three tier stand


The Vintage Pantry

The Vintage Pantry is a beautiful cafe in the middle of nowhere.
Beautiful country drive through Pitt town but not too far from civilisation, it offers the cutest high tea experience for only $40.
This place may be located in an isolated area but boy was it busy!
It is seriously worth the 20 min drive to visit the cutest decor, friendly and happy staff and quality food and drinks.
When we walked in you could tell it had a great vibe, not just for customers but staff too. They were genuinely happy to be there on a Sunday and even though both the indoor and outdoor were completely full they didn’t seem stressed as the Vintage pantry actually caters enough staff to demand. Such a different scene to all the other cheap employers.
Anyway, with happy staff breeds happy environment for customers so you feel welcomed, such a breath of fresh air!
The stand outs of the three tier stand had to be their hot food of quiches and spinach and ricotta rolls!
The scones were literally falling apart they were that soft. And I liked how they used icing sugar to sprinkle on top rather than flour.
Desserts were all quality and we pretty much ate everything on the stand. Thats saying something as most of the time something is left behind because of how gross it was.
Tea selection is average but more than my recent visit to The Hydro Majestic and the tea actually tasted very nice!
Overall great experience with decent price, The Vintage Pantry has become close to number one on my list of high teas actually worth visiting!