than the first. Piper steps in as the voice of reason. Talking to everyone very similar to the way she talked to Bailey so he wouldn’t go into C dorm while the black girls were grieving. She’ll try to calm things Humps will seize an opportunity to take the gun, a scuffle will take place, the gun goes off and hits Piper. Now the only reason I say this is a possibility  because 1.Piper can never stay out of other people’s business and 2. This supports the claim that Piper will suffer from a near death experience.

But again this is pretty farfetched and I want to say a 10 to 15 percent probability.

Now the question of flashbacks. OITNB is known for its backstory telling so will we get some backstories in season 5? Personally I think they should hold off on the backstories a bit because if this season takes place within a span of 3 days its going to be all about the prison riot and too many flashbacks would lose the intensity of what’s going on in the present time. If they’re going to do flashbacks they should be minimal and serve a purpose. Flashbacks that I expect we will see in the future if not this season: Piscatella, Frieda, Kakudio, and Sanky.

I also want to say I’m really happy with the choice of allowing the next season to take place over a span of three days because this allows Piper to be able to stick around for the next couple of seasons. I’ll be honest I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how they’re going to stretch Piper’s time. Because she came in with only a year of prison time then she committed perjury when she lied on the witness stand so I don’t know if we’re counting that as more time or what. Time on this show is so hard to keep track of. And if you go by Daya’s pregnancy Piper has already been in there a little over 9 months.  But overall I think a 3 day period was a good choice because it allows Piper more time on the show. Since the show started with Piper I think it should end with Piper.

Moving on to our lovely Laura Prepon and Alex Vause Laura is directing episode 10 of season 5. Now the only speculation I can make about this is she’s directing an episode that’s moving towards the climax and conclusion of the season so I imagine this episode is going to be pretty important. You can’t tell me that with Laura directing this episode there isn’t gonna be any Vauseman action in this. Sex, flashback, whatever. We’re getting Vauseman goddammit. I also get the feeling that the episode that Laura is directing is going to tie into episode 12 “Tattoo You.”

With the announcement of Laura’s pregnancy I’m wondering what this means for Alex.  But as much as it pains me I feel like something is going to happen to Alex and I’m thinking maybe SHU or Max.

This is what I have so far. Hopefully we’ll get a teaser or something soon we’ll probably get something by late February early March. Here’s hoping.


100 days with PENTAGON!
time flies! just yesterday we had to guess names, doubted if they ever get to debut… for the past three months we are able to see the boys grow and surely they still haven’t unleashed their full potential! predebut time was stressful, but once they debuted pentafam was rewarded with solid performances and lots of wonderful moments. honestly there’s nothing to regret about stanning them.. i hope we’ll be able to celebrate even more anniversaries together! just in span 100 days boys did so much.. i wish for ot10 to be healthy and happy, stay amazing and don’t stop to bring us joy!

Sabriel Headcanons:

So so so sorry this is so late and kinda short. I am REALLY busy right now and just wanted to give you guys something before I have to focus on something else.

SIDENOTE: Why are there more DESTIEL gifs on the Sabriel tag than actual Sabriel gifs?

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Who hogs the duvet
Gabriel. Just because he’s not human doesn’t mean he won’t be a little shit and hog all the covers so Sam has to cuddle with him.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going
Neither, they spend most of their days together. Though, Gabe gets a little fussy over Sam when he feels the other is working himself too hard.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
I feel like they’re both pretty creative.

Who gets up first in the morning
Sam normally is the first to get out of bed. Gabriel may not need sleep, but he does get bored just sitting in bed all night. So, he sleeps too.

Who suggests new things in bed
Gabriel is a kinky bastard and suggests the kinkiest of things, most of which, Sam is perfectly fine trying.

Who cries at movies
Gabriel, the drama queen.

Who gives unprompted messages
Most likely Gabriel

How they are when they’re sick
Sam: He’s a power through it kinda guy. Won’t let it stop him from doing anything, even if that means he collapses on his way to lunch. Dean had to give Gabriel some pointers for sick Sam, though. It can be difficult to tell whether he’s sick or not because he’s so good at hiding it. He refuses to complain (even if he is miserable) and absolutely refuses Gabe’s offer to make him better via Angel Grace.
Gabe: He’s a whiner.

Who gets jealous easiest
GABRIEL! Have you seen Sam? He’s a walking sex dream (with self-worth issues). Everyone is trying to get a piece of him, and if Gabe is not attached to his arm 24/7, he will be hit on.

Who collects something unusual

Who takes the longest to get ready
Gabriel, but only because he actually is to brush his hair. He can’t just finger-comb it and be good to go. Other than that, they’re pretty basic with clothes and neither styles their hair.

Who is the tidiest and organized
Sam, he can’t stand even the slightest mess.

Who gets most excited about the holidays
Neither really. Gabe doesn’t care and Sam normally doesn’t have the time to celebrate.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon
Sam is so a little spoon. He loves it when Gabe wraps his wings around him while they sleep.

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
Gabriel. He doesn’t even know why he gets so competitive.

Who starts the most arguments
Either/Or. No one really knows anymore.

Who suggests that they buy a pet
SAM! He wants and will get a dog, dammit!

What couple traditions they have
Once a week, Sam cleans Gabriel’s wings.

What tv shows they watch together
Any cartooned version of any DC Comic.

Another couple they hang out with

How they spend time together as a couple
Researching, but that ends in Sam with a lap full of Gabriel. Cuddling. The most common thing for them to do is to watch Disney movies. Gabriel loves them, and when he found out Sam didn’t watch many when he was a kid he felt personally offended. So now they watch them all when they have the time.

Who made the first move
Gabriel made a lot of first moves. Over a span of three months, he tried to ask Sam on a date 54 times. Each time he was either shot down or Sam didn’t think he was serious and brought Dean and Cas along too. Finally, a grumpy human Cas that hadn’t slept in almost two days told Sam to get his head out of his ass and go on a date with Gabriel.

Who brings flowers home
Depends on who’s in trouble.

Who is the best cook
Gabriel. He surprised Sam the first time he cooked for him. It was their third date and Sam just wanted to stay in the bunker and relax, so Gabe offered to cook. Sam was pleasantly surprised when the food was actual food and not candy. Though, almost everything Gabriel makes comes out slightly sweet, even salads.

Who snores
I feel like both snore, but Gabriel snores louder.

Second chance (Siris Black x reader)

Request: Your last imagine was great! I wanted to know if you could write an imagine set in the order of the phoenix were the reader is an auror and she was one the few people that believed sirius was innocent (most people thought it was because they dated in highschool) and when the kids go to the ministry instead sirius dying it’s bellatrix instead? And when sirius comes back that when he decides to marry her? (if possible with young sirius instead of gary oldman thank you!)

A/N: … *throws this out of the virtual grave and goes off to take a nap*

Sirius Black was many things: troublemaker, obnoxious, frustratingly immature, unwaveringly loyal to his friends, a cheater to his lovers. He was not a murderer.

Some could say you believed this because you dated him, dated him for a respectable amount of time (an uncharacteristic feat for Black). Granted you were kids, still in your sixth year at Hogwarts and emotionally floundering. And yet.. five months and three weeks were not a fling. And even now you looked back on the relationship with fondness, despite Sirius dumping you for a bustier Ravenclaw. 

They lasted three weeks, by the way, the average life span of a relationship with the infamous Sirius. 

…Some could say you were still a little bitter about it, not that you would give anyone the chance to…

But anyway, you mourned the lost potential for that relationship and moved on. You assumed that any connection you had to Sirius Black had been stuck in Hogwarts.

Meanwhile, life always seems to have other ideas than what we plan.

“Come now, you look like you’ve seen a murderer,” Sirius teased with a low rasp in his voice as he took another long swig of his drink. 

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A preview of what I’m working on. Happy Birthday again @getmcfucked​!!! <3 Showcased here 1) the hopeless overestimation of my own abilities and attention span, and 2) the painfully obvious proof of which part had been drawn and “coloured” about a month ago. (*stage whispers* it’s the one where I could still control my purple problem)

The Gondor Massacre

So, in my last Humans are Space Orcs post, I made mention of the Gondor Massacre. STORY TIME MOFOS

The story of the Gandor massacre is not a happy one. It’s actually the story of how a single species, with barely even a single solar system to its name, took out a powerful race of alien that no one thought could be defeated.

In 2073, the humans had joined the galactic alliance. They were still the newest members, and they were by far the most backwards, but that didn’t mean shit considering their first contact consisted of them vaporizing three diplomatic ships in a single instant. They had managed to get a small percentage of their population onto the moon they called Titan, only about one billion people. Then, the Rak’tul attacked.

The Rak’tul were a reptilian race who had been the first civilization to reach space. Their technology was unmatched, but because they had evolved on a very dangerous planet, they tended to have broods with numbers somewhere between thirty and forty hatchlings. Because of this, they had a voracious appetite for new worlds to claim, and it didn’t help that they were highly territorial.

So, imagine their surprise when they get to the new moon they were going to inhabit when a billion little monkeys were running around on it.

According to reports, one of the leaders of the human colony Gandor had lit a beacon that was seen by their home world, closer to the star of the solar system. Within minutes, the entire military might of the humans had been mustered and was staring the Rak’tul down the barrel of their nuclear weapons.

Over the translator, the humans said “Rak’tul, you are invading United Earth territory. Leave now or suffer the consequences.”

The Rak’tul responded “You may have beaten those Gray’s ships, but we are prepared for war. Attack us if you wish, but know that if you do, the Rak’tul will not stop until every last one of you is enslaved.”

“I would like to offer your kind the same curtsy,” said the commander of the humans over the translator, “But alas, our kind outlawed slavery centuries ago. Guess I’ll just have to kill you. Nuke the lizards!”

And then the invaders were vaporized.

Humanity quickly went to work, sending out fleet after fleet of dreadnaughts armed to the teeth in nuclear warheads. Wherever they went, not a single Rak’tul survived. Entire planets were burned to glass. Some planets were spared from their fate as giant balls of glass floating through space, but no one could tell which would be given the mercy of a quick death, and on which the planet would be invaded by humans, only to have its every last inhabitant torn limb from limb, or have their faces melted off by the monstrous human’s plasma shotguns.

Over the span of three human months, the Rak’tul had tried to offer peace several times, only to be met with a different account of either where they refused such demands, or when they had broken their promises, only to have another planet owned by the Rak’tul glassed.

Finally, the humans found the Rak’tul home world, a then thriving planet sized city of technology. The human commander got the command. Do not glass this one. We’re keeping it.

And so, the humans sent down their soldiers, armed with weapons they had stolen from the Rak’tul, as well as armor based off of that worn by their foes. There they were, the most bloodthirsty race to ever go into the stars, wielding the strongest weapons, wearing the best armor. Was it any surprise that the entire biosphere of the planet (which at that time mostly consisted of Rak’tul and the organisms needed to keep them alive and healthy) was destroyed?

The humans later took over the planet, washed the blood from the streets, and “put up shop” as they put it. They started farming in the grand gardens of the former nobles of the empire. They swam in the Rak’tul’s rivers and danced in its rain. All the while, the galaxy waited in fear as to what they might do next. They now had access to the greatest technology in existence. No one slept at night.

The next time the humans contacted any alien species, they gave some of the planets that had not been glassed in their conquests of the Rak’tul to a neighboring race, saying that the planet had been one of their original off planet colonies, though it had been taken from them by the Rak’tul.

This trend continued for all planets that had been spared the nuclear hellfire by the human’s war. All told, of the 46% of the galaxy that the Rak’tul had taken command of, the humans had glassed 37%, and gave the remainder to the various species that had had their worlds taken from them by the Rak’tul. The humans only had two stars under their command when they had finished, and they were far enough away from one another that, if one was to attack one, the other planet would be too far away to give them aid in any reasonable time.

Not that anyone was stupid enough to so much as consider such a thing. These were humans after all, and the promise made to the Rak’tul still stood, not only for the now extinct reptiloids, but also to every civilization in the world.

Humans were still space orcs.